Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E24 (07 Nov 2019)

APPLAUSE Hello, there. I’m Richard Osman. It is Thursday.
That can only mean one thing. It is Thursday’s House Of Games.
All week, four celebrity contestants have been playing against
each other. Tomorrow, on Friday, one of them
is going to be walking away with one of the worst trophies
in television history. Who is it going to be?
Who’s playing this week? We welcome back Nina Wadia… Hello.
APPLAUSE ..Johnny Ball… ..Suzi Ruffell… ..and Danny Wallace. Welcome back, everyone. Nina. Yes? Three days in. Yep.
Three fourth places for you. Yep. Are you going to finish
at least third today? Abs… No, I’m going to
beat Danny today. You’re beating Danny? Yeah, this is
the one. This is the show in which I go right to the top
of the leaderboard. They’re already calling it
Nina Thursday. Suzi, shall we take a look at
the leaderboard… Please. it stands after three days? Nina, you have 3 points. Johnny, 7, Suzi, 9 points, you’ve got Danny in your sights, but there he is, on 12 points. Suzi, what are we going to do today
about closing that gap? We cannot let Danny win all five. I mean, I’ve already asked
whether we can unplug his buzzer. You’ve said no.
No. I’m told by the BBC we can’t. If it was me, I would. Danny, there he is. Hello. Three wins in a row,
three prizes in a row as well. That’s right.
Got yourself a lovely dartboard. Yes. You have got yourself
a beautiful decanter. It’s a wonderful decanter. And on Monday, you gave Suzi Ruffell
a pair of House Of Games roller boots,
which was very kind of you. Yes. If you were to win for a fourth
time… Sure.’s not beyond the realms
of possibility, let’s take a look at the prizes
you can choose between. Ooh! There is a Richard Osman
poseable doll. There’s the House Of Games
binoculars, House Of Games towel. Yes, you’re quite right, there’s a shoehorn. Big shoehorn,
it’s like a boot horn. And also, look at that,
House Of Games stick of rock. What do you think you’d go for,
Danny, if you won? Well, you know, I do have quite a
lot of Richard Osman merchandise. By now, yeah, yeah. Yeah, maybe too much.
A little bit too much, if such a thing were possible, yeah. So, were I to be
lucky enough to win, it’s not inconceivable that
I might gift one of these things to someone else.
Oh, really? Yes! I really hope I lose now!
LAUGHTER It’s my only chance. Johnny, what
would you go for if you win? Well, I’d go for the binoculars,
I think. Oh, that’s nice.
Shall we play Round One on Thursday’s House Of Games? As always, I press this buzzer. We never know what the game’s going
to be. You don’t know, I don’t know. Today our first game is… I’m going to go up and down
the line. I’m going to show you a question. Somewhere within that question,
a bit of it is written in capital letters, and the answer
to the question is an anagram of those capital letters. Nina, we’ll start with you. Here’s your first category. And it is… Nina, here is yours.
OK. Oh.
So, the answer… Oh, Sweeney Todd. Anagram of DEED, YET OWNS.
Is it Sweeney Todd? Lovely start to the show. It is
Sweeney Todd. Hurray, I got one! Well played, Nina.
APPLAUSE You see how it works? Johnny, what’s this stage
musical, please? A day firm… Uh, My Fair Lady. Anagram of A DAY FIRMLY.
Is it My Fair Lady? APPLAUSE Well played, Johnny Ball,
My Fair Lady. This is going very well so far. Suzi. Yes. Here’s yours. Les Miserables. Is the right answer, Suzi, well
played. Three out of three so far. APPLAUSE Danny, here’s yours. Hmm. I’m pretending. The Producers. It is The Producers, well done. He’s a good little actor, Danny,
isn’t he? What’s your next category?
Let’s take a look. Nina, here is yours. Uh… Gosh, um… I actually don’t know. We’re going to time you out? Yeah.
Fingers on buzzers, everyone else. BUZZER
Johnny Ball. David Cameron. It is David Cameron.
