Top 10 BEST Games of the DECADE (2010-2019)

2019 is coming to a close, and this is a special
year because it also means that we’re almost done with the 2010’s. A decade is a long time, 6 years ago I started
this channel, but that means there’s 4 more years of gaming memories before that. I’ve played hundreds of games in the last
10 years, but today we’re going to narrow that list down to the 10 best experiences
I’ve had. Obviously this is going to be skewed toward
my own taste, it is my countdown after all, but I did account for cultural relevance and
overall impact as well, some games are just too big to ignore. I also found it interesting that some of my
game of the year winners from past Snoglobes didn’t make the cut here – a decade not
only carries more weight, but it also makes you reflect for a longer period of time on
how much a game really means to you. So after much deliberation and heartbreak
when it came to some of the exclusions, I give you my list of the 10 best titles of
the 2010’s. Let’s dive in. Yeah, right off the bat I know this one’s
a bit personal. Spelunky may not be for everyone, that’s
why I only put it at #10, but I do believe it’s the best roguelite I’ve ever played. Unlike others such as The Binding of Isaac
where the replayability is based around the massive amount of items that can alter your
character, Spelunky gets away with just a small pool of them because the levels themselves
can be so chaotic. Because of how they’re constructed, each
stage feels less like a gauntlet of tough enemies and more like a Rube Goldberg machine
where a chain reaction could switch your course of action at any moment. Steam says I’ve put over 300 hours into
Spelunky, but I’ve only beaten it a handful of times – its a game that somehow maintains
its difficulty curve no matter how skilled you become, and that’s truly unique. I’ve raged so hard at numerous deaths in
the Jungle when I was starting out, but nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment
when you beat the odds for the very first time and come out on top. And the elaborate set of secret items used
to unlock the true ending against Yama is just gravy man, its something even cooler
in an already incredible experience. Spelunky 2 has unfortunately been delayed
to 2020, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise – now it can be on my list for the
next decade too. I feel so bad for Stardew Valley – I played
it so late in 2016 that it wasn’t even nominated for my game of the year, and instead I gave
it to Overwatch. Over the years, Stardew has become one of
my favorite titles of all time, and I haven’t played Overwatch since they added like Orisa
or something, so you know what – I’m retroactively reawarding it. Stardew Valley is truly that good, and its
hilarious to me because on paper its a game that I should have zero interest in playing. I’ve never been into Harvest Moon or Animal
Crossing and the prospect of watering plants and wooing townsfolk sounds about as far out
of my wheelhouse as you can get. But somehow it pulls it off so charmingly,
and really pulls you in with its addicting mechanics and overall polish. The daily loop is just the right length to
accomplish almost everything you’d want to, prepare your crops, go shopping or complete
villager requests, maybe fish or explore the map for secrets. Or you could dedicate your day to mining and
combat – this is elaborate enough to be its own game! But the way it saves when you go to sleep
and entices you with easy tasks needed right at dawn lead to a system where you just have
to do one more day to make sure you’re on the right track for the rest of the season. It’s been so fun to see it blossom into
a complete package with online multiplayer and all sorts of new improvements added over
the years. Stardew, you’re beautiful and I’m sorry
it took this long to give you your proper due. Alright, so I’ll be the first to admit that
Super Mario Maker isn’t a perfect series. It took a long time to reach the level of
versatility we have now for creating the levels of our dreams, and even then its still relatively
limited. But the reason I included it on this list
is more because of what it represents. This is the first time we’ve seen a fully
sanctioned level creator of one of gaming’s biggest mascots, and in true Nintendo fashion,
they made something as mundane as building stages joyful, quirky and interactive. This isn’t like Game Maker or RPG Maker
where its more of a toolset with no bells and whistles, this is a real-deal video game
that anyone can enjoy, but the possibilities are limitless. I love that you can create so much more than
simple platformers – and the community that’s spawned around this series has really shown
how high the bar can be raised! (Looking at you Panga, who hurt you?) Specifically with the first game, we hadn’t
really seen anything like it before, and I can only imagine what the next generation
of game designers who grew up with this title will be capable of in the future. We just recently discussed what other potential
maker games could look like, and while Mario Maker certainly has its flaws or ways it could
improve, what we do have is an incredible first step into uncharted territory. And at least for me, its hard not to love
something that makes players think about games in new ways, and I get unreasonably excited
when I think about what it could lead to down the road. I struggled with including Celeste on this
list simply because it’s so new. I love it now, but what if it won’t have
the same impact in a few years? Well, after I played the Chapter 9 DLC that
was just released, it solidified this game as a magnificent journey that everyone should
