SKT vs GRF – FINALS Game 2 | LCK Spring Split | SK telecom T1 vs. GRIFFIN (2019)

welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the final here for spring 2019 lck I'm still out lessness is still published me the end LS and game number one felt like it was almost the end of the series it was so incredibly high but we could still have four more games potentially and it just felt like cat and mouse with this cop that Griffin while running it became very clear after the mid game they needed to avoid 5b files and they were very good at doing that they got some big leads and yet it only took one from SKT and the game ended pretty samara Lee now I think we're all left with the same question of why this trick from Griffin is it just we love the strategy if it wins in game number one it gets us big draft advantages or are they gonna go off meta the entire series and not take SKT on 5v5 I mean that would be potentially disastrous right what happens here if in game number two you and I were just talking about this what if they pull out Sona Tariq and then they lose with it and then they tilt in Game three because they they came into it with two cheese strategies tried to realize you know about one we know about one and then if they both don't work now it felt like to me though in that game Toby was looking phenomenal oh yeah in that game Tarzan was on point yeah I'm soldered in place we're playing very well but the team composition had a goal it had a need has a necessity to get ahead they didn't manage to do it enough and then it fell back on top of them and let me tell you guys about a team that would reach a point in the game and then couldn't lose a 5v5 to almost anyone that's actually Griffin Devon were the team who were the teamfight guards especially this season remember that Han will I fight back if I prepend to kill that was this season and yet they were the ones avoiding the fights I want to see them go standard coming into game number two I want to see them at least have some late-game win conditions right because it felt like game number one was a tightrope walk the entire mentally everyone for the players for us we were all the edge of us exactly it was never enough until escapees Nexus exploded yeah it's actually a big problem because we've got so many incredibly hyped up SKT fans in the audience right now they could have been having heart attacks as the pick and ban is now upon us for game number two we'll see what adjustments are going to be made as we'll find out exactly what the side selections will be SKT will slide over to the blue side and we'll see if the bans for Griffin are gonna be more standard or if they're gonna try to target SK Telecom here and as SK Telecom have anything up their sleeve now with Griffin on red that's typically the color for Sorna taric's SKT choose blue sides have you get that side selection change griffin span ended up being a read on what they wanted to play rather than the meta so what happens in game number two cos for now we're going tier list remember that Griffin we're targeting to try to get the Thalia Pantheon off the ground with the tahm Kench Morgana bans are they targeting again because first pick for SKT it could be something bread-and-butter like a Jace or a Rex eye but it does have to be and game number ones bands we're definitely no one who was prepping for this series got all six out of six oh heck no the Jace is going to be banned again though Griffin needs banned that one away from Conn they did it on the blue side and game number one did it on the red side in game number two but the interesting change up here is the fact that the holder has been banned on the ice in a road Cole key going to be banned away that's a couple of that's in fact three lissandra counters now on the bench yeah so all three lissandra counters are now on the bench as jovi have something else up his sleeve we saw his willingness to play Sion into it you know another champion that does well into it right now Nautilus oh-ho we haven't seen it yet and it's not it's a note button for a collie but it doesn't have to be you can't still run a call in whether what is a awkward laning phase but I thought was that Griffin wanted to get the 2v2 lead from jungle and the mid lane so actually given everything SKT might be surprised to see lissandra first rounded by Griffith they've dropped priority on that champion pretty far and they don't end up getting Gallio at the lissandra and I like what they end up doing they picked the Gallio which can actually dissuade Sona Tariq we talked about that earlier on in the broadcast he's best support against it down in the bottom Lane there's so many combos you mentioned that earlier on papa there's Jarvan available here he comes naturally and lissandra yes they gave it away but maybe it was a bluff and also they're pretty happy to strap Gallio into the mid lane and farm out against the sander who's much more about that many times than it is about 1v1 right it's very much pushing for a later part of the game or teleport blanks so I like what the cut of your jib there'll aside to give a good point about the fact that Gallio gives away the least by moving the confirmation pretty fast Baker just says screw it I'm gonna actually be laying domina against the santur at a point and try to blow him up on this to see excited to see what kind of variant of the isère he's going to go with as well we saw halo blades most recently from Horn here in the lck we've seen lethal tempo come out around the world could we see sword flex lissandra talk because