SK Telecom T1 vs Invictus Gaming | Day 2 LoL Rift Rivals: LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS 2019 | SKT vs IG

I'll play it anyway the champion hasn't strong fundamentals great two and one lock the rookie mid Thalia there it is so this is gonna be a nice little read debut of the match up to break that deadlock we're talking about early and this is the fun stuff you want to see from mine victus gaming early jungle focus go towards the mid lane to see if you can get put faker behind first and foremost try and cleanse that you know yeah flick into the minefield is standing in their way as SKT vs IG break that deadlock let's see if we can get a true Adam heading forward [Applause] all right they can go on forever we fought in the good escape IG said no we're going first yell CK remain undefeated as they lost match up a group stage IG we're gonna break that one as well a lot to be broken here it's best of one whereas what tickles fancying hack on the shy you got that's gonna be a pretty good focus on just split push Nico up toplin barely see it yes exactly we rarely see it and when we do it's primarily on the shy to be able to take that matchup so I want to see how much pressure he can put on towards your right the comment on Khan who's gonna be using that to try and get as much coke with his W a sweeping legs every has the opportunity so I think to see we've got so much pressure in the lane so with the topside leak sheer red start burning it'll be moving up towards the crops and set up for the topside become once again seen this out of a couple of top laners today it is a try Bush early ward expecting there to be pressure at the level too much yeah yes gun and abduct do way too much if you look at the wave when where it's positioned the shy has it laid out perfectly poor name so good ward for the Burke Khan but we've seen Khan in these positions before sometimes he's a little bit too risky early on in these games so wanna see if he can play this when I was mine it's already shoved out a little bit by the shots at some quit early traits but all it takes is a corrupting potion to put that back to even now lad fishing for something down the bottom line get a fish again tomorrow on to Jack you love they want a level two teddy wrens in for a bit of damage but mana traded right back would quit oh now that was fishing here to come into this bottom lane but IG don't need to push out the trait already go back even ahead vision ultimately we're playing it safe knowing that clade was on that side of the map anyways but that was a good trade back from Jackie love and bow line just being able to see that much fire early on in this game is nice when then moves up back towards his Raptors other ward was quite deep in the river so who jump from my genes pot that one out and Ning now level three responds hits the blue buff and the start of the bottom side clear begins for the jungler I check a lot of work being put up top lane but the concern for Ning is always as a Silas you don't want don't quit trying to contest for your blue buff with how much pressure is coming through from Teddy and Mata it's a reality something that he could go for so you can see wow this is really early here from rookie just in cases right back mid lane but is in position Teddy Amato respecting though just backing away from the tower yeah good job good read by the bottom line of SKT if they had continued to pressure on in the mid lane rookie would have been in a great position for a flank in the bot lane so already a whole lot of respect happening here in the game not from the top liner of idea or follow the shy has got the shot out here let's go I'll be back respectful short instant flash respond from the shy sonic wave into resonates right now the shy look at it turns back a remedy didn't want me to this early on too many slows coming through ultimately the kill the crane fans of it that's what they want to say this games about stating a message included that with the topside immediately last time I've seen this kind of divide within the crowd was sure the finals to between lck and LPL last time ran and also asian games so you love to be able to see that kind of pride on the line Ning is in position for a play of his own first blood after that the lease is gonna be able to back here remember this is electrocute leasing for the early game crucial and with a lead like this opportunities now need to be keeping over to IG one that Ning wants to thank I want to see if I G made it very obvious here to their jungler that there's a ward in the bush and I think they have we got the shop up they can just backing away he's not moving into that second brush but a good call here just in case if a counter gank was necessary big pushing wave you would expect click to take that as an opportunity but he's in the opposite side of the map take a look at this so initially was a great flash by the shy to be able to duck out from cons take a look at this of course knew that it was going to happen but look back to Auto Attack I think ultimately just because the cue from Lee sin hit there's no way he was gonna be able to get out he ducked the cue then he would be fine but wasn't the case a lot of damage once again going down on the con so I'm still for the show even though the first part goes over the lease in able to push out this waiver at least hold it here wanting is nearby but a good deep ward there by most likely Karnas Ward is on cooldown so he'll spot out Nick just to protect con this has been the constant where he's been trying to get a full shop into the tower isn't able to at least against the shy cuz he's trying to force these hard trades and so he's always vulnerable to these ganks but you can see cons in a tough spot he's based because of it so it's my call straight into mercury mercury treads as well they at the cons but that's gonna help him a little bit but remember this is on hit Nico in the top lane and that damage is already coming through with the long sword and the shy the wife it's such a good position even midlane rookie