Space Racing 3D GAMEPLAY

What’s up guys, I’m Leo and this is GameZero Channel Today I’m bringing a game called Space Racing 3D It’s a airship racing game Avaliable to android, IOS and Windows And I’m playing in a Windows 10 PC It’s a simple and soft game you can download for free With time it will be harder to get coins for buying new airships and power ups you can see, there’s a lot of airship the game gets harder too Ok, let’s begin the first race that I already won, but I’m going again Everytime I start in 6th position And I gotta catch this coins in the street That’s the Money game I catch a lot of coins, but it’s acctualy just a little upgrades for airship are a lot more than I can catch in one or two race It take a long time to make Money, and after this it will harder and harder But it’s a funny game, with good graphics In this level we don’t need to use, but there’s some power ups we can catch to fight against oponents It’s kind like Mario Kart power ups I can shoot too pressing this button on the right side I just need to press one time to make infinite shots In this first race it’s not needed becouse it’s really easy to win careful to not crash It’s really easy in the start, acctually it’s hard to loose. I think you just loose if you want it But it’s important to win this race more times to get more coins And I just finished the race If you like this game you can download for free, links on description And if you like this vídeo, please click on like button Subscribe to see more gameplay videos I hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching


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