experience. Seriously, these guys are experts at level
design, I love this little jellyfish! Celeste is probably the hardest game on this
list, it’s a rage game through and through, but what sets it apart is its attitude toward
the player of hopefulness and encouragement. While others love to throw in a ‘hah you
died’, ‘you suck’ or an unceremonious splatter of blood, from the very beginning
this game sets the tone by saying “you can do this”, and that theming carries throughout
the adventure. Celeste tells a story of self-discovery and
overcoming your inner demons to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside while also making
you go ‘what the…are you kidding me?!’ It’s unbelievably accessible thanks to a bevy
of difficulty options and has just so much content it’s amazing. Each new mechanic it throws at you is clever
and versatile but then you see them combined together and it’s like, oh no, now THIS is
versatile! Not to mention how deep the movement is, you’d
think this speedrun tech was an exploit, but nope this is straight up intentional! While I do think Celeste is the best challenging
performer I’ve played all decade, it gets extra props for trying to bring in as wide
of an audience as possible to experience the magic. Hollow Knight is one of the most requested
games for me to talk about on this channel, so let’s break it down. Admittedly, I didn’t give it a fair shake
on my first playthrough, it has a little bit of a slow start, but once you get your first
few powerups things really start to take off and there ain’t no brakes in Hallownest! I talked about how it uniquely introduces
the map to you in a previous video, but what really impressed me is how effortlessly they
balance combat, platforming and exploration. The world is gigantic and there’s so much
to discover, but the same abilities used to get around efficiently are also used in boss
battles to make them equally fluid and engaging. There’s even a final test for each style of
gameplay with the Colosseum of Fools and White Palace respectively – this game really has
it all. The map is beautifully connected in such a
way that there’s always a new place to explore, but the many branching paths will also guide
you toward your next goal without even realizing it – you gain an intimate relationship with
the world and its interwoven nature over the course of the game, which is hard to do with
something so large. That’s why I think the underlying story
and lore of the various characters helps to deepen that bond as well – this truly feels
like a real place after a while. And I mean hey, price isn’t everything but
it’s hard to overlook that Hollow Knight is $15 and has some of the most elaborate free
DLC packs you can find. With a distinctive art style, mysterious bug-inspired
setting and a full sequel in the works with what appears to be even smoother gameplay,
Hollow Knight just might be the pinnacle of what a Metroidvania can be. I mean c’mon, it’s Shovel Knight. This guy deserves to be here on his appearances
in other games alone, I think the only thing he didn’t cameo in was my wedding. I haven’t been quiet about my support for
Yacht Club Games and everything they’re doing, and what’s cool about all these Shovel
Knight expansions is that each one keeps getting better than the last. At a time where it felt like pixel-art platformers
were a dime a dozen, the original campaign was a breath of fresh air because while it
took inspiration from games of old, it morphed them into something all its own with unique
mechanics, a stellar soundtrack and goodies hidden all throughout the various levels. But then Plague of Shadows, while a little
harder to get used to in terms of controls, expanded the Shovelverse by establishing new
ways to play the courses we’ve already seen and giving more backstory to one of the game’s
bosses. Specter of Torment, however, seemed to perfect
this concept by not only completely revamping the stages yet again to give them new life,
but also introducing a wicked set of attack and movement options to really feel like the
reaper of death. It has scythe surfing, you just can’t beat
that. Now as of the release of this video, the final
DLC pack won’t come out for another month, but I have played all 3, yes 3 new games that are
included at PAX West and they were looking real good even back
then, so I’m gonna trust in the quality Yacht Club provides and say that its gonna
rock. The fact that all of this is under the banner
of Shovel Knight, the saga, is yet another example of bang for your buck that is simply
hard to match, and is proof that a Kickstarter game can indeed become a dream come true. Let’s try something a little different for
this one – I’m gonna play less than 1 second from a song and let’s see if you can guess
the game. *Megalovania plays* Sorry, I just had to. Alright, we’re getting into the big guns
now – to call Undertale a phenomenon would be a massive understatement. It’s entered the ranks of high memedom now,
but I think it’s for good reason – this game really hit home and did something special
for a lot of people. Most were drawn in by the subversion of expectations
and the ability to save everyone you come across, turning most RPG tropes on their head,
and I mean yeah this reveal was pretty frickin terrifying the first time I saw it, but personally
I loved how there were multiple playthroughs depending on the actions you take. The pacifist ending was easily the most enjoyable
with all the dates you can go on, while the genocide route shows you that if you’re
going to go out of your way to kill everything, quite literally you’re gonna have a bad
time. But Undertale wouldn’t have had such an
impact if it wasn’t for the cast of memorable characters. Sans has become a gaming mainstay, and if
