Sean McVay Can Remember His Dominant HS Plays | Ditch the Playbook S1E2

– This is one of the
greatest play-action fakes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
– [Sean McVay:] It was a good fake. Look at them: They were, they
were celebratin’ right here. – [Adam Lefkoe:] They all bit. – [McVay:] You see ’em? Look at this.
– [Lefkoe:] Oh yeah, they’re jumpin’ into each other! – [McVay:] They think they made the play. This is “Fake 32 Wham Naked Left.” – [Lefkoe laughing] – Yo! Lefkoe out here in L.A.
to meet with maybe the smartest coach in the NFL,
Sean McVay, a brain so big, he remembers
every play he’s ever called. I remember every call
I’ve had with my State Farm agent, talking
auto and home insurance. Paul! The calls we’ve had! Amazing! Enough about that. Let’s go Ditch the Playbook with Sean McVay. ♪♪♪ Sean McVay. How are you, man? – Good to see ya, man.
– Good to see you too. – All right.
– Dude, you’re the man, dude. – Yeah, right. – Get over here. Last year, we stood here, and I didn’t
realize we were gonna set the internet ablaze. – (Laughing) – I’m sure you got sent that clip a million times–
– Yeah, it was fun.
– of you remembering everything. Fifty eight seconds left
in the fourth quarter. – Jamison Crowder wheel
route on the right sideline. I don’t remember anything
except for that stuff. – Except for football?
– Yeah, exactly. – I was wondering, is your fiancee ever
like, “You forgot the groceries today.” – Oh, yeah, she’s like, “You’re a total vegetable
in life except for when it comes to football.” So, no doubt about it. – So, if Sean McVay forgets
things, we’re all screwed. So we’re all safe.
– (Laughing) – We know that you can
remember every play you ever called. – I don’t know about that. – But: Do you remember the
plays in which you played? We’re gonna take you on a journey— – Try to get those memories out of my mind. – No, no, no! Cuz this is “Mr. Georgia Football.” Do you know what’s gonna happen in this play? – (McVay) That’s, uh, it’s gonna be a
touchdown pass down the right sideline right here. – Oh, my gosh. Let’s watch this in all of its glory. Do you remember the— – I get drilled right here. – You do on the sideline. – “876 Trail Flood.” – That’s incredible. – Yeah, I mean, but that’s a— – In the Georgia Dome—50-yard touchdown bomb. – I just heaved it up as far as
I could and then got drilled. And then I heard the cheers and
just was hoping it wasn’t a pick. – So you didn’t even see it. – No.
– You’re just on the sideline. – I didn’t see it.
My freaking helmet. I was in the, I was in the freaking
stands right there, it felt like. – All right. – Good catch. – I got another one for ya. You weren’t just a thrower. – I was more of a runner.
– My man McVay had wheels. So this run. Look at that juke. – You can’t show me gettin’ hawked, though. I don’t finish it. I get tackled at the 2 right here. I got killed from, for this one by my
buddies, that I got tackled right here. – (Laughing)
– I still haven’t lived that one down. My buddies, they say, “Hey, how’s this guy
from Tucker doin’ that hawked you down?” – They still talk to you about this run? – Oh, man, of course. I get ragged on by my buddies.
– This is a 78-yard run. – Shoulda been 80. – You also apparently were calling
your own plays in high school? – (Laughing)
– Let’s bring it up. – Yeah. – This is one of the
greatest play-action fakes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
– It was a good fake. Look at them: They were, they
were celebratin’ right there. – They all bit. – See ‘em there?
They’re celebratin’. – Hold on. Let me watch that again. – Watch these guys on the defense. They get up. I’m glad the
ref didn’t blow it dead. Watch ‘em. They’re celebrating like—
– Oh, yeah. They’re jumpin’ into each other.
– They think they made the play. – (Lefkoe) Now I heard
that you called this play? Or you diagrammed this? What was the name of it. – This is, this is “Fake 32 Wham Naked Left.” – (Laughing) – So this was, this was
one of the best defenses in the state. They were really tough
to, to get the ball in. And you know, we’re inside the 5. This was third down. I say, “Hey, they way they’re pursuin’, I
think the “32 Wham Naked” would work.” And, they, you know, we all agreed, and fortunately
I didn’t get drilled in the back of the head. And we walked in, and we ended
up winnin’ this game right here. – When I see a quarterback willing to
