Star Citizen – What can I play RIGHT NOW? [CC]

Hello and welcome to Ramp Up to Star Citizen. Are you jonesing for Star Citizen to come
out? Want to get your skills honed, where should you start? What can you play today
that will feel a bit like SC but at the same time satiate the desire to jump in Star Citizen.
On todays episode we cover 10 Games you can play while waiting for Star Citizen. Today’s
episode is Close Captioned for the hearing impaired. They are in no particular order. Each has
its pros and cons and while a top 10 list would be fun, ultimately any of these choices
would be fine to play while waiting. We cover some free to play and also buy to play games
in todays episode.All of the URLs for today’s games will be in the description below.So
lets get to the list: First up: Wing Commander Saga (the Darkest
Dawn)- What do you get when a developer abandons a game and a group of rabid fans take over?
Simply an amazing game. The graphics are a tad dated but if you want to step into a more
modern version of a Chris Roberts game then look no further. This game is Free to download
and play. The next space combat sim is actuall a group:
Wing Commander complete suite. These games are available for only a couple of bucks on These are the original games and may or may not support modern joysticks. Also
they are unmodified so there may be issues getting the older ones to run on modern multicore
systems. If this doesnt scare you step back in time to the orignals. These games are around
$6 a piece. Up next is: Star Conflict from Gaijin Games.
This free to play game is a good space combat game. Less of a sim and more of a PVP game
you can explore the galaxy in some pretty cool ships. You can purchase upgrades and
ships with real money, but credits can also be earned in the game just by playing. This
is a modern game with very smooth and clean graphics. This is a free to download and play
game. Our Next game is: Strike Suit Zero: In the
year 2299, an interstellar war rages on. In a bid to save Earth from destruction, you
must take control of the Strike Suit – a revolutionary fighter craft with the ability
to transform into a lethal suit of space armor. Immerse yourself in massive fleet battles
where your dog-fighting skills will directly affect the fate of the cosmos. Another brand
new(ish) game with modern graphics and a great storyline. This one is $20 at amazon (link
below). How about a Chris Roberts game that is not
part of the Wing Commander series? Well there is Freelancer. Yes the graphics are dated
and you cant use a joystick without some programming bubblegum and bailing wire. Its ok, Domo is
here for you. One of the nice parts of this game is that you have almost a sandbox aspect.
Once you finish up the main mission you are free to go where you will and destroy what
you want, gather minerals, become a pirate YARRR!. Anyway check out this gem of gaming
history. Final one of the space sim fighting games
is Salvation Prophesy: its kind of an MMO meets space sim. You can combat on planets
like WOW or Rift then take to your ship and do space combat. Personally the space combat
aspect is one of the best parts of this game. Either way its a good way to get your fix.
The game is available for $19 from Gamers Gate, link is below. Ok want to bone up on your dogfighting skills
with more earthly games? Check these out: War Thunder. Also by Gaijin games, this one
has a bit more polish on it than Star Conflict does in my opinion. Its a great historical
flight combat sim. There is an arcade mode that allows you to PVP with no regard for
historical accuracy. But it also has a ton of missions that are historic. This game gets
5 stars from me because it is absolutely gorgeous with several different post effect modes that
make it look like your playing a movie, black and white, sepia and more. Realistic sounds,
guns and gorgeous scenery make this game worth a shot. It is free to play but you can buy
better planes and crews with real money. You can earn in game cash (called lions) by playing
too. What else you got Domo? What about a good FPS game?
Why? Remember Star citizen is not only a space sim, there will be ship boarding under combat,
there will be planet side combat missions. Because of this you might want to bone up
in a FPS game. There are so many which should I choose? How about Far Cry 3? The engine
that is in Star Citizen is the same engine that is running FarCry 3 (Cry Engine). Its
a great test of your system to play this really great FPS game. It is available from Amazon
for $39 and is a digital download. Ok so you want to explore the galaxy and dont
care at all about fighting? You want to be a great pilot? I have just the game for you.
Its Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Wait domo aint that an old game? It is, but like with
Wing Commander Saga, the community has kept this game going far past its sell date. You
can buy the latest planes with full HD interiors from many different manufactures. You can
upgrade the world graphics from another plugin manufacturer. Basically its a brand new game
running on an older engine. Dust off the joystick and enjoy the freedom of flight in this sim. Wait a second, wait a second domo you left
out a bunch of games. What about Eve Online, and all those other ones? The games I showed
today are the ones I like. I played myself either I own them or I played them at a friends
house. There are a TON of other ones you guys can check out so, I recommend that you do,
but these are the ones I suggest. I think that wraps it up for todays show.
I will be back next week with more star citizen. Our next episode will be out Tuesday. Until
then thank you for watching. I hope you are getting jazzed about Star Citizen like I am.
If you cant wait, then get one of the great games I mentioned today. Until next time its
Geekdomo saying CYA!


  1. Nice list. I like how you added Far Cry 3 to test your PC. Only one thing, I would also suggest the X3 games, because the economy in those is similar to the one that will be in SC (I think?). And it's a pretty good space sim, when you can have your own factories and stuff.

  2. I know you brought up games that are already out that you can play but I have a few suggestions of games that will be out before Star Citizen to help get your space fix.
    I would suggest the X-Series, the newest one X:Rebirth is coming out in November and also don't forget Elite Dangerous.

  3. Far Cry 3 uses the Dunia Engine 2, not the Cryengine. Yes, Dunia is based on the original Cryengine(used in the first Far Cry), but it is not the engine used in Star Citizen, which is Cryengine 3.

  4. Thanks I didnt realize it until after it was up. Cest la vie, I always get at least 1 thing wrong in every video. Its a game to catch it 🙂

  5. I live in Rochester NY, the largest deaf population on the planet lives here. I try to do as many episodes I can with CC but sometimes I do live shows or off the cuff ones. Those I dont have CC. I am glad you found it and liked it. Warm regards!

  6. yup, I've played all these games.. and a couple of these games are quite nice. but I have a fondness for one old game that for some reason, no one remembers ever hearing about. Tachyon: the fringe.

  7. I didnt forget, its not a full list of every game, just ones I have played or own. I am going to make another one soon which will have 10 more.

  8. Awesome list. Nice games. Been playing War Thunder, I love it. Though I would like to mention that FarCry 3 uses the Dunia 2 engine, developed by Ubisoft, not CryEngine 3.

  9. star conflict is so boring, This game is the reason that I melt my hornet and brought a freelancer, dog fight all day is going to get really boring.

  10. Yo dude it looks like you are not up on [I think is the # 1 Game ] Freelancer is also played on line as well there is server like Discovery Freelancer 4.87 and Crossfire and a few others Even afteer 10 YEARS it is still a hot game and it keep staying up there with the new games jut like the PC it will never die no matter what they try to do lol give me my PC and I am happy :>

  11. too bad the title has nothing to do with the video, MISLEADING.

    The title leads me to believe and what I was looking for was what can be played right now in Star Citizen. This video was anything but about SC.

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