SKT vs GEN – Game 1 | Week 7 Day 1 S9 LCK 2019 Summer | SK Telecom T1 vs Gen.G G1 W7D1

kill what riff rivals does a number on Jen Geum what am I talking about is that just he was playing good no don't you remember how his roaming on Nika his ability to jump out of minion waves Lux is gonna sit back and not take any damage but she doesn't push the waves super fast early meanwhile Nika walk on the wave roam from their caps ask and try to impact those side lanes not gonna be a lot of priority box side not gonna be a lot of priority topside there's a lot of inroads for Clint and faker to make as an invading duo and it feels like Genji will give them a long leash here we are beautiful skybox lit up in this wonderful evening of lck summer good aftershock and Cletus decided to roll the dice up against peanut now observers they understand and they're perplexed also I mean could obviously knows the interaction if in case you guys aren't big interaction is that when you use the subjugate if you use it as after shockers proct then the big thing you get is that says ronnie has the passive to give her resists and then gets more flat resists from after sharpest teddy got some good cue accuracy going on here only five gold so far but from there you actually put Szechuan into negative resists a lot of the time so it is a really relevant interaction but if you're just where trundle isn't guess what you have aftershock and you feel really good about it so if you can stay ahead and Genji have drafted pretty low lane presence pretty much scaling in all three lanes if klitz turret dive again trundles killing as guam turns out after shop was the right route to go so this can actually represent even more a question from SKT or be the soybean that's used against them so it's a double-edged sword another sword to play into a hope but big action and SKT vs ng and all I can hear is that you've set sword a lot of time trying not even playing for Griffon anymore that's true you should stop saying blade can we say blade now because we've got door in there and he's got some flack so that that one's away I'll workshop it and get back to all right well laning phase has now begun as converses cubic Hubei has already gone through entirely all of his map yeah I mean he cute gone multiple times and GP might as well be a ranged champion at level one because he has a ranged ability and o'connor's kuna be a bit more honest about his traits which was pretty nice level to gain by both of these players now it's a barrel safety available for cuba sweeney matchup here between GP and aatrox even though you know I was playing across this very much scaling draw from Genji there's definitely a lot of Windows where a GP can deal with a trucks very happily 1v1 I think a lot of counter matchups GP still does well in the early levels so would not call this a counter matchup icon I think he has more ability to control the minion wave and some all ends with a jungle ganking particular ganks yeah that's a big flash in onto the locks permafrost is gonna be there and that's perma cc coming out of quiz and he's singing these runes were made for ganking uses the after shop gets into mid and that's the aggression that makes the aftershock make a lot of sense really nice stuff there from SKT extraordinarily early three three minutes and already clit has made his presence known wash is now down so he's gonna be able to do that again and faker also doesn't have his fly holding on to his flash in that moment there is more gank assist in every lane barring you could argue mid for SKT then Genji and the one in mid lane can also be a little bit more aggressive as well so given that if this is the could we're gonna see today this is a sort of draw from Genji that can be taken apart early and this is pretty damn early full clear of bots side a very standard says want anything was actually envisioned for a bit of that but I'm not expecting it though and gets taken down very clean yep flash not even available to be used due to the CC bar as I rule in life for doing absolutely fine here on this bottom side as you can see it actually ahead in farm if you're gonna combine both the zone around the tahm Kench the moment that you see Brom dropped it into Tom and you have a choice sona's I'm out of pressure she's under or the tahm kench's amount of pressure early when he's csing is under is gonna be lower Brom has no ability to harass tahm Kench most of the time because Thompkins as long as he's standing on a minion isn't gonna get hit by the cue so therefore what other ranged harass is therefore Brom Oh peanut just out of vision here as he finishes taking down the Krug this could actually be a huge deal as finally he's on to some vision but the pillar is going to be available Conn has to flash to get over the top of the trophies you wonder if that was a hundred percent necessary but you understand why he flashed him it was pretty low and mana had a cue and not much else behind it but safety first its junglers on the bottom side the math not the worst flash ever but clearly being shown that Conn is playing weak side for now just stay here try and do battle with Cubo makes it out of the infernal chains could have actually spelled home but without a flash on the top side it's actually feeling really good here to the cuvette to keep the pressure up as Conn is just desperately trying to go for a back timing here clearing out this minion wave he's just a way to made the bot lane work because obviously the SONA