in a good position himself forcing fake her out now at half health it's a pretty good wave here so Baker needs to stick to it but he's out of mana out of help and its ups but he still has teleport yep so once this wave is over you can TP right back but take a look at the Leo all about the shop here but shall I come close to brooding down calm but I'll find it the Nagar level six as well here as SOCOM doesn't have that hextech ultimatum advantage he'll be running into the shy wife still stuck so annoying for the Camille overall the side lanes firm Invictus gaming are doing really well yeah Khan cannot commit to shoving this one completely into tower knowing that both Ning is in the area but click getting electrocuted walking away ring rookie was the other reason why Khan couldn't do anything top lane then you look towards the bottom side of the map same purpose Teddy and Mata we're doing quite well for themselves and now they're actually in a small deficit just because of the possible pressure from the Thalia and silence pain is wages back to that top side once again it's Connor who's just getting pushed back on the way 20 CS down and Ning's in position for the first kill the Opie oh that was a close one Khan was able to evade the pop blossom but not enough damage there to evade from conte ends up still going down you can say yes Katie native responds they need it now mountain dragons gonna be that and we've been able to get the shove out once again that'll be their trade which you still say that's not too bad I mean rolled the dice and see what happens if it's a double mountain dragon that gonna really get a focus here from SKT back bot side but gonna be an ocean works up for a SKT I'd believe yeah I mean to relieve some of the pressure pecan and lane to a degree to a mind you'd agree at that point as it's falling even further behind but it's good it came down to whether or not Khan was gonna be able to dodge I was kind of duck it didn't even move forward and really could even without getting hurt by the shine their last Auto attack was all that was needed well executed in the end and that means most jungles have paid their due diligence to the top side see what happens as this game goes on because the difference was that the shy picked up the kill the side of IG vamper extended up the zurka Greaves this was already annoying makan and as you're about to see here when pressed attack gets activated they tried to pull handedly to him in the LPL meanings jungle proximity top lane has usually been number one yeah just the top he is just top lane and if you have a lane working out for you like that what can clit do big sandwich sure thinks you can find that window but but I now is gonna be losing the scuttle crab and rookie is in good position oh no river in full control FICA doesn't want to check this rookie ending as you mentioned waiting whole handedly just for this quick pitch all right Wow ya could just die he's backing this yarn for a nigga got him dead now the kamil can't help me I'll tell them all but it oh um being one the King to send it back Ning still one himself that'll be all you need is a pop awesome goes down to clue the way from the top side why not we here wanna see where the wall is going to Lea's not going to follow but you know what this is gonna turn into blue buff for Invictus gaming full vision walk he spits at Owens that Nick picks up the blue buff himself but still a buff stole it away okay nice trade get trade it back some Bolton don't really that much that's the third shot that hurts the most least card getting what he came out of his Lane thing now moving to the mid lane saw chop dogs away by Baker look at it get out with the help of soldier that was nicely done and how annoying is that just being able to see Ning have so much pressure up topside not much being able to gather through bots that of course the early mountain dragon but nothing since that point because clay was trying to look for that even stabilizing gank wasn't able to get it can he find it now flash away by rocky get through the Serena shuffle complete walking in with a sonic wave don't want to do that he doesn't have the altie so he can't get the execution keeping topside here from the shy just back into the lane of cons so quit trying to be active through the mid lane but that's all he will take away a stories of junglers flash it really is what it is clay desperately wants this link to stabilizing he can't get a kill remember Leeson with ultimate up alongside the camille will be able to get the kill on either Ning or the shy they just need to be able to get the damage on either electrocute is warias least in Tuzla this early in the game even more potent news bad side now though he might have the angle in a good position once again Kahn just back to his turret while the shy and being our walk into this light now being looking for a lane gang looks like he was spotted no pings going down so question is to where the cars gonna push up alright when the wave comes right back don't hold the wave the shy let's see where Camille ends up going drop the walk down it was gonna be too late Kahn going over the side being not in position here if it comes up through the river and quick there with Massa a lot of members from SKT they want this rift child they threw their bottom Lane up top to be able to upset what's happening up here but bings still here and calm if he walks into the wave is going to die rich are just gonna be taking those SKT they ignore everything pick up the herald cliff walks away even getting it off from bowel and we gonna wall them up yes Oh looky but safe got away SKT around smart play from SKT yeah backs against the wall they take the smartest choice they won't rookie on top of that as well might be call down the baseball inframammary pump your feet and the ignite click goes through bub although that's the baculum with a killer instinct to the blackboard no Rosie's got abducted wake up hasta flush as well IG turn it right back they thought they can get him and then turn that into a rift Herald mid