it's a non-interactive champion that could push you don't have to play it a bit late but we think we know all they there's a mid lane lissandra versus a seer mansion we'll get back to that point later Griffin they're actually gonna rip away the SEO that Teddy's had so many amazing performances on to try to out range the threat wombo combo of SKT and I really like that they had option between Ezreal and Lucian two of the most dominant ad carry champions in Korea throughout spring 2019 they opted for the Ezreal what that tells me is that they're not gonna try to go super aggressive and put the isère in the ground and the SKT comp and try to fight a fire with fire and instead I think that we're gonna see Griffin recalibrate their draft into a more mid-range late game scaling type of team call and I want to point out something funny you and I were discussing how Griffin win games and I'm a big proponent of the 2v2 mid jumbo notice no jungler taking first round by Griffin or Rex i know'd lease in these high tier picks if that doesn't happen we very often they see them whole jungle to LA spec there's no guarantee because they're probably considering at least lissandra flex to top side and it has to pop over to source oh look you notice on two games it doesn't mean it's not playing it you could just go for a powered jungle like at least something will be available Kim tree to something Tarzan has played before but the Evelyn that you never complete the discounting would be that big lost pick for Griffin I'll talk about Evelyn a little bit she doesn't really like Gallio now I'll tell you that much crowd control yeah a OE crowd control in general I will say though that other unorthodox pick that we talked about maybe Tarzan compile the Karthus feels like we talked about him quite often in the else again sometime we not that great with the Ezreal and the lissandra that's quite too much magic damage and it wasn't Tarzan's reason they lost game 1 Goods right she had a good jungling face on the Olaf they'll take Olaf anyway so they're gonna be very happy about the jungling matchup might have to flash out of a cataclysm but otherwise we'll be fine the result is you can theoretically hold that sword view pic or potential flex of the lissandra to final pick does mean no Evelyn this time out and also means the teddy is able to pick up his Aleutian pretty comfortably here for the bottom side of the map you mentioned Aleutian Galia a little bit of early power down there SKT weathering the storm in the bottom lane in game number one on exactly what Griffin have built up for themselves and now this particular game and they're gonna have a whole lot more firepower this time around is faker would most likely be going to into Khan's hands if the Akalis locked in and it is going to be locked here not a lot of tanky boys here on this SKT roster right now and another reason you might want to flex the lissandra topside so this is really interesting they basically saying swords champion pool ranges tanks a collie will farm out against a tank house is gonna go this is really interesting one thing that's really really rare I've seen it from some of the LPL teams and scrimshaw who is top Azir and so I don't know if that could end up happening here but it's most likely just gonna be the Akali you said it was that Oriana seriously not gonna be the case hecarim gonna come in here an hour for sword and so SK Telecom with quite an aggressive team composition however Gryphon have built themselves a very different call this time around this is much more standard this will have the ability to play things out in the late game has some good bridges in the early to mid game as well with lissandra being able to hold on to Lane pretty effectively in the Olaf being over the jungle relatively faster I must admit I was squinting till twenty seconds I didn't want to live in a world where top lane or II leave that off my broadcasters I've got nothing left at the end result of this we end up seeing that happier man sir Akram us some interesting interactions because if you actually shroud on the corner it can be pushed out of it depending on the targeting timing and actually be accountable the Ignite can be there I believe as he said that swords champion range didn't include a pic that could dominate a collie 1v1 so that's why we saw the blind of Kali the hecarim yes it's more to the tank side but you build trim knee Falls for you before you build any tanky items so let's see if we see some attention topside to try to take down at all yeah see whether or not it's going to be Khan getting that attention as well I mean in theory both of these jungles can get things done pretty early on and top lane does look very very volatile always between these two plays which is why it's so cool they have such a good relationship we're gonna get into it though here we are game number two Griffin versus Casey [Applause] [Applause] still so many Griffin fans here in the stadium this time out thank goodness SKT fans been holding that one in for about an hour so that's why this entire stadium just erupted and we've all been holding it and ever since we saw SKT Griffin because I think every Koster became a bias Koster they want to see the Train SKT and Griffin game number one with some nice table setting and the quick answer that I called for was Griffin bring back the standard much more standard a draft in game number two ranged ad carries for both Teddy and Viper now that this time it's an aggressive invading level one from Griffin to be fair though they have Olaf