1. Tree of Savior <3 This game is by far the best MMORPG I have ever played and I have played so so many. The combat is amazing once you get the controls set up good and can target easily with ctrl target lock and tab rotation. The leveling is fun and doesn't feel like a grind with lots or party dungeons, missions and exp card stacking. There is awesome pvp. It is such a good game and is only going to get better. Come join us 🙂 <3 Make sure to study the best pvp build before you spend stat points also get the Better Quest addon 🙂

  2. Truly goosebumps when I watch the first seconds of this Lost Ark Trailer.

    Lost Ark is clearly a raw diamond compared to all other mmorpgs today, just look at these beautiful landscapes.
    I hope they grind the diamond right!

  3. great video , but they release info and try to get hype on titles way to soon this days , most of this we've ben looking out for years already and we wont see much of this release in 2017

  4. hey game gentix men ever u stoped playing order and chaos online its not been fun them i quit to men your guides were so helpfull bro

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