but now klitz back waste a lot of time and rookies looking for another pick his damage that comes from again important come off they come in with a thigh big shop rookie with a slap flank himself this is what it's about when it's SKT vs IG what you're really saying is faker versus rookie the game has been real fun to watch chip mind games overall but rookie coming in to get the assassination big lines that I've kills now on a rookie Jackie lavash already had one before jackal imbalance sitting in the mid lane by Jay already having a 2k called Lee and building let's take a look at how it all started because SKT were positioning for a rib trial take but they saw rookie come in alone was the call Baker goes in and they know that they can try and dive straight through but take a look at this lid comes in CC damage and then they end up taking fake around here this is where it all gets pretty messy I don't have much vision until now but how can he get out yeah so I could pick up there from IG yep didn't now flash there's the moment the blood came through and didn't have a response really wrong to be the condition of SKT top lane just punishing mid lane now has a kill get away from me sir will be dragon picked up there by SKT so they're winning out on the objectives and then we start questioning what they can do with this rift Herald with the deficits they're occurring across the map right now I mean idea as a team just based off their comp alone they can play a pretty healthy war press the attack at its finest cod go back home you already 50 CS down you're losing that tart next as well yeah and that's the problem here kamil cat matched him she needs to be able to join SKT in these fights they're just not really viable as of yet they tried it didn't work out toward solo goal to the shy as well you already had blade of the ruined King that's why that tre happened so quickly to levels up on Khan as well it's gonna continue to develop mid lane break it down a little further level lead now for rookie who hasn't got that Lutins echo just yet guys and got his first item yet eat up but IG now transitioning towards the bottom side where rookie is martyr and Clinton making their way down alongside Baker to defend this tower they can just reposition right back mid knowing that you have this Lea in the bottom side of the map makes it so it's difficult for anybody like Teddy who you current sleeps seeing in the mid lane stay alone under Tower but guess we're just gonna be seeing a base here good items being picked up control ward there that for rookie as well yeah you seen division priority by the solo lioness the shy has one in his back pocket to the chairs shot actually picked up for the shy so accelerated is always gonna be on the undertone what's the word I'm looking for it's gonna be the back line no I'll work it out deal the point is he's accelerated that's the over like tired the shy his Lane is gonna get a hard push by this rift roll it finally making a move we'll see if this can bring me else okay back into some of that goal yeah I mean I mean the shy can't do much about this turret should be a primary focus no one can really come in and help see what nan can do but just gonna be here maybe to wait for Wow rift alts not gonna get the turret sorry bit of damage done but with Ning at the wing you don't want to be there they think a fight at least no but how well the shy has been doing at the poke damage would be something Invictus gaming would be looking for but that hasn't been the case so yeah even though I didn't see the four-man roam squad up topside it didn't take the bait now still back to what's up on a line you see will keep once again hiding amidst the vision that SKT haven't been able to achieve on that red side and mana even walking towards where it's blind for SKT is troublesome level 7 nautilus now getting pushed on by the rest of ice they can get those once we're into the babe again but just gets to leapt in rookie comes in in the same position takes down the jungler at IG poised for this mid late start with the Gompers level teddy and mod I gotta go there's a trench line onto the lock scars golden to flush it from Connie comp on an IG victim hole might be going out of the turn PAP's evoke cousin fruit they get the double booked up in MIG lose one but they get the trade off once again look at these here with the TP coming in fake kitronik Katie's wearing the Midlands heart but that's just gonna draw oh he's being he's gonna get opened up on thankfully he just get right back underneath turn so close but the shine start ordering you see what happens walking into the inner tartan ESCA teve and getting pressured there for how quick this game is moving the one element that hasn't been spoken on but ultimately is going to be the focus is jakela but before we hit on that one of course get blown up clear just trying to get any bit of vision maybe even trying to find a place you can get a word hop kick but take a look at this smart play from monster just going straight for it but a nice Sonja's or at least as the stopwatch by bow line to be able to support it the support for support they both end up dying but IG can start taking for the tower any other normal white normals to be taking up to maybe survive longer and s contain find the fibers have been caught out in bottom just walking across the map and this bottom side that is starting to pain them this is not your jungle anymore flatly put it at this stage IG has been in there for far too long you cannot be cutting through this side of the map we lost the contact so we don't know what they were trying to look for but what's dragon coming up they don't they should be caring about cloud dragon they should just be trying to place down defensive words and I think that was their attempt hard to get into that jungle with that mid tower going down before bottom being pressured right now in SKT one for the Empress divides and hooks up Walker will be flush away immediately get take him down SK toward evening backed up heading towards this next dragon he ends