APPLAUSE Doesn’t look like an anagram of
David Cameron, does it? But it is. No, it doesn’t.
Point there to Johnny Ball. And Johnny, this is your question.
Thank you. Good heavens. Oh!
Have you got it? Yes.
I haven’t. Shall we time you out, Johnny?
Yeah. OK. Fingers on buzzers,
everyone else. BUZZER
Nina, to take the point back. Margaret Thatcher. That’s the right answer,
well played. APPLAUSE Suzi. Yes.
Here’s your UK Prime Minister. I’ve got his first name. How do you feel about that, Richard? That’s good.
What letters have you got left over? I’m just trying to work it out.
Oh. An… No, I’m sorry. I can’t. No? We’re going to time you out. It’s going to be a race
on the buzzers. BUZZER
I was pressing it! Danny beat Johnny. Danny?
Well, because I…! Anthony Eden. Anthony Eden is the answer.
APPLAUSE Yeah, well played. And, Danny, it is your turn. Oh, I thought I had it there
for a second. Oh, look at Johnny
hovering there. So, what I’m going to do is I’m
going to just really take my time so he keeps hovering.
LAUGHTER No, I don’t know. Go on, Johnny. You don’t know.
We’ll time you out. Anybody? Johnny Ball.
David Lloyd George. Ah, I had Lloyd George,
but I was looking at the V! Very well played,
David Lloyd George. APPLAUSE
Wow. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, at the end of that round? Good round for Johnny, that was. Ooh.
Suzi, you have 1 point. Nina, 2. Danny, 2. We have an early leader, Mr Johnny Ball, on 3 points. APPLAUSE
Well played. I think the whole nation is moved,
Johnny. I’ve not been in the front.
You haven’t, have you? No, beautiful.
I’ve always been behind before. You have been. Let’s see if you can
keep this lead up, shall we… Right.
..with Round Two? And that second game is… It is a pairs game.
The person in last place gets to choose their partner. Suzi, for the first time this week,
it’s you in last place. Who would you like
to choose to play with? Well, I’ve already been with Danny
and Nina over the week, so I think I’ll go with Johnny.
Aw, that’s lovely. Suzi and Nina,
why don’t you change places? Tablets out, everybody.
I’ll ask you a series of questions, write down your answer, and I will
take the average of each pair. OK? Let’s see what today’s
first question is going to be. That’s in all Grand Slams,
all ATP Tour titles, Olympics, and the Grand Slam
up to February 2019. Everyone got an answer? Yeah, mine’s wrong. Suzi, how many aces has Roger
Federer served in his career? 3,000. I can’t work out if that is… I’ve got absolutely no idea. My thought, it might be a bit more.
Right. But I don’t know for a fact. Johnny, have you gone up or down? I’ve gone up. Six… Is that 16,000?
16,000, yes. My finger keeps catching the screen.
For a man who spent his career with numbers,
you’re very bad at… I was going to put percentages,
that’s why I put the nought. 16,000. 16,000. So, your average,
16,000 and 3,000… 9,500. Nina.
RICHARD AND NINA LAUGH Oh, Nina, what have you put? 60,000. You never know!
He’s a very good tennis player. I just think he’s that good. He’s really good at tennis.
And fast as well. Oh, yeah.
A lot of aces. Serves a lot of aces. Danny, have you gone up from 60,000
or have you gone down a little bit? Please tell me you haven’t! No. I mean, no, I haven’t. I haven’t gone above 60,000. I’ve gone more for 800. What?! 800? Why? Why would you do that? So… So… You know what?
The two of you between you… Might drag it down. might be perfect. So, your average is 30,400. That could be right! 9,500 or 30,400. Let’s take a look. How many aces has he served,
and who has won the point? 10,865. APPLAUSE
Sorry. That is very nicely done between…
That’s fantastic. That’s very, very close.
Wow. Let’s take a look at
your next question. What’s the answer to this one,
please? Ha! NINA GIGGLES Just over three Richards, isn’t it,
or just under three Richards? I think it’s just under
three Richards. To walk! Mm, yeah. Three times me, roughly. How long would a tortoise take? I mean, listen,
it’s a fast tortoise. Everyone happy with their answers?
