SK Telecom T1 vs G2 eSports – Game 4 | Semi Final LoL MSI 2019 | SKT vs G2 G4


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  2. i just dont understand that teddy tp, either way g2 controls if that tp even goes through so what was the point

  3. Top and adc difference. Faker played his heart out for a 0 impact top laner throughout the whole series and that tp throw from Teddy. TLs Kennen did way better than Khans vsing Wunders pyke too. If it wasn't for the few throws, SKT would of been vsing TL.

  4. Clids stopping his recall at the end and fakers with khan overstay after g2 took baron is a worse decision than teddys tp imo

  5. This has got to be the most intense game I have watched. Teddy's teleport sealed their fate though. 🙁

  6. Imagine you need to backdoor because you aren't good enough to close a game out with a 10k+ gold lead.

  7. That ending was 200 IQ by faker. He almost won them the series by deciding to steal skarner ultimate. Then recall and drag gnar into fountain. So close.

  8. Update min 5. Amazing top ganks!! Now almost certain win for g2. Horrible champ select for SKT

  9. 4th analysis before watching game.
    Now been right first two games and wrong last game.

    Champ picks isn't perfect and isn't playing to jankos and ryze strengths perfectly but overall team pick is better than SKT. Banning kennen and ez was smart.
    I think picking skarner was a big mistake because of weak cc before lev 6. Again, SKT likes to play long and controlling games. It's a mistake to give them time. Nevertheless like g2 in the first, this time SKT fucked up the champ select. Dont think SKT can win this even if g2 makes mistakes like last game. Really hope we heading to a game 5.

  10. actualy felt like faker was 1v9ing he outplayed them soo many times with the gnar ult and skarner ults ..etc gg tho

  11. Skt prob should of won this, they had baron recall and tahm. G2 was splitting for like 3 minutes, bad shot call.

  12. Starting to win by finally pick/banning aggressive early for early game meta? better do a 180 and go a defensive bot lane, while also handing over the Ryze. SKT deserved this.

  13. G2 khan was to good skt cant win 4v6 and teddy forgot how to auto attack this game as ashe…. ayayaya (pls replace khan i cant watch this guy play anymore so many bad games the last series not even just international)

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