the reaction to Deltarune dropping out of nowhere is anything go off of, fans are chomping
at the bit for more. Finally, if the fact that Toby Fox went from
a lowly ROM hacker to making music for Gamefreak doesn’t inspire the crap out of you, I don’t
know what will. Undertale guaranteed that indie games were
a force to be reckoned with, and if your idea is interesting enough, people will start to
pay attention. Few games on this list could say they spawned
an entire genre, and while I wouldn’t say Dark Souls is unlike anything else, it sure
seems like the only game you can compare to these days. It’s hard to say what exactly jumpstarted
Dark Souls’ success, it’s brutally hard, I certainly wouldn’t call it accessible,
and the story is one of the most convoluted out there. All I know is that when I played it, I was
instantly hooked from the moment I took down the Asylum Demon. Like many others on this list, it came at
the perfect time where other games started to incorporate a lot more hand-holding and
making the player feel like an unstoppable superhero killing waves of enemies at a time,
so when Dark Souls refused to apologize for its difficulty and allowed you to get knocked
down over and over again without much help or guidance, people were drawn to something
that forced you to, yes I’m really gonna say it, “git gud”. It felt like a modern reimagining of the old
NES days, reminding players of the accomplishment you feel when you simply get better and best
a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Because it turned into an acclaimed series,
its hard to think back to that truly terrifying feeling when the Bell Gargoyle turned into
two of them, or when you accidentally stumbled upon a giant deadly Hydra – and those encounters
that appeared impossible became more manageable as you learned their patterns and weaknesses. It was that growth and progression that was
so addicting. Dark Souls is a test of patience and endurance,
but if you stick it out, it’s the type of experience that can show you why you fell
in love with games in the first place. To this day it feels like Breath of the Wild
is still controversial. People like to write it off because it’s
“not a good Zelda game”, or because of the incorporation of weapon durability, but
I can’t think of another game that enthralled me as heavily as this one. The world was so unfathomably massive and
yet it felt like there was something new to discover around every corner – for a good
month or two, exploring everything Breath of the Wild had to offer was all I wanted
to do. I wouldn’t call myself the biggest Zelda
fan in the world, and maybe that’s why I loved it so much – I thought infiltrating
the dungeons was great, and the shrines were really fun and diverse, but the act of searching
and finding them was what brought me the most joy. There’s so much stuff jam packed in here
that breathtaking moments are bound to happen by coincidence, like sighting a massive dragon
just as you climb a lengthy tower, or leaving the Great Plateau, ready to take on the world,
and immediately running into a Stone Talus that completely destroys you. Breath of the Wild was willing to let the
player roam free and tackle Hyrule however they wanted – yes you’re given some direction,
but you can also just go straight to Ganon if you really felt like it, and that sense
of discovery, whether its stumbling upon Eventide Island, finding new ways to kill enemies with
the physics engine, or rebuilding Tarrey Town from scratch, has yet to be matched in this
decade. There is nothing you could say to convince
me that any other game belongs at the #1 spot. In fact I’m not even sure it’s close. Minecraft’s final release was in 2011, and
I think in a lot of ways it’s still a huge deal. But look past the fact that this is the best
selling game of all time, look past the thousands of let’s plays and song parodies that practically
catapulted Gaming YouTube into what it is today, at its core, Minecraft is a game that
no one really knew they needed in their life until they saw it. It’s not going to win any graphics awards,
but the infinite sprawling world and freedom to do whatever you’d like was too intriguing
to pass up. I still to this day get a leap of excitement
in my stomach when I see diamond ore appear on screen, whether I’m playing or not. I remember trying to install a fireplace in
my mansion only to accidentally burn the whole thing down despite my efforts to douse the
flames – every good Minecraft story happens organically because of the open nature of
its design. And that’s without mentioning the birth of
a grassroots community that built so much more through mods. From the very start Minecraft put itself into
the players’ hands and let them mold it into anything they desired. From creative mode to build unimaginable works
of art to hardcore mode for a laugh with friends, Minecraft is the best game of the decade because
in a way, it could be any game you wanted. And I think we’ll be hard pressed to find
anything like it again. So what about you? I’ve rambled long enough about my favorite
titles, what would be your games of the decade, and why? Tell me how much they mean to you in the comments
below and let’s talk about it. I hope we’ll only see more innovation and
bright ideas in the future, but next time on this channel, we’ll look at the dark
side of the industry and count down the most disappointing titles the 2010’s had to offer. I’ll see you then, it’s gonna be a doozy. Stay frosty my friends! So I mentioned earlier that I started Snoman
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  1. "the mining in this game (stardew valley) could even be its own game!"

