Sachin EXCLUSIVE: New Zealand’s Dip in Form Makes India Big Favs in CWC Semis | Vikrant Gupta


  1. Sachin I know u r legend for cricket..but plz DNT give comments before match..kyn ki apka har word panoti jaisa lagta hai Indian team k liye..sorry to say but it's truth

  2. Pakar lo is Vikrant Gupta ko, is ne Champions Trophy main bhe awaam ko bewakof banaya tha over confidence delaya tha 🤣

  3. just goes to show you that this useless cunt doesn't know shit about cricket 😅🤣up NZ all the way

  4. Hahahah bhen de yaar kidr gye jehre kehnde c New Zealand team ki aa Indiaa aghe viche aa sachin salya dekh aglya ne faint ta. Ghuse lok underestimate krn tur painde

  5. What is our Government preparation– Olympic 2020 .

    Almost every Olympic & Asian Games our neighbour Country China won the most Medals. Why not our Country India.

    Even though India has produced many famous personalities at National and International levels, from them India is getting more and more recognisation in the World, such like Sachin Tendulkar, Mohammed Azharuddin, Sania Mirza, Amitabh Bachchan, Sharuk Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, etc etc.

    Our such famous personalities have Millions of fan following inside and outside India.

    But our Government School Students have not been getting any help or benifts from our Stars, but our Political parties getting such privilege only for own political Vote bank business.

    Why not our elected Government introduce a network direct interaction (Government School Students & our Hero’s) across the India to get the help from such famous personalities to learn their skills and experience to our Students from Government Schools.

    The gap should be less between our Stars, Sportsmen and Famous Personalities from all walk of Life and Government School Student to learn their Skills and experience

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