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what does the future look like for the world of games let's look into the crystal ball wait a second where's my Nostradamus hat there we go this week we're looking at the future along with a bunch of other PBS Digital Studios channels in an amazing collaboration the future of games is important not just because we look forward to new games I know we all do but because games have served as a research and development arm for the rest of the wider world games often predict popular technologies before they actually take root for example it was games not movies or TV that pioneered the use of real-time 3d graphics while some of you have a Kinect that's just gathering dust in the corner there are other people who are doing amazing things with it like using it for physical rehab and the oculus rift which was originally just used for games has now found applications in all kinds of amazing places like watching nature documentaries and 360 degrees voiced by David Attenborough no less this is a very unusual sight a sleuth in a hurry or you could just hang out with your virtual friends on Facebook since games are so varied it's such a big universe and there's a lot that's going on we decided to dust off the old DeLorean and take a look at the Future 5 10 and 15 years down the road so come on let's go for a drive the first prediction I'm really excited about is that all players will be spectators and vice versa the explosion of streaming on Twitch is only going to increase in the coming years but it's going to morph in ways that I don't even think we can expect I mean yes they're still going to be let's play videos and live streaming of competitive matches but that line between spectator and player is going to continue to blur there will be people playing games and then other people watching those people play games and then hybrid people who will be both playing and watching at the same time I know it's all very very confusing but twitchplayspokemon was only the unbridled beginning since then twitches already started funding games that allow the crowd to participate in a more organized fashion like the crowd controlled choice chamber there's also the upcoming horror game daylight which is said to allow audience members to control the scares which is a feature I am NOT looking forward to for game show don't click it don't like it great now I'm not gonna be able to sleep thanks a lot next up I predict that music video games will produce an actual pop star games the music together have a long and intimate history but I like just you know topping along on a plastic controller in Guitar Hero 2 an amazing song like hot for teacher really love that song there's a new school of music video games like fracked and Fantasia that actually let you participate in the creation of new sounds not to mention there's already software like Ableton Live which adds a real performative element to electronic music but there's also input devices like the mono which already looks like a giant video game controller so since we have chiptune superstars it's not that much of a stretch to think that some will actually use video games someday to become bigger than Skrillex people have been using Mario Paint to do covers of songs for years not that it's particularly listenable but it's adorable I'll give you that okay so those predictions were pretty easy they don't really test my prognosticating powers yes that is a word you can look it up so let's jump ten years in the future and see what that looks like people have been fascinated with the idea of a machine that could mimic human communication for quite some time I mean look at Joseph wise and Baum's experiment with the elisa chat program in the 60s which was designed to replace human psychotherapists so my prediction for 2024 is that video games will finally get there NPCs will be totally indistinguishable from their human counterparts if you've seen Spike Jonze as her then that will give you an idea of what our communication with NPCs might look like in the future I mean I guess we could actually fall in love with them someday I think that's the case because of an advancement made in artificial intelligence that's known as deep learning that's where computers attempt to mirror our neural networks and deep learning Desmond effective with game AI there are some researchers in London who have been doing an experiment by teaching a computer how to learn from its mistakes when it plays the Atari 2600 and it turns out the computer actually gets better it's still in its infancy but ai-controlled characters may actually learn to play games the same way that we do which is totally crazy I mean that means that someday computer allies may actually cast the healing spell when we need them to in persona 3 or give us some real cover in a game like Call of Duty instead of just running around and doing whatever it is they do this isn't all good news per se I mean think about a game like Dark Souls if the bosses could adapt your strategies on-the-fly the game's hard enough as it is another thing that I'm banking on in 10 years is that the next big eSport star will totally be a household name twenty years ago eSports were nothing more than glorified land parties which are great land parties are awesome I mean I love land parties but it's not the same as it is now with more than 70 million people watching worldwide eSports is a big thing just like Chris Moneymaker gave a name and a face to poker which then kicked off this revolution of poker players over the last decade someone like that is going to emerge from League of Legends or Starcraft or dota and I know for a lot of you that person has already arrived obviously one big challenge still is how to get non-fans to watch eSports as spectators I mean if you look at online poker nobody watched it until they added a camera to the down cards to add that layer of suspense early football games didn't even have the score on it so until eSports get those types of technologies that will set the stage for the next big superstar gonna pop right down but what is the kind ok now I'm going to stretch my psychic powers to the max and look 15 years into the future oh this one is unfortunate but I believe a real war will be won or