This low budget Gaming PC is ACTUALLY fast!

blues feeding your freaking bag of cat food it's gonna get 3331 I'm screwed so it takes an entire minute to reboot a truck that's how is this techno now these things are supposed to be flying all right so now that we got the stupid radio figured out in the truck we were heading down to Micro Center because now that all of the cards have been shown everyone's CPUs this stuffer out – Intel's tooth Jen coming who knows when we are going to do what we do every single year around here and that is build a cheap budget gaming computer that doesn't suck you know what guys I got new merch it's available now Cod me calm slash tasty sense we got zip up hoodies we got tri-blend we got a new logo I digress since 2012 but the rest logo you guys been asking for that anyway well guys little bit uh well kinda stuff zip up hoodies beanies polos don't take my word for it cuz obviously I can't do this Edie so just look in the description below and you guys will find the link Thanks that was a bunch of different ways that you can do this and a lot of people like to go from the mindset uh built the cheapest computer possible take all the parts store buy lowest price by the top of the lowest price and then just put it together and see what happens but we've done that in the past what we've often found is that there is a terrible diminishing return I guess backward summation return where you spend too little and that you really sacrifice in areas that you didn't lead to if you just spent a little more so our logic here is kind of like sort by lowest price and then buy like 2 or 3 items up from the low now we don't have a set price goal that we're going for here a lot of people like to do a challenge of like $500 $700 whatever and then don't go a dollar above that we are just going for save as much money as possible see what it costs at the end of the day and then compare the performance and we are heading down the Micro Center and I am paying for this out of my own money because you think differently versus like august's take parts off the shelf and it's easy to add 20 here and add 10 there and add 5 there because that's what she had those people don't have part shelves to just go grab parts off of so we're heading down here and spending our own money because that makes you really think differently on where you want to save 5 save 10 spend 10 and we think we put together a pretty good list of parts now what we're also going to do because we head to Micro Center we often get pushback from the audience especially those that don't live near Micro Center because you can't buy a graphics card you can't buy CPUs online at Micro Center that's often because their bundle deals and their prices are so low below map or minimum minimum advertised brightest price in most instances people are like I can't buy it so that's not fair so whatever we end up with we're gonna also show you what it would have cost us at Newegg I wonder would have costume and Amazon at least locally in the region oh man so let's go and see what we end up with okay so we're at micro Center here in Tustin California there's only one micro Center in California I was get people like which micro Center in California there's only one and unfortunately left to live fortunate enough to live within about an hour of it so here are the parts we ended up with we start with a case this is like the third time I've gone with a Corsair carbide series spec go to case because a case is just a box you put your parts in of course it's responsible for air flow but the logic here is always get the cheapest case you could stand to look at that has decent air flows away I always go with that and this the value for this case I mean here Micro Center we got it for $59.99 now yes there are cases that you could get to like 49 or 44 bucks but those either had terrible air flow or they included only one fan or no fans at all this includes three fans which means we didn't have to add fans to the case which meant we were able to keep the price down because the cheapest fans you could buy even for like 120 it's gonna be something like 10 bucks apiece and so you buy two or three of those now you're up until like the 60 $70 range which made this the better buy so when it comes to are the rest of our parts here we'll just kind of go through it talk about the price at the end I went with a risin 2600 and the reason for this and people don't be like wait a minute isn't then two out well yes it is but you member that video I did where I said don't buy anything yet please for the love of God wait don't buy it's because we knew these price lashes were coming when I said I don't mean drop I mean slash horizon 2600 versus the 3400 G was kind of where I was shopping but the value for the 3400 G comes into the fact that it's an APU and has a graphics card built into it still running on Vega graphics so we decided to do is go with the 2600 which gives us more cores and doesn't have functionality that we don't need now to couple that with a board that has value with it we went to be 450m even if you're running as n2 or brand-new 3000 series AMD we still recommend v4 50 if you're not looking to push over clocks too far you're not running you know the high-end SKUs or something like the you know what 12 core 24 thread still has a decent enough for +3 digital power design so you can still overclock on this have reliability em not to slide and when you couple the bundle deal of this motherboard with this processor micro Center you get 30 bucks off which made this only cost like 44 dollars the firm value for 1080p gaming lies with Polaris so the RX 578 gigabyte at we got it here for a hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents if you use user benchmarks to compare this to anything from Nvidia you've got to spend $200 or more to get the same performance you're getting out of this with 1080p gaming and rasterization r-tx and all that aside at the price point we're shopping here DXR is not something you're gonna get to experience if you just want a good framerate plenty of frame buffer or eight gig frame buffer this is where we shopped right here you could have gotten a 580 for a few bucks more but again we were going for value here in terms of storage a two terabyte Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm drive coupled with a DX 500 from crucial so the two terabyte drive is 49 the 580 or 480 gigabyte Drive was $49 the SSD storage has definitely come down and I'm sorry but 500 megabytes a second is plenty of read/write for most people Ram no not not that ram now Ram was one of those things where when we were trying to do our budget builds and stuff last year was extremely hard because Ram prices were through the roof we could not get 16 gigabytes for under a hundred and like eighty dollars last year so we've got 16 gigabytes of g-scale ages 3000 megahertz memory which is perfect present rise in 2000 series for you ready for this where is it I can't even fine I'm not ready for it $59.99 – 8 gigabyte 3000 megahertz 6 CL 16 for 60 bucks the sadness came when you drop your power supplies the sadness came from the fact that our power supply was 80 bucks we had a hard time shopping for a power supply we used to be able to get 500 to 600 watt bronze rated power supplies for $50 all day long now we went with a bigger power supply than we need for this build because we didn't want to destroy future upgrade ability by having a power supply that was only enough for this system which means you can't plop in a bigger graphics card or a higher end Zen CPU or something because you'd be at the ragged edge of where it's safe faris your power supplies to have a CX 650 M semi modular stop it it's a bronze rated power supply which is plenty for this build so what is our grand total here at micro center with Tech's 660 dollars and 42 cents and no that's not the cheapest PC we could build but like we explained at the beginning this is the best value we think we could build without going too expensive and I think the performance we're gonna get for this price it's going to be at least one and a half maybe even closer to 2x what we were able to get last year and one other thing you'll also get with this I didn't even mention is because there's a AMD promotion right now we also have the xbox pc gaming pass with this graphics card so you get access to like that entire