Top 5 Reasons Why Your Aim is Inconsistent in FPS Games

Hello, and welcome to FPS coach, in this video,
i’m going to talk about the top 5 reasons that cause inconsistencies to your aim. Let’s start with an often overlooked reason,
and that’s your ability to consistently position your body to your equipment. This
includes how close you sit to the desk, your posture, arm position and mouse grip. The
challenge we have as FPS gamers is every time we sit down to play, we have to figure out
how to consistently position ourselves the same way time and time again. Which can be
a challenging and elusive task because it’s difficult to realize when we’re just a little
off in any of our alignments. The second reason why your aim is inconsistent, which is the
most obvious reason, but the one I know many of you are guilty of, and that’s being consistent
with your settings and equipment. Things like sensitivity, mouse, mousepad, resolution,
crosshair, and aspect ratio. I see too often gamers changing their settings
every day looking for a quick fix. For example, if they are undershooting one day, they’ll
raise their sensitivity, and another day if they are overshooting, they’ll lower their
sensitivity. The problem with this is that because as humans,
we are naturally great at adapting and using our hand eye coordination – so when we switch
sensitivities, mice, and other settings, we can essentially play decent no matter any
change. So this tricks us into giving us confidence if we happen to do well on the new change. It’s fine to experiment with settings and
equipment, but try working towards committing to a final choice – this way you can start
building your muscle memory. The third reason is you may need to create
or revise your current warmup routine. Not even the best aimers in the world can instantly
hop straight into the server and aim with their best ability. I wish I could provide
some magical warmup routine that works for everyone, but there are just too many variables
to consider. The major variable being which game you play and if it requires a large range
of motion in the X and Y axis like Fortnite, or if the game is more horizontal like CS:GO,
or more flicky motions required in Quake. And other variables like in-game sensitivity
or if you’re a sniper or rifle user. Some players are strict and regimented with
their routine with every minute planned out with the same drills, while others only take
a few minutes. Work towards building a routine that replicates
the most common range of motions that you use in your game and with enough time so that
you awaken your hand so that you can feel the hand to mouse to sensitivity connection. The fourth reason your aim is inconsistent
is your energy level and state of mind. It’s no secret that less or bad sleep causes slower
reaction and processing time, which heavily influences our hand eye coordination, but
it also causes drier eyes which affects our visual registration to see the crosshair and
game models and textures. If you’ve had lackluster sleep the night before, you shouldn’t
expect to play your best. As for state mind, I mean things like if you
actually are in the mood to play the game. I think we’ve all been there before, where
we know we shouldn’t be playing, but we force it anyways, and most of the time, it
doesn’t result in our best performances. So my mom and dad comment for this video would
be to try and take care of your real life responsibilities and things that could be
affecting your mental health first so that you can fully enjoy and focus on the game. And last but not the least, somedays, you
will face players that are simply playing amazing that day, and with the amount of gamers
out there, you’re bound to face some that have practiced twice the time as you. And
these players will make you feel like your aim is bad, but in reality it’s because
they know the stronger angles, timings, and positions – and these are the players you
just have to tip your hat to, until you get better


  1. this is why I rage a lot when im fps games . its not because of my teammates , its because of the inconsistence of my aim ! there are times where im destroying people and there are times where im worse than a person who never play games

  2. I'm just a normal (but skilled) console player and Ive been doing all of these things for years without even realizing it

    I hope you guys are taking this list of prep into consideration when you drive a real life car

    But the main reason you can be inconsistent is just not playing enough

    At one point on the Xbox 360 I was easily able to race with the top 1% of the top 1% of players in forza horizon

    Now when I just get on and Casually race on free roam I'm just at a regular 1% of skill not the top 1% of the top 1%

    I was also amazing at call of duty mw2 mw3 black ops 1 and 2 but over the years I'm just above average not amazing anymore

    Even when I was amazing if I would take a one day break to play another game I was good at I would lose my consistency in other games

    Practice makes perfect

  3. Hey Rambo I have a question. Is it fine to use various sensitivities for different games based on how the combo of sens + movement feels (like you mentioned at 1:52)? Or does this send you down a rabbit hole where you never end up with a perfect sensitivity for any of the games you play? Do you have to commit to one sensitivity only? I used to be really consistent as I committed to one game for long time frames (like 1 year or 2) and thus committed to one sens, but recently (about 3 months ago) I decided that I should find a perfect sens for each game separately and I still struggle to find a perfect sens for any game even after tweaking it in tiny increments (I don't change often, maybe 2 weeks on average).

