SK Telecom T1 vs Top Esports | Game 2 Finals LCK vs LPL LoL Rift Rivals 2019 | SKT vs TES


  1. 2019 KR/CN/LMS/VN Rift Rivals full playlist:

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  2. It would be dope if they had like holograms of the champs in the middle between the players. That shit would be sick as fuck, and than they could show the 1v1s in holograms

  3. 32:20 That play turns "The Baron opportunity for TES" into "The Endgame teamfight for SKT".
    Clid was traped if Faker wasn't there, and no one expects the fight initiation from SKT at that point.

  4. How dope would it have been if Khan was actually mid at level 1 and Faker hid like he was leashing, then the Lucian stepped up to bully the Neeko and got absolutely blasted by Aatrox level 1

  5. People just love to hate on Faker these days. The fact that he didn't even get mvp for this game is just ridiculous.

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