That friend who plays the other game – PUBG vs Fortnite

Hey guys thanks for letting my brother play with us No probs man yeah no worries where is he? um there he is Hey guys I’m really excited to play I’ve been wanting to play this for a while now Awesome welcome man glad to finally meet you Yeah I bet okay well let’s get into it then aye come on Ahhh Hamish f*ck Guys how do you get resources? Adam. Yeah? Is your brother okay? I don’t know It should be turning into resources by now I should have a lovely stone What’s he doing Adam? I should have a lovely stone by now Hamish just… Guys there might be traps around so just be careful okay Hey Adam… Does your brother play… Yup he usually plays the other game Be careful there could be traps around alright Hamish there’s not gonna be traps around Guys how do you get your body to dance? Guys! I’m trying to do the electric shuffle and I can’t seem to do it I can’t even do an Orange Ju- Oooo Ohh haha guys don’t worry I can still do a floss I don’t even know how he’s doing that Guys don’t worry we got it working we got the floss going Hah okay alright We’ll just get onto it How do you Where did he get the blueprint from? Sorry I just seem to be struggling with how to build at the moment I’m sorry guys How do you build? guuuys how do you build? Adam are you all good if we just kinda… Yeah that’s fine Okay yep Guys what’s that sound? Guys! Guys! Oh my god where’s all the colour? Oh my god there’s no colour Oh god no! Oh god no jesus! Ahhh this is hell! Ahhh get me out of here Ahhhhhhhhh Hey guys don’t forget to subscribe They wont let me stop dancing till you do They told me a hundred subscribers and then I can stop What other dance can you do? This is it! This is the only one I can do! Do another dance! Does this please you? Please subscribe I miss my family


  1. Pubg: you watch your ass fetting fucked by a whole squad while you are crying, not knowing not to do.
    Fortnite: squad is shooting you but you build some cover call backup and oop you killed them all.
    No wonder pubg is better
    Pubg: some guy thirsts you. "aye guys i will go eat and you gimme the chicken dinner.
    Fortnite: reboot me and lets kick some asses

  2. I don't play fortnite but I love to build in games. "How do you build" in a whiney voice is very relatable

  3. So you are saying fortnite is better because it has all those things pubg is missing. I get it.
    (I don't play either)

  4. good points all around. this a good video essay showing that fortnite is better due to its having more features

  5. Not one of their better parodies, I jjst couldn't find humor in "guy doesn't realize different game has different mechanics"

  6. Pubg vs fortnite

    İn season six:😀Fortnite 😀Fortnite 😀 Fortnite

    İn season ten:😀Pubg 😀Apex 😀Minecraft

  7. me when I play battlefield with my brother
    I only play cod for the most part so I typically run around like a coked up idiot with smg in a gigantic map and just get sniped or crushed by a tank

  8. I actually have found a player like that on duos he even asked me if i could build on the game i left the game tho i didn't had hope i will win that game.

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