Everyone locked in? Mm-hm. Mm. Nina, how long did it take
that tortoise to travel 18 feet? It was really fast, and it did in 50 seconds.
50 seconds. Yeah. So, just under a minute to go.
Yes. Danny, have you gone up or down? I’ve gone up to 75. 75 seconds, but not too far apart. Not crazy, no. I mean,
it could have been startled. We don’t know the backstory or
the context. A startled tortoise. A Startled Tortoise sounds like one
of those hipster bars that opens up, doesn’t it?
Yeah. Nina and Danny, your average is… ..62.5 seconds, just over a minute
for that tortoise. That’s good. Yeah.
Suzi, what have you gone with? A lot lower. A lot lower, OK. I’ve
gone for 16 seconds. 16 seconds. Yeah. Wow. So, like a foot a second. Wow.
SUZI PANTS Johnny, are you happy
with 16 seconds? She’s almost right.
20 seconds, says Johnny! Did someone throw this tortoise? LAUGHTER We both know the answer to this, because it’s what our teacher…
tortoise! Oh, Johnny, you know what?
Before that, everyone wanted you to win today.
They really did, everyone. So, 18 seconds is your average. So, 18 seconds against 62 seconds.
Wow. Let’s take a look.
How long did that tortoise take, and who has won the point? 20 seconds.
Oh, no! APPLAUSE Johnny Ball was bang on. Amazing! I was there.
I remember it well. I think… We’ve never seen that before. We have to give a bonus point
to Johnny Ball there, I think. Oh! Bang on the answer, very, very
impressive. That’s superb. Last one in this round. Suzi, you done? Oh, yeah, sorry,
I was drawing a picture. Oh, lovely. That’s good.
I hope everyone’s drawn a picture. Yeah.
Let’s find out. Johnny, we will begin with you, sir. 180 million. That’s an average of three cups
of coffee per person per day. And I never touch coffee, but a lot of people do. Suzi… What I’m going to do there
is I’m going to bring Johnny’s down to a reasonable number,
and go 12.5 million. 12.5 million…
Yeah. ..says Suzi. Your average, Suzi and Johnny, is… ..96,250,000. Nina, you look worried. I am, because I’m thinking
of all the tea drinkers and the non-coffee drinkers, and just people
who don’t drink anything, so I said 26 million.
People that are very thirsty. 26 million. That’s OK. 26 million doesn’t
sound unreasonable. Danny, do you think 26 million
sounds unreasonable? I started at three million.
Really? And then I lost my nerve,
and I thought, “What am I…?” I drink nearly that much. So, I added a five point
to become 5.3 million. 5.3 million. And 26 million from Nina. So, your average… NINA LAUGHS 15,650,000. Is it 96 million
or is it 15 million? What do you think at home?
What have you gone for? 96 million, it’s ridiculous! You think? Let’s take a look, shall we?
What have you gone for at home? How many cups of coffee
are consumed in the UK per day, according to the Coffee Association? It is… What?! What?! What?!
That’s not possible! 95 million. That is so close!
95 million! I mean, listen, individually,
miles out, both of you. That average is incredible.
Yeah. If I hadn’t just given you
a bonus point, I would… You know what? I’m going to give
Suzi a bonus point there as well, cos that average is extraordinary. For people who drink coffee,
it’s two and a half cups of coffee per day
per coffee drinker in the UK. What?! Tablets away, please. And, Nina and Suzi, if you will
take your original places. I’m so sorry, Danny.
No, it was my fault. That was extraordinary work. Extraordinary work from Suzi
and Johnny there. Let’s take a look at what
that’s done to the scores. Nina and Danny both have 2 points. Suzi, you have 5 points. Johnny Ball in the lead
with 7 points. Yes, Johnny! How about that? It’s a fix! It’s a fix! Oh, don’t throw this away, Johnny! Please don’t. Shall we play another round?