Brom could you be a better level one dealer probably not and the thing for Griffin with the scaling team composition it feels like a lot of the eggs are gonna be in the Viper basket late-game but they're gonna have a lot of difficulty stabilizing I feel in the early into mid transition against solution two kills for SKT SKT bring five and they get the double kill from it I'm calming us talk really nice roll of the dice pays off and then some no items in the first buy but a kill and assist towards that gun blade for a colleague and everyone gets to the lane first as well getting back to the lane having the lane try oh we take another look at the replay Griffin don't know that they're outnumbered and so the Gallio Todd so powerful early close call there on tamata but not quite and I really like Toby's discipline he doesn't flash and I really like the surround by a suit already and jumps ahead no stadium a colleague does go top plan she actually stays around in case there is actually the chance for a five before so they just did that math sums and says buys a bigger number than four even twitch chat knows that and that means level one advantage SKT also love the communication is well you saw Teddy walk straight past share pixels with Viper and not shoot him at all because they knew that they needed to get that first blood to give themselves even more of that man advantage it didn't matter what a zero can do at level one because it's just not a whole lot against this solution and now SKT off to an incredible start and I think it's very different to what Griffin did in game number one because yes they were able to get a very early first blood pre one minute but I think that the snowball implications on Griffin now is much more scary and I think we should discuss an S word here LS and that word is scaling because you were talking about the scaling comp on the side of Griffin I actually look at how these fights are likely to go and I say if Khan crests all his buttons on the Ezreal he's gonna be able to sell out Ezreal there's actually melt that much threat behind it so after dick Griffin needs to get going in the early mid game Mir some scaling issues Vizier a scaling God in of himself as ears not gonna lane against a no flash thus entre as we know is Vicki lissandra baby's gonna come on over he's only level four but he's still got enough damage quits gonna help out and Griffin lose three in the first four minutes and that's gonna be so hard on us because now when someone is beating down towards trying to help he's teleporting too late it's all falling apart yeah everything is just looking very tilty is the only way that I can actually describe it with swords teleport chobe finding himself in a really bad position and what is the mental state of Griffin right now in this game here as we can see that everything is going right for SKT I'm not willing to pull out the tilt word just yet but let's discuss something that happened the flashes down on chobe he's playing this lane like he has flash this is not respect to the level one that happened and if SKT think what every jungler doesn't so look you oh we got a flash return to the lane they return to land and clipped definitely definitely trophy at one point said I'm gonna die if you don't TP sadly it was disconnected and by the time the TP did come they're kind of putting themselves further into that level one Hall yeah two deaths for Toby now as well as he returns from base teleport was there so doesn't miss out on too much farm only down six as we go through and have a look at both CS margins sort is done okay since heading back towards top side of the map and bot Lane is also even and one of the things that I like that Papa mentioned is that SK Telecom they do have scaling champions on their team composition and the thing I was alluding to is that if this goes really late the only scaling champ that can go toe-to-toe against SK Telecom is gonna be the Ezreal but a collie a nazir they have a lot more fire to work with I think a colleague goes in the backline and maybe doesn't kill Azrael but as you ain't doing damage to other people meanwhile Azir Lucian should be free hidden so that's why I like SKT as the game goes on and that's why the level one being so calamitous with so many summoners being down Toby tries to return to pushing in Azir cuz otherwise you get harassed by the extra range on the isère doesn't play to his summative disadvantage I have full confidence in toby playing this lane with summoners but the adaptations off the level one worth there and that's where SKT is pounced on the bottom side of the map you mentioning the Ezreal needing to get ahead well at the moment he's got klepto and does have a CS advantage of about 10 as this mini wave gets cleaned up and equalized so Gryphon do have that wing condition theoretically in their back pocket SKT losing a lot and as far as frontline is concerned I feel like hecarim and Olaf are gonna have more back line access given just what those champions do but I agree with you guys there's just so much damage potential on this SKT we're also as this game goes on and our faker has taken the lethal tempo so it has a little bit more damage potential with six items than you would if you had the halo Flay and one of the things I want to talk about about the later stage things if this dive doesn't end up happening is Griffin they don't have a smoke and mirrors team come out this time around they're gonna be forced to team fight against SK Telecom and when three of your champions want to go into SKT the