The Division 2 – Six Lessons From A Solo Player

hey everyone welcome to today's video I just first of all before I go into the topic at hand today I wanted to say thank you for your feedback on the last video about the public beta it was overwhelmingly positive I got to read almost every comment if I put a heart on your comments and I did read it and then I also got some comments that were you know on the side of some of the complaints that people have had and they were all constructive as well and I got to read as many as possible I could I almost could not keep up there were almost 500 comments on this video and I tried my best to read every single one of them some comments were like a whole book and I'm really excited that you guys actually participated and I just wanted to say thank you very much anyways that being said let's jump into the video a hand today alright the solo player is that player who enjoys approaching content just by themselves this kind of player wishes the complete content and figure out the workings of the game just for their personal enjoyment in some cases the solo player has a more hardcore mentality they seek to complete the most difficult content by themselves for that sense of pride and accomplishment plus if they can post it on YouTube and wow us it's always a plus for the community then you have the solo player like myself who enjoys co-op very much and in some instances find themselves running solo contexts like the dark zone or maybe they just want to experiment a build and a once in a while dab into solo play regardless of which kind of solo player you are there are lessons that we can all share with one another on how to successfully tackle endgame content or even the basic content in the division game now while I'm not a hardcore solo player and with the full release of the division 2 in less than a week I'd like to share six distinct lessons that I've learned that helped me successfully complete solo content in the division 2 and I hope that this would be valuable for the hardcore solo player and a not so hardcore solo player alike a lot of my footage and a lot of my progress is from the public beta but I don't think a lot of the gameplay mechanics are going to change at this point so I'm going to go ahead and share from that experience now these tips or so-called lessons will definitely sound obvious but note that most of the division players are returning from the division 1 where we played years of endgame content Oh everybody was able to get so strong being able to deal damage and take damage to the point that even the most difficult NPCs will sometimes run away from us because we played so aggressively and we had a mindset to farm good gear or complete weekly rewards and that was the mentality that we played with it is exactly this habit that we've developed in the division one that we will probably have to temporarily lay aside in order to adopt the new gameplay and the new systems in the division – with all that being said the first lesson that I wanted to share is that I had to learn how to be patient you see I found much gains when I took my time and work through each mission little by little now one of the temptations that you may feel initially is the need to rush because of enemy actions like flanking and the enemy actually taking its time to actually and snare you but I can almost guarantee you that the endgame NPCs are programmed to push back when you as a solo player become aggressive so that's all to injury you are to disadvantage because the enemy deals a slightly high amount of damage and you're on your own out there if you wipe so initially you're better off if you adopt the mindset of taking out one bad guy at a time and working your way through the mission further still the developers have promised to make enemy spawns random so progress slowly because even when you think you may have cleared an area another surprise spawn may take you by surprise the second lesson I learned was knowing enemy types I had to know my enemy types and I know in the public beta of the division I was able to spar with the true sons and I must say that they and the black tusks are actually designed to our class you if possible so when you're dealing with the black tusks be aware of not only their high-end gadgets but also there are tactical abilities keep your ears open for those beeps that indicate that a drone is coming for you and beware of the role of each NPC type one of the things that helped me off was that it paid off when I targeted the drone controllers and then the medic in that specific order because the drone controllers are able to do significant damage from cover with very little effort I also targeted the medics because if I'm not mistaking they're able to revive down comrades and can use a repair drone to do so from cover nonetheless if you find the opportunity to take out any of the NPC's who are close to you use that opportunity at the same time may not always be a mathematical solution in taking out one enemy type before the other the third lesson that I learned was to prepare and over prepare now granted this is a lesson that I've used in running solo play from the past the Division one game and in the public beta the access to the gear was very limited in the end game we were only limited to what we were given and loot drops after the missions nevertheless that principle of over preparing and gathering everything that you need as a solo player can never be overstated the division 2 now comes with load outs and I know the menus and the sub menus are actually not that great but we have load outs which is a very practical functionality that's going to be shipping with this game and if you're a division veteran you know how long we waited for load outs so this provides you a major advantage as you can reduce the time it takes for you to get new gear or change builds in the middle of a mission and when you're in between combat scenarios the fourth lesson that I learned was to constantly be on the move the division 2 is a cover based shooter but unlike the division 1 game where you could sit and cover with minimal incentive to move from cover to cover while in combat the division 2 actually encourages you to do so you see the enemies are more proactive in the division 2 and it appears that their programming is directed at putting you at a tactical disadvantage everytime they find the opportunity even though you're sitting in cover they always try to come around and find a way to take you out so I found myself having to constantly move around play areas and constantly change positions when I was playing against the black tusks sometimes I had to backtrack all the way through the mission area in order to gain some ground and avoid the enemy NPCs actually circling me and taking me down this movement is not only to evade being ensnared by flanking NPCs but also to avoid enemy drones the NPC's UAV auto targeting capabilities work similarly to the secret mines if you move before the drone reaches your position there's a likelihood you can avoid getting hit altogether this brings me to the fifth lesson that I've learned and which is one that I think you may think may be silly but it is one which i think is probably going to be helpful and I'm going to explain why and this is a simple step such as adjusting your brightness settings now let me explain from a design perspective the black tusks are cosmetically granted black outfits to reduce their visibility even the hyenas and the true sons have dark colored outfits as well this has made some folks address the division too as kind of a dark game in its setting and in its aesthetics compared to the division one where the LM bees the cleaners and the Rikers they wore more vibrant colors but I wish to draw your attention to the hunter factions in the division one they were introduced later in the game and their cosmetic design seems to have the same core design philosophy as the black tusks and the true sons and some aspects of the hyena game design the division chews game design even though may have dark aesthetics is actually to put the enemy NPCs at a tactical advantage over you so that tactical aspect of reduced enemy visibility is very much at play here and this one that you have to be very aware of so adjusting your brightness settings might give you the edge that you need and your periphery will be able to spot enemy NPCs who are trying to use the dark aesthetic and the dark areas to flank you the final lesson that I wish to share is one that I've always applied in a Division one and this is in regard to the dark zone now when you go into the dark zone alone the rules are different the stakes are higher and so you want to maintain a high level of suspicion from any single player that you see that you do not know in fact I've been killed in the dark zone in the division one by a player that I know and he told me to shut up because he was trying to impress some girl in their group I felt so ashamed for him that day because he sounded like you know what I reserve my comments for later but granted there's a likelihood that you're going to meet friendlies in the dark zone but that loot is just so juicy and many agents just want to take it from you even though it may be something quite stupid they just still want to bully you and take it from you so when extracting you want to do some things like keeping yourself on the lookout and waiting until your chopper arrives before you actually go on attach or loot now I've heard some players tell me that if they have valuable loot and their agents after them or trying to kill them they go ahead and actually deconstruct the loot so that the enemy agents don't get it it's a different mentality and especially if you find yourself something that you're looking for but it works for them and you know one thing about the division as you continue to play don't get straighted by the amount of loot that you can't get instead focus on the loot that you receive if it's actually worth using and eventually you're probably going to get the loot items that you actually want the specific order after hours and hours of plan grinding that's just the culture of the game so these are six lessons that I've learned from my solo play and if you're a solo player or just a player who enjoys a solo content I implore you to please share your secret sauce or the community in the comment section below most of what I do is I learned from everybody else in the community because I'm not an expert in the division far be it for me I'm just a guy who wants to play the game just like everybody else who was in this so that's it for today and I'm looking forward to the division 2 and hopefully I'll see you in DC thank you for your time in your audience and I appreciate you for watching this video peace you


