The Best Nintendo Hardware From The Past Year (ft BeatEmUps)

– This past year saw a
lot of great innovation from some pretty unexpected places. We mostly cover the Nintendo
Switch here on this channel because that’s what you guys
vote for with your eyeballs, but we also saw some great leaps forward in retro-gaming as well. Today, I want to talk about
all of the great hardware that has sprung up within the past year. A lot of these things
have made a big impact on the way that I play games. (rock music) (mechanical whirring) What, what are you doing here? – What do you mean? I’m you. (dramatic music)
– No, you’re not. I’m me. – (laughing) Nope, you and
me, we’re the same person, according to our YouTube comments anyway. – No. No! Get outta here! (moves into gentle music)
– I love my balls, my Poke Balls. These things are actually really cool. I’m not bragging about having two. One’s actually my fiancee’s. I was so excited to replay
my childhood through Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee, Eevee also being my favorite Pokemon, but what I was arguably most excited about was to finally own my very own Poke Ball, and I was just ready to use it within the Let’s Go game itself, and just throw a bunch of
Poke Balls at the Pokemon and catch them in an all new way. What I never expected was how awesome this thing was gonna work
with the Pokemon GO app, which I actually really
do love Pokemon GO, so I hooked it up to my Pokemon GO app, just wanting to try it out (chuckles), and let me tell you, it is a heaven send. As long as your Pokemon GO
app is running somewhere in the background, in your
pocket, or in your car, this thing will beep and buzz at you every time a Pokemon or
a PokeStop is nearby, and at the touch of a button, you’re spinning those Stops, and you’re catching those Pokemon. I mean, sometimes, and let’s be honest. When it comes down to using your finger or a button on a bracelet
or an actual Pokemon Ball that you can clip to your
hip while you’re at the park catching Pokemon, this is a much more enjoyable experience, if you’re a little kid at heart like I am. I mean, I started this whole segment with a joke about my balls, so clearly, I have some growing up to do, but I do really love this thing. – The Poke Ball Plus also surprised me. I didn’t expect to like
it as much as I do. On the surface, it just
looks like a controller for Pokemon Let’s Go, and how dare that game
have motion controls, but now, I rarely leave
the house without it. Every time I’m done with playing Let’s Go, I make sure to take one
of my Pokemon for a stroll so it’s always ready to go. I can just grab it and
start leveling my Pokemon wherever I go. The Joy-Con isn’t exactly
ideal for two-D games. It’s got this sorry excuse for a D-Pad. HORI actually has a very
creative solution for this. It’s basically a gutted Joy-Con. No rumble, no motion controls,
no wireless, nothing. Just buttons, so you can
only use it in Portable Mode, but that’s really the only way you’d wanna use this thing anyway. There are way better controllers out there if you want a wireless solution, but for just Portable Mode, this is a super smart and
really inexpensive option, plus, it looks super dope
with my gold Joy-Cons. – This is the Satisfye
Grip for Nintendo Switch, and if you have big meaty hands or you just hate the way the Joy-Cons feel so you rarely play in Portable Mode, this might honestly
change everything for you, and I say that as someone who thought I would never need something like this and never use anything like this. During really long gaming
sessions with my Switch, my hands used to cramp. I’m talking like, after a few hours, but with this thing, that never happens. To start with, it makes you
feel like you’re holding a very long Xbox or
PlayStation controller, and it’s extremely comfortable. Also, if you’re looking to
play your Switch on the table and you hate the default
angles of the kickstand, this actually stands it
up nice and straight, and it’s very stable. Nothing is knocking that over, and the final thing, I only
really thought about today, and especially if you
have a brand new Switch, when you’re playing with this thing, your fingers rest here. Why is that a big deal? Well, I’ve had my Switch since launch, and around those areas
where my fingers usually sit are very worn down and discolored, but when I use the grip, my grimy waffle hands don’t grease up the back of the system. The creator of this grip
also made a case for it that holds the Switch and it’s so quality. These things are almost
friggin’ bulletproof. They will protect your
Switch and your grip. The fabric and texture on
them is quality as well. You got space for a ton of games. You have pockets for other stuff like maybe a charge cord
if you’re going traveling. So yeah, there’s that. – I rarely take the Satisfye Grip with me while I’m traveling because I already take
a lot of (snapping), and I don’t need to add more toys to that, but whenever I’m playing
the Switch in Portable Mode, it’s always in the back of my mind, especially as my thumb starts to cramp up ’bout 30 minutes into that play session. I talk about the 8BitDo SN30
Pro a lot on this channel. I work it into every video that I can because I think it’s that great, and I can’t stress that enough. It’s the best D-Pad you can
get for the Switch, period, and if I don’t work it into a video, you guys ask me about it anyway. The Game Boy edition that
came out this past year is my new favorite because the
D-Pad is slightly different. It’s a little bit harder-feeling. I’m gonna save you the redundancy
and just leave it at that, but if you wanna know more
about the 8BitDo SN30 Pro, you can just watch this video that I’ll link to in a
card right over here. The GCHD is a little device that you plug into the
back of your GameCube to get the highest native
resolution possible. That means the best possible quality from the original hardware. But Bob, the GCHD isn’t original hardware. First of all, shut up. Second of all, Nintendo used
