Test game Pixel 4 XL đầu tiên trên thế giới: NGON như Gaming Phone !

Hello everyone. Welcome back to ReLab! Today I’m having here Google Pixel 4 XL It’s not released yet but in Vietnam there has been a lot of hands-on videos for this product. So I won’t do a normal hands-on review anymore but I will give you an in-depth review of the performance of this phone especially in gaming to see if it can be called “a gaming phone” or not. Why do I even call this a gaming phone? Am I crazy? No, I said that because I found out that it is packed with a high refresh rate screen 90Hz as you can see between 60 and 90 Hz in Settings. Besides, it runs a pure-Google Android 10 OS so it will be optimized for the best possible performance and it could make you a little consideration about gaming. Now let’s do some test to see if this phone can really compete with other “true gaming phones” or note Please remember this is just a demo-version If we review the performance of this version, it will be very disadvantage for this phone. Second, on ReLab we have so many test videos about this Snapdragon 855 chipset. So I will not review the performance here. We will go to other things like the grip feeling, gaming support on this Pixel 4 XL is good or not. Firstly, the grip feeling The back of the phone is made of matte materials So we don’t have to worry about sweat and fingerprints sticking onto the surface even the borders of the phone are also made of this kind of material. If you play game for a long time, it will be very clinging your hand. Secondly, the top and the chin of the phones are quite thick so we don’t need to worry about problems like it’s hard for your fingers to accidentally touch the screen And this is what I like about phones with thick borders like this. That’s why most of the phone-gamers are still prefer using phones that has thick top and chin like iPhone 8 Plus for gaming. It’s my good points on this. The phone is quite small Although it has a pretty big AMOLED screen but when I hold it horizontally I still feel that it’s smaller than other popular gaming phones like ROG Phone 2 or Black Shark 2 Maybe it’s because the battery capacity of this phone is only 3700mAh Although this is a relatively small phone but the battery life won’t be great for sure. And the screen it’s a high refresh rate screen You could adjust it by go to Settings, and Display. This phone will automatically adjust the refresh rate up to 90Hz but of course, it will take more energy to run a 90Hz screen But how about its performance with this rate? Now let’s see how it feels like to play PUBG Mobile on a 90Hz screen Now, I’m in PUBG Mobile game. And now I will show the settings. As usual, with Snapdragon 855, we could turn on HDR mode, FPS extreme. And I will turn on anti-aliased. And with the AMOLED screen with 2K resolution, perhaps we have no criticism about its visibility. As you can see – the color and sharpness is very good. and now we will land to see how this 90 Hz screen look like. As you can see here. Very smooth! It must be said that if you need a gaming smartphone with excellent screen, with high refresh rate, moving smoothly, Pixel 4 XL is definitely one of the best choices. Oh my god, its details are very clear. I found that other Android smartphones playing PUBG could still have a bit blurry, but with this Pixel 4 XL I see its details similar to the iPhone. Now I will turn up the maximum volume Yeah, shot. So the dual speakers on this phone are quite good. Once again. Although at maximum volume, the sound is still quite warm, not harsh. And summarize the gaming capabilities of this phone, It is very harmonious. It has both good gaming ability and grip. And a good screen. If you need a good gaming phone, it’s great But if you need something more hardcore, like trigger, or a good battery, or something more impressive, I think you should go to real gaming phones, like ROG phone 2. Okay, and that’s all I want to talking about gaming capabilities on this Pixel 4 XL. What do you think about my opinions? Please leave your comments below! And thanks to Dstore mobile – which has been brought this phone to Vietnam so soon to make this video possible. Visit their group and Facebook page on the link below for more. And that is the end of this video. Like, Subscribe and click the bell to support and follow us for more videos. Bye for now! English subtitle: Blog Đào Lê Minh


  1. Xin lỗi ông . Tui bật clip lên nghe thấy giọng ông tui không xem nổi . Xin lỗi nhé và cho 1 like yêu yêu

  2. Hi guys, this is the English comment you're waiting for 😉
    This is a demo version of Pixel 4 XL and we are making other videos about it, in which we will give you in-depth reviews on performance, camera, battery life, etc. So stay tuned for upcoming videos and don't forget to press the Subscribe button 😉

  3. VN mình được Google ưu ái gửi máy demo cho review trước hay sao mà người nước ngoài xem nhiều thế nhỉ :))

  4. Wow your video is armed with English subtitles. i am teach-savvy, if you need a partner in using English precisely, please contact me for cooperation in more detail. Welcome international users on this channel

  5. should i buy iPhone 11 pro max or wait for pixel 4 xl?
    is there is ToF camera in pixel 4xl?
    please give me your suggestion.
    thank you.

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