to flash the last one but this one he didn't respect him didn't react on time faker end up getting him this is your last hope to pure SKT in this game is the isère sweep that we've been seeing consistently from Baker used to start hitting them and that was the first one to stop and catch up on some of that gold 800 down a moment is okay here for SKT so being 4,000 gold down it's a worry and now they have a cloud right guard since you like to call it rice gets rear old ocean coming up next and teddy get away in this turret go over to him should be going towards her and on to hurricane but I was talking about how fast this game is going on how accelerated the shy is his jakela jackal of last game was the MVP for me he's been the ones it's just been passively warming up London 1 0 & 2 at this stage got his guinsoo's rageblade so he's getting to a point we can start going front-to-back she's not impossible for 20 minutes still hasn't gotten his muramana stack so you're not too concerned about that just yet but once he has the stinger – his name has got that fully-stocked out then you know you do have to be afraid of that but it kind of hits you like a truck all once for the lvl 2 items at that momentum that's the same time we'll see how the monster gone oh there's no excuse for that ok like that you should never go far that far out that's just weird take another look at this one great plate I mean he flashed out but by that time the Kamil is just gonna be able to catch you not much else you want to be able to catch on on that one that's true going down small pick I said it was a redeeming factor maybe in the long run we're getting closer towards that potential Baron which is just born closer towards the top side here but his KT and trying to content to some of the vision before they get shut out completely nearly 100 i mean nearly 200 CS there from nico yep this point so far ahead experience advantage to a level lead that he has over con con still has a pretty far road just coming back out of the base with the xin now – so he's getting towards his trinity force but it's gonna take a while so he's just getting stamped out his solo line you can already see he's just trying to position with his team so he can get a skirmish for himself with Baron buff up and available there's gonna be a skate ease focus teleport not available on the shy just yet hitting away this art finally gets it the rapid firecannon gonna be pretty big in these upcoming fights but as Kenny want this top side Ning willing to defend me you'll actually just do it by himself the rest of LPO or other hygiene unknown in that topside jungle desk a team walking away from the times they're not gonna come through with the next wave eat up look at the vision that's been secured around the bar mouth and through the river considerate amount for IG to clear away so good to say that SKT priority in the right area it's not like that just keeping it up completely but it's a trade-off and the trade-off is that you're no willing to give away the shy being a big push on the bots very true so Khan still has to be here be able to push him right back but it's a lot that the shy is able to pick up for himself all alone to 21214 TCS yeah we're getting there cos all get the same matchup that he got against Hanabi Rose we're getting close to that flamer eyes yeah funnily enough it's gonna be a while off and it's gonna need Khan to rotate a little bit more often but there we go foul line coming up here as well I'm positioning but Ning doesn't want any of that they don't know that Clayton they're here necessarily have an idea now but lot of haddem is back we can just walk this one out like I D they start the clearing process and already done some of it Ning with a level lead over cleared right now but just getting the rough away against small wins we can get him here for SKT but I gave done their due diligence the clearing is done wards no longer around the barren area only towards that tribe rush up a pop while all that's happening the shy has been able to take yourself from some grump so Brahimi's just trying to accelerate for the fight when it ends up happening goes right back to the bottom lane yeah but yeah reestablishing vision is what you're talking about don't think they care too much about the ocean dragon coming up before Dragons potentially for it SKT makes for a monstrous hive elder dragon really does it till that possibility to make number four the shiz teleport back up and available by the way ladies gentlemen bf sword in hand after that last back just looking across for the items Mike still Dober mana for Jackie love but a stinger in hand ready to be that Nash's tooth is expected with the AP bill that's been coming across you got itself in manamune early on so I expect it to be picked up it's just hard to stack alone it's not like you're an Ezreal that can queue off while you're coming from back to base yeah need to actually get autos across you can't just leave it to it's here itself so yeah 4,000 almost in that top lane that is really gone now 1v1 cons like I can't take this but I can bully him away two level difference between the top laners might be surrounded here oh this is smart from SKT but there's a ward that caught them in rotation even better so walking towards it now it's just yep drop the vision walk away let's not lose MIT cuz IG will have the inner truck a lot of times you will lose a game days just off that play alone even if you get the kill on Khan losing a baron is way too impactful if you have a side lane push from your eye so I J able to state that away they've got themselves vision control once again over the side of the baron control what up towards that top ciders they just want something as a shine having such a good time down here now hits that flame arise and Rose can underneath start saying thank you finally that's not how that works you have to double this yes almost towards the flame horizon rounds there we go there we go a shot backing away hitting the way of an IG moving towards the stop sign SKT getting pulled away