Study On Gamers BACKFIRES Hilariously

once gone everyone Jeremy our from the quartering I hope you're having a wonderful day lots of news in the video game world to cover today and it's only ten-thirty my time and I assume several new gaming stories will pop up but I looked at an article over the weekend that had run a study on gamers and what they might do outside of video games that may be influenced by the way the females are displayed in the game essentially what we have is a repackaging of the same old kind of assertion that things that happen in the video game world then affect the way people act in the outside world now certainly people do draw influences or they're certain like catchphrases or things like that that might leave the video game world and enter the the real world but for the most part these things are benign now there has been a history of trying to link you know video games surrounded around like FPS video games to then people doing really bad things in real life but there's never really been any actual connection there so we see the article or the narrative move now to a set of different articles that are now asserting that not very surprising scantily clad female videogame characters can provoke bad behavior against Waman we see this article over and over and over getting kind of passed around what I want to point out is this study is inherently flawed and this is just another excuse to talk badly about video game players and specifically obviously male video game players and it seems like the games industry any chance they get they do this I think it's because they also obviously will get a lot of clicks out of um I don't know hate baiting I guess the word is and I want to point out the study's obvious flaws but obviously you can see that these journalists aren't taking any time to verify the study and that's why it's appearing on game rant and though gamer dot-com I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up on polygon or Kotaku later today as it makes the rounds because as we know these people all work together especially when it involves trying to incensed the gaming community a study titled the effects of scantily-clad video games on online harassment looks to answer the question of how games that make females look good output that way female characters may influence behaviors of those who play them alright overall studies seem to refute that claim almost entirely oh sorry for many years now there has been almost a singular focus on whether or not video games cause of real-world bad behavior overall studies seem to refute the claim almost entirely you know what's coming next right the word but but for the overall answer remains include inconclusive really no study that I can know that I know of has conclusively proven any connection but what because you were jacked that reality you say it's not I mean you say it's inconclusive as some studies exist on both sides contradicting one another there is true there are studies that are out there that conclude that but they are inherently flawed if we look at this study being conducted by Jonathan Bernier of the University of liège Brad J Bushman of Ohio State University and Frank Lawrie so three dudes at the University of Bergen the study worked with a whopping 211 participants who all played the game Ultra Street Fighter 4 with customized female characters that were spicy while some were asked to play the same game with non spicy female characters this was done by equipping different costumes as character customization is a large part of these type of games I don't know if it's a large part I would say that a small percent of the community enjoys that but it is a large part of the revenue probably if you're selling the type of things as a microtransaction after completing these play scenarios participants were provided with the chance to send jokes to male or female partner before seeing the results the research researchers hypothesized that those who played the spicy characters would be more likely to Harris female partners than those who played with regular characters ok so here's an interesting thing this scientific study had no control group interesting interesting everybody citing this as scientific evidence when this basic scientific method wasn't even followed nobody's pointing that out though because it gave them the conclusion that they wanted the results were in fact showed exactly that indicating the spicy dress characters in the games could potentially lead to condition to provoke harassment towards lawmen the two other results sorry two other results came in that were surprising the researchers and this results by the way these results might be why you're not seeing it on polygon okay first a greater quantity of jokes were sent to men than women second researchers found that female participants were quote significantly more spicy jokes they sent more spicy jokes than men oh my goodness it's almost like everybody enjoys a good joke the problem is this study showed that the women were sending more of them some caveat to consider for both expected findings and too surprising was to be considered first the pool of participants was limited at 200 people and that could do it the future could do with a future study of a larger candidate pool are you fishing for more funding perhaps secondly the study needs to be replicated by other researchers to support the or contradict the finding again hopefully large a pool of candidates well mom sounds like someone's fit a fishing for more for money again third it would be also useful to know the proportional division of and women in the study were there a hundred of each making them about half the pool where they're only ten of one gender meaning they only represented 5% of the pool how about asking for a control group you have no control group to base your findings against it D legitimizes the entire study still the initial study the utmost importance because it kick-starts a conversation that should be occurring anyway in the future we hope that others will seek to make their own studies on the subject for us to have greater understanding of online bad behavior there could also be other associated issues that may be related but not yet obviously no one toss the entire study can be read here no why would I you see game rant covers the exact same thing this got 2000 shares for decades there been discussion on whether or not video games translate to real-life bad behavior there have been a number of peer-reviewed studies that come that appear though they appear to be inconclusive again both articles lead with the fact that there's really been no conclusive evidence one way or another but we're gonna write it anyway whether one study comes out claiming that video games do cause it another will contradict it with many researchers focused on potential link between video games and bad behavior in real world other ways other games can impact people haven't gotten such as much attention such as how games fantasize female characters may influence behavior of people that play them you know what the best study would be you know the obvious health risks of the sedentary lifestyle that I myself I'm too engaged in that would be an actual study that would probably help gamers what about having like on screen displays reminding people to maybe take a 15-minute walk every hour you know this type of things to help encourage the health of the gaming communities so they can be around longer to buy more of your videogames this would be something that I don't know would probably get funded but it doesn't get as many headlines the study can conducted by these three men looks to answer that question the study consisted of a WAP you know 211 participants some so essentially you have the same article just rewritten here by a different person secondly research has found that female participants and significantly more spicy jokes than male participants it'll be interesting to see if this gets picked up on polygons are Kotaku and if it does if they're gonna omit that last thing because ultimately this study proves nothing it's like it gets you this headline which is likely it's like one of those headlines that is likely to be shared around on Twitter a lot because it fits that that community I think I can't remember if I mentioned this in a live stream or if I mentioned this in a video but there absolutely is a market for kind of making fun of video gamers it's a very lucrative market you can see a lot of articles that paint gamers in a negative light seem to get a lot of retweets on Twitter there is that community for it and this seems tailor-made to that I'll be watching as some of the bigger outlets get going here today on Monday since this came out on Friday or Friday it'll be interesting to see if they cover it and how they cover it I get a feeling they might we'll have to wait and see hope you enjoyed this video though we'll talk again real soon