  4. Good video…its hard to know if Im too tired to play optimal.. some days are better thn others but it is even changing from game to game, minutes to minutes..

  5. Idk how this may seem to y'all, but the reason I'm "not consistent" is coz I have a reaaaaallllyy baaaaadd desk. My dad had it made for me to study and the keyboard stays in a drawer and because the drawer is too small, I have to put my mouse on the desk. Ik you should normally have it on the desk, but I can't play with everything on the desk bcoz the desk restricts my legs. So, I can't put all my stuff on the desk and pull the chair in. Hence, my keyboard hand tilts at a 60 degree angle and stays near my body while my mouse hand is stretched out to the top of the desk and at angle of near 0-10 with the horizontal. Bcoz of this, I used to play with really high sens with which I could hit insane awp shots, but my normal aim suffered a lot. Then, I switched to low sens which seemed fine until I found out that I can't do 180 at all and can't really turn fast enough due to the restricted movement( and my mouse is wireless which adds to this pain). And my shit plastic chair broke recently which rendered me unable to even sit properly. So, I just quit using my PC for a while until I can afford a new EVERYTHING.
    Thanks for the tips tho 👌
    Edit: I always knew that my posture was bad and unsuitable, but gaming has always been my escape, so I just couldn't correct myself.

  6. i have habit that i dont see much in videos like this: i prop my elbow on the arm rest of my chair and use that to pivot my forearm. i think every time ive seen a wide shot of someone playing they let their arm hang freely. it's probably pretty "lazy" for me to do this but it's just so comfortable

  7. My Problem is the desktop sometimes i Freak out because it feels like its to much to the Right of left i Hope u Understand what i mean 😂

  8. 2nd point is not completely true. Sure sens and res changes do a lot, but not changing your aspect ratio should not inflict your aim. aswell as changing your crosshair. you can even play without a crosshair if you have a good feeling your your settings. Sens is a totally other thing.
    3er point is aswell not true. There are people who need no warmup and for me I need a lot of it sometimes and the next day I play for 2 min or I don'T warm up at all. You need to get a feeling for that. Aswell as 4 me staying with the same warmup every day will make it inefficient, cause most maps (ypracc/aimbots/….) and modes (FFA, aim DM, hsDM) only will warm up a few party of your aim (flicks, calm aim, refelxes ……).
    So for me changing the map and DM mode I do for warmup is the Key to have an efficient warmup.

  9. anyone had any advice on how to track run n gun players? like i always lose against people with smgs and 57 when they run across me and HS while my crosshair struggle to follow them even to the point of cat chasing mouse.

  10. I used to be very inconsistent. I realised it was because my sens was always too low, raised it by 0.2 and my arm gets less tired while clearing corners and general aiming.

  11. I was underperforming for 2 games, i took a five minute break , got into cold shower, drank some water hopped into match and started taking everyone down with ease.

  12. I think my aim is consisten most of the time while playing siege, it is really difficult for me to feel well while sitting infront my computer though, it is like something is bothering me and I constantly move while playing and I think it is the reason why I feel uncomfortable while playing. Also my PC isn't that good, so the max frames I get are like 70 and I believe I only play well in the maps that aren't that demanding and play better as a defender than an attacker since you have to be inside a building. It really sucks but I hope I will get a new desk and a better computer soon enough if I actually want to improve.

  13. Hi Ron, I have a questions concerning hand motions and sensitivity. The 1st one is: should I utilize both wrist and forearm motions if I have average eDPI (800 DPI, 0.95 in-game sens) or I can play only forearm/wrist? 2nd is: should I prefer higher sensitivity if I have fast reaction time? Thanks in advance!