Ezreal is gonna be all by himself oh that's a single man taunt but he gets under mata has to flash to get out of the way just as munch take her back in modern doors that he is finished and Viper picks up the first kill for Griffin it was so important that Tarzan hardbox side to potentially stop the saved and dive that Griffin did in game number one and as traditionally done building up the minion wave fortuitous that he had no other camps on the map so he goes to the Gronk the only one he had up that's when and hood was coming in on you notice he was trying to pull out earlier when mato went in and a disconnect between jungle and support no mater usually it's mana dandy right when you think you have historic jungle supports here Clayton Mata we're on a kind of different page and that's a bit of a gimme back for Griffin and we take a look at the replay here chlid manages to get the crop doesn't know about Tarzan and everything just gets turned on its head in just a few seconds the predator came in bought a new that he was dead just tried to run off onto the side said leave my teammates away he was in that awkward spot where Clint had engaged we got us in the call at least he death after shock if he went in if he does justice punch defensively doesn't even get to aftershock and yes he was kind of done all ends up to use a cricket analogy as we got to use that one he was certainly pulling the car over in our end parking at that particular point in time so uh Martin no harm no foul should still be a to keep themselves in this Lane relatively comfortably Teddy goes back gets himself a shop is going for the blade of the ruined King build we saw def try to popularize the essence reaver three item spike being very powerful on the lucian feels like he's more of a late-game threat not where Teddy's going to be heading this particular time around moving into the mid lane but fakers just going to glide his way over towards historic a coverage Rome galio spot lane but you're not getting a killer thinker with summoners up everything unavailable topside which we've ignored the other times actually been cs4.csf something where Kali can prey upon some mela laners and hecarim does take hannah level 9 points it to rampage and towards the trick knee Falls to trade back no ignite hold in timing cuz Olaf spin elsewhere so hopi both sides are in a Content with it being salvaged and it the a collie with the extra go that's just gone for seeker's armguard rush but also the gun blade should be on time as well thanks to the level 1 so like getting a seasoned gun for free almost by having such a great level 105 Teddy throws out the cuddly calling the cuddling the copy oats a little bit like the cuddling went straight into a separate evolution especially his name's Teddy it's an acceptable mistake heirs we take a look at top lane not too much plate damage and actually being inflicted Toby he's gonna get the blue hand off but he has recalled get he does have teleport coming up though so with this blue buff yes he can stay around inside the lane but he doesn't have the most amount of food inside of his punches and he's even gonna take a little bit of damage here by Baker and maybe he's ok with this thinking I'm gonna TP anyway don't recall timing so desperately trying to get a shove and Olaf's not there to help a push out mid so a lot of great options for Toby in the mid lane stabilize so much the summit advantage of the secondary ganks Wazir is gonna be on point when we hit the mid game with those items powers on once again in position for a count again but this time even with flash down on mata hard to translate into something yeah you can see SKT playing very defensively they're not gonna move themselves underneath the turret again model learn from his previous mistake cloud Drake is going to be the first one the beginning of the drakes that aren't as useful call that a clown drink probably not the most useful although rim and Olaf are foes on the team so so Tammy cracker actually it's interesting this is this is might actually just become a crown Drake that what are you doing here theme for if it's good team is the perfect you're the one with the names unless come on well chili rivers speaking of names is gonna be started up here bias Haiti tahzan taking some damages he's trying to get them off it but it looks like SKT should be out of have a monopoly of this area to be moving on over wants to take that it's stolen somehow managed to get the work done the answer is just a straight up door the ultimate comes through from Jersey trophy to get one on the back end but you can see fakers still trying to do damage motto is in here with 200 help he does have a lot of damage available there in this particular level but Baker's should be able to finish this one up one more order can he get on top of Toby get set with the final cure big win in the end for SKT to get more of the kills not ideal till you lose the rift Herald and Tarzan gets to pick it up but after that with Viper just offering himself in tribute cold no cuddling this time old as a puddle of death Viper thinks he's free to go for a teamfight advantage because he can teleport into a teamfight enemies not in five four season knows that Teddy Catalan but it's too long Piper what are you doing yeah into a fight just so happened there was a fight happening at this point in time we're seeing this one right now sword with a point-blank horseman in a trying game the thing about this is that if Tarzan doesn't get the steel this is so dishonest for SK Telecom Teddy is gonna get such