tall girl problems | tall women | women’s basketball | stand tall

whoa how tall are you six did you play basketball
no why not uh I’m not much of a sports person I I was I was more of a theater
kid I took ballet when I was in high school you’re really tall you need to be
in basketball I was never interested in basketball I’m again I took ballet I
like ballet better you missed your calling
what calling I’ve I’ve never been interested in basketball it’s just not
my thing and maybe for others but it’s just not my thing and I’m not very
coordinated enough to play basketball sure I could get good at it with
practice but I don’t love the sport enough to it well don’t let anything
stand in the way of your dreams gee you’re short do you play miniature golf
thank you so much for watching this is destiny with the baby giraffe I make
videos about height and everything there is involving being an Amazon woman if
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  1. "I could probably be good at it if I practiced, but I don't like basketball."

    "Well don't let anything stand in the way of your dreams." 👍 lol

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