  14. What mousepad is that…. I'm having friction problems and it's driving me insane. Qck + btw but because of my desk being a little higher than it should be, I can't have half of my arm just hanging there. I need to always put my hand a little bit more on the table but that results in me moving my mousepad and it leaves a gap that causes friction which is so annoying. It's holding me back quite a bit );

  15. Yeah consistency is important. I'm so done trying so hard to play on 400 DPI like most pro players. I'm just gonna stick to my 800 DPI

  16. A big thing for me as a Siege player was simply playing better people. My aim was decent before, but that worked against lower ranked players. After I started playing with high plat people, it forced me to really get that precision that was necessary, because I would lose every gunfight if I didn't. Just some food for thought for those of you who hit plat by playing with gold 3 friends. You're not doing yourself any favors in the long run lol

  17. Hi Sir found your channel 2 days ago and was pretty amazed by your content So I am bad at fps games even tho I started at 17 age I am 20 now I play apex legends these days but bf 1 was my first online fps experience I was pretty good at that I only sniped in that game I Started playing apex legends since the day1 and its now 1500 hours on the game I still can't get better my frnds who have zero fps experience have hours less then me on apex and they perform way better then me even tho I can beat em 1v1 very easily What I should do to improve and also I took a year off from studies so I am basically either sleeping or playing apex still can't get better

  18. Can’t agree with number 2. We know the brain likes to be lazy, now you don’t want to switch sens each day but every few months it is good because we use the same brain paths for aim in general. Just look up VF Aimers. It would be to long to explain.

  19. I keep on practice and when i do i play and aim good then i que an match and aim and play like shit does this only happen to me or?

  20. I want to know how to vertically aim properly, because i can aim horizontally pretty decent but when it comes to vertical i miss more shots… I'd like to know some techniques other than just practice

  21. I picked a new sens recently, which felt really good at the time. But after a few days, it starts feeling to fast, and I overshoot targets, which seems to still be going on. Obviously from your video I should stick with the sens, but can you explain why it always feels faster, and for such a long time?

  22. You could make a video about types of mouses, with this i mean you to explain about for example, if you wanna buy a light mouse wich are the best options, or a small one… (putting an example of a cs pro player who use it and what playstyles are worth for that type of mouse.. For exemple a sensitive ones for awps fast reaction time shots…)

  23. I own the Razer viper, but I feel like it doesn't fit my hand very well and my aim is suffering. I also feel like it's becuase of the way I hold my mouse , I use what I think to be claw grip , but it feels wierd and my aim isn't verry good after a lot of practice. Should I buy a smaller mouse like the g pro wireless? I saw your other videos of gripping your mouse but they didn't really solve my issue. Any other tips? This will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  24. a bunch of bullshit lmao it's all about skill and natural talent , stop with this bullshit , copying pro settings etc .. it's not going to help you , be you and play natural with your instincts

  25. Hey, I have a question. How you clear your glasses? Because I feel like I cant have them perfectly clear to can see the screen as other players that dont need them and I always see yours so clean

  26. The chill out part is very important. I find myself in a good mood when I'm back to cs after a day or two. Gives me time to vent off the madness in the game

  27. … until you get better, destroy them and then write "GG too easy" in the chat. And dont forget to mess with your teammates by adding the "no team".

  28. I don't know if this time you make subtitle in english but the youtube traduction in french it's perfect, so thx u 😀 !! And sorry for my bad english 😉

  29. Damn i wish your videos existed 5,6 years ago when i was playing cs 1.6 so hard, and i was always obsessed about the aiming stuff and always tried googling how to improve my aim.

  30. I work on different computers with multiple hires screens attached to them. Overtime I've calculated the dpi values to match them all with my game screen and settings. And for work I try to use the pen tablet more than my mouse.

  31. It’s funny you say getting better sleep. I’ve heard gamers say that and knew it had some level of influence. I recently woke up at 4am feeling rested and didn’t want to just lay in bed till my alarm went off, so I hopped on siege. I had a pretty decent game.

  32. Before I watch this, I can say that part of my problem is mother fucking Aim Assist in Destiny 2. I want to TURN IT OFF. I can NOT tell you the amount of times I've been fucked by two (or more people) being close together and instead of my aim staying true to the person I would've killed it moves over to the person with more health causing me not only to get fucked but not even kill the dude who needed like 1 more damage >:L

  33. Learning how to take care of your mental health to perform better in anything that life is going to give you is a skill you must train.

  34. Hey Ron absolutely love the content, just a question, do you know anyone who does similar content but for controller players? Don’t have the money to afford a PC rn and I just wanna be more consistent w/ aim and movement.

  35. Hey Ron,
    I was wondering if there is any downside in practicing inbetween games.
    In Overwatch I have like a 10-15min queue time and I tend to go into the practice range and practice all the 10-15 and then imidiately go into the next game.

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