S. Korean National Football Team arrive in Lebanon… vow victory amid difficult circumstances

south korea’s national football team is
preparing for tonight’s World Cup qualifier against Lebanon they’re
looking for victory but the situation in Lebanon seems quite dangerous our Kim
bo-gyung tells us why the South Korean men’s football team has arrived in
Lebanon for their fourth match of the second round of qualification for the
2022 World Cup the situation in Lebanon is much more serious than expected as
anti-government protests blocked the highway from the airport into the city
so the South Korean team required of police and military escort to their
hotel given that the situation is unstable and possibly dangerous the team
have decided not to have their planned formal training session hat coach Paulo
bento explained that the team aren’t taking the Lebanon match lightly rather
they cancel the training to make sure the players are in the best condition
it’s better for our team efficiently for for our players preparing the strategy
for the game in the in the quite place in the good condition even in the
difficult circumstances the players show their confidence vowing to get the
victory I believe the players have their own
roles play for every match and my role along with our defenders is to do
everything we can not to concede although South Korea is currently top of
Group H there isn’t much of a gap between the top three teams in order for
South Korea to reach the next round of qualification as group winners victory
in Lebanon is crucial South Korea has struggled in the past and matches in
Lebanon but the team says it is ready for today’s match which kicks off at 10
p.m. Korea time Kim bo-gyung Arirang news

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