    Yeah we know, it's called Terraria.

  2. Loving reminiscing over the great games of the last decade with this video!

    I've really enjoyed watching your videos for the last few years, and looking forward to what's to come 🍻

  3. Hi Snoman! I have a couple questions for you, and I'm hoping you can answer them.

    1. Why is it Snoman and now "Snowman"?

    2. What are your thoughts on Death Stranding? I've loved every minute so far, but I want to hear your thoughts.


  4. It tells a lot about the industry when the 70% of the list is an indie game. Maybe, it's time to stop for us to buy a game just for the tradition and start looking in this indie jewels

  5. Its a long story, but Skyrim saved my life. Even with all their recent mistakes I will be forever grateful to Bethesda for making this game. I wouldn't be here without it.

  6. Celeste … Eh
    Breath of the Wild … Meh
    Stardew Valley … Zzz

    The rest of the list … … … ohh Yeah!

    Other games worth mentioning:
    XCOM 2
    Resident Evil 2
    Portal 2

  7. I personally would put Portal 2 on the list, and maybe Mario Odyssey and Terraria. I know Odyssey has its flaws, but I still love it. I would remove Stardew Valley because it feels kinda directionless and a bit boring, and I hated using trial and error to figure out the best way to do things. I would also remove breath of the wild because it didn’t have a very good story and again felt a little directionless. There also wasn’t much enemy variety. I like my game experiences to be focused, which made Stardew and BOTW not for me

  8. 1) The Binding of Isaac
    2) Hollow Knight
    3) Overwatch
    4) Rainbow Six Siege
    5) The Legend of Zelda BOTW
    6) Super Mario Odyssey
    7) Celeste
    8) Sid Meir's Civ 6
    9) Spiderman PS4
    10) Stardew Valley

  9. I find it interesting how most of them were indie games. Really shows you a great game doesn’t require a lot of money or a big company

  10. It’s important to note that this was “Best” games of the decade. Not “Favorite.”

    Of course, personal bias comes into play, but being about to sift through all of that to make a comprehensive list is applause-worthy. Thank you for such a well-compiled list.

  11. Some of my favorite games of the decade would be:
    – The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: 587 hours. Managed to get all achievements before Afterbirth+ was released.
    – NieR: Automata: Probably one of the best stories I've seen in RPGs since the SNES era.
    – Megaman Zero Collection for the DS: I know this might be cheating, but TECHNICALLY it came out in 2010 and if 2020 counts, the Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is coming out at the beginning of the year. Basically a collection of what I consider to be the best Megaman games ever made.
    – Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Kind of considering all Xenoblade games since I know how much people love Xenoblade 1, I got into the series from Xenoblade Chronicles X(and because The Quarter Guy got me interested in it) and I'm stoked for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition since I never got the chance to play it.
    – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: I've been a fan since the N64 and Sakurai and his team are going above and beyond to make this the best Smash Bros. game in existence.
    – Devil May Cry 5: DMC at its best gameplay-wise and kind of a huge middle finger to DMC: Devil May Cry(the one with Donte).