that's a wave as Walter Baker is shuffle taking their binding but that's just gonna be for the upcoming fight now reestablishing vision once again but I mean the real point of focus cuz Invictus gaming don't necessarily need to do anything topside they just need to really stop SKT you from establishing too much vision control overbearing and rushing it because right now the shy is doing the right job yeah sternum pressuring Khan consistently gonna be able to give themselves motion bouncing coming up next that's gonna hurt I think for at IG they don't want double mountain being a possibility for SKT and it's gonna pull a G towards a fight now five minutes from now so we'll see what ends up happening a lot can happen in five minutes time but double mountain over to ask eighty is something you don't want to see here as you know it gets to that light game and stuff powering away on tolerance mutual objectives as well so and it's a Kalista on Baron remember that yeah so if there's ever a smile situation the LPL classic not going to be a possibility but at this point even with the two Ottomans in here for faker IG holding control around this Baron it's gonna be the topside finally broken over for SKT but still remains at the gold lead towards the 6,000 marking I think finally flew that vision once again which slowed things down it's just the dance looking for the pain someone needs to match the Niko remember that's been the primary focus oftentimes going out of vision to be able to clear a jungle farm so the shy is not pressed whatsoever of taking shots at the turret underneath them inner turret has been pretty fine actually just because the shiz has been dipping into the jungle to get crubs whenever possible and now moving fika down here mate Connie's maybe Gangi flashes the hexa cultivator on top of the shower walls coming down takes one down hits fighter gets him to hop out this wall but they see fake it down here IG make the move on top of the bow when you press tab and find out that's a big Niko with infinity edge you have to try and stop them now you don't want any part of that IG turning out on to Clayton chicano else into the lacing the Dragons right but it's a rage of Jack you love incoming teleport from faker to join the fight but at least that gets IG off the parody who ended up getting the blue buff so the big plus or Jack you love they can try and reset for this one play will be nowhere near you ten seconds until Kahn comes up and you teleport back into the play the shine 15 he has a teleport on him as well Baker so walk away from that abscond abducts people in the crowd humming and hawing it let's just how tense the moment is here right now because if I G get that pic again in front of the Baron this one begins again but now you can see what we've been looking forward to for the shy who's been farming up a hailstorm put it right back on it rookies looking for that pick double control word he knows for certain no one's on this the shy teleporter for this don't let the poeple some available but he's all about all attacking remember turns on taqlid bikers going to poke him away whoa wait before guys the other side let the fates call on villain Orleans himself but it's an echo they get their shine the biggest hitting bit more convey to the back boy you need Jack's love rookie to hit him in they do mom also finds ding UI prizes 3 vs 3 SKT turn for the reengagement uh qulet walks forward they want Mata and they find him they'll feel strike true and SKT running for their lives Baker's doing a lovely party once the time is succulent 35 to do that and you can hear the Chinese members of the audience feeling the love just by milliseconds these bites are turning bakery is doing a pretty good job just from the beginning of it even flashed out rookies flash flick so take a look at this because you know a lot of great work at taking down the shy you is isolated that's fine they go straight in for that one while on the right side of this one pedis once again out of the fight here so SKT taking down the shiz of one big plus a new seat start to see how this is turning in SKT favor yeah nice flash from faker right here doesn't want to get flicked he would have been aversive iterated on that one would have handily turned in to I G's favor but then if you go long enough you can see fakers feeling himself on this one a lot of damage on Jackie loves he thinks it but the ultimate is still available by Jackie love some great execution their groups pull out plays that make the flight and I was thinking my words were wrong fake up turning back around so it's exciting to see this midlaner is really pressuring IG almost what that third item as well so things are only gonna get worse if I could can find his mom but when fights go on for that kind of long and there's a little there to basically two fights happening at the same time Baker wasn't involved in what's happening on the right side he probably assumed that Jackie loves ultimate was off like he was that it was already expended with how crazy that fight been going but why'd she get a big pick and they already started baron they go right to it yeah easy now that cons gone don't think there's much that SKT can do here either than looking for a new uptown the fights call for because they get the pick of the cleaner the ulti comes through from Bal evident back to Baron once again I was going at the face bulb walked by the shy with the tangle bomb don't get Baron on some of that cool playing IG and finally got the purple worm and a set the gold lead in this game these are the matchups you know and love around what was know the upsetting performance of the LMS and VCS this is what you want yes IG SKT of course the other lck and LPL teams watching it all at least they're trading right back so SKT still in this game faker has gone towards what is you know the better scaling bill the naturally stood is dale alongside the the runes that he has so lethal tempo is gonna be doing a lot of damage he was already doing pretty much a whole heap there this is what we didn't see it