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  2. So many jumps, why not make one final jump and justify the actions of the women by simply implying they only did it, so they could fit in, in a male dominated gaming genre.

    "The INHERENT Misogyny of being subjected to a fighting game is only made worse by being forced to play as a woman. sending a signal to the brain that they're somehow weaker than the often more ripped portrayal of male fighters. So the women taking part in this test are already going into it feeling like they have to prove themselves and they overcompensate by being more risqué .
    Women are only bad when the men in their life make them that way. But also every male criminal had a loving mother."

    That ones on the house media.

  3. What about Pac-Man. If Pac-Man influences people from my generation we’d all be in dark rooms gobbling magic pills and listening to shitty repetitive electronic music. Oh wait

  4. What is absolutely stunning is that, despite a decade or so of existing in the online gaming world (forums, etc) I've never once felt that the scantily clad female characters are the cause of harassment and/or sexism. Anyone with a brain can see that is patently false. They're not even an excuse, no one plays Bayonetta and goes "well because the badass witch with a catsuit made of her own hair is too sexy I'm gonna go harangue the female gamers I find in random matches or the women I know in my life!" That's how comicbook villains think, not… you know… people.

    I mean, I'd be happy (happier?) if the "sex sells" approach were applied evenly across the board to, lets say, just fighting games, a genre I don't actively play because who doesn't enjoy eye candy on screen? Granted not enough women probably play fighting games to justify the creation of alternate skin packs so you actually make money, so it won't be done. As an RPG player, and someone who keeps circling back to The Witcher series, there's plenty of Geralt there to keep me occupied that I don't need to buy costume packs for the handful of fighting games I own.

    However, as someone pointed out, sending texts to a partner isn't the same, at all, as harassing a person/random person. And without context of what they're defining as "harassment" these articles, and probably the study, are still useless, even if they'd been chuffed enough to bother with a control group.