an experienced lead and a gold advantage down into bottom then they would have the herald to boo and Griffin would be picked off like Stranglers after such a heavy commitment and bands a five-game series you need to see Griffin get something salvage something from all their trades otherwise you start looking at your watch to be on all the 3-0 chances go up and up the fact that they're salvaging and finding some inroads means we're more likely for a longer series but Griffin need to start making mistakes and they have been too much today well tars looking for quid Griffin's still not ready to stop fighting just yet come orders on tomorrow whilst on EEMA as cliffs fighting on with Tarzan biggest Baker he's got the inside track and now the culling comes out of the cuddling this time Lahan wasn't there with the door availability already need to know heavier lap Falls and the cloud rake will be taken and Griffin with a really bizarre CH for each choice Toby can shaking that by trying to lockup Clin but Tarzan was not in close enough proximity and SK Telecom it is told Griffin to straighten up an item lead it's a rogue first lead with the Gallio it's just Toby just being kind of absent of the game state I'm making a very poor decision they're gonna lose a lot for this teleports being invested I believe sword sword yet coming in the only teleport remaining to try to wave clear second defensive teleport around mid lane for the hecarim at a schematic or respite now for the Akali who I think is buildings about items let's have a look at this fight once again I mean it's just knock up city right there for the lissandra at the end but I have to wonder what Jovi's actually thinking with the proximity away from the Olaf as well as Mara having the grand entrance on Gallio just a very peculiar loss of thought it seems like ends up resulting in a double kill for SKT we'll see whether this results in Achilles Khan trying to run away from sword and will do so effectively with the backflip gherkin I told a lie it's not the interesting items at all it's exactly what it and Akalis going to build most off the time has a stopwatch that's broken at this point in the game knowing that song is is going to be quite some ways away after gunblade we're learning item breakpoints in the hecarim masakali match up a bit of pieces from both find some way to jam this rift herald but it's not 314 minutes and it's somewhere where skate tickets done to reinforce here comes faker buddy will be late yeah going to be a little bit late ring of course does come in it's true me does again knock dub off to shock wears off now Klee takes a lot of damage con as well the fake up he wants to fight he's dealers divided it's not know I'm not gonna be able to get in there just yet don't know if isn't available they had to deal with Shelley I saw a flash up but I wondered if we would show those as your second place in this finals arena Griffin have chosen to stay notice yep Griffin are looking a little bit panicked maybe going for these very high-risk high-reward plays and it's just not panning out they rotated their bottom Lane into mid to try to cover up for the fact that Toby was on a roam but they didn't find anything with the play that was pretty committing for a rotation think that's really scary guys is I'm looking at this and you saw I don't know whether you guys saw I'm sorry you guys have harmed star on Twitter than all of the coaches did to their predictions most people saying SKT in fact there was only one hon well life their coach that predicted it would be Griffin and dawan gaming predicted so they didn't know basically everybody else said SKT and if they said it was going to be because of this jungle mid lane synergy you guys mentioned it already before game number one once again for game number two and it's happening again now in game number three faker and Clint about demolishing Griffin well Baker's haven't his own basketball in this midlane disorder attacking away he's been under no threat ever since the flash was used at level 1 what a costly level one that proved to be a Griffin and it's it's really what we focus on Alice again the origin g2 series where recently origin and played way better than GTA so go for recency well now everyone lost says recency bias this feels more like recency Griffin tripping over the shoelaces against Africa and Genji also losing to King's Own the drastic you shook your head and said well they didn't have much to play for they got everything to play for does Joss have had some merit but the players let them down in game number two and the trough of Game one had a timer they couldn't respect and one of the things here for me is that this is only going to get worse now for Griffin we're two stage of the game where they are supposed to be ahead they're the ones that would like to be in the driver's seat and so now everything is going to boil down to Viper inside of the team fights on the Ezreal and can he somehow be a god and manage to survive and weather the storm inside of the teamfights or is caught and Baker just gonna get easy access to him Oh Khan extended just a little bit but actually that is not going to be the case just gonna trade back goes down to half health still looking for more maybe thinks the Tarzan's a little bit closer than he is because Khan is just ripping him to shred in a gun blade is done so the happy times for trading with Anna Kali I've gone sword still here we go yep some full onslaught is going to come forward I think you posted shadows in fact is Khan did manage to backflip