Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson Say Kelly Was A ‘Game Changer’ | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– By the way, congratulations. – Thank you! (clapping and cheering) Can you… I can’t believe it. I mean, even from the very first… it’s been seventeen years first of all. – What? – That is crazy. – What is that? Are we old? You can have it. – Thank you. – I haven’t drank out of it. It’s Essentia Water if you like it. – You might want to get a rabies shot. – It’s been seventeen years, y’all, I would have never thought that show would have had the impact. I mean look at what it did, the domino effect was crazy. – I actually genuinely do not believe we would be sitting here today if you hadn’t entered the show that year. (audience cheering and clapping) – Not true. – But, I mean, the whole
premise of the show was we had to find a star who
was gonna sell records. We found some great
people that whole year, but when you delivered that
moment on that first live show, and when you sang that
winning song at the end– – It was a game changer. – We looked at each other
at the end, at the finale, and said, “wow,” this
thing is really gonna work. I think that was the moment that we knew. – Wasn’t it crazy, cause I remember Nikki and Justin and I, we had no idea. We ended up being the top three, and we had no idea the show
had blown up like it had, because we were all in that bubble. At Kodak Theater, I think
that’s when it hit all of us. We were like, wait, what? People know my name? – We were sitting in the balcony. – [Kelly] Y’all were in the balcony. – Simon put us in the balcony– – Oh, no, no, no. So yes, so we turned up at that
night, at the final. And we were looking forward
to it, thinking, you know, we’ve worked hard to get to this point. We turn up at the Dolby Theater, where I saw you a couple of weeks ago. – Yeah. – And we were taken to
the very, very, very top of the theater. – The nose bleeds. – And I was like, “How can
we judge the show from here?” And they went, “You’re not judging it.” And we went, “Well, what
are we supposed to be doing? Just watch?” – They told Justin and I
we were doing that duet that we did live, on
live national television like three minutes before live national television started.
– What? You didn’t even know? – No, literally we were
both standing there we were like, “What”? – Do you guys remember where we saw her? It was like a VFW, like a veteran’s hall. – [Paula] Yes. – Like really, we really–
– That was the craziest day of your life.
– I remember what you were wearing, Kelly. – We literally started from
the bottom and now we’re here. – I freaked out, cause I was like, “Who is the English guy”? Like, when I walked in, I’ll
tell you, I knew nothing. I literally had just moved back from L.A. My place had burned down, I was living in my car
for three days here. And then finally, I was
like I gotta go home. And somebody told me about the audition, and I literally walked in, I had no idea what I was doing I didn’t know it was a T.V. show until the audition I
was in front of y’all. I was like, Paula Abdul
is here, some Simon dude. – Yes, um– – [Kelly] He’s just some English dude. (audience cheering) – I also did recognize Randy because I knew he had played with Mariah and I was like, “Oh,
snap, what’s happening?” – Didn’t you reverse roles or something? – I did. – You were sitting behind the curtain. – I got a little nervous because y’all asked me
to sing another song. ‘Cause I sang “At Last” and you said, “sing another song.” And I literally sat there going sing any song but “itchie, gitchie ya-ya” cause everyone was singing that ♪ “Itchie, gitchie ya-ya” ♪ Everyone was doing “Lady
Marmalade” and I was like, any song but that, and
then out of nowhere, “Express Yourself” came out. I don’t know why. – That was like of the most exciting days, but I have another– – Well, and on that day
when she auditioned, I knew you were gonna win. – Oh really, well I happened to– – No you didn’t. – I did. I never watch these shows. But I saw some woman named Callie, an older woman on America’s Got Talent that was unbelievable the other day. She’s like 60 years old, or something. She’s ridiculously good, Simon. – Who? – And you stood up, who? You stood up and gave
her a standing ovation. – That was Paula at the VMAs. (laughter) – Paula? – You got the shows mixed up.


  1. Randy looked better with the weight on. Kelly Clarkson talks her ass off. Just shut up, you're the host, let the guests talk.

  2. I remember Jennifer Hudson once said in The Voice "You have to watch out to a person who talk real fast." LMAO I love Kelly ❤️

  3. WOW, this is really a full-circle moment! I never thought this would happen! A young, unknown girl from Texas auditioned for American Idol in 2002. She won, sold many millions of records, and today she has her own talk show interviewing the 3 judges who first discovered her. #mindblown 🤯

  4. “I’m just happy because the British man didn’t make me cry.”—Kelly Clarkson in 2002 after auditioning for American Idol

    LMAO 😂


  6. Y'all… Kelly lost her voice and still managed to sing like an angel during the last episode of her American Idol season. That is why she won because she is just simply amazing.

  7. What has Simon done to his eyes. ..just can't make out what but it's not right and he was fine before .he never goes on any interviews in the UK.

  8. My autistic daughter is in love with Kelly! It’s because of her that she dances and sings now!!!!✨😍❤️🙏🏼 ty Kelly!!!!! Btw I love Paula and Simon forever!!!!!!!!

  9. They are right, Kelly clarkson was a success and that's why the show worked, because many people genuinely believed American idol is not all smokes and mirrors but a genuine platform for success

  10. OMG. I don’t think I could be near Kelly for 10 min. I’d either tell her shut up or I’d run away. However, she is a great singer. Her cover of The joke by Brandi Carlile is awesome.

  11. It’s like three parents so proud of their baby girl !!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ god I miss my childhood soo much ! Best combo ever !

  12. Perfect example of how Hollywood takes a stale dog sh … It and makes rich… Simon Cowell.. the world's biggest stale dog sh a… hole Hollywood pays to talk sh … it!!!
    Ken Ramnath
    Celine int'l
    Wall Street, NYC

  13. Omg sunflowers😍😍😍😍😍im watching coz of those beautiful sunflowers on the table in the background 😍😍😍😍

  14. Kelly Clarkson is such a wonderful woman .. look at this! ❤
    She looks more beautiful day after day!
    What a beautiful and talented woman! ❤

  15. Wow…just love the Kelly Clarkson Show!!!!!. Kelly must be super woman…here own show, the voice plus has children. Where does she get all that energy. Way to go Kelly🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  16. I love Kelly so much. Her high energy is infectious and won't put me to sleep while watching. Keep up the good job. I look forward to seeing the clips on YouTube daily.

  17. Love you. Love your show, but please, please change the annoying " I will not stop talking" bit at the end!!! I almost threw my phone in the lake!!! I cringe and fight with myself over whether or not to watch another of your videos, knowing I will be tortured at the end!!!!!!

  18. I'm not a fan of celebrities but I like Kelly. She's real, her body is real, everything about her is real. I wish her great success and I hope she pushes Ellen out. That woman is overrated and incredibly annoying. Go Kelly!

  19. Being one of the few people who have gone on to a successful career doesn't make her a game changer, it makes your TV talent show a f*cking sham.

  20. Please fire the person doing the closed captions- they are horrible. They skip whole sentences and mis-spell words. I have rewound several times to try to figure out the name of the vegas show from the skaters to no avail. Good to see the original gang back together – great show!

  21. This is a nostalgic moment right here. Simon, Randy and Paula looks young as hell by the way. And what Paul said about Kelly is so true, she’s arguably one of the pioneers that helped build the show and the meaning of it and damn near set the bar for competitors/auditioners in the future.

  22. It's funny that Simon had to express how shocked he was that Randy knew Kelly was going to win based on her audition because he didn't give her much credit or attention until the top 10 when the world was already raving about her. He still can't stand that he didn't spot moneymaking talent before anyone else 😂.

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