was happening on the right of the map at the time just the raw pic on towards con this rise is what i want to point out tangle bow through the fight school vice versa whatever you want to call it it was exciting remain that was cool I appreciate that maybe this model fluid or doesn't matter we Baron tight get pink happy to go forward here on the clit still that to live away that's been plaguing the whole game so the discussion that we had about you know the ocean dragon going over to Nico was that oh yeah got his evolution so huh he's already doing well for himself got his full ap impo rabid ons that cop nashor's tooth this man is stacked yeah but my point was that double mountain dragon is now there for SKT we get back to another bear and play of course we're on this one so we have to focus on this one few minutes to spare then SKT there in this game long enough this mountain Jura the Elder Dragons gonna be empowering me powerful let's see if they stick around long enough i G wants to end this wave this wall comes down the shine level 17 Nico Walcott is splitting on the top five but with Baron buff conk on staying in even with teleport he needs to come in soon because IG hang it on the doors of the base moving towards the inhibitors this is what you want to stop draw the line in the sand give it a tyrants gonna go down come just gonna cut the losses hit the inner turret if tank set down himself but the shai's walking up he takes this quick Baker can't defend by himself oh no this is something you don't want to see here already enough damage coming in back rook in bow line are moving over running for the engage at the depth charge on the faker that knocks him up the inhibitor one inhibitor to in the mid line is gonna go down down car takes be inhibited tarik where they stopped is the question do Invictus gaming stop here go back to base a protector inhibitor they're looking for like it yeah we still have a minute left so these are gonna be quick back time is nothing that the SKT can interrupt car not gonna stick around and try for the inhibitor so inhibitor turret taken at the cost of two inhibitors itself well SKT who's already behind 10,000 gold at least it opens up the topside for them for a cheeky rush at that inhibit up all they're really doing cuz that's not gonna happen is more so just you know just in case IG make a mistake they lose a teamfight at some point if Baker can pop off instead he can get great pick with his ultimate then that's your response send someone up top lane to get an inhibitor that's in good investment just in case you still have a chance but this point an 11 Cagle that Invictus gaming out here this should be an easy completion this game should be pretty quite with the both inhibitors down yeah just shows you one thing about the form of IG and so the IG we wanted to see coming into referrals yeah and against SKT no less this is the matchup and potentially the last fight a showcase the LPL meets business going into day three full this shouldn't turn into anything but having your five man roster up here without waves be one of the shy with hexa cold oh man he escaped off brother not the pulse is coming down on the guy to go gold the child lived for now but he stopped watch himself and everyone from IG comes in the shine flushes away while IG look for the ring engagement fight come half health Ning and that's the problem that we can see with this mid liner Khan was moving so far to the right he didn't want to be activated the plasma was on top of him and you knew that Jackie Love was looking but that's the teleport from the Shires heading towards okay turrets and on deck lid con there is always a 183 still hit once the Gopher hit the tank upon the dive Baker picks up the killing and vicious from the top laner of Archie bad timing to with the top lane wave coming in right now Derrida rookie he's by himself separated konna get the slope don't succeed chimera I go in Jackie look going through the killer instinct himself finds it and that's the one for lunch right now by day the flight from FICA is inside the separated pull fake cup God get bourbon Blitzer the spectacular over the wall that ducky to Korea builds it and FICA failed the whole damn ploy he's back that was humongous from Baker and they're still alive this game where did he come from rise god bless men because our eyes are focused on IG turning on Khan but if you just look at bigger here right from the back is able to sweep them all in and he's safe he's completely fine here and the kick from Clint was the icing on top that's just clean that's what dreams are made of right now there was a possibility where you know Jackyl up he was the reason why this fight really began going straight on topic on continued towards that flawless run it's taken an SKT bit still in this game the neighbors are well defended to not concerned about that whatsoever but the elder dragon around Baker they lose one sheep I think about it look at the top plane wave right now on the inhibitor that's exposed if you lose a team fight thirty five minutes of the game SKT can just outright win the game and what is the end of the group site what a cry try to endure' us like the crowd has turned up seats of started to get billed people waiting for this matchup that at FSI and it would one apiece as Casey the only team to defeat IG in that group stage we never got to see the final in this game to finish the group stage this bill straight as IG moment can be ended like this right now I don't know if they want to even try to contest for this should just be IDs good respect being paid over they go to the Midland looking FICA here oh my god they mean positioning on mid they actually need to base off this one they can't cut through here because the second one's gonna go down there's no doubt about that right now but when it has to go from here because that's important mid lane and inhibitor Tarts next ready for the taking but SKT still have to defense interpreters are coming up good defense overall incredibly successful but the you know the it seems like