  1. In Summary
    Lesson 1 – Patience
    Lesson 2 – Know thy enemy (This is important! Take out the medics! They can revive NPCs)
    Lesson 3 – Be prepared
    Lesson 4 – Tactical (On the move)
    Lesson 5 – Brightness & contrast
    Lesson 6 – Keep on the Lookout in the Dark zone !

    My personal Lesson 7 – Know your play style! Work towards a play style for example and play that way! Knowing I’m a sniper I need to sit back and take out NPCs at a distance!

  2. The Brightness/Contrast is so true lol. Always did it in The Division 1 every time night comes (80% brightness). I haven’t bought The Division 2 yet because I’m doubtful about it being solo-friendly. I think I will now. Thanks for the vid 😉

  3. I've been playing solo since day 1, just take an SVD, take cover, and blind fire it at enemies. There is less recoil when you blind fire from cover, and it so accurate, you'll usually hit whatever ur shooting at

  4. Played a lot of DIV1. DIV2 improves on DIV1 a LOT. Im a solo player and DIV2 is a lot better for solo. DZ though is an issue. Being able to basically toggle in and out of rogue is even worse than the issues with walking in front of other players fire etc from DIV1. Good vid thanks

  5. I really don't want to be a solo player but none of my friends like looter shooters like I do so I have to. But at least even playing solo this game is really fun.