  12. I would prefer Super Mario Galaxy 2 over Super Mario Maker, I don't think Super Mario Maker was such original or even that well-executed
    for being a game of the decade

  13. Just a few I thought of off the top of my head that you didn't mention:

    Portal 2
    Rayman: Legends
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Hyrule Warriors
    Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2
    The Last of Us
    Dragon Quest XI
    Persona 5
    Mario Kart 8
    A Hat in Time
    Untitled Goose Game
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Injustice 1 & 2
    Sonic Mania
    Alien: Isolation
    The Witcher III
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Telltale's The Walking Dead
    Resident Evil 7
    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Poly Bridge
    Spider-Man PS4
    Rocket League
    Bioshock Infinite
    Borderlands 2
    Little Big Planet
    Super Meat Boy
    StarCraft II
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    God of War
    Diablo III
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Batman: Arkham City
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Mass Effect 2

    and so, so many more. This has been a wild decade for gaming, huh?

  14. 10. Katherine
    9. Minecraft
    8. Bioshock Infinite
    7. The Last of Us
    6. Dragon Quest Builders 2
    5. Mass Effect 2
    4. Treasure Adventure Game (or perhaps it’s remake Treasure Adventure World)
    3. Undertale
    2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild
    1. Super Mario Odyssey

  15. BotW is a great Zelda game. I do want Nintendo to make the next one ever better and learn from the minor flaws from this new classic.

  16. 1: Hyper Light Drifter
    2: Super Mario Odyssey
    3: Breath of the Wild
    4: Last of Us
    5: The Witness
    6: Ni No Kuni
    7: Journey
    8: Steamwrold Dig 2
    9: Golf Story
    10: Dragon Quest 11

  17. For me, I don't think the Metroidvania genre gets any better than Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. It not only has the heart and soul of the Castlevania games that directly inspired it, but the experience and growth of a true legend of the industry. Going back to Symphony of the Night is still a fun time, but I'd honestly say Bloodstained hits every note Symphony does and then some. From the small secrets and nods like the Fairy Recital, or Robby Belgrade voicing O.D., to the overall tone of camp and cheese, while very clearly working out some issues of resentment toward Konami, it is absolutely a Castlevania in all but name. Couple that with the wide variety of abilities and weapons that you get, and you're bound to find something that appeals to you and your preferred method of playing, while not feeling like one way is more powerful than another.

    All in all just a real masterpiece.

  18. Minecraft is basically the only game i feel safe enough to play. If you're looking for a game without the word Think or Thought, try Minecraft.

  19. That's a great list and I couldn't agree more. A lot of great games happened this decade, which shaped the game industry into the multi billionaire business that it is today.

    May I suggest that you make a "honorable nominations" section before jumping right onto the awarded games? Sometimes a nomination (or the lack of it) is just as meaningful as the award itself.

  20. I would argue with 10-6 simply because I don't have much personal attachment to any of them (the closest is Hollow Knight, but that's still too soon for me to say for sure), but it's hard to argue with 5-1 being deserving of a spot in the top ten. If it were my list, I definitely would of had Nier: Automata close to the top. Think I've thought about it at least once a month since first beating it.

  21. It seems a bunch of these were tackled from the perspective of how much bigger they were than the game itself, on top of what the game provides. I agree with a bunch of them, and honestly it's impossibly hard in my eyes to make a case for any other game being #1 as well, Minecraft just was such a fucking bomb when it came out, even BEFORE it was fully released, and now with a resurgence people are re-finding their love for the game. It is what it is for a really good reason, and that level of influence is unbelievable. I of course enjoy other games a lot more, and on a personal list would easily name many above it, but Minecraft hits the heart so well when it's talked fondly of. The game's soundtrack alone could make me cry, it is pure nostalgia, and when I hear those notes start during a session even these days, it takes me back to when the game was just…so much simpler, and so mysterious, and just beautiful in its own way. I completely agree with it being where it is, given that, and the level of influence it has had.

