The ULTIMATE ‘Super’ 4K Gaming PC 2019! (Ryzen 3700X & RTX 2080 Super)

PC gaming is getting better and better and here we are with one heck of a gaming PC that not only crushes Ultra gaming but is capable of just about anything all for a very reasonable price if you are in the market for a little upgrade or maybe an entire new gaming PC this video is going to show you what you can expect from some of the very best hardware on the market right now and hopefully give you a few ideas what you can do for your own rig and now it's actually a great time to grab some new gear as this video is sponsored by asus rog and their christmas in july sale it may be the hottest time of the year the christmas has well and truly come early with huge savings on some of the very best gaming gear you can buy right now is up to 43 percent off the award-winning claymore mechanical keyboard huge price drops and gaming laptops and so many deals on monitors but hurry this offer ends on the 31st of July so be quick an upgrade to a battle station with the links down in the description below our journey begins with the processor which yes is team red AMD risin the 3700 X this third gen CPU is all about price to performance and it's actually very easy to recommend AMD sent this out for a review earlier in the month and with 8 cores it's not only suitable for high-end gaming with things like battlefield 5 but it's great for streaming rendering photo processing pretty much any high-end tasks and the thing that really is so great about it is actually the cost is that around about 300 pounds at the time of filming you're getting some serious horsepower for a very reasonable amount of money unfortunately the same can't really be said for the motherboard however as here we're using gigabytes X 570 or as master AMD sent this out along with the CPU and there is actually quite a lot to like here io is the obvious one with a huge number of USB ports 2.5 gig Ethernet and then support for three PCIe SSD s but the main advantage here is actually the future-proofing as the board supports PCIe 4 for the next-gen SSDs and graphics cards but if you are looking to pick up a new computer purely from a price performance perspective that I wouldn't really say that spending this amount of money on a motherboard actually made that much sense and you can get similar features and very similar performance or actually a fair bit less so if you are looking to pick up a new motherboard for Rison is definitely worth doing your homework and seeing exactly the features you want and spending the appropriate amount of money on the RAM from we're shooting down the middle with a 32 hundred megahertz vengeance pro kit sent out by Corsair for a previous build it's definitely worth getting some high-speed memory for Rison as you can see better performance across the board and prices are actually coming down a little bit which can make things a fair bit easier this 16 gigabyte kit looks great as a load of snazzy effects in IQ and is bright enough to stand out amongst the rest of your RGB bling but this build really gets going when we turn to the graphics card however as nvidia just shipped out the RT x 2080 super and even more powerful GPU than the 20 AC but priced almost identically this means that while you are still going to need to fork out quite the pretty penny you're going to unlock even more gaming performance from the same amount of cash injection neat benchmarks will follow a little bit later in this video but you can expect the card to crush gaming at all resolutions and even allow for some 60 FPS gaming at 4k Ultra settings in a fair few titles another area that you can definitely save yourself some money is on the storage and you can do this really without any compromise as well there are some brand new gen 4 PCIe SSD s there's only a couple to choose from and they are very expensive at the moment so have a look at the slightly older PCIe SSDs as they'd come down in price massively over the last few years and the one that I'm using here is the 970 Evo plus which was sent out by samsung earlier in 2019 this tiny little stick packs a terabyte of storage that's not only incredibly fast but really will work wonders and speeding up your boot times for games and windows it's about 100 pounds cheaper than the PCIe Gen 4 drives which may well be faster but they're not really the best value things out there now for cooling you probably already spotted the deep called Castle 240 an i/o liquid CPU cooler that really does stand out from the crowd with oversized RGB pump unit that just looks incredible now team coach sent this out when it was first released and I'm really pleased to say that the price has actually come down quite a bit to the point where it's really easy to recommend as the performance is great and the fully addressable RGB results in a really unique and striking aesthetic I also brought forward deep calls power supply from the old bill to as it's still working without any issues and with 850 watts of power it is more than good enough for our PC today and likely every upgrade that you'll be making in the future it's definitely not the most interesting part out there but it's rated gold for efficiency as modular black cables and it is just generally a great fit in this system but I have to say that I really have saved the best here till last as my favorite thing about this entire build definitely has to