1. I think if you want to increase your views and subscribe to your channel from Vietnam viewer. You can make some reaction videos of hot Vietnamese songs. Vietnamese people love to see that and you have the advantage because you have Vietnamese subtitles.

  2. 8:54 that ult didnt go through windwall, its because sylas threw it next to the windwall so that it can explode, windwall cant block the explosion

  3. Rank VN chơi đa số cá nhân là nhiều ,tư duy với văn hóa còn kém nhiều lắm ,nên leo rank đơn đôi thì nên đánh 2 người cho chắc

  4. You are climbing rank in Viet Nam server and nobody is vietnamese comment in this video ?
    Việt Nam đâu điểm danh nào

  5. When Cowsop says 50% of his viewers aren't subbed so you feel guilty and sub :3. Does the Cow ever play any other champs? I like watching Yi but I'm curious. I saw his Morg jg once.

  6. he said can you make my team not bad when the only bad is himself master yi main and you dont even know how to play your champion get the fuck out of here dude

  7. Just subscribed after watching you for the longest time. I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Thank you for your years of content helping us learn yi and his advantages. Even though I do not play on hit Yi, Subscribed!

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