completely turn his back to the defense— – It’s a leap of faith. – You, you sold it. And this was the playoffs, right? – This is, this is good
ball-handling right there—hiding it. Good ball-handling. That’s the only thing I could do—the
things that really take no talent. (Laughing)
– You need to show this to Jared. This is how he needs to
sell play action this year. – That—now I can’t even look at that. Look at that bowl cut, man. You look like you just put a bowl right
over my head and just cut right around it. – This is every Georgia high school
athlete for, like, the last two decades. – It’s horrible. I look like I’m from, uh,
the one MTV show—Hoover High. – Yes, exactly! Hoover High—that’s what I’m thinking. – (McVay) Exactly. – I know how you played football, so I believe
that there was one movie that I think— – (Laughing)
– and there was one character
that really spoke to you. (Drum roll)
– Varsity Blues?
– Yes. – Oh, yeah.
– I believe— – Don’t compare me to Tweeder. – I think that you were a Tweeder guy. – (Laughing)
Nah, I don’t know if I was really anyone. I was pretty serious then. You know, Tweeder had more fun. I wish I was like Tweeder in high school
where I enjoyed myself a little bit more. I probably was too serious in high school. – But what I want to do is break down the
realistic—if these plays could ever be used. Billy Bob snaps, lays a nice block. Tweeder—I don’t know what
defense that corner was playing. – This guy’s playing jam with no backup. – And we got Billy Bob out there. Tweeder’s gonna catch it. I mean, do you remember this, like? – Oh, yeah. Double stop sign right there. That’s how you know Tweeder
wasn’t really playin’ receiver. The “Hook and Ladder”? – Who on the Rams is the most Billy Bob? I think it’s that fourth-round
draft pick you guys just got. The defensive line—
– Greg Gaines? – Greg Gaines is a little Billy Bob. – Greg Gaines is Billy Bob right now. That’s exactly right.
– I saw him on the practice field, and I was— – I’d like to see, he looks really,
you know, runnin’ with the ball— I can see Big Greg Gaines. – Right? It’s perfect. – That’s pretty good right there.
– All right. I got another one for ya. Uh, don’t get angry at me. – Freaking predictable. – So let me ask you: Was Rudy offsides? – Absolutely.
– Let’s take a look. Absolutely? All right, so he lines up. He has no idea where to go. Aww, the janitor was so intense. I mean, this had to juice
you up a little bit though? – Nope. I’m kidding.
I’m being hard on ol’ Rudy. – So, right there, you think
he’s offsides right there? – It’s called an elite get-off, man. He’s keying the ball right there. He doesn’t get blocked. He finds a way to finish the play. Man, great play by “Ruuudy!” – Ruuudy! Ruuu— Damn. Small white guys, man. It’s tough. – (Laughing)
– It all goes back to that. The last play that I really
want to get involved, though is— – (McVay) Little Giants? – Yes. – Little Giants is a, I love Little Giants. – I think that you’re—every team
is looking for their Icebox, right? But do you remember the name of this play? – “Annexation of Puerto Rico”? – That’s my man right there.
– There ya go, man. – Annexation of Puerto Rico:
They give the ball to Icebox. It’s the old “Fumblerooski.” – It really is. It’s a great play. – Can we bring the “Fumblerooski” back? I don’t even know if that’s legal. – I don’t either, honestly. You know, we change these rules so
often, I gotta refer to somebody else. You know, we got coaches
that’re way better experts. I, I, sometimes I don’t even
know what a rule is anymore. – What, what we’re ruling on things anymore.
– Yeah. We don’t know what a catch is. We don’t know what pass
interference— Sorry. – Worked in our favor. – Yeah, right? It was awesome. – Hey. – Thank you for taking this journey with me.
– Yeah, it was fun. – (Lefkoe) I really appreciate it.
– Yeah. – Sean McVay—ditchin’ the playbook. I love you, man. Thanks for doin’ this.
– Good to see you, man. – Thanks for being such a good sport.
– That was fun, man. – What’s up, y’all. This is Mohamed Sanu
with the Atlanta Falcons. Make sure y’all subscribe to Bleacher Report
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  1. Do me a favor: Go to 6:13, close your eyes, and listen to him speak. Now tell me exactly who it sounds like! Hint, he used to work for him!

  2. He can remember his HS plays, awesome. Any reason why he cant come up with a different game plan in the SB??????

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