came after the Brahmin Ezra will commit it too so they have to deal what they have is turret dives with sejuani very possible here the ability for guardian Brom would heal and also aftershock says wanting the turret dive is way higher if you were chosen fleet footwork or halo blades a bot Lane gank does have the ability to be turned around you can't just get into an awkward spot and not be able to turret dive as cleanly so building up with slow pushes on the bot side and then clip threatening turret dives on Tom Sona might be a way for SKT to go when Clint gets away from right now his happiness in repeating because I'm a little bit worried about here on the side of SKT is that ruler has just been unchallenged here on this bottom side and that can become bit dicey when a Sona can just easily move their way towards relevance I don't have everything that's what we're getting to is that was an inevitability after the draft but now it's unclear to actually use the tools they have which is that CC and turret diving to make the Macau no because if not cs4 cs3 and Ezreal is to start and it can't be too far away from that transformation from rule that we've seen it as early as seven minutes from Griffin spotlight very cheeky control order you can see on the inside of the dragon pit try and spot for dingy whether SKT had started off that dragon a Rome from faker was actually called off for members towards the bottom side wanting to try and get that punishment started quit will be able to take a consolation rift Scuttler or is trouble threading the needle nicely between the minions in fact Meghan walked a little bit there good positioning there from Khan so important to see the health traits around that top plane and walk with item purchase assistant link Teddy doing his best staff compression try and apply as much pressure as he can yep and our Rula staying out of the way these mystic shots as well you can see the CS has ballooned in favor of Teddy here as he used his teleport ruler decided not to and remember we always have to be very unpackage the real eight trucks from the mini-map here comes the gang faker hasn't revealed yeah Connie's gonna pop the world into there and that means that he's gonna get her flash out of Cuba and that also does show you which one the real yeah aatrox is change on this patch was that a trucks came out Auto Attack enemy champions without turning back into Nico let's quit huh yep flash peanuts going to follow they are gonna easily take him down and it's just whether or not they can give the kill over to fly that they have to worry about that was very disconnected we just saw faker roam gank top sites there was never gonna be backup forces Ronnie on the invade good timing there patience from Jind idiot goes mid lane yep blossom is gonna come in here is the shield wants to be picked up there from fly blooming bursts not going to be enough there and fly just standing is ground and is able to just accept the damage and move on has more corrupting potion stacks and because the kill came in the red buff health regen as well so yes surprisingly robust in walking up and taking it and of course fake it doesn't actually have any items built up yet it's just the Merc treads so cleared contesting that control ward is a straight-up mistake from SK T's jungler he has no flash for second seconds only just coming available as his death timer started it's a great calculation and capitalization from peanut and flies well that's the flashing once again cleanse they're from fly but he has to flash as well under his own turret his con was coming in from the side we would talk about Seca room timings this was actually a top plane room timing thing it complement the defensive flash that comes in smoke will can it be a cycle quite a bit it turns out this game from ye doesn't get to hold on to summoner spells for too long staying CS pcs but my eyes are on Baker's on a future Rome timing especially when a blue buff or a lost chapter comes into his inventory it is gonna be the GOP build you'd have to imagine where there be in the Glacial yeah use the timing from first faker but also the botlane here to take infernal Drake around there Sona Tom this composition getting an infernal this early is something unthought-of for the for the champions that they have available to them think of the value man oh they double dipping super hard I mean you there's a lot of scaling options here the ginger and other changes around locks definitely folks some power from her support bill but they actually accentuated her power in the AP build more often than ours cube a rotation you thinking about hop health after using the oranges there you're right and there's a lot of utility scaling on the shielding and healing comes mid lane make a splashes off yep light binding is not gonna find the mark though and uh Baker it's going to transform into con and try and take down some woods just like role playing as a trucks yeah just like I think maybe you just think he's on the bottom side we know that I do love the Baker so active in using the pass that I've been so frustrated with players not even using it as an ability I think people were pretty quick to guess okay it's never gonna actually be used in Pro play because they have comms yes comms are relevant but adding little mind games that force the enemy to be more active about talking about things that on other couple other cases just being all pious copy a bad thing muddying enemy comms and potentially profiting