lost using technology that originated in the world of video games look at the evidence the military recruits gamers to fly drones some of them even use PlayStation controllers and DARPA is building these creepy walking robots that are controlled with a keyboard and mouse does that sound familiar at all unless we magically eliminate war someday we're looking at an enters game scenario which is really depressing now for a more upbeat but still bold prediction I think that consoles will be totally extinct the next teen years in fact it might happen before that so that means no ps9 Zechs box 21 60s or we AE IOUs or whatever it would call my theory works like this game consoles have become these big cost prohibitive structures so that means they only get changed every six or seven years meanwhile phones or tablets those get swapped out like every other year in 15 years they'll easily leapfrog consoles so we'll just carry around a phone or a tablet and hook that up to a monitor and that's just with the technology that we know about today just a couple of years ago nobody had heard of the oculus rift so in the future will totally be playing games but who knows what devices will even be playing them on and finally LARPing will become cool I mean just look at the popularity of Quidditch on college campuses probably some of you play that game right now but in the future with new technologies like Google glass augmented reality or this crazy thing the Seulong cortex which reads your surroundings and then projection maps some other universe overtop of them you won't need to use your imagination or dress up like another character that will just be part of your world it'll be awesome okay I couldn't name without making one super far-flung prediction a hundred years from now Nintendo will still be making Mario and Zelda and owada will be cryogenically frozen and still delivering those Nintendo directs I mean Who am I kidding that's probably happening right now in a lab somewhere in Kyoto near in kendos headquarters so what do you think how old games change 5 10 25 years from now be creative and hash it out in the comments if you liked what you saw please subscribe I will see you all next week and in the future last week we asked whether or not all games should be free-to-play let's see what you had to say Nikolas Madalena pointed to steam sales and humble bundles as proof that games are in fact getting cheaper yes that's only limited to PC games but it also doesn't take into account the high cost of entry that's still associated with playing these games in the first place but yes you're right there are some cheaper options now that are available and that's a wonderful wonderful thing Chris Williams points to the grand equalizing force the browser as a potential leveler of the playing field of the world of games that sounds like very triumphant doesn't it the browser to the rescue but you don't need a fancy high-end PC or console you could just use the computer at the library if those are still around 20 years from now Jesse Harris takes issue with the idea that games are inaccessible due to price he says you probably already own a PC smartphone and/or high-speed Internet access he also says you can get a lower end PC that plays lower res graphics and all this can be had for the low low price of $800 ok let's take a step back here a lot of you echoed this in the comments specifically around the price of the PC some of you said it was $800 some of you said it was $1000 whatever it might be look at the big picture here the average median household income in the United States is 51,000 dollars a household is defined as a family of four people it's lower in other parts of the world spending $800 $1,000 $1,200 on top of what you're already spending in terms of other pieces of technology high-speed Internet is not an insignificant amount of money it just just isn't compared to other mediums for example if you want to listen to unlimited music you can find streaming service for 10 to 15 dollars a month if you want to watch a lot of movies you can buy an unlimited streaming service for 10 to 15 dollars a month those are low barriers to entry to people who want to participate in those respective media communities that I'm asking the fundamental question of whether that just should be a presumption that you have to spend a thousand dollars to participate in games in the first place so think about that q PM KR o – i hope i'm pronouncing that right points out as many of you did that free-to-play games often require you to spend more money over the long term I think one thing that's important to note is that there's free-to-play as an existing economic model versus free-to-play which just means literally free-to-play I was talking about free-to-play like literally free-to-play not about the economic system necessarily that leverages your weakness for spending money in candy crush saga I think if you start from the perspective that all games should be free that opens the door for new forms of experimentation and the possibility that there are other ways to do free-to-play other than the way it's currently being enacted cata holic left me a strongly worded note disagreeing with me about a lot of different things I mentioned the barriers of entry for PC price a little bit earlier but the other part of Cal hogs critique is this idea that making games more accessible or more mainstream is a good thing he doesn't necessarily think that that's the case right and I think that that's what undergirds this whole this whole conversation about income inequality in games I think we all need to ask ourselves whether we do want games to be these gated communities that are only for the privileged few or whether games are a right that all people should essentially have that's a question you really need to ask yourself and you if you have the perspective that adding more people to the club harms the thing that you love deeply I think you need to question what that thing is that you love in the first place is it games or is it something else penguin wants to know why is my hair so wonderful and what's my secret well I have a confession for you all sometimes when a black man loves a Mexican woman so much as my parents did and that's how mixed-race babies are born