  22. Great list, I would only take out minecraft, stardew valley and mario maker (cleary not the builder type) and add hyper light drifter, darkest dungeon and pyre. also would swap spelunky with crypt of the necrodancer

  23. I have to say that Automata, P4 Golden and Xenoblade deserve honorable mentions. They all came to me at exactly the right time where my depression was flaring up and I also had gender identity issues.

    Xenoblade is awesome in the way it pulls multiple twists though the story, many sidequests add interesting lore and worldbuilding, the soundtrack is impressive. I also love how Xeno 2's final boss tied into the original! Xeno 2 may be a cheesy shonen anime but it certianly has its moments and I like a good amount of cheese in my life. I will say one thing: Poor Melia! It seems like every chance the story gets it shafts her!

    Persona 4 the Golden… Gosh, that was my first Persona game and I instantly fell in love. The theme of self-acceptance came when I first started questioning my gender identity and helped along with some great Tumblr and college friends for me to discover that I'm nonbinary. No other Persona game has resonated with me so much but that's okay! It means my friends and I can all talk about the different strengths and weaknesses of each one as I have one friend who loves P3 and the other is obsessed with P5. We all have fun screaming as everyone should.

    And finally Automata! What looks on the surface to be a simple action-RPG has incredibly expansive stories and an overall hopeful tone even though everyone is suffering, including the enemies and bosses! 9S is an absolute treasure that must be protected at all costs.

  24. My game of the decade and also game of all time is Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair. It is right at the end of this decade, and only came out last month, but it is hands down the best platformer I ever played, and platformer is my favorite genre. So there you go.

    Unfortunately it is getting overlooked due to the mediocre quality of the first game and a lot of people thinking that Impossible Lair is just DLC.

  25. My number one 2010s game is terraria. I'm getting close to having played it for 1000 hours, and have only beaten four worlds!

  26. Some friendly constructive opinion: This list has a very limited perspetive. The fact that there are so many platformers and pixel art games is very disregarding to hundreds of other games. If you'd try to make the same list but only with games you didn't play, you would get a better a list. For sure.

    The title should emphasize this was a list made out of games you played, as a list with the best games of the decade would include all games, played or not. Normally to do this, one plays every well-received candidates or has more people helping.

    It's like someone who only plays driving and sports games made this list with 8/10 games from those genres.

    I would need more time and research to decide my best games of the decade, but there's one I played that I would include for sure: The Beginner's Guide.

    Love your videos. Keep it up! 🙂

  27. One of my personal picks would easily be Terraria. I spent over 1000 hours in this game and and it comes to be one of my most cherished games in the decade.

  28. This is my personal favorite list for games of the decade: It's got games from all genres and even goes back to the beginning of the artform in 1962!

  29. Your taste is deferent

    My taste

    1- Ni No Kuni
    2- GTA V
    2- Mario Odyssey
    3- Donkey Kong Country Freeze 🥶

    This what i can remember

  30. Maybe not the best, but these are some of the most special video games I’ve played this decade that everyone should take note of:

    – Dark Souls: It created the Soulslike subgenre and people won’t stop comparing any hard game to it.
    – Bastion: The narrator narates everything you do!
    – Papers, Please: You make moral choices by checking on passports.
    – Shovel Knight: A retro platformer that combines many game mechanics from the past and maybe one of the most successful indie Kickstarter.
    – Crypt of the Necrodancer: I love the combination of roguelike and rhythm game.
    – Undertale: Heavily inspired by Earthbound but it manages to do its own thing like fusing bullet hell in its combat and also it’s the game that introduces indie to broader audience.
    – Her Story: Non-linear FMV detective game where you must figure out the story based on your curiosity by watching clips.
    – Pokemon GO: The best AR game to date.
    – Overwatch: Not the first “hero shooter” game but it’s certainly the best one.
    – Persona 5: Best UI design to date that I wish more games should follow.
    – Cuphead: The most original art direction that I wish there are more 30s cartoon games.
    – Astrobot Rescue Mission: The best VR platformer I’ve played that requires participation of yourself, the player, as in-game character.
    – Return of the Obra Dinn: Macintosh-style detective game where you must figure out the fate of the people on the ship.
    – Ape Out: It’s like conducting your own drum solo.

  31. This is a solid list. I was wondering what could top Breath of the Wild (my personal fave from the decade) and Minecraft isn't a bad choice.