to the right point I believe in order to get the fear in the right direction second charge the ultimate does come in yeah the precise interaction with each cemetery he got away from it that's the most important thing that's another whole in attempt the hazard all their way if you're wondering how quick form is supposed to play it's an old after up we always talk about there's a tempo dress where you're ahead off the map remember they would have been ready with teleports as Toby is using everything defensively all these teleports this three teleport advantage has actually got Griffin more deaths not kills exactly now con its happily one beat suing underneath this turret Baker is going 1v1 so easily what does that mean guys this just more players on the map for SKT they'll take down the audit are up bottom Lane they'll even be out of stock set up the second cloud Drake it's going from easy to easier to these guys yeah Griffin really looks like they're falling apart here as the mid-game transition has commend their gonna go for this role one more time but the minion wave just evaporates is the bad as all-in as he can get as trophy gets over to the side the flash does come in from Khan stays out of vision but it doesn't matter when it's Alessandra baroque insurance comes Khan's able to clean it up mana in position as well it's all too obvious they get an ofe buffet on Griffin every single object you know it's definitely tilt now yeah this is definitely tilt that looks like a very good lissandra claw but just not able to pick up the kill look at that beautiful max range played the ultimate came in but it didn't matter as Khan already got the flash away he got into proximity for the grand entrance Toby missing his skill shot as well that was some fancy footwork from Khan so I don't know whether you necessarily call it missing or just two key and so bad so hope will ask why is that obvious why did he stop moving away from the turret why is olaf still in the lane of bali auto attacking and turret as the minion wave is dying important sense if the mid lane is roaming so that's what the math the khan did in his head that's why he didn't take exit 300 damage thrown out from an axe or some other spells and ignite even from sword where it's still available that's how he knew to come back and cut back to a benefit as sword is a pretty overextended but the old yeah Oh shudders he's going to help him here click still chasing off to the horse the teleport comes in no CC necessary because the best CC is dead I'm gonna hope that he thought he was igniting someone but these teleports take less of them get some combat summit is in there the teleports aren't working yeah he went with amplifier but he wasn't supposed to I think you don't quite understand what exactly is happening right now with the teleports Ford Griffin but infernal Drake it's coming up in just over two and a half minutes now they're definitely not likely to be in a position to contest that so SK Telecom put to cloud Drake's what's likely to be an infernal and via Kali in a zero being absolutely massive at this stage of the game this was the story in game number one well what needs to happen for Griffin to make those 8 out of a hundred times come true there on 8 this time there's not 8 it's probably about two it's gotta be really wrong though Heron steel elder steel there you go ahead here's the thing LS those two are not griffin doing things that kind of asterisk mistake plays from SKT it feels like anyway where griffin controls their agency they are probably in a really really awful spot here to either spikes done on everyone sprayed scale inside of SKT faker being a bit bold but he's been able to play like we said with his own basketball he's not sharing with anyone today he was in a playground the kindergarten teacher would not be happy but everyone else is so strong and Jarvan with all of his skills it's not usually ideal for a cinderhulk Jarvan to have 4 kills out of the 10 he's gone when im gonna turret dive everyone failed and you know what he'll lost a while yeah he's probably pretty happy to turret I have everyone at this point in time right now he's in the enemy jungle they've got a heck of a lot of vision down there on the bottom side of the map Griffin will be able to clear out this control ward most likely isla hands gets himself into the pin and does so so bear vision is there for Griffin they're gonna make a play it might need to be around Taza and he smites because that has been the best news story here for Griffin so far tonight well here now with infertile coming up in just over a minute Griffin they're gonna try to get as much gold as they possibly can really interesting itemization choice coming out here for Viper though maybe he can get two blade of the ruined King before that next teamfight but talking about Baron for Griffin they don't have the best Baron taking potential that could turn off the Baron but their actual Baron damage is very very weakly the ruined king has capped damage but it obviously helps tears he'll have some sort of threat everyone else we're not going to see hecarim just helicoptering is queues and auto attacking it's not where that's gonna happen so definitely think your point a lesson it's also situational tanks with health and redemption and magic resist trying to turn against an item lien SKT with a Nazir who literally has nothing to worry about the backline his flash of clans have never been used this game it's been having a really happy time so getting control face checks up a bit and that's the Carling