PC library that's available from Xbox and PC I think for like three months or something like that so there is that added value to it alright so know we got you next we've got to go and put it together when it comes to performance all we did was come in here and put a more aggressive fan curve we still can't hear it and the temperatures came down a lot but we did over turn on the XMP profile so it's 3,000 megahertz memory with the CL 16 timing so we know risin 2000-series likes fast memory and ironically the 3000 megahertz was cheaper than the 2400 megahertz so of course we went with that let's go and get in here to do now what we're caring about here is the magic 60fps and that's all we get in the menu but as soon as we load up something we don't know tightens around there we go do this is just Arcade Mode rack up as many points as you can get we are running the Vulcan API so if a good video you can see 1080p right there anti-aliasing as SMA a everything else is kind of stock motion blur off overall quality though we are set to ultra this is the first time we have done any sort of a sensible minded budget type build where we could enable ultra in Doom we've done this in the past but we could not run ultra on doom because we would start dropping below that 60fps but what I want to show you here is that we are running ultra right now that's the ultra preset we touch nothing else in there 120 fps right there we are definitely getting the job done so Doom is one of those games that has really withstood the test of time in terms of beauty it is the textures are amazing the lighting is amazing and that's why I will always test with this game but look at the fps right here again in Ultra 140 fps we've never had an experience like this at this price point and a lot of that has to do with the fact that we have gotten massive reduction in pricing on memory and storage but Jay dooms easy to run what about games that aren't easy to run well let's go and run the Far Cry 5 benchmark our max GPU temperature in that gaming portion right there was 61 but even without overclocking the CPU you can see this was our CPU usage in Doom we know Vulcan is really good but a really good API with low overhead so that is amazing right there so here's Far Cry 5 and like I said it's a CPU intensive title as well and then we're using the ultra preset with ta-taa anti-aliasing because that's what we run all of our benchmark sets we want to see if we can get 60fps in Far Cry 5 with every on ultra for 1080p I wouldn't even feel comfortable calling this a budget bill at that point I mean it is because it's it's low budget I mean a $650 PC with tax is certainly low budget but it's not low budget experience at least as it used to be in the past yeah so minimum FPS 50 for a minimum of 50 for average of 60 to maximum of 70 for 60fps plus ultra far cry 5 with a $600 tower it's one of the last times we tested dirt rally we we couldn't go over like medium settings and that was I think we were doing like the 2400 G with the APU or something like that we're gonna go ahead and go straight to ultra here because why the heck not so this is another one of those titles that can be fairly CPU bound so that's one of the reasons why I chose not to go to the 3400 gene I know I said this in beginning a video and I'm showing you now why I'm reiterating that choice because we had no intentions of using an APU for this price point with the drop and prices of memory the drop in prices for storage and the jeep the fact that you can still get at RX 578 Giga Byte at least at Micro Center for 149 dollars is why I had absolutely no problems with dropping the APU support for for extra compute threats and as you can see we're sitting at 3.75 the whole time no CPU overclock whatsoever so these scores that you're seeing will go up if you do some sort of an overclock but this and I hate to sound I hate to sound cliche but this is butter smooth this is buttery smooth no stuttering no stumbling at all and we'll have to see what the FPS fps is at the end of the run but this this is an amazing time to be a PC gamer especially if you've been waiting if you listen to my video I did a month or two ago whatever month ago that said wait just wait you could get the CPU right now for 119 dollars at Micro Center average FPS 81 point seven seven this is it's funny we could we get to work with the the highest end hardware in the industry but I really nerd out over over this over the average guy going man I don't have that kind of money to spend but knowing now that you can get this level of performance and the GP you never went harder than 61 then you can get this level of performance with just not breaking the bank I mean I'm not saying $600 isn't a lot of money but I'm saying compared to what you could spend for a computer this is a significant amount of money or significant savings of money because this computer is still fully capable of doing things like Photoshop doing things like premiere video rendering and I think the six core twelfth fedra actually do a pretty good job of it because I use the eight core 16 threat when resident first came out this is better IPC a little bit but better IPC than the original 1,800 and the fact that you could do live-streaming with this if you wanted you could set aside two or four cores to live streaming depending on the titles that you're playing and it wouldn't be the highest settings but you'd still be able to get it done so that my friends is how how it's performing if I sound like I'm gonna loss for words it's because I knew how 570 perform and I knew how a 2600 performed at the fact that we're getting this level of performance at this price price point is absolutely earth-shattering in my opinion when it comes to value but I think this also stresses the very important point that I've been trying to make throughout this entire video is that sometimes the performance increase you get is exponential versus the percentage of costs increase if you shop just a little bit higher than the bottom dollar price point what tends to happen with bottom dollar is you become outdated faster you become left behind faster when it comes to various tech or necessity or bare minimum specs than if you shopped at something like this I can guarantee you that this rig right here would be capable with the CPU running for another five years and being within spec of any title that would come out in that time frame the only thing you might have to do is in two or three years upgrade the graphics card because it might fall down to minimum spec on titles as things move forward but that's okay because we went with a little bit larger power supply because we went with 16 gigabytes of RAM instead of 8 and because we want the 2612 core or 12 thread CPU versus the bottom dollar that we kind of gotten it means the GPU is the anything we would have to swap out so this video was kind of not about the level of performance that you get necessarily with this price point that the other half of this video was triggering your way of thinking into that sometimes spending a little more will get you a lot more in the long run alright guys hope this video has helped you in terms of budget minded thoughts here in 2019 if you have some other specs of the hardware that you think we should check out we definitely will would like to do that we are gonna be checking out the 3200 G and the 3400 G and how they perform APU wise I don't expect it to be a huge improvement over the Vegas stuff because or the 2400 2200 G except for CPU tests because it's running the same Vega graphics I can guarantee you there'll be something Navi based coming up in the future but that is a long ways away before I'm sure AMD is ready to talk about any of that and that's just purely speculation on my part so guys thanks for watching if you like this video make sure you hit the subscribe button if you know someone that's shopping for PC parts right now share this video with them even if they don't go with these parts it might change the way they think and it might give them more performance for just a little bit more money in the long run thanks for watching we'll see you in the next one so one of the last times we tested doom 3 so one of the last times we tested dirt 3 we could everything went down everything everything it's like we might know a thing or two about how the sales of electronics work in this industry