be the case as this thing looks so unique so special and yet it was just so easy to build in no I'll be completely honest and say that when Lindley sent out this Oh 11 dynamic I wasn't really that excited I haven't used a leanly case before and I pictured their enclosures being quite difficult to build in I really couldn't have been more wrong however as this Razer edition of the O 11 dynamic is the perfect blend of the traditional Tower but with the quirkiness of the squarish chassis that's becoming more and more common the end result is that you have bags of space in the main chamber they can be used to show off and fit all of your components but still enabling the carefree cable management and the rear with practically no effort at all being required for a really clean looking build the front panel consists of one single sheet of glass with RGB chroma RGB lighting on the sides and underneath but this won't stop you getting a great cooling potential is there a fan mount on the sides of the case as well as the top and bottom so this means that no matter how you want to set up your computer it shouldn't really be too difficult to get decent cooling just make sure that you buy some fans as they're not included here lately did send me out a set of addressable RGB fans that are used for this build but of course there are loads of great options available now an issue I did have with this computer though is actually with the noise levels as out of the box it was incredibly loud and obviously you can tune this and it is way quieter now than it was but the couple of issues that I do have with the calling are the fact that the motherboard fans software in the desktop isn't that great I actually found it's easier to set everything up just with the motherboard software but then also in terms of ongoing noise levels I can't seem to get this quite as quiet as I'd like maybe this is because of the motherboard fan that seems to spin at very high rpms even when there's not that much going on maybe it's the fans themselves maybe it's just how its set up and configured point being that if you do build everything that I've done here or you're at least doing something quite similar be aware that this will take a little bit more work and that some other solutions are actually just that little bit easier to set up in terms of performance though this thing is really pretty special and the numbers show just how capable this computer is for pretty much everything in its wake sure there are faster flagship rice and CPUs out there with increased core counts but eight cores is really looking like the real sweet spot at the moment for a price to performance and as for gaming well this is just what this rig was planned for with numbers that will keep everyone happy no matter the resolution bearing in mind that all of these numbers were taking at the highest presets apex fortnight and podgy all here over 60 FPS average at 4k which yes isn't perfect as it does dip below this but why Kay couple of settings down and then use an async monitor and you have a sublime experience without needing to spend any more 1440p and 1080p though well I really do hope you have a high refresh rate monitor as you're going to need it to put all of these frames to good use pair this system with a 144 Hertz 1440p display and everything is going to be oh so crisp yet so smooth Full HD is definitely a bit of an interesting one however is here you will see a little bit of bottle necking on the CPU side but you could potentially clear this up a bit if you are happy to overclock my advice though is that if you are looking at a GPU this powerful then really you do need to upgrade your monitor as unless you're specifically targeting 240 Hertz you're not really going to be getting the most from the system here and even if you are well this is probably one you should be looking at something like an 9900 K from Intel all things considered though I have to say that this is one of the best-looking systems I think I've ever put together it looks awesome it has tasteful RGB it has a nice amount of effects but it not only stands out but I think it serves a fair bit of function too as it supports so much hardware and the price performance here well there definitely are tweaks that we can do to make it even better oh actually not that bad this time around and if you're looking for a high-end gaming system I don't think you need to go too far astray from what we've got here let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget that you can check out current pricing on everything featured down in the description and while you're down there don't forget that you still have time to pick up some new gear and ace uses Christmas in July sale whether it's a PG three for aq ultra wide for 799 pounds a prime Z 394 115 pounds of the RG delta for 135 pounds there are deals out there for everyone the offers end 31st of July so you better be quick check it out down in that description thank you so much for watching though I really do appreciate it hit the like button if you've enjoyed it it helps out so so much you wouldn't believe and obviously get subscribed for more builds more setups we're gonna go ham we're gonna do it thank you so much I'll see you in the next one


  1. I'm still not convinced yet that "4K Gaming" is quite there yet. 1440p? Absolutely! 4K still needs a few more steps in the right direction in my opinion.

