1. Athletes can do what ever they want and never have any consequences. They should be expelled. Or at least loose their scholarships.

  2. The trio was questioned by police about allegedly stealing from a Louis Vuitton store next to the team’s hotel in Hangzhou last week, where the Bruins visited before leaving for Shanghai.

    Citing a source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation, ESPN reports the players could be Hangzhou for “a week or two” while the situation is resolved. The source told ESPN there is surveillance footage of the players shoplifting from three stores inside a high-end retail center.

  3. what the fuck is wrong with American media, those 3 thieves already confessed of their crimes and yet you keep saying they are being accused. are you trying to whitewash everything

  4. Only in the US is it a question that they may be kicked off the team or even out of the University. Americans are soft on criminals because there a so many of them.

  5. it's not shoplifting. it's "grand larceny," which is just stealing a TON of shit, over 10k worth in goods. it's like the difference between driving away with somebody's car and just tampering with their car, or the difference between robbing an empty house vs. breaking in as an armed robber and holding the house owners hostage while you're robbing the house.

    grand larceny itself is a federal crime in the US, and it's even worse in china because in China prison sentences are practically determined in monetary value. they practically robbed a car's worth of money.

  6. LOL this is trash in china it could have been 10 years in prison and people are mad cause they got suspended, these players are idiots let them learn from the mistakes they made.

  7. I believe all their parents are embarrassed except for Lavar Ball. I dont think he gives 2 shits as long as his son can still go pro.

  8. Hummmm….. larceny in the USA. Many teenagers have been caught. DUI and other crimes involvimg alcohol take place on or near colleges all over the USA. Over 1 million college students commit crimes. Teens commit misdemeanor crimes get punished, hopefully learn their lesson then move on. This gets more publicly than the rich kid that killed 4 people then fled to Mexico. Why?

  9. All three of those students are Bluies who don't realize the obvious: Xi Jinping does not see it the same way they do, and neither do I. I think that shoplifting, while knowingly representing UCLA AND the United States as part of a family that's the sports equivalent of the Kardashians (i.e. media circuses surrounding them), in CHINA of all places, is incredibly unacceptable. I think that EXPULSION is the best idea for this one. This incident could change the PRC's opinion of the USA enough to be a deal breaker as to whether they choose to side with America in the North Korea situation (when the time inevitably comes), and we absolutely NEED the Chinese on our side. If we have a nuclear war that destroys all civilization in the world any time soon from China ultimately taking Kim Jong-Un's side in the North Korea nuclear situation, I'll know exactly who to thank: Gelo Ball, a complete insult to the term FUCKING IDIOT.

  10. Not one of them acted sorry as I would. Kick them out of school. Remember, this became a NATIONAL INCIDENT MAKING UCLA LOOK AS IF THEY RECRUIT THUGS. THINK ABOUT IT…

  11. Hmm…nope and BS….news conference was to save their butts from being suspended forever and expelled from school…you can enter the NBA as a walk on….the Chinese had their thieving butts dead to rights….film from all three stores and the street and goods found in the room with confessions…they….the thief's should have wrote a letter to each of the stores for dishonoring them….THEN they should have written a private letter to each leader at the Asian conference for dishonoring the work they were trying to built after 8 years of Obama's ugly american crap….which was hugeeeely…….these players dishonored their parents, of which one mother is recovering from a stroke, they dishonored their grandparents, their team, their school, their hometowns, their country, China and every country at the Asian summit….they have a whole bunch of letters to write….and even after this they still should be suspended indefinitely….you can play NBA as a walk-on and expel them from school….sorry something major was being accomplished at the Asia conference….regardless of all the good being accomplished there….these dishonorable three thieves only showed and enhanced the Ugly American belief

  12. Hmm…Never forget….basketball is temporary THIS DOES NOT MAKE THE MAN….when all is said and done what is left is a MANS HONOR….which they do NOT have, nor was it evident in their prepared comments…"I take full responsibility for the mistakes I have made…shoplifting", "I didn't exercise my best judgement", "I'm not that type of person", these are not apologies these are excuses….and as for the administrators and the various students…you too are clueless to what constitutes REAL HONOR and INTEGRITY….for the thieves who dishonored many it still stands… permanent suspension from basketball and expulsion…and for however long it takes may one day you find what it means to have HONOR and INTEGRITY

  13. Punishment ? Who cares about punishment. These 3 idiots reinforced very negative stereotypes Orientals have of Blacks. THEY PROVED AND REINFORCED THOSE STEREOTYPES IN FRONT OF OVER A BILLION CHINESE. INCALCULABLE DAMAGE TO THEIR PEOPLE

  14. Elsa just as bad in LA as she was in San Antonio, TX. Gee all these guys sound like they're no better educated than a kindergarten and I think most kindergardens even sound better, this is pathetic what we're turning out in her colleges today when this is the best the US has to offer!

  15. Typical liberal California whack jobs. He only stole designer glasses in a communist country like stfu soft ass snowflakes

  16. LoserAngelo stop talking ghetto black dude!! You're raised white!' Don't let the ghetto niggas brainwash u into being Soo dumb!! Polish the way you speak man your mothers a smart white lady cmon kid!!!

  17. why give them a pass? it doesnt help anyone, especially the black community. this just makes them think its okay to break the law, im entitled to steal because im black and my ancestors were oppressed. they will try to justify their actions. more accountability and punishment need to be set.

  18. liberals would forgive a serial killer! He said he didn't regret it but let's give him a second chance he seems like a great guy.

  19. Looks like we can see what kind of people are at UCLA. Or is this what UCLA teaches people to think, I'm entitled and elite so i can take what ever I want. Hillary Clinton's children.

  20. Lmao damn those are the students at UCLA I thought smart people go there I guess if you kill someone and say you are sorry and take responsibility than you should alright by their views

  21. The human slavery going on in Libya Thanks to Hillary and Obama's leadership that's an important story
    This story is so unimportant

  22. They were caught red handed. Why not say "BEEN CAUGHT STEALING" Are they trying to politically correct and down play the crime? Stealing is also called thievery! !!!

  23. First of all I hear alot of people saying oh its just shoplifting no big deal get over it first of all they were in China Representing the United States Of America the state of California and there University when you are in a foreign country you are supposed to be on your best behavior to me to be expelled and taken off the team it is a lesson in life that we will learn .

  24. These thugs should be off the team,and expelled from school.UCLA babies minorities for fear of retaliation,had they been white another tune would be playing.Ghetto N.

  25. White college kids do far worse shit EVERY SINGLE DAY but b/c they're black people act like they murdered someone (you know, the thing cops do). People in these comments never seem this outraged about white criminals. Racist shit.

  26. They all have to read letters of apology. When an athelete does wrong, it is their right to do it. They are ATHELTE's. You should look away.

  27. They think it is a funny joke but try it in Muslim countries where the punishment is chopped hands. These young boys are stupid compared to the students of Faith Academy here in Antipolo, Philippines. Oh i forgot….the parents of the latter were Christian missionaries

  28. Committed crimes in China and blame the Chinese? What kind of American fathers they have to teach them how to steal. In the end the blame game starts, they will accuse trump for being involved in their crimes as the mastermind for all these mass. Msm will make a hoo ha and totally agree with the children thieves, and blame God for trump to be born in America. And they will say Satan's daughter suppose to take the permanent crown of America.

  29. They're sorry after the fact, after the fact that they got caught. They'd be bragging about it back here to their friends if they got away with it. So dumb they probably would have posted it on facebook.

  30. Americans are shoplifting pro. They are kids, they apologised. It's not enough? Go and check those who steal millions under the table instead of punishing teens.

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