another elder dragon is going to be the call here a second elder dragon with four dragons already picked up for yourself it seems like this game is going to be decided off one team fight alone double elder opportunity it's a common four minutes ten seconds in the top left I feel in it the elder they have lost or rather have at the moment forty seconds until that expires so SKT still the teamfight advantage if Baker's able to live throughout it all its peak it was an 11 K goalie that you had for IG yeah kind of turns memories they don't have eyes here they can get flanked I think you see him now though yeah cogs swatted out it's older versus Baron but the parent is two minutes 15 left on it until I'm at a skating happy to push through the minions now elder has ten seconds till it expires alright and you know what the next plan is going to be depends on if Nico can get out of here alive he does sour and recall Khan trying to find him but just the power powers off at his work Nate pushing towards the top ciders all trying to get this wave crushed in and get that third untouched in here but at all they want here they need to be working with their waves they made crucial mistakes this is when IG starts thinking back to you know the 1v3 that the shy went for died before the top plane wave really crash that caused this all to happen yeah so Ning sands here for annotated jungrin aside they've been of course the Stiles who asked to walk away from car for members of SKT towards the top top ciders Sun turret comes in handy for faker shy sends his clone for that's a weaver's wall to cut off I do just need this inhibitor right now put in a lot of work here this inhibitor should go down cause SKT what it like here it's all on cliff hated this rough but now ooh Nang walking away from calm they can wait on the next wave to crash here they have another way of here they can try and double down on it depends great work here you can already see Ning on the mini-map pushing up mid lane wave at the same time that's all they need coordinating waves so estate team needs to focus on the waves rather than trying to get that teamfight that Baker's been finding themselves and the shy VGA able to do never they caught a pickle to tell you flash through the way back into Jack Robbie goes gold meant a team get dangerously low hit a spike is still front money because he know he can with the soldiers but I blow hell and they get that double in him top plane wave is there too they might cut to boots it just to get it but to summoners off cleanse and flash off a petty now then he wasted a lot there to keep himself alive 30 seconds until that baron buff expires that top lane wife there don't be able to get the push in up to the tart for one wave only then Ong will have to back a while very rare that we get to talk about the insect that clued has that word hop that flash kick and also Azir sec baker and click will be the reason why SKT win this game if they can get it going have to worry about the shy jockey love of course almost towards that max siphon shine it off with the rest of the team there we go I mean they're just waiting on the waves to start crashing through super minion wave and the bottom lane starting to come thankfully SKT is dealing with that mid lane wave SKT have a parent timer on them they know that it's nailed down and they see rookie confirms that sorry the shy going to the bottom wife just adds more pressure when the objective hasn't spawn just yet but it's been denied the two inhibitors are taken but you know what the next objective potentially going to yeah the second elder dragon is going to be up in a minute and I wonder if I G continue to be able to pressure up they're getting a full base off just so they can go and deny it I'm gonna put some fishing down as well it's gonna be crucial here to watching SKT get towards the objective 45 seconds until its spawn here we go barons up to 145 but you said it yourself let's forget the purple one for now SKT able to get that up see here with this double mountain the double elder bonus look the double elder dragon was made because games just got went on for too long yeah that was the developers note button and if they have that with the isère the Kamil there's so much to taking I actually pick up brought teamfights with that seems like SKT hats position on it you have I do my teak backed away but ten seconds till this comes up able to move back into the river an IG now set up to come on in but this split Vickers banshees veil has been proc he's gonna be behind the wall but there we go the plasmas on him they're just gonna group around him now bright support player from Jackie love walks forward doing a lot of damage here with the void sake up it son incredibly low cooldown and it's gonna hurt so Baker needs to have that body block by Monta here good wave of all actually the sort of about SKT on the upper hull this is going down great to the ninth they flush out any water they can't get it hit by G with the elbow is a bike up through bail and all the sudden so but look at slid into the back foot and the shiny bubble of the man God holds on goes over the top you checking up find it with the ultimate and the LPL pup still in the old ck let's clean and Teddy of a ronin to this point but Jackie long did the reason he has his clots of skin and he's letting is Katie no lisa is not going to be allowed to base rookies on just full get back duty he's gonna get the kill as well Clint's gonna go down full ice as it support for the LPO comes through in the end IG streamlining in now and they deliver this game was a testament to the two strongest regions in the world this is IG heading forward taking away the undefeated this of the old ck


  1. i still have no clue why would you draft Azir.. Azir is only good when there are tanks in the damn meta.. and it isnt the case right now.. just stop drafting it, even Locodoco " a former coach for TSM and TL" thinks so.. i don't know

  2. hey just wondering, how do you determine when to put the pics of the specific champs in the thumbnails?