to sell component cables for the GameCube that had
a little tiny chip in them. Those cables are rare, and now you’d be lucky
to find one for $300. Now, for half the price,
EON made an HDMI version. This will get you nice, crisp 480p straight out of the GameCube, and it fixes some of
the ugly color problems that the component cables
and other upscalers have. I did make a video on this, too, but since then, they’ve
released the GCHD Mk-II. The Mk-II adds an additional
output for Wii component cables if you prefer a component output and don’t wanna shell out
the hundreds of dollars for the GameCube ones, and the Mk-II outputs video
to both ports simultaneously if you need that for whatever reason. They’ve also added a 3.5
millimeter audio output which doubles as a mini-TOSLINK port, which is the first time that
I’ve ever heard the word, mini-TOSLINK. Yes, this is all overkill. When you consider that the
alternative is a $300 cable, then suddenly, this
seems like a great value and a great step forward
for gaming on a GameCube. I know this has helped out
the Melee community a ton. – This is the Pokemon Waffle Maker. It was a Christmas gift from Kim, and we were very excited
about this only $20 purchase because we love breakfast foods. I’m actually usually a pancake guy. (gentle electronic music)
I’m now realizing that I probably should’ve
sprayed that first, and then, that was way too much, so we’re gonna (laughs). I’m not sure if that, like, is
supposed to clip down at all. Maybe should’ve done a test run. It’s definitely leaking over the edge, but that’s okay. I never said I was a chef (laughs). I’m just using the Waffle Maker. So the light has gone green,
and it’s steaming a little, so let’s see if it’s. Well, it’s, it’s a waffle. Hey wow, that actually, that worked really well. Damn! I’m gonna (laughs) try another
one with a little less. Uh-oh. I messed up, again. (utensil clatters) Who’s not a chef? I’m not a chef. I love it! It’s in the shape of a Poke Ball. I’m gonna leave this one
in a little bit longer. I mean, I got mine at
GameStop for 20 bucks. If you wanna surprise your
kids, this is awesome. Wha! That looks perfect! Let’s now cut it!
– No, no, no. You couldn’t find anything
better than that to talk about? – Couldn’t find anything
else to talk about? What are you talking about? Look at this! – A waffle iron? I just talked about a GameCube
upscaler for like two minutes and you’re talking about a waffle iron? – What, do you not like waffles? Here, you try some of this
and tell me it’s not good. (waffle crackling) – It’s, okay, it’s pretty good. (gentle music)
Last but not least, we have the Brawler 64 controller by Retro Fighter. My number one complaint about the N64 is that horrific excuse for a controller. Three-D was in its infancy, and Nintendo clearly didn’t
know what they were doing when they designed that thing. Luckily, now, a whole 22 years later, the minds over at Retro Fighters finally brought the
N64 into the modern day with a controller us future men can finally wrap our heads around. Now I refuse to play
the N64 any other way. This is significantly more comfortable. The first batch of controllers they made had a manufacturing issue. If you press the analog stick
towards the top left corner and press the L Button at the same time, they would collide. It’s very strange, but luckily, the company offered
replacement parts for free that will fix this issue. I just
(buttons clattering) haven’t done that replacement
yet ’cause I’m too lazy. Also, they’re now re-releasing
them with atomic colors. It looks like it was kickstarted in 2017, fulfilled in early 2018, and then, re-kickstarted
with the atomic colors in late 2018, and finally, going up on
Amazon within the next week. Everybody and their mother
already has a video on it, so I’m counting it as last year’s release. It’s definitely something
worth checking out, a serious improvement
to an old technology. So what do you guys think about all of this video game hardware that we’ve played with
within the past year? And special thanks to
my Australian Ben Riley for finally stopping by the channel. A lot of people say that we look alike, but personally, I don’t see it at all. My eyes are clearly greenish. – I don’t care what color your eyes are. I still think they’re beautiful. Also, I don’t know who Ben Riley is. (keyboard thudding) – What? – Thank you for having
me on the channel, guys. (gentle music)
I really appreciate it. I had fun, it was super awesome, and if you wanna see Wulff
Den over on my channel, we also did a video today about the Switch games
we’ve been playing lately, and also, I’m not bragging by
having all this on the table. Wulff Den and I are
actually giving them away, so make sure to check
those links down below and also the links down
below in my video from today. You might win a case or a
grip or a grip and a case. Who knows? Anyway, thanks for having me, Wulff Den. I appreciate it. – Also, while I have you here, now is probably a good
time to let you know that that little bit that you stole from me, then the game places video that you just ripped from my video
and put in your video? That little, little after-effects bit? That was a template that
cost me about 20 bucks, so I thought, since
you used it, I’ll just, I’m just gonna Venmo charge
you 10, 10 bucks for that as, so I’ll just, it’ll take like two seconds. (dishes clattering) (footsteps plodding)
What’d you, Wood? (door closing)
Wood, are you there? (car engine revving) (tires screeching) Anyway, let me know what you guys think about all the stuff we talked about. Leave it in the comments
below, at me on Twitter, or on Wood on Twitter, (electronic beeping)
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  1. The joycon dpad is great. I beat the hardest modes of gunvolt and bloodstained with it. I really don’t understand all the hate it gets