if a mistake is made on the impersonation and be a nice little fringe benefit of that Nick okay well life he's got a TCS and he's feeling real good this is the tank he is Tom contra we've seen today oh I need to cut you off here this is the bot lane duct bot lane turret dive timing first rotation from Nico cliff coming in five-man bot lane from SKT this was set up in terms yeah big tell it's going to come in we're looking for the Devourer timing life goes golden as well as ruler asked to flash to get himself out of the way they do manage to pick up one of them and Teddy under the turrets doing so much work Baker goes golden to keep himself alive but they have to navigate this one it's a double-kill coming in for the eight drops his peanut eventually takes him down but can they get more permafrost comes in effort joins the rest of his team Teddy's still raining damage down another devourer has been used that's how long this has gone for a stunning dive as peanut is still alive trying to deny effort get rulers teleported double kill for peanut and that was intentional to not allow ruler to get that assist meanwhile cube a he's complain that end play is big though Atlas the extra kills their walk you base just free hitting stops to swing it towards the way of Genji peanut they eating out that turret dive and using the stasis then was really on point and Cuba is gonna get four turret plates yeah that is a hell of a lot of gold going solo over to a gangplank it's twelve and a half minutes as well we'll see where the shell he gets a look in here as we have a look this was largely navigated very well and this was the SKT play that vindicates the aftershock toys we said they have to be about the roaming through mid lane when Lux holds back and also the other shop picked up but it gets tricky when peanut is both side when four members can react to the play and SKT never want to cut their losses because GP is about to go on to that full health turret they start to look for more and more they could have pulled off earlier in this play and gotten someone topside yeah Teddy respecting the turret damage love this jumpy and look at peanuts timing really good stopwatch timing guarantee that Israel went down there so at the end of the day Genji towards the end do manage to hold up the shield though we love the sort that was plunged at the start by escape yeah SKT now I'm gonna have first in road onto Shelley as well as that wave is pushing into Q babes down very low ever feeling ginger I'm gonna give this one up without a bite they will move on over before Shelley Falls peanut actually get in there he's not gonna be able to get the steel or anything like that is oh not even able to get the pillar out and throws it very late I was unfortunate it felt like peanut could have interrupted a potential Arctic assault there and a five pack to go there's a rich girl they really want to pick it up here Atlas that's why they're re-engaged objective is down but that I is gonna stop flickering keep able to break the barrel there as well final spot comes down Khan may just be eliminated before anything has even happened good flash gets cube a out of the way a fake is pop blossom but make is able to get the shape splitter I have a feeling he might have sacrificed himself for this but does pick up the eye of the Herald's and lands the snare cannon barrage comes in barrels now being utilized cubane not gonna be able to get the explosion teleport going to be utilized here as well as cube a he's got enough damage and faker dose becomes Shelley but they don't manage to keep in the line I'm gonna call ashtag not worth on the second death especially that really starts to swing it back to Genji that's a solo turret old plates barring the last one picked up by the gangplank because we're after 14 minutes in that okay maybe he stepped away from one of the plates with three out of four were cashed in by cube a the final one of course wasn't registered and I guess one of them was missed out on it maybe when he pulled back to use the cannon barrage here is the replay one death here to pick up the rift Herald will call it worth but – is where the calculation gets more muddy and a lot of SATs bolts here are pretty transparent and easily flashed away from the pot blossom bicubic yeah I was only gonna sort of hit Q Bay's an afterthought actually as I'll fake it dealing with the barrel is actually really cute but cannon barrage coming up at here exactly this time it's all about the TP taking that three plus seconds right comes in as 900 how think she's gonna be okay three autos and a Q that's all she wrote that's what happens when you're going to part with his pistol and deny somebody frisk this man I know Jax gets no weapons he does that's a big weapon that's not only like a real weapon bit like a brutal weapon right now who has the bigger weapons between Genji and SKT we said Genji was the scaling drop there ahead indulge Sona calm pop over 2,000 gold largely on cue Bay they don't have cannon barrage around the bot side but they do have first inroads there so we look back we try to make sense of it all Atlas trendy force online before finished item for the aatrox first items done lost up to full items done for the mid laners but that's a pretty early archangels on the way to seraphs things need to be sliding into position here for Genji think that I'm scared about if you're an SKT fan is the fact that cube a is so incredibly far ahead of his opponent and peanut is having