    There's a far cry from me sending a teasing "that's what she said" text to a (male) friend discussing XYZ character, and being repeatedly badgered for sexual favors that requires muting of a few assholes in a lobby. I don't think any skimpily clad female character is why a dude thinks it's cool to not talk tactics in a match because "oh my god, you're a guurrrlll!!!" It doesn't make sense for it to be the characters fault for that sort of behavior.

  5. Hang on… so "study finds women gamers are more likely to perform sexual harassment" would be a more appropriate title.

  6. I think the biggest flag about this study was the "given the opportunity" to make sexually related jokes. This sounds like potential encouragement, possibly coercion to skew results in the name of science. This was poorly done.

  7. All this fuss about "A" causing violence against females is old, old, old. Females don't like to admit that they act like assholes/ hormonally deranged psychos/ nagging harpys/ screaming hooligans. Nixon and Agnew sponsored a study by congress on porn and violence in the 60's, finding NO relationship. Noam Chomsky, a man I greatly admire, insists on a link between porn and the "dehumanization" of females. Nonsense! Likewise, there is NO relationship in games between female nudity/ tropes/ playing style and violent/ abusive behavior towards females. It's a lie. It's make believe. It's total bullshit. Matter of fact, when men have access to porn, they are much LESS violent. Women act like assholes,and are attracted to violence (Hybristophilia), and violent men(bad boys) that enjoy hitting them. I really wish that females could just admit this, start a real conversation, and stop all this lying that gets us nowhere.

  8. Everything has conquences. God damn doogooders, think they can save the world from everything…. They strive for the most boring planet in the universe it seems

  9. So…according to the study sending a spicey joke to your PARTNER is harrassing them? Wow! They'll twist anything to their narrative.

  10. Your video could have been done in less than 3 minutes Jeremy. I fast forwarded through most of it. FFS man, give us the information but don't say the same thing over and over again for 10 minutes straight then complain about it. Dude….

  11. "can, may, potentially"
    YEah duh, with that framing you can say anything and never be wrong. Of course anything might or may not happen. ffs
    Btw until I actually READ the sentence where you replaced 'sexism' with 'spicy' I realized you weren't talking about the word 'sexy'
    Again this proves censhorship is always harmful in communication. I almost missed this one

  12. 4:28 I don't play fighting games, but just games in general where you can customize your character I would argue it is a Large part of the game, be it Halo or Apex Legends or Street Fighter, even Mass Effect, just like people will prefer to pick the character they like the most, they'll always prefer to choose their specific armor or skins as well. Yes people are more often okay if they can't do this, but it's definitely a preferred feature and it used to be that ALL customizations could be unlocked through playing the game, where now they make grinding so tedious and long that you HAVE to pay real money to get even half of the skins you'd want, if you even can get that many through playing the game. It is shitty because it IS important to many people like myself to have the ability to change our looks to our preference.

  13. Then wtf you are using Twitter?!? Stop using it, let the shitty people alone in their shitty place and go away! WE ALL DONT NEED twitter or any other instashit to live and to play games!

  14. Sex sells, but when you put all your funding into a sexy game, you become a whore, a whorish business. There are plenty of great games that don't have to pander to sex, such as Portal.

    inb4 Tetris: Big Boobs Edition

  15. Oh hey, its the return of the reefer madness propaganda studies.
    Next up in the 'gamers are sexual deviants' narrative:
    "Gamers wear semen encrusted pants from constantly masturbating when they can't find a victim to rape"
    I just substituted "Gamers" for "marijuana addicts". Otherwise that quote is basically verbatim from Reefer Madness.

  16. how bout not using university students who are literally strategically placed libtard soldiers. they were pretty much coached by their own college society narrative to spitting out the answers they were looking for. college students are often lost aimless human garbage that cant perceive the real world so they are flooding their brain with mostly useless knowledge and propaganda

  17. You wanna know how to stop bad behavior in your children? TEACH THEM RIGHT FROM WRONG AND THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN REAL LIFE AND MAKE BELIEVE… Oh wait, that requires effort doesn't it… maybe it even feels like a responsibility? Anyone else feel like nobody can grow up and handle their shit anymore?

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