  2. I would totally get the 8 bit do controller but I just can't stand having both joysticks on the bottom. If they released a controller where they swap the dpad and the left joystick I would be more than happy to get one 🙂

  3. Question for y'all:

    If the Nintendo switch wasn't a touchscreen tablet, but was still a portable tablet, would anyone care?

    (Honestly, I never use the touch screen feature and I just end up using the joycons. If Nintendo didn't include that feature, I bet the price would've gone down significantly.

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  7. You can tell Nintendo didn't know what they were doing with the N64 controller, not because of the 3 handles, but because of the 1 joy stick.
    The N64 controller is the only controller in existence that is actually comfortable to use the D pad as the primary input, or the analog stick.
    The N64 controller is one of the most ergonomic controllers that has ever been made. It's wonderful. The only problem is the analog sticks wear out, and the analog sticks will blister your hand if you play Mario Party.

  8. Im kinda mad about my Satifsfye grip… I got it, and I put it on my switch, and took it off every now and then, mind you I have the smash edition switch, and I never really used the dock. But a couple weeks ago I look at the back of my switch and I got some really bad scratches on the switch it self and scuffs on the joycons… and im not throwing the switch into the grip, or being reckless with it… I really wanted the switch to look nice and beautiful for a very long time… Ive only seen one other guy have this issue


    And I will admit, Im not the cleanest person every, but I tried my hardest to make sure that everything switch related was nice and clean before I did anything with it, to the point where Im the only one that has really touched it other than family holding it for like 5 seconds…
    Again, havent seen much on this… but kinda mad and disappointed to the point where I dont really use it that much anymore…

    Edit: I also know its the grip because I can see grey scuffs where the joycons go

  9. I only ever use my Switch in handheld mode and the only controllers I have are the Joy Con controllers. So actually, I kind of like using the 4 arrow buttons as a control pad. I can totally understand that people won't like them, but I do. However I think if I were to use the Switch plugged into the TV I think I'd rather have a pro controller.

  10. Not sure they mentioned this but the Satisfye Elite Bundle (Grip and case) also has a space that appears to be custom fit for the Anker PowerCore 20100. It fits perfectly below the Switch and has a strap to keep it in place. I do not leave home without it!!!

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