a day out 5 out of 6 kill contribution in fact 4 of the kills going over to the trundle and he is going to be their frontline I mean you're not going to have a gangplank via frontline anything like that it is actually very important for this trundle to get himself ahead because it makes that subjugation even worse as he tears apart the frontline of SKT and makes himself almost unkillable as speaking of well it's not uncle it's quite killable there on are fakers side there why does land alight Bonnie honestly you should think of this midline matchup Nikko versus locks is not that different from Azir versus era that was kind of the last time we had a matchup like this when Nikko can be really abusive especially in top lane but in some mid lane matchups as well but out ranging her like Lux can do with her million range spells all of them super long range there's so many times where Lux says okay I confirmed the binding I'm gonna get a chunk or a kill and Nico says I can't actually get any return damages so it's a thousand damage for zero rather than a fairly even damage trade so because of the out range and the one item and plus being completed blocks is now at a very comfortable part of lane phase can wave clear from range and Baker just puts down that rift Herald in mid it's either for roaming or to get a chunk off it's definitely not gonna kill the target no not going to happen this time around as Shelley is at least going to bash it a few times Genji in position though are able to deal with it but it's a very weak out of tart in the mid lane more of an investment rather than an actual solution standing goal would rather than claim but how does SKT actually make the next play happen it's the scene of the crime fault lane well it went against them as we know cannon barrage is up TP soon to follow there is a small window here where GP will be stuck on top lane back on mostly looking for deep vision they're actually wrapping around with clit as well they seem to expect you were here go in yeah some extra information given over to cue baby he's unable to actually keep himself alive there is no flash available and cannon barrage ain't gonna get you out of that one he was thinking of trying to go for an outplay but instead he just done both teams trying to be both top players trying to be ahead of the play but really good comms there between the two right now there's no resulting pop side play we do see trundle in the enemy jungle but not actually pushing up and roller that's a lot of damage yeah live past the body block for the Sona as Teddy doesn't have trueshot barrage and rollers got a few double use that he can throw in now cool to see a change in the item built here we see a return of the trendy force coming out from Teddy so very high damage at this point in the game effort Super Soaker is going to be used there in the midlane but gets the flash out of fly f it was in trouble on the bottom side of the map as well and now TP advantage for Khan as Kube ATP to top size that could be another play here available for SKT utilizing his fancy fate very nicely they're dodging out of the way of almost everything that Teddy was throwing my best moment of the game so far where SKT were able to make a play topside kind of creative gank approached from sejuani and Khan playing upon the tendencies of kube a camp the brush that we saw him in but on the other side because peanut wasn't already in position no real turret damage definitely no destroyed bot lane turret and now a TP advantage for multiple minutes by plus minute TP advantage on the topside they kind of herded GP into a bad spot here so that's just really good man play by ask is because they don't take a bot side play peanuts only just entering the Raptor bush as the play a little bit unfortunate there for QB not entirely sure why he just sitting in that try brush as well I guess maybe thought that he had the vision to keep himself alive but with humble dashes and Arctic assaults it is a little bit difficult to keep track of all the inroads towards your own jungle against innate Roxanna sejuani feels like we want to fight now and for SKT Teddy has so much golden but this position in the game you wouldn't often say that $2,000 hind but Teddy can just be firing down his mid lane yep Sam it's gonna come in but that's the Optus off utilize the subjugation is so huge paint outta life is so long it's just ludicrous but the tart is gonna be taken down and eventually peanut goes as well a great turret dive is the SKT sandwich closes shot degree of difficulty on these attempted tart dies has been high for both of them that was a tricky one great tanking by effort into focusing down the turret so cliff didn't die to a turret shot my benefit SKT with a mountain Drake as well seems pretty trivial with peanut in the desert angle yeah pulling themselves back into this game feels like Genji have slowed that rate of play in a four the way that they were calculating around the map what to do next I mean the rate of play forecast by this trough was the S word it was scaling it was on SKT to say with mm go down but Teddy strong and we're in position they come from both ways watch the turret dive effort takes first agar hats exactly as you want peanut very tanky effort tanks until he can't take anymore they focus down the turret so that press the attack buff and the mid lane outer turret doesn't take down quid mean times SEO as a crescendo they were waiting for it and go split could devour there from