    As for others games I loved? I loved Portal 2, but to be honest, it makes me a bit sad cause it's the last single player game that Valve made, so as great as it is, it almost makes me feel bitter that that's where it appears to be ending.

    Bioshock Infinite got a lot of praise, then a lot of backlash when it launched, but I stand by my love for it, and in term of single player narrative games, I don't think we've had anything that ambitious in the AAA scene since. Of course, the other big 2013 game was The Last of Us, and while I don't think it's quite as innovative, one can't deny how well that game presents itself and hooks you in. Beyond that, I'd say the last great shooter of the decade was of all things the reboot of Doom. An unbelievably cathartic and fun experience that's nice to have in between all the deeper subject matter.

    As for the Nintendo shooty side, I must give credit to Splatoon. Sure, I've played more Overwatch and that game ultimately has a lot more complexity, replay value and is probably better, but I must say how much more I respect Splatoon. It was their first new IP in a decade or so, and it took all the conventions of the multiplayer shooter, and kept what worked, but innovated where they could so it could stay fresh. It's also one of the few games that took full advantage of the Wii U Gamepad, and it kept you hooked without doing evil things. While I'm still not done with Fire Emblem: Three Houses (which I'm loving so far…), I must give credit to what got me to the dance. Fire Emblem: Awakening was so good it instantly converted me to a series fan, saved the series from extinction and got all three of its leads into Smash Bros. Not bad at all.

    Speaking of Smash, Breath of The Wild may have been my favourite (for many of the reasons you said), but I gotta give credit to its runner up because, well, I never saw it coming. I'd only vaguely heard of persona and when Joker joined Smash, it made me curious to check out Persona 5 cause I had heard good things. Put simply, I was blown away at how good it was. Purely from a narrative perspective, it was the most compelling story I went through this decade. It's a hundred plus hour game, but for a game that long, it felt so quick. All the characters are likeable and interesting, it puts you in some real heavy scenarios, and given the hellish world we live on, it's themes of rebellion and making the world better really resonate. And that isn't even mentioning the fine turn-based combat, which has a nice balance of simplicity and depth I love. Honestly, the worst thing I can say about it is that it shouldn't have come out in 2017 when BOTW snagged most every award. Persona 5 is better than most games in most years and it had to come out then of all times…

    Anyhoo, I'm sure I've left stuff out, but that's just what I'm thinking of now. Always nice to share positive love of games!

  32. 10. Spelunky
    9. Stardew valley
    8. Super mario maker
    7. Celeste
    6. Hollow knight
    5. Shovel knight
    4. Undertale
    3. Dark souls
    2. Legend of zelda botw
    1. Minecraft
    I will download and play them all cause i love your opinion very much


    So much rich character writing, wrapped up in great Metroidvania packaging with loads of surprising boss battles. Loads of fun, great sense of humor and genuinely heart wrenching moments all seamlessly woven together and all the product of one person. Amazing.

    Celeste and Undertale are genuinely great, but the fact that Iconoclasts isn’t in the same conversation is a crime.

  34. Having not played or really knowing anything about Undertale, when that bit of music was played my first thought was the Sync room in Fez.

    I'll hand over my indie gamer membership card now, I guess.

  35. I’m not gonna lie, I’m disappointed that you didn’t include Super Mario Odyssey in there. That, along with Breath of the Wild, are quite easily my two favorite Nintendo games of the decade.

  36. TOP 7 (I regret I haven't immersed myself into platformers enough):

    7. Just Cause 2 (I could talk for hours on that one)
    6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    5. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (stunning visuals and a story simply unmatched in uniqueness)
    4. Enderal (beautiful game, sadly in Skyrim's engine, as Skyrim belongs on the other list if you ask me)
    3. Dark Souls
    2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (simply gorgeous RPG that doesn't use filler content for further playtime after the end of the story arcs. Also potions that matter and are useful!? Count me in 100%. Also I'm a sucker for real-time beard growth)
    1. Minecraft (u know)

  37. I'm not sure how it's possible to say that botw isn't a "true" Zelda game. The entire world is one massive, beautiful dungeon. And plus, jumping off the great plateau is probably gaming's greatest moment.