    Great video mate.

  2. Hi guys, i need some help… Im building my first ever pc and a wanted to know if its good and what can be upgraded. I would really apreciate if you could helo me.
    Motherboard: asrock b450
    Gpu: msi armor rtx 2070
    Cpu: r5 3600x
    Psu: corsair semi modular 650w
    Storage: 240gb ssd and 2tb hdd
    Ram: corsair vengeance 2x8gb 3200hz
    This is my build until know, i would really apreciate if tell me what you think about it.
    (srry for bad english) 🙂

  3. 1440p resolution should be the new standard for gaming and really almost anything else, but 4k is still a bit of a novelty when it comes to gaming, you really need extremely hardcore hardware to run games at playable fps, and still even then the bloody RTX super still doesnt even get 60+ fps across the board, 4k will really be more of a standard maybe 2-5 years from now

  4. i'm using msi meg x570 ace, ryzen 3 3200g,gtx1060..T_T…3700x delivery got delayed so i run out to grab the 3200g to use for a week..

  5. Doing a similar build to this but in the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mirror Black and using the 5700xt but im waiting for the partners cards to drop

  6. Hello PC CENTRIC! I've finished building a pc . Everytime I watch ur videos I wanna build a pc and now I finished it! I get BSOD everytime I do a stress test? Out of 20 minutes 12 minites in i get bsod? My windows is pirated and my mobo is msi x570 a pro then ryzen 5 3600. I get difference crash codes do you think its the ram? Or is the CPU factory defect? Because it crashes during stress test. Please reply I love your videos and its kinda sad for my first pc 🙁

  7. When you realize "Pc Centric" is a team red playa so you tear down your erotic shrine dedicated to his glory..

  8. I am doing a build for my birthday and I’m wondering if it is a good idea to get an rtx 2060 or upgrade to something else.

  9. Hi guys, hope you are having a good day!
    I was wondering if you could help me chosing a CPU for a RX 5700XT, nice vid btw c:

  10. Here is what my new build is going to be.

    Ryzen 5 2400g
    Coolermaster g100m (futureproofing and the pretty RGB)
    16gb or 32gb ddr4 memory 3000mhz or 3200mhz cl16
    Corsair sf600
    Silverstone ml07b
    MSI b450i gaming plus
    Intel 660p 2tb
    3440 x 1440p 100hz monitor

    Minecraft gets in the hundreds of frames per second on my fx 4300 and gtx 650 and it does pretty well already when I have shaders on. I also want to play rocket league, CSGO, overwatch, league of legends, GTA 5 (probably on low detail, or in 1720 x 720p), world of tanks/warplanes/warships, etc.

    The motherboard is what it is because I want to put a Ryzen 7 4700x when they get discounted heavily, and I will get an AMD next gen GPU when they have aftermarket coolers.

  11. I am soooo tempted to move to the White PC-011 Dynamic. Had it sat in my basket for a while. Only thing stopping me is that it won’t take SLI and bottom rad I don’t think! Need to swap out my 1080Tis for a single 2080Ti but two GPUs looks sooo pretty.

    Great video as always. Nice looking build. Jolly good show sir.

  12. be4 i had the ryzen 5 2600 with the rtx 2080, without realising it bottlenecked hard in games and even not cpu heavy games. when i upgraded to 3700x i got 30+ more fps in almost every game i play. definitely worth the upgrade

  13. Ultimate? 🤮🤮🤮
    It gets WAY WAY WAY Faster my guy…😑😑😑
    2x titan rtx + i9 9980xe (or so)🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍
    My 1080ti is faster at 4k then your 2080.

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