  3. Khan is so brainless sometimes… he played great last few games of LCK but then hes back to his normal braindead over committing in this match

  4. There are so many issues with this team composition. Why pick an early game composition and pick a late game scaling mid laner? Everyone except for faker is early champions in his team. And they couldn't execute earlier because their opponent mid(taliyah) was an early power house champion,constantly shoving and roaming. If you are gonna pick Azir for a late game team fight just pick 3 tanks. Azir doesn't need 3 assasins/ bruisers to do damage. Who is gonna engage for Azir if everyone is squishy. He need tanks with cc to hold the enemies in place. Its auto win late game. If your composition is around early game then faker should have gone for Talon, Fizz, Syndra, Zed, Leblanc. They have really good early power. And good roaming potential. And I think its time to switch to tanks honestly. Khan can't play damage champions and get ahead in lane whatsoever. Just give him a tank. Historically Skt has been doing great with tank tops Shen from the days of impact, marin with maokai, lissandra and mundo. Yea he played rumble a carry. But the champion on its own has insane teamfight potential. Duke with poppy and tank ekko. And the downfall of Skt started when Huni cameover, Its not like he is bad or anything he is awesome, But damage top laners are unreliable. If huni wins top he hard carries. If he loses pretty much its a loss for skt. Same with thal. He plays damage and wants jungler assistance to get ahead. When it comes to khan, yes he is a really good top in solo queue. He does well in solo queue since there exists constant fighting/ brawling types of games where even if he gets behind(which he mostly doesn't) he can get back by making good plays. Its not the same story with pro scene. Teams picks fight with accuracy. A good top laner provides pressure, even when he is losing or winning lane. Its all top is for mostly.

    Good team compositions enables players to win games, last game was an example of a bad team comp from skt. Mid and bot needs tanks not carries to carry. Imagine a maokai engaging that teamfight instead of camille, instantly dying. You could argue that naut was the tank. Naut is a tanky champ, but he didnt get the items to be a tank to walk forward like that and ended up dying first. That engage wasn't even good cause of how distant faker was from the support. He had to use E aggressively to follow up. Faker had to play cautiously cause he had so many threats on him from enemy team. They might have actually won the game if they didn't greed to go on for kills after killing the enemy jungle. Just take one kill and setup vision for baron but still 30/70 based on how they lost 2 inhibs. Top lane needs to be upgraded to tanks. Or else the downfall of skt will continue.

  5. 1. The two strongest regions? I mean LCK is stepping up again, but currently are EU and CN considered the two strongest regions
    2. I read in the comments about IG vs SKT worlds finals, but atm SKT doesn't look to be in form to even get to worlds…they need more wins and a winning streak during playoffs or regional qualifier

  6. Both teams played great but SKT should know that you should not have losing lanes with Azir in draft. Top side was the biggest flaw to SKT's draft. Khan really couldn't do anything even if he tried. All in neeko and you'll get a Taliyah in your lane, stay back and you'll get harassed out. That's why Azir is risky, most mid laners will out roam/pressure him early.

  7. Its like the na vs eu rift rivals half of na teams are eu players and half of lpl teams are korean players xD

  8. If anyone does something stupid they rly need to hear it, if theshy does something stupid its called : "ambitious"
    I hate fanboy casters

  9. im sorry 2 of the strongest what now? kr keeps playing late game for some reason and china looks weak right now GL on worlds if u keep this up EU is going to have a blast

  10. What happens if Sylas takes Kalista ult? Also Raz saying "flame horizon" is doubling CS wtf that's not how it works it's 100+

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