  38. I heard the first second of the minecraft music and i instantly shed a couple tears. It's just so amazing I just love it so much. It's the greatest game to ever exist in my opinion. I love minecraft.

  39. At first I was skeptical about the title, but after viewing the picks, I was surprised to almost fully agree with him, but where is portal 2

  40. I’m super stoked to play hollow knight, I just finished (and loved) Celeste, and I’ve played about half the games on this list but Minecraft really hit right in the feels

  41. It's sad that some really great games came out in the same year, like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath Of the Wild. In my opinion, both those games easily deserve a place on this list, but SMO was understandibly left out because of its release date.
    My favourite game of all time, however, replacing Dark Souls, would be Terraria. It started off kinda iffy, but so did Minecraft. Over time, it's evolved, and while some aspects are arguably worse than Minecraft, there's sooooo many things that it does better (Fighting and adventuring). Also unlike Minecraft, it doesn't get you as visciously addicted to it.

  42. Here's the list if you don't feel like watching the video or want a recap.

    10: Spelunky
    9: Stardew Valley
    8: Mario Maker 2
    7: Celeste
    6: Hollow Knight (hmph… should be higher)
    5: Shovel Knight
    4: Undertale
    3: Dark Souls
    2: Breath of the Wild
    1: Minecraft
    0: Bubsy 3d

  43. I'm sure I'll get made fun of for saying this but I feel like skyrim would at least deserve an honerable mention. It remains one of the only games other than maybe minecraft or binding of Isaac that I still return to constantly.

  44. Thank you so much for putting Minecraft at #1, where it belongs. You have now demonstrated to me that you really are a true gamer, and I really appreciate that. It's amazing how much publicity Minecraft is getting, and I really appreciate it.

  45. Hm…..only played 1 of these games from this list

    Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do in the remaining month and a half of the decade

  46. Idk where they’d be on my list exactly, but Dungeon of the Endless and Tales from the Borderlands would most definitely be on my list somewhere.

    TftB is just really good at being a “Telltale game” while also feeling like a natural extension of the Borderlands series. Everything from the humor to the characters to the soundtrack is impeccable, honestly.

    DotE is a sort of roguelike dungeon-crawler strategy game with RPG and resource management elements and i would be lying if I said it wasn’t at least a contender for my #1 (even if it would inevitably go to Minecraft due to the ungodly hours I’ve put into it). It’s very difficult to start out, but it is so worth it to push through and figure out how to keep your characters alive and so rewarding when you do. I really can’t recommend it enough.

  47. I definitely respect Minecraft for what it is and think it deserves the #1 spot. Great top 10! I can’t wait to see what games the 20s has to offer

  48. waiting The Witness appear in TOP 10 Disappointing list
    whatever, I love it, after watching 'secret of psalm 46' 5 times.

  49. I think this list is very indicative of the path video games are heading down. Most of this list was comprised of amazing indie games with only two triple A developed games. All the games listed were phenomenal and most of them were made by independent developers, not big triple A studios. I feel like while the big triple A studios might be losing their grip on the industry (except for Nintendo) indie games are really gonna come through with the innovation and new ideas that have always kept gaming the fantastic medium that it is.

  50. Wow our tastes are similar. I have an unreasonable amount of playtime on 8/10. Need to finally get around to trying spelunky, but still no plans to get into minecraft, (it's just not for me.)

  51. good list, but 100% a bias is there for non 3d games meaning i cant really appreciate this list as much as i want to. only agreed with the non 3d games of undertale and would of put super meat boy, both near 8-10.

  52. Never seen a list I agree so much with. Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, Minecraft for the #1 spot, you truly love games.

    I must however say that ten games only are too few. It might be insane to ask you this, but I would like a top 200 games of the decade. There are SO many good games that haven't been mentioned since there wasn't enough space. Doom 2016, Furi, Crosscode, XCOM, Rocket League… So many good games that don't deserve to be forgotten. And a good buying list for the coming Christmas sale.

    You up to it Snoman?

  53. Oh goodness Brad, I'm so glad you have this channel and I'm sad I didn't find you earlier! Lifelong subscriber from me old friend!

    Oh and my top game is easily The last of Us. The story and atmosphere, the characters, everything just makes me wanna play every single day. Close 2nd place is Dark Souls cause I love to Git Gud 😉

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