live and SKT they're gonna save them mid lane up but otherwise not too much it's going to happen isn't this what we wanted from absolutely SK Telecom t1 surprised by how well Genji repelled the bot lane die of that seems so cookie cutter the weak would see as early as the aftershock rune being locked in we said these are built for diving Nico's built for roaming in the lux matchup but from this smart cap ization I'm getting the GP playing around the TP advantage they had as well with the smart mid laner arm SKT I'm making the counter punch they need to because you don't want to rock off to her the first teamfight of the game hey guys Lich Bane saris embrace Sona if you don't have to nope he's gonna shoot Khan here you do know that faker is on the top side of the map he was pretending to be Khan once again we're gonna check out the total damage down keep a certainly up there but no one can match in Israel at this stage and there's gonna be a lot on Teddy to be able to really control around these fights back is gonna come in from Rome I'm not entirely sure how unsafe he knew that was but I believe the control ward there in the brush demonstrated that at least he was in vision spooky goes sir oh so spooky wondering what kills the game from an SKT perspective yeah I have a gold plate so it's still far away but Baron buff is very powerful against gingy's calm look to that sheet amusingly good both his support and mid lane against Baron buff minions because she can at least put down the Lucian singularity to slow the minion wave as it starts to rush in even if the magic damage doesn't do a lot the burned out minions GP obviously has physical damage way but on the whole Genji will find it hard to repel a baron and that is SK T's great thing to focus on one mountain breakdown is kana midlane yep great devourer to avoid those infernal chains from ruining rulers day and even the chunk out might represent a control ward sticking around this barren area and someone being caught topside because of the push in mid lane who fly and peanut have to piece out on the top side thanks for the memories they say as the outer top lane turret goes down and we're creeping forward as SKT I'm looking for a way to get a power and play off against Genji yeah I feel like these chess moves are just a little bit better from SKT at this point in time able to guarantee that top out of turret like you say by getting that little bit of damage down when you can transition these little advantages into big ones for yourself really really good to see here from SKT feels like vintage KT I'm not gonna go that far but it feels proactive it feels like they have a plan they're crafting on it that was SKT in spring that was SKT and MSI lousy when Clyde was able to find relevant sleep ability to reintegrate clit after he felt like the odd one out it's almost like it was in the dunce hat for the first three or four weeks of summer we're just not there was in a funk for sure as the whole team was but now that the synergy between goodness laners is getting back to the point that it was at MSI they are once again enacting plans actually making things from it that is a pleasure to see because SKT haven't always been a team capable of practive early-to-mid pilots deceive and gone up and down on that through the course of 2019 but if a chunk out now as the lich bane is completed here for ruler see in the inventories actually going down the line Spellbinder done to fly as well who just wants to have as much pop potential as possible sticking control wards in red side jungle and just being able to check if fly can walk up to the Baron how are you ever gonna take with you just throws on Snipes away in re my pickup is in fact as a blue trinket the blue trinket he's so safe and contesting baron he's kind of like red side Victor and varus let me add in previous years that my esteemed colleague ALS was always point out so Lux midlane occupies a pretty similar space and for now Genji don't necessarily have hard control of their red side jungle but they haven't lost it completely yep a lot of cons now launching an assault here onto Genji peanut down any subjugation just yet to do battle here for this Jenga does have about eight flank position like you say but snare is only gonna land on to life and Genji are going to escape from this one but the control this area is in favor of SKT and this mountain Drake should go over to them will be to Drake's a pieces face checking does now have to happen on the side of Genji Bellator I want to give this one up without a fight gangplank is back and a barrage that's already at the old does go down could devour there from life is kind of barrage is used largely defensively teleport comes down from cube a and a lot more invested from Genji in this play but they wanted to get the TP out of QB that's the big thing for them as is now assigned to find footing in the a trucks match up Genji or sir as the minion waves been carried forward are able to taxi it and get this mid lane out of turret so never feels fantastic to give up a mountain drive with r2 infernals to mountains and Genji do get some of that mid lane control to stop the bounding as easy and trivial for SKT to set up around I think Genji recognized their composition isn't the one that wants to be aggressing onto an objective it wants to be the one that's there already defending their turn is very very strong as now they might have found FN underneath this star Oh Wilson be flashing from Baker does get