Yes. Yes. OK. Third round today is… Now, I’m going to show you three
clues at a time, but I’m going to fill in the letters of those clues
backwards from Z to A, so you’ll see more and more of the letters
of the clues. You just have to tell me
what connects those three clues. Let’s see our first three clues. Yes, Nina? The dwarves in Snow White
And The Seven Dwarves. Is that right? Let’s fill it in. Grumpy, Sneezy, and Bashful. Well played,
an early burst from Nina. Very nicely done. Here’s your next one.
What connects these three, please? Yes, Danny?
Are they dogs? Are they dogs? They ARE. Well done. APPLAUSE Hold this one for a minute.
What is that? Shih Tzu we know, and Boxer we know.
What’s that middle one? Xoloitzcuintle, a Mexican
hairless dog, a Xoloitzcuintle. Hairless? Yeah. Oh. As if they don’t have enough
trouble with their name. Yeah. Here’s your next one.
What connects these three? Yes, that is Danny. These are all types of bun. Are they all types of bun? They are Chelsea, hot cross,
and Sally Lunn. Well played, Danny. What connects the following
three clues? Yes, Nina? Actors. Male actors. Are they all male actors? It’s not, I’m afraid. Unlucky. Yes, Danny? Are they famous Tims?
Are they famous Tims? Ha, yeah, they are. Very good. Tim Curry, Tim Rice, and Tim Burton. APPLAUSE What connects these three clues,
please? Suzi? Are they dinosaurs?
Are they dinosaurs? They’re not, I’m afraid. Nina?
Different types of stones. Gems. Are they different types
of gemstones? They’re not, I’m afraid. Unlucky. Yes, Johnny? Top one’s trapezium. The next one… I need an answer, I’m afraid.
They’re geometric shapes. Are they geometric shapes? Oh, they’re not. Ah, so, Danny. I can just take my time now,
can’t I? Do anything nice on your holidays?
Yeah! Danny?
They’re bones. Are they bones?
Are they bones? They are bones of the human body. APPLAUSE What connects these three clues,
please? Yes, Danny? Are they, perhaps, racecourses? Are they racecourses? They are not racecourses.
Ah. Yes, Johnny? They’re card games.
Are they card games? They are. Canasta, Newmarket,
and Patience. APPLAUSE Last one in this round. Yes, Nina? Gems. Are THESE gemstones? They are.
Topaz, Hyacinth and Moonstone. Well played.
APPLAUSE And that’s the end of that round. How did you do at home?
Did you have a good one? A good round for Danny Wallace
there. Let’s take a look at what
that has done to the score. Johnny was in the lead. Oh, only just now. Nina has 4, Suzi has 5, Danny has come into
second place on 6, Johnny’s still in the lead,
8 points. APPLAUSE Two rounds to go
on Thursday’s House Of Games, Johnny Ball currently in the lead. Let’s take a look at what round four
is going to be today. It is… Now, we call this The Nice Round because you have to
help each other out, OK? Now, everyone here is going to
have to guess a film. Nina, we’ll start with you. I’m going to pass the name of
that film to your three opponents. Don’t look at that.
OK. Take one and pass them along.
They all say the same thing. If you take out your tablets,
and you’re each going to write down one word, one word to help
Nina guess this film, and she’ll give a point
to the person who gives the most useful clue. So, Danny is locked in.
Suzi, you locked in? Yep. Johnny, happy? Lovely. So, Johnny,
what word have you written down? Corruption. Corruption, says Johnny.
OK. That is interesting. Suzi, what word have you
written down? Escape. Escape.
OK. Corruption, escape. And, Danny? Prisoner. Corruption, escape and prisoner. So that’s basically all the films
in Hollywood right now! Erm, corruption, escape, prisoner. I’m… Oh, gosh. The only one
that’s coming into my head is that Harrison Ford film. Erm… Are you thinking of the one
where Harrison Ford’s running away? Where he’s escaping.
Yes. Yeah. I know, and I can’t think of the
name of the film either now! Oh, my goodness. It’s… Do you know what?
I’m not going to say that. OK. Let’s just say The Patriot.