Cataclysm comes out from Quinn there as well as Todd's end does get out Redemption comes in keeps him topped up but that's a horse that can't go anywhere near a baron right now sorry allah hence the congo and even here a baron right now but both of them of government going to be backing SKT not going to start it up they're gonna play this one pretty cool calm and collected because they wanted to use khan to grab themselves and infernal dray because of that scaling that we discussed and especially the gold lead just like team number one there are no propositions where five people running five that griffin are gonna be favorites so if they decide as a team they want infernal you say thanks very much sir enjoy your infernal yep the inferno comes in and of course another infernal comes in behind me I believe that a collie just got almost two long swords in a blasting one in terms of value from the stat amplification as I was looking at her icon at the bottom left that's really scary off of an immortal dragon can you imagine what is here is getting in terms of value for fans of a competitive series I hope you're wrong that sounds like a lot less I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one Griff it just can't hold a position on the map he talked about how a baron seal which again is usually a missplay by the team that's ahead in this case SKT rather than a great play by Griffin requires some semblance of control there red site jungle that's struggling even get in the first part going the wards on things like red buff are looking conditional at best zombie awards are gonna get cleared out here just as punch get smarter back towards this barren pit there is a control ward there but flag and drag will get cleared into the Baron pit the SKT they'll play it by the numbers they are so good at this it doesn't matter how much pressure this team has on them historically in playoffs matches like this it's been a while because 2018 wasn't SKT zero but this squad is so good at keeping level-headed and I think it has a lot to do with the coaching stuff with people like coma just standing in the back able to tell them that it's all gonna be okay and most of the time guys it is well in this game Griffin they're trying to posture provision right now around the red side jungle but the slightest mistake could mean SK Telecom could this be it double now cops are gonna come in the taunted land redemption comes forward that doesn't mean too damaged thankfully stand behind me exists there was someone in place to get the hands out of there odda still looking for it but Ragnarok not enough at all holds on to that one but that's a big button now unavailable and SKT even getting themselves in in Atari at some point Occam's razor says the Teddy heard what you said about the cuddling took except out is trying to kill everyone where they stand Griffith though they try to outnumber omakr yeah it should be able to get a knock off here okay jump through the wall with the shadow he's even still alive stairs above three straight up doesn't care shifting sands gets him the shield even takes down the horse himself SKT they grab a couple of kills and it just looks like driven and too far behind and Baker said to take that trope in charge and horse elsewhere as he raised the shurima passive and turned the whole fight and it's looking like SK Telecom they have their pick of the litter right now Tarzan's still alive so they don't want to start the baron on the off-chance something goes disastrous because that would likely be the only way Griffin has a chance back in two minutes until the elder now this is too respectful if not for another point but I'll get to it off to the replay faker of course does his best Phoenix impression his enemies and he says I'm gonna have a shurima turret and gargoyle and a dream and his dream you know what Jerry was fulfilled by the end the team is able to collapse through here the rest of this play is whatever so I want to focus on remember riff and have lots of teleports so if you don't actually kill the bound before the teleports come in suddenly it gets really confusing trying to finish the spire and appeal correctly and target select usually if to multiple people are dead and Olaf is flashed this baron is free Azir as three items but SKT respects the teleports and say this is our game to lose we have the scaling advantage let's not take this risk now well they didn't Baron is still there as you can see 28 minutes into this game Colonel Drake is going to be up in one minute's time see whether they wait to try and get an earlier infernal dress sorry elder Drake I know this is something that you talk about a lot LS on the broadcast is timing your Drake's to make sure you get either an extra one if you want to extend that one out or get the elder Drake as soon as possible feel like SKT probably want to fight over know their responses they can yeah and so do they wait until the 30 minute mark to consume the infernal dragon or do they concede it right away and allow something else to end up saying maybe the pyro I would say with how this game was supposed to go the idea of delaying has some merit I don't think Griffin could fight the two objectives and I think you get out coming out for a bother to stop this one off the head throws the ultimate back towards Teddy minutes other needs are up the colleague it's not the cuddly anymore chobe try to stand the backline me just does no damage sword it's too late to the fight at me jokes did he do – sweeps the floor and Griffin members die the ragnaroks