one but it's a good one the Lots already dead goes immediately into his Anya's algaas now trying to get himself out of there that's the real one the positioning wasn't known in life able to use the gray out very well but not quite well enough as peanut wants to try and kill Baker gets the right one this time but now should be routed ruler still alive on the back end infernal chains unable to make it work it's Q Bay's almost immortal with ruler behind him the flash in with the arcticus oldest Eddie tries to throw out autos and skill shots in the opposite direction and he's able to take down the pirate now roll up the only man standing and trueshot barrage is gonna stop him from being able to do that for too much longer jenji need the map to be predictable so it can be about the stained war of shields and heals oh my between locks and Sona instead faker with a super assertive flash over the wall an area where they didn't have full intel starts off a play that in general Nats SKT Allah they get an inner turret down in a game where the Baron buff is that big objective there is the spotting ward here but I don't believe the vision captures and if it did it might have just caught eight drops when it comes to the impersonation there it's faker he comes over and it's mid lane lots not support locks deleted in an instant and from there Kahn gets in not even all the sustain can keep things going from the side of Genji the reengage at the end akan goes to Phi actually flashes in super aggressively remember he doesn't have extra lives and even if he did it would have timed out by now they could have given it up here they didn't need to give up multiple members but they didn't callout the question of where's Teddy AK turns out he's back to put the pirate in the death chamber yeah q babe also walking back a little bit too aggressively as well maybe a few too many energy drinks here today for our top laners k is a very very strong pirate how many lck games about too many people taking stimulants and getting too aggressive we never see that one out that's true I mean it's something we should be welcoming we're always with the Downers I'm down for some uppers let's get up there action is what pop is calling for cheeky little ward here for SK see you they damaged in that last fire oh yeah remember teleport advantage for cons so he's very happy to have Ward coverage and that's the part here it's to control wards to allow car to safely push up meanwhile Genji 1 you know it's a sona comp they want a role as a 5 and take advantage of their sustain they're not as interested about dividing up for that we've been talking about teleport advantages or game it's now well and truly in the hands of SKT as peanut throws down a trophy able to find too much joy for it which trophy different keeps throwing up from his trophy case different options there as far as trophies probably his most recent one I'm gonna say it's the one I got from Ronaldo over at MSI 2017 in Brazil oh that's a good one yeah it's a real good one that was a real meaning also good subjugate is going to be utilized getting a lot of his health back here I think he clicked on the right champion be backing away for the moment remember they can not fully reset because they have roller being able to top-up peanut it's got his healing coming in peanuts able to walk up and contest but when contingent at their first spotting they might need this alt from fly soon yep wall box is working here as effort possibly caught out puts up the door is going to be okay for the moment infernal chains broken by Pina who has a lot of ability to move quickly as Teddy trying to leap around the back side of this fire shape splitter was there from faker now looking to go back reset with the teleport availability teleport Ward's are so important if you're Genji you actually really need to wall you notice a spot just below the inner turret West KC as a warrant you need control from there because you just want to last a long time and not get flanked speaking of planks this is to Baker on a different one a much longer flank from the right side he's managed to make it to this brush without being seen I believe no actually when he walked around the corner believe he was picked out Ward did spot him out and Genji has no incentive to leave red side jungle that's a jungle that they have control of right now that gives the baron spotting here comes the abyssal voyage and warms up that's just life getting in their head but it's gonna walk up without too much response final spark comes in but maker has he found the flank that he wants the shields are just too big he's not able to get any of the work done I think finally Genji's composition has come online teddy way too low cube a stopping clip from adding to this fight whatsoever and chin cheaters turn it on its head and she made them predictable they knew faker was likely to be there got the confirmation when the world and it was used by 180 trucks that yes that was a faker in the backline but one they could deal with and now they're on Baron they don't take damage from Baron as we know with the soda Genji desperately couldn't afford to give up Baron gettin bound pretty good to ya now those Mountain drinks sitting in SPG's hands is feeling so useless a third infernal Drake could be picked up as well on Genji side this is going from bad to worst so incredibly quickly for SKT still some opportunities to try and get things done and they have of course showing some really ingenious