The Patriot, says Nina. The one you were looking for
was The Fugitive. The Fugitive! That was the one. Either way, so,
has Nina got herself a point? Suzi, what was the film
you were trying to get across to us? It was Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank Redemption. And that’s one of
my favourite films. Not any more! Oh, no! Who do you want to give your bonus
point to? Who’s lower on the board? No, you can’t do that. I need to
know! What’s the best clue? Fine, then, Suzi takes it.
Escape from Suzi. I’m also lower on the board.
OK, there you go. Perfect. Worked out very nicely, didn’t it? Now it’s hard for Johnny
to guess a film. Nina, if you pass these to Suzi
and Danny. OK. No looking, Johnny. Write down one word to try
and help Johnny guess this film. SUZI LAUGHS Uh-oh! I hope I’ve spelled this properly. Is it one word? Yes, it is.
That’s a heck of a word. I’m trying to give you the most
helpful word in the world. OK, Johnny, you have a film to
guess, and you’re going to have three words to help you.
Suzi, what is your word? Spaceship.
Spaceship. Right. Danny, what is your word?
Scream. Scream.
Ah! That’s really good. And, Nina, what is your word? Hopefully, this might help. Oh, stomach.
Stomach. Spaceship, scream, stomach. This is where the thing
comes out of his stomach. And all I’ve got to do is give you
the title of the film. It’s not The Thing.
It’s something like that, isn’t it? It’s… It’s… It’s… It’s what it is. It’s Alien! THEY CHEER APPLAUSE How about that?! Wow. You know what? Brilliant
clues, but brilliant clues together. They were. The three clues together,
it was almost impossible to… To miss it. Do you want to give an
extra point? I mean… Oh, yes, I’ve got to give
an extra point… stomach, cos it’s the,
I suppose… It WAS the clue.
Yeah. So, an extra point there to Nina.
Thank you. Well done. Suzi, you are now
going to guess a film. Nina, if you take one
and pass them on. Yes, of course.
What’s the film going to be? You guys are very good at this game. No looking!
I’m not going to look! I trust you. Johnny… I’m in. in. So, Suzi, you have a film to guess. Yes. You have three words
to guess it from. Danny, what is that first word? Splashing. Splashing? Yes. Nina? Umbrella.
Umbrella. And I nearly wrote that word,
and I didn’t see. But I thought, “I won’t write that, cos somebody
else will have written that”. So I’ve written… Policeman.
..Policeman. Policeman. So, splashing
umbrella, policeman. What is that film? OK, policeman is throwing me
cos splashing and umbrella, I was thinking Singin’ In The Rain. Oh, that’s right?
No? Singin’ In The Rain? I’ll go with Singin’ In The Rain. You’re going Singin’ In The Rain?
I’m going for Singin’ In The Rain. Is that the right answer, Nina?
Yes. Yes, it is the right answer. Well done. Very good.
APPLAUSE What was the best clue? I think umbrella.
You think umbrella? OK. A point for Nina.
Thank you! Danny, you’re last in this round. Nina, Johnny and Suzi,
can you write a word for Danny? Hmm. There’s some thinking faces, Danny. This doesn’t bode well.
It doesn’t bode great. Danny Wallace. Yes?
Three clues to a film. We will start with Nina. Nina, what is your word? Warrior.
Warrior. Warrior.
Johnny? Wheatfield.
Wheatfield. OK, I’ll stop you there.
And… And Suzi? Why not?
Yeah, go on, let’s have one more. Father.
Gladiator. Yes!
It is Gladiator. Well done, three good clues.
Thank you. Wheatfield, warrior, Gladiator.
Yeah. Which one of those
gave it away for you? Listen, if it comes to giving
a bonus point, I’m a fair and just man. And even though he is my big rival
at the moment, wheatfield gave it away for me. Excellent. Another point to
Johnny Ball. Tablets away, please. APPLAUSE We have one more round to go
on Thursday’s House Of Games. Let’s take a look at
where the scores are. Nina, you have 6 points,
Suzi and Danny have 7 points. Oh, Johnny Ball
has a 3-point lead. Don’t throw this away, Johnny. Don’t throw it away.
