Praise God brethren I am called Kagame David I am Rwadese but I come from Kasanga I came in this church in 2009 The man of God prophet Samuel Kakande prayed for me And my prayer request was academic excellence and bright future God really did it It was around 2012 The man of God was preaching He said God is going to move you to levels that will surprise every one around you and even you yourself Me I am a man of faith I believed that I went with that word I started praying That time I was in my senior three At old Kampala secondary school Old Kampala wanted a basket ball player Because when I joined the team, I had to remove some players to replace them so that I play I was in senior three but remember it was so hard for one to play on that team when you are in o-level especially senior three and below But because me I had God and the man of God prophet Samuel Kakande I had to go with faith so all those in senior five and six were pushed out so I had to play Because they couldn’t deliver what I would I played. I went for my first tournament That was Kampala region We managed to be number three in the whole Kampala We had to qualify for nationals This is the certificate It was awarded to us And we were number three in the region Clap for Jesus And this is my name Kagame David We went for nationals at st Louis in fort portal This is another certificate That is 2012 another year gone It came to 2013 in my senior four We also went four games I got a certificate also and we also qualified for the nationals This is the certificate that shows that we went for nationals in Mbarara This is my name and my school Old Kampala senior secondary school God didn’t stop there Good things started coming in my life After my senior four, God is good This time they were just looking for me I had four schools. I had Saku, Lubiri s.s, Uganda martyrs and Kibuli s.s So it was about me to decide which one I was yes I have to go for Kibuli senior secondary school They called me for trials There coach didn’t even give me any training he just told me to join the team He then called the sports tutor Kibuli s.s They had to admit me in my senior five From that they had to sign me as their player They didn’t stop at that They gave me scholarship For 2 years when I am studying for free Clap for Jesus brethren To show you that I played for Kibuli for the first time This is the certificate all stars tournament 2014 This sis my name Kagame David We came out as the champions Kampala champions God didn’t stop there, we went for nationals in Mbarara We played It came to 2015 in my senior six We went for games also and came out as champions in Kampala This is the medal, the golden medal for Kampala champions Thank you Jesus This all happened after the prayers of the man of God The certificate are very many if I use them we shall use this board and the other side This is the letter to confirm to you that I got a scholarship from Kibuli And this was because of our performance This is my name Kagame David I went to Kibuli S.S To show you that God is good, God of this place is really good Imagine the school is paying one 1.4 million shillings Lubiri s.s was paying around 600000 shillings to 700000 shillings Other schools I didn’t follow up there payments But I remembered the man of God saying we have to go for higher levels I had to go for the 1.4 million shillings to show them that yes God is working Thank you Jesus All that it was the prayers of the man of God These are some of the pictures This is when we were representing Uganda in the basket ball game And we were going to Rwanda God protected us and we went We reached very well and we played Every thing was really nice As we went for nationals This is another medal I got in the basketball game To continue, I was called at( KIU)Kampala International University The usual things that come for trials But my trials it seems all they want is to look at me that’s all Because the moment I reached there, there were no trials The manager just came and he said let me just introduce one new member He introduced me as Kagame DAvid and he has joined us I just praised Jesus To show that This is a list That show those who have been given 100% scholarship That means you don’t pay anything, the university pays your tuition That is my name highlighted there That is from Kampala International University This sis my name Kagame David To study bachelors degree in procurement And it’s what am doing This certificate of registration you are seeing here It show’s how you pay your tuition Either you are scholarship or you are paying private This stamp behind that’s what shows that mine is scholarship sports That was after the prayers of the Man of God. Remember the man of God said that it will surprise you, And the people around you. Starting from my A-level, I got a scholarship and others where struggling with fees. Even those who were better than me, They didn’t get the scholarship. Same thing at KIU, Some people are better than me, I have to tell the truth, But by the grace of God upon you, With the prayers of the Man of God, You be number one where people say it’s impossible. All the trainings I would go for, I would first take some blessed water. That’s why when I go there, they just look at me and sign. I thank God, For delivering me. My advice to all the sports men, especially those in the synagogue even those outside, If you know what you want, Remove all the pride, Be down to earth, Keep calm, Have faith, Everything is possible. Come to Jesus. Like I did. Because it wasn’t my wanting, but God’s grace. And through the prayers of the Man of God prophet Samuel Kakande, If you are out there, I am here called Kagame, I was prayed for by the Man of God Prophet Samuel Kakande. Whom people abuse. If you know what you want, Come to Jesus.


  1. Thank you Jesus Christ am from house maid to billionaire woman
    God bless you man of God prophet Samuel kakande live longer

  2. i take the high level of Jesus in this testimony and to God be the Glory and thank you man of God 4 yr prayers unto our lives in Jesus'Name Amen

  3. Oh LORD JESUS CHRIST. , Let good things follow me, JESUS CHRIST repair me and make me special 'specialist' please JESUS CHRIST vote me because when you say yes nobody can say no and when you give a blessing nobody can reverse it. Thank you JESUS CHRIST , Thank you Prophet SammuelKakande for praying for me. Amen

  4. To God be the Glory and Honour and I have Faith that Jesus Christ is working out my journey to be higher in everything I do in my life Amen!!!!!! Emmanuel! !!!

  5. OH GOD u'are very great , thank you Jesus Christ May the Glory and honour back to U ,Thank you Man Of GOD for your prayers May the Almighty father in heaven bless you more abundantly and long live Amen

  6. God of prophet Samuel Kakande, Through this testimony, let your favor which was upon kakame David, be upon me today in Jesus name! Make me the next millionaire through this bet in Jesus name! Amen!! "You've placed MEGA JACKPOT BetID JY0G05H 1#2#2#2#X#1#1#2#1#2#2#X#2#1#1#1#X for KSH100. S-PESA available balance KSH0. Games resulted on Full Time."

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