not going to be enough Pfeiffer can't run fast enough and Griffin I think you done this time around Khan's film zazen and he's just playing with his bird playing so mom that's another kill – sqt another one that pushing through Midland they want to go home early yeah exactly we've got four minions here s Haiti they can take up turns if they want turn maybe not father's by Masuda some damage but look at these torrent smells that is it will follow an NK Telecom will lose two match points in the final of lck spring 2019 and SK Telecom with an extremely decisive victory saying that they want to take it all the way as they just charge right down the nexus Piper not able to do anything and Tarzan he was kept danced on by God really just Tarzan in the whole lineup here was a dance on a little bit the level one Griffin tried with Moldoff McGraw was read SKT was ahead of that play I've been from then it all fell into place Jake the overextend in the Sandra who comm Lane as aggressively against us here without that summit of profit here and there and sadly the fans in the competitive series we saw Griffin use teleports very freely they had a multiple global strategy about not numbering around the map but they were actually this outnumbering to their doom and peril again and again we said Griffin make it honest make it a standard drop now we run out of advice and we just say Griffin and show us something here because what you're doing tonight well that's the two hours in it's not work exactly and they tried to go back to what they were used to what was winning earlier on in the split when they were on such an incredible streak and SKT just said we don't care we played the best standard League of Legends in the lck right now we'll show you exactly how that was supposed to work and it did yeah I mean level one win against them but otherwise it's just outplayed the SK Telecom super team is really living up to not only the notion of what a super team is but what everyone expected of them coming into this split they just kept ramping up and as Alice just said they pay the best standard League of Legends no smoke and mirrors necessary for this team in Korea kt rolster 2017 was the super team and that was very quickly an ironic title what used to cheer about Katy and poked fun at them this SPT Linna was dubbed the dream team and when they lost games and tests become people use that against the middle saddam won two out of three series and yet here we are and suddenly the dream team has finally ascended or at least is one step away three match points away from ascending Griffon have been able to reverse sweep before but on this knife with how team one and two is gone if you're a betting man have bet on it be ready to lose the money yeah and now side selection will go over to Griffon so theoretically they should have a little bit more of an opportunity to get themselves back into this one but SKT so far I've won on both sides of the river what's the answer one of the things I'm worried about is what is Grint Griffin's mental fortitude down 0-2 maybe they're gonna blow up sonic Papa well maybe maybe that's the lost answer but guys we do have a short break Griffon are gonna have to pull something out of a hat so many magic references so far here today but we know all of us want five games if we can get to it we'll do our very best but you guys have to believe in Griffon to try and pull this one back send them your energy oh it's gonna be rough we'll see whether they can do it after the break this is for those who


  1. 12:30 5 is bigger than 4, even twitch chat knows that. Things like this, is what makes us better than TV, the banter with the community.

  2. Feels one sided for a pro league finals. Feels like griffin throwing on purpose. I mean chovy was throwing left and right. Hopefully there is no under table deals in LoL Korea.

  3. SKT has learnt that it isnt all about feeding faker anymore, its about feeding the team to get wins.

  4. griffin is like playing a ranked flex game…they are totally unorganized in this game and some details are hilarious

  5. 23:17 쵸비가 왜 저렇게 브론즈처럼 들어 갔는지 아무리 봐도 이해 불가 누가봐도 들어가면 안되는 상황이었는데

  6. Faker is a natural. Its incredible how he performs at such a high level for such a long time. You'll realise that Faker, is measured on a different scale than the rest

  7. LS is really trying to find every little thing he can praise about Chovy, while ignoring everything Faker does. The chess grandmaster can obviously see how much better Chovy is than Faker and us plebs are unable to comprehend his reasoning. I mean, after watching this game, I have to agree with LS. Chovy is so much better than Faker.

  8. 36:17 really bad decision making, you know his tilting , why would you teleport to baron pit 5 seconds away from clash point when you can do it to minions and burst faker in 3v1 fight before khan and mata arrive. even if they did arrive , faker already die if that happen and now you can do the math because 3 is greater than 2

  9. Teddy's The Cuddling – LOL, how can they just dismiss such a golden joke! Monte and Doa would hold onto that for years!

  10. Can someone please explain this Akali interaction at 27:00? I'm not familiar enough with her updated abilities post-rework. How is she going back to her shroud without hitting her E on an enemy.

  11. "I really like Chowvy's disipline, he doesn't flash" Maybe cuz his flash was down because he flashed W…that's not discipline that's tilt and it lost him the lane 2 min into the game.

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