  6. Hi I think your videos are great & give wonderful advice, especially to novice or casual gamers & I thank you whole heartedly for that.
    There are still a couple of problems which I would like to point out though bud.
    When you call for backup & it arrives there are a couple of things that the backup must bear in mind.
    1. It could be a novice or casual player which is not as good as they are.
    2. Be patient with them, they are probably a bit lost with playing with another player especially if they play solo as I like doing.
    3. They are probably playing the mission for only the second time ,maybe only the first time as well.& cannot remember where they are going or don't know !
    4. Let them thank you before you disappear, it makes THEM feel better lol

  7. Lesson one: Run like a coward (Survivability)
    Lesson two: Stay out of the DZ, unless you get invited by elite DZ players.
    Lesson three: DO NOT go into the occupied DZ, until you have leveled-up in the "easy" DZ first.
    Lesson four: Have fun being sneaky.

  8. I'm a solo player because I like to play games at my own pace, the only thing that sucks about playing this game solo is no pause, lol.

  9. Nice video. I just bought this game a few days ago right after the free to play weekend. It helped that it's on sale too. LOL I am definitely a soloist. My buddy (level 30) sometimes play with me but for the most part, I play alone. It's by choice. Anyway, I am really enjoying the missions and overall experience. What I am not enjoying is weapon availability. My weapons are crappy. I wish I could do a better job with modding and crafting but I apparently am not finding the right materials or something. It's super frustrating. I would do a lot better if I had better guns. I also finally got a blueprint but now I can't find the crafting lady. I get so turnaround in this game. LOL

  10. Playing solo, for me anyway is the total immersion, into the game, I enjoy the sneaking, tracking and all other things you can do to gain advantages as was said in the video, this takes patience, ie if your sneaking into a sniper position, dont have your drone above you, I mean we can see there drones especially Black Tusks, I'm sure they can see ours. If you want to do farming especially around , say the solar farm and you dont own it, wait until night, rain storms or that amazing dust storm we get now and again. Or you could just capture it, but where the fun in that lol. Great video

  11. as someone who plays monster hunter world. I pretty much prefer playing solo as having someone on the team who doesn't know the game as much always happen to just cost us the mission. It's better to only worry about keeping yourself alive rather than worrying that your teammates might just keep on dying

  12. you talk a lot without saying anything, 1/3 into your video and we almost hit lesson 1 , maybe come to the point would be a good lesson?

  13. I just subscribe this morning and I think you get an overwhelming positive feedback because you're very practical and you use common sense instead of talking like a robot.👍💯

  14. that's me with my friend when he joins me he always rush in and get murdered while im still at the back shooting from covers xD

  15. I just finished the Division 2 story playing entirely solo, these are the lessons i learnt

    1. Know your playstyle – i personally played with seeker mines and flame turret, with an assault rifle and rifle
    2. Know how to deal with each enemy type – targeting weak spots, headshots, etc
    3. Use tactical cover movements during combat to avoid grenades, fire damage and to avoid being flanked
    4. USE SKILLS! – i often would take out 4 or more enemies using my seeker mines to surprise the enemy and gave me a distinct advantage at the beginning of a battle
    5. Equipment sets are critical – using the same brand of equipment gives you distinct and often critical bonuses such as damage, health and critical damage.

  16. If you want to take out drone controllers before they get to you and Explode wait till they launch the drones and take them out while they're above them while their in cover. It's an Effective way to take out the drone controller's and the Drones because they'll Explode above their heads. Two birds, one stone. Who dares wins.

  17. You can shoot the blade on the rc cars to disable them, but preferably you can just destroy it. If you can precisely shoot the magazine of the operators turret you can disable them right away and then enemy operator will try and fix them. If the operator is too far from his turret he will try and run towards this is an opportunity to gun down the operator and keep him from setting up turrets for the duration of the gunfight. The flamethrower enemies has a canister they carry on their back and that's their weakness (they are not immune to fire). Firing on tg. Glowing orb on the rushes chest will detonate them prematurely. Hitting the enemy in the chest multiple times will cause a stagger animation. This is will make them stay still for a couple of second that is your chance to land a critical hit (headshot). If you are rocking a LMG dont use all the ammo in your magazine, use it as a swap weapon when your primary is depleted and needs reloading, you can suppressed multiple opponents and use that time to use a skill, heal or throw a grenade from at them from where they are hiding in behind a cover, or use that to provide cover fire for your team mate so that can flank the enemy. The only enemies that is not affected by this are bosses (not veterans or elites) because of the amount of armor they have.

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