The Elder Scrolls Online: Scalebreaker – Official Trailer


  1. Que shit is this ?😂😂😂te as mamado Bethesda,solo quieres hacer dinero..ya hoy en dia los juegos son más para sacar dinero que para divertirse…

  2. the music stops for the grappling mechanic lol everyone loses their shit

    Rico from just cause: Am I a joke to you?

  3. All I see in dungeons in this game something that we solo player's cannot play without a group Todo this still love it tho cannot wait what happens next on the story 🖤

  4. Love the Elder Scrolls but also not a fan of online
    when ever I see a new game like Elswyer I get so excited, till I look closely and it says ONLINE!!

  5. Please pls pls pls put Johnny cash’s song called Cry Cry cry… it’s one of they best Johnny cash songs and it has major fallout/outer worlds vibe

  6. Lol, WoW classic drops in like 3 hours. Literally no one gives a fuk about a Bethesda game right now. Been straight ass since skyrim

  7. Can I transfer ps4 progress to my pc? That includes dlc’s and other in game purchases such as loot box content and other stuff and my different characters and their gear and champion level?

  8. Wow, dragons used to be such a unique thing about Skyrim, now they just flood them in everything for the publicity, pretty sad.

  9. Wait sai is back? But what if you sacrificed him in the main story? And also grappling hooks that wasn't in the dungeons…

  10. I really don't mind if Dragons take over the world of the Elder Scrolls they can probably do a better job of ruling than all the other races can

  11. I'm still confused about Sai Sahan. In my initial playthrough, I chose him to die and saved the Prophet. And Abnur Tharn made it very clear that his soul would be utterly consumed.
    So… how is that explained away?

  12. but what if sai sahan was chosen as sacrifice in the main quest ? did meridia not get enough out of darien gautier ?

  13. You ass hats are going the the drain fast amd ESO is not going to save you what will is remasterd fallout 3 and new vagus

  14. I feel like there wasn't enough talk about the fact we literally ended up fighting dragon on the moon.
    Because that was awesome.

  15. Now Bethesda reminds me of EA Games, which, before destroying a series of games, begin to “milk” it

  16. This is a public service announcement be careful learn from other companies blunders and you'll succeed at keeping a good reputation
    A worried fallout fan

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