The worst NBA playoff game was over 48 minutes of garbage time

the NBA playoffs should elicit fond memories of classic games with clutch heroics birds steal Reggie Miller's eight points in nine seconds Ray Allen's miracle three the best teams and the best players squaring off ought to be the pinnacle of basketball but in 2009 we got a playoff game that was so ghastly James Naismith would have regretted coming up with the sport in the first place this is the worst NBA playoff game April 27th the year of our Lord 2000 and then nine New Orleans arena in you guessed it New Orleans Louisiana game for the first round playoff series between the Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Hornets the nugs comfortably held serve in Colorado each of the first two games but with the series shifting for Game three the Hornets got a boost from their home fans including Dwayne Carter and they escaped with a win by the skin of their teeth these two teams have been absolutely clobbering each other throughout this series and it didn't take long for this one to also devolve into a slugfest just one minute into this catastrophe Kenyon Martin introduces his ass to Tyson Chandler's face and shortly thereafter professional agitator Dante Jones Wallops an unsuspecting Chris Paul right in the back reigning coach of the year Byron Scott's defensive strategy for star forward Carmelo Anthony was to toss noted defensive stopper Peja Stojakovic on him and not give him any help and would you look at the brutal struggle Melo has to endure to get his buckets before anyone's broken a sweat the nugs have built a 15-point lead and Scott is already out of answers you know it's bad when his super star point guard gets I sewed up on Nene who has twice his size and he still can't shake loose at this point even Hugo the Hornet knows that everyone is doomed cp3 gets yet another love tap for Martin before the first quarter comes to a close at which point the Nuggets are hitting over two-thirds of their shots the hornies haven't even hit one third of theirs and we have already got a blowout this game is so bad even the clock decides to throw in the towel going about 17 seconds just stuck on 956 until the next dead ball completely unnoticed by everyone and letting us soak in a few precious extraneous seconds because twenty eight hundred and eighty are not enough I am the only person in the world that has ever discovered this glaring clock failure and you now know my most sacred secret any hopes of making this competitive are dashed the moment Chris Anderson drains this fadeaway baseline Jay if a goddamn Birdman is doing whatever the hell he pleases to you you deserve nothing even Tyson Chandler's attempt to fight back with a blatant shove of Nene simply results in an and-one but basketball doesn't get any shittier than what comes next James Posey flubs this layup and then let's quickly scroll through their next ten possessions foul and free throws foul and free throws foul and free throws turnover turnover foul and free throws turnover foul and free throws foul and free throws foul and free throws if that doesn't get the blood coursing through your veins I do not know what will finally with 146 left in the half this Rasul Butler wide open air ball is their first actual field goal attempt since Posey barked up that layup nearly five and a half game minutes earlier we soon reach halftime so let's check in with Chris Webber and Gary Payton hey guys don't go anywhere we'll be right back with the t-mobile halftime show in some scintillating conversation a mod and BB at least we know nothing can dampen the spirit of those two or anyone else puffing the magic dragon onto half number two the Hornets actually put together a productive possession moving the ball and ultimately finding a wide-open page estoy Yaakov itch in the corner now folks page estoy Yaakov itch at the time he'll release this shot is one of the three or four greatest long-range snipers ever and he is wide-ass open [Applause] right about now Byron Scott is desperate because they're at a point where they're looking for Shawn marks to manufacture some offense and that is never a good thing for anyone it's gotten so bad the third quarter ends with James Posey executing the most shameless disregard for getting a shot up before the buzzer that you will ever see going into the fourth Byron Scott trots out his concession lineup of Antonio Daniels and four guys whose asses have been glued to the bench the entire evening and just lets them flop around for all 12 minutes early in that final frame much to Steve Smith's delight this lenez Clay's a three puts the nugs up party and Denver coach George Karl is going on like two hours just sitting there with that little smile on his face especially when mo Peterson Chuck's up yet another Hornets air ball or this pass from Daniels in which he either expects Devon Brown to immediately have a three-foot growth spurt or just wants to give a souvenir to a fan in the third row a couple possessions later Renaldo Balkman tees up Johan Petro for this layup yes we've now entered the Renaldo Balkman Johan Petro portion of the proceedings and it pushes their lead to at this point even coach Scott simply can't hide his amusement with what he's seeing when this Jason Hart jumper splashes through the Nuggets are doubling up the Hornets with under three minutes to play and if there is any doubt that this is the worst playoff game in NBA history announcer Rick Kamla has a mess for you because our grandkids that we called the worst playoff game in the history of the night when the fat lady finally sings the score stood at 121 263 not only is that 58 point spanking tied for the largest of any playoff game ever but in the 35 years preceding this game no team had lost a home playoff game by even 40 from the very inception of the NBA through that oh nine postseason there were twelve thousand seven hundred and seventy two quarters of playoff hoops only 77 others featured one team out scoring another by at least twenty that's about one and a hundred and sixty-six this game had to such quarters and it wasn't all that far from having a third the 63 points the Hornets scored were a franchise low for any game and was a number reached by Denver less than a minute into the third quarter the Hornets 17 buckets were also the fewest by any team in any regular or postseason game in 55 years this game would have been a contender for the worst NBA game period that had occurred in the postseason had the clock conspiring against us to extend the game even longer than 48 torturous minutes the countless air balls the half quarter of a team not getting a shot up and plenty more make this the hands-down unequivocal worst playoff game the NBA has ever delivered Naismith didn't die for this hey folks thanks so much for reliving this disastrous excuse for a basketball game with me if you liked it there is plenty more where that came from as always don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you didn't don't forget to yell at me 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  1. When they put players “who’s asses are glued to the bench the whole game” it means game over. Weither the’re winning or lossing. Good One😂😂😭

  2. I honestly believe that the Nets and Hornets/Pelicans would have had a championship if they had another coach not named Byron Scott. He was always absolutely clueless.

  3. I know Chauncey Billups didn’t do much in denver in retrospect, but he’s from Denver. There’s only 3 or so cities in the country where that barley matters

  4. I guarantee that halftime show didn't help matters much. Gary Payton was so annoying with his corny ass jokes.

  5. If the Hornets made all the free throws the Nuggs gave them then it would be not much of a blowout and they would build momentum from there

  6. I saw the thumbnail and the title and knew exactly what game this was. I was an unfortunate 11 year old who had the honor of being there. At a certain point we just stayed bc it was a historically terrible game. I went to like 1/2 of the regular season home games that year and the year prior and never saw any of those bench players play before. This was the last time my family bought Hornets/Pelicans tickets.

  7. First off the nba was trash 2008-09 period already. Plus overrated cp3 and melo involved makes sense to me

  8. Cp3 nickname in the playoffs Mr freeze. For a top 50 player cp3 sure doesn't do a dam thing in the playoffs.

  9. 5:48 Well guess what

    Renaldo Balkman is putting a good results here at the Philippines Basketball League teaming up with the San Miguel Beermen

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