Johnny Ball is in the lead. Danny is already leaning forward,
finger on buzzer. Let’s play our final round. It is… A point for a correct answer, you lose a point
if you give me an incorrect answer. Best of luck to everybody. Your first category
in Answer Smash today is.. Danny? Eva Green Day. Eva Green, Green Day. Eva Green Day. Well played. Next question. Oh, this is nervy stuff. Danny looks like he’s tempted
to have a go. I am, but I’m conscious of losing a
point. He knows the actor, I think. Yeah.
Yeah. I’m going to tell you the answer,
but the actor is? Javier Bardem. Javier Bardem. And the answer is… Javier Bardemisemiquaver. LAUGHTER That’s a great answer. Javier Bardemisemiquaver. Here’s your next category. You’re going to see
some pictures of birds. There’ll be a clue underneath. Yes, Suzi? Turkey lime. Turkey lime? Yeah. I’ll give you that.
Turkey lime cheesecake. Turkey lime pie. Turkey lime pie.
Turkey lime cheesecake. Turkey lime. Well played. Here’s your next bird
and your next clue. Yes, Nina? Erm, sparrowing. Sparrowing. Sparrow and rowing. Well played, Nina. Very good. APPLAUSE HOOTER That is the end of that round. It is the end of that show. Johnny, you didn’t go
anywhere near your buzzer in that final round.
He had his lead going into it. Has he kept his lead?
Let’s take a look. On Monday, Danny Wallace won. On Tuesday, Danny won,
and on Wednesday he did. Has he won Thursday’s
House Of Games? Let’s take a look.
The winner today is… ..Johnny Ball!
Johnny Ball wins by 2 points. Fix! No, hang on! Congratulations. Nina, you have 7 points,
Suzi and Danny tied second with 8. Johnny Ball, 10 points. How lovely.
Johnny, you are our winner. You get to choose a prize for today.
What do you want to go for? You’ve got the doll,
you’ve got the towel there. This is not our best selection of
prizes, I’m going to be honest with you. If you’re going to win on
any day, don’t make it Thursday! What do you fancy? Stick of rock?
I think the stick of rock. Stick of rock for Johnny Ball.
House Of Games stick of rock. Congratulations, sir.
APPLAUSE Shall we take a look
at the weekly leaderboard? We have one day to go. Friday, double points Friday. Let’s take a look at our
weekly leaderboard going into that. Nina, you have 4 points.
Consistent. You’re getting 1 every day.
1 every day. That’s the way to do it. If we go on for 17 days, you’ll be
at the top of that leaderboard. I’d win!
But look at these three at the top. Anyone’s game. Johnny, you have 11. Suzi, you have 12. And, Danny, you have 15 points. Wow. There we go. Anyone can win. Double points Friday,
so 8 points for a win tomorrow, 6 for second,
4 for third, and so on. Been a brilliant week so far.
We have one day left. I will see you here tomorrow. I will see you here tomorrow
as well on the House Of Games. APPLAUSE Here’s to you, Richard. Oh, you be careful.
Here’s chewing at you. Can we get a surgeon for Johnny,


  1. Suzi continues to be my favorite person, but all are very nice. I imagine that at 77 I'm older than Johnny, and am so glad a senior won. I was personally pleased that I did very well on the non-Brit-centric questions.

  2. Mr. Ball has got some teeth on him, hasn't he? Also, it seems important that we say Johnny Ball is the father of someone called Zoe Ball. Now, I'm off to google "Zoe Ball".

  3. I mean it's cute that they're all so nice to each other, I've loved all of them this week, and Johnny is obviously a sweetheart, but I'm gonna need Suzi to win tomorrow because I really want to see how happy she'd get!

  4. I think the graphics team messed up the last question. That looks more like a yellowhammer.

    Edit: no, on thinking about it more I reckon it's an American savannah sparrow. Given that it's a British show, though, and the British bird it looks most like is not a sparrow, I still think they messed up.

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