  1. Please see the description… there was an on screen mistake regarding the pricing of the SSD. $28 was for the lower capacity drive. We actually spent $49 for the 500GB ssd. We also price matched the PSU and saved $5 bringing the total to $612. Sorry about that.

  2. So now I have to wonder where I went wrong. Just did my first gaming pc build with a ryzen 5 3600 and a rx vega 56 and I don't even get over 100 fps on ultra playing doom.

  3. thank you for the info but 600 is still out of my budget sorry to say. Wish I could give my son something like this. Thanks

  4. Bomber build for the spends.
    AMD showing what we already knew.
    Nvidia and Intel have shot themselves in the foot in the segment that matters most to the average consumer.
    Make performance affordable.

  5. May not be exact. Here is what I could input from this video with PCPartsPicker site. Do not have specs for Ram truck though =p Pin this if no one has done this yet.

  6. Im about to upgrade my computer for 1440p and vr gaming, I have a 17 2700k, rx 390, and 850w PS with 16gb of RAM. I bought it in 2012. Do I need to really upgrade anything besides the graphics?

  7. this about same way im goin on my build but unfortunately i have part each peice due not haveing the $$

  8. It sucks that I build a PC better than that for 500 dollars 2 Years ago. Technology only became more expensive.

  9. I can't wait to build my first gaming pc! I decided to go with the 2600 cpu and get a RX 580 8gb card, I am using a B450 gaming plus atx motherboard from MSI. So can't wait to play games like Overwatch and doom at above 60fps!

  10. 1:30 Buying cheapest stuff? I recently had to get a new graphics card and pretty much the cheapest thing ive seen was literally a Nvidia 210. Perfect for gaming PCs!

  11. I ended up building a solid mid-range machine and I put a high end graphics card in that. I chose what I chose because my original system was a super budget system. I hated it. Never again! Mid-range+ or go home. or you'll shoot yourself in the foot

  12. 650W power supply is NOT necessary. No realistic upgrade path would ever max out a 500W PSU. A modular design is also an absolutely unnecessary premium

  13. Can you do a video tour of the tools used to fix computers and the leftover accessories you don't use in the initial build? If you haven't already done one.

  14. I had the luxury of shopping around for 3 or 4 months. All name brand hardware — under $200 complete build.
    I wish I knew how to fix it when it acts up. LOL

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