play to get around this Genji comp that got moving faster than expected but it's feeling like these nails in the coffin too getting more and more dangerous weird understanding that probably needs to try and go for some sort of seal but can't even get there in time it has no vision and I love that you bring up the gold parity the game is in during this play as we get to watch if they notice the summoner spell that tahm Kench has with unsealed spell book it's exhaust let's see if the exhausts on point it wasn't able to track it in the 5 as it comes in does the exhaustion it's hard to tell with the timing there was towards the later part all we can say is definitely felt like the exhaust was true because no damage through shielding healing etc able to take down faker and then Khan in the back line that or actually does a lot of work adding that magic resist adding the extra shields as well on the side of ruler so could have been the exhaust not necessarily working it's just could have also been ready but record kind of thing you need to replay and see what if it was the green power cord that's a damage reduction and his wound so I wasn't able to keep track of that even with two opportunities to see it all we know is the end result was not enough damage onto the back line here and it's coming back to the point I make it's gone over the washing what he can do there is more goal than expected at these moments in the game and this three infernal Drake's now that means even the shielding and the healing it's bigger from rolling but Jen she shouldn't be able to get them this game Dead Man's might not even whoa exactly it's not even that right to story but that man's plate he's speeding around he's he's looking people to death means he gets to ward a lot easier a lot faster because otherwise Ward nice double snare is going to come in but rule is health bar isn't changing nope teddy was thrown so many buttons at him but not quite able to do it 14:01 crits on the minions now not quite champions but GP spilling it and also this is a Jen to be that's plaintiff from the on the gangplank often it's a decent amount of defensive items as fake as Susan's on is extraordinarily early is he gonna be okay flash was available role as piano in his keyboard right now keeping everyone speedy and alive and gingi siege is just disgusting the Lich Bane how many proxies that popper that's three three three orders from raw three shot the turret there and able to top of everyone if you don't mind the tahm Kench early is it a flex pick is it just the old meta rearing its ugly head and deep pick of the SONA when that door lane was locked in smart from Genji but from there the moment they repelled that turret died of the scathing has been true and now let's get you looking for chase to be caught out of position there faker able to lock down that kill and now the Genji push has been thwarted and only 2,000 gold is going to be cleaned from that particular baron power play 30 seconds to go going to waste as the death timers get longer as we come closer and closer to question 40 minutes turns out you can just try to win this game straight up with a single pick and get the maximum SKT going straight down mid lane play one lane at the moment with no inhibitor fault – here we go an infernal chain Landing is just insane don't entirely sure how that even worked is there was one minion left alive the lux is going to go down SKT trying to brute force a win they have no minions and Rula finds a huge crescendo faker in trouble getting slowed remember has no flash conch it out of here unless he throws me in game speaking of which see you later Ulla and faith it turns this whole game on its head in that one play they might just pickpocketed gingy from a victory here it's getting looking for the finish the death timers are so long place 30 seconds away I'm not entirely sure how this is going to work but cube a is alive once again peanut wants to throw something down but they're throwing the kitchen sink at him cube a is dead already peanuts gonna get knocked up stunned for what feels like forever but trueshot barrage not enough eventually it is going to be gone that finishes it an SKT out of the jaws of defeat tear themselves a victory what an exciting game number one it looked like Jin Jia done


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  2. SKT has much better all-in potential if they can engage on sona or lux. It's pretty hard tho with kench and their speed buff and CCs. Just amazing how SKT knows their strength and plays it so shockingly and confidently. gotta go look for my jaw on the ground

  3. Effort has been playing for long now. Is Mata permanently removed now? I mean effort is doing great but I'm just curious what happened to mata

  4. faker lived up to his namesake with his neeko plays lol. i see his aggressive plays are back now. over the years we see him just doing the scale to late game type but it's no more. we're now seeing his former play style again. also kudos to the new roster. skt finally adopted to the meta but still keeping their mistake punishing macro.

  5. Getting ahead makes you comfortable, and if you get comfortable you tend to make more mistakes. Cuvee and Ruler were a bit overconfident in that last 2 mins, and it cost them the game. Well played by SKT.

  6. Fuck dude tahm kench id so fucking boring to watch and fucking aids to play against in solo queue why is he even in the game

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