  1. Grind season till the casket don't ever settle for less ignore the naysayers and doubters salute to everyone out here getting it.

  2. We all know how you want the future of games to be and I am sure most of us will do a lot to make sure it won't happen

  3. I think graphics are going to be super super real, and maybe at that point, maybe there would be a gaming device which will be super super real as well, and you can taste the food you eat and stuff.

  4. The real breakthrough in the future of video games is actual artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Imagine, a million NPCs all more dynamically intelligent than yourself thinking a million times the speed you can. Sooner than we think, we should just be able to pitch ideas to a supercomputer and on it's own it will develop games with a much deeper understanding than we even have ourselves for what we want. In our life we will see our entire planet replicated as it is or close to (for legal reasons) in a video game, and we can interact with every inch of it in every way possible, and it might even be on our phone.

  5. Music video games have already created a real pop star, Taylor Swift. In a way it's true actually. Her father is the financial advisor of Meryl Lynch and maybe the richest man in Tennessee and she appeared as the featured artist in a karaoke video game before she was legitimately famous. Basically her father paid for her to be exposed in every way possible until the world went along with her being famous, and a video game was a very early start of that.

  6. Future of games: I say more rouge like elements in level creation, loot drops, item crafting (see: Diablo, borderlands, bloodbourne)

  7. My prediction: In 20 years, people will be using transformative devices which are paper-thin, flexible and virtually indestructible. It will fit in your pocket, but can be stretched to be a tablet, propped up like a laptop or desktop computer, or slapped onto a wall to be a large screen TV. It will will even wrap around your wrist like a watch or your eyes like a visor. A truly all-in-one device that eliminates the need to own a console.

  8. Have you ever asked yourself what the future of gaming would be like. Video gaming has been exciting for as long as we can remember, back in the 1970s is where the fist video game was introduced to the public, it was basically a small radio monitor that was used in battleships. This monitor displayed a very basic tennis game, you had two small rectangles on each side of the screen that represented tennis rackets and in the middle you would have a small square that took the role of a tennis ball, it was a big achievement back then. Nowadays video games pushed the boundaries, graphics and gameplay wise but there is still a question that has not been answered yet, what is the future of gaming. In this topic, we will be discussing what the future of computer games would be like.

  9. Big budget adult porn games.

    Think about it, we're already getting expensive action/adventure games with full nudity and increasingly more intimate sex scenes. It's only a matter of time before a major game studio makes an RPG with explicit sex as one of it's main focuses.

  10. Hey, my prediction is that the speed and ease of game production will improve massively, so it takes only a year or six months or a week to make a game like Far Cry 4 because the construction platform will become more like narrating to a computer and telling it what you want where and visual recognition and 3d mapping will have caught up with this like some sic-fi google images which means that everyone can do it by telling stories and decorating worlds with their description that they see created around them as they go. This means playing games will speed up and become more like watching movies, you play a game for a few hours and Finnish it then move on to the next there'll be that many. Also they'll figure out dyeing in games, the least realistic element is dining and then continuing so they make more and more inventive ways of not dyeing but it still being challenging and thrilling so the best or worst games can complete games, with varying levels of fines. Finally robots will solve third world hunger and within years bring the third world up to date with the developed west, we'll run out of space and all be put in identical perfect realities in a tin can but the robots will have to wake us up when a quantum rift that functions like an EMP tares half the world apart, then the real world which had been abandoned will seem all  magical and robots will develop emotions and feel sorry for humans and release us sending us to the other mapped habitable planets they have prepared for us. Or something like that, I think.

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