Top 5 Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee

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and Let’s Go Eevee after a very long 5 months of waiting and anticipating is finally out
in stores everywhere and well I can’t describe how happy I am to be playing this game. It’s a different experience just like I
expected it to be, but nonetheless I’m still having a lot of fun. And I know I said when I built my team for
pokemon lets go I was going to go at it from a very casual perspective. But I know that there’s going to be people
that want to know what pokemon are the best to use in this game. And well today I think I’ve compiled a good
list of what I believe to be the top 5 strongest pokemon in Pokemon let’s go pikachu and
Let’s Go Eevee. Keep in mind that I will be excluding megas
and legendaries from this list because 1 duh they’re all really strong, and 2 megas will
only be available after game and this video is more directed towards pokemon that are
useful for the story mode rather than competitive. And of course if you feel there’s a really
strong pokemon that I left off this list please be sure to let me know in the comment section
below. So without further ado welcome to the top
5 strongest pokemon in Pokemon let’s go pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave
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get started. 5
Well to kick off this list I really wanted to start off with a pokemon that’s very
versatile and can function well in many different roles on your team. And what pokemon better fits this narrative
than the legendary pokemon Arcanine. I mean when you have the species name of legendary
attached to you that kind of is really telling of how good this pokemon can be. Though yes, it does lose its very useful abilities
in flash fire and intimidate I still feel this doesn’t change how great this pokemon
really is. I mean if you take a look at its stats arcanine
has the ability to be whatever you want it to be. If you want a fast physical attacker arcanine
can easily do that. Want a more bulky special attacker? No problem. And what’s great about this pokemon is that
not only does it have the stats but it also has a wide movepool to even further solidify
its usefulness. With moves like flare blitz, fire blast, will-o-wisp,
outrage, play rough, iron tail, superpower, crunch, this thing even gets dragon pulse
the coverage is crazy. And as for typing, well fire is weak to rock
ground and water which could be bad for competitive since there’s no counter to stealth rocks. but this isn’t competitive and fire is a very
offensive typing and can really do some nice damage in game with strengths against bug
grass ice and of course steel. Just watch out for giovanni. The only real problem I really see with this
pokemon though is the fact that it’s a version exclusive to pikachu. My suggestion get a friend to trade a growlithe
over this pokemon is going to be good. 4
So I actually had a pretty difficult time figuring out what I wanted to do for the number
4 slot on this list because I really wanted to talk about tentacruel and how good and
useful it is, but man is machamp really good for in game use. I mean really any fighting type is good in
this game since there are a few caves that heavily feature rock types and there are a
quite a few normal pokemon floating around like raticate, persian kangaskhan and of course
the starter eevee (if you are picked pikachu) But I picked machamp because well out of all
the fighting types available this pokemon is definitely the strongest. I mean take a look at its stats, its got godly
physical attack, pretty good hp, and decent defenses. Sure it’s kinda slow but really the only things
you have to worry about are the flying psychic and fairy types. And I think this is a very fair trade off
to get a pokemon that will mow through normal and rock which are pretty prevalent in this
game. And if we take a look at moves, sure it doesn’t
have a wide range of attacks, but it has the important ones. Bulk up, brick break, strength, the elemental
punches and super power that’s all you really need for this pokemon. All in all I think machamp would be a very
useful pokemon to have on your team simply because of the fact that its strong, can take
out common pokemon, and has strong moves to back up its stats. simple 3
I think when it comes to strong pokemon in the kanto region one of the more powerful
ones that most people know about is the sleeping pokemon snorlax. I mean for generations this pokemon was always
a serious force to be reckoned with especially in the gen 1 metagame. And with base stats like these it’s really
no wonder why this pokemon is so freaking good. Personally I think having a normal type on
the team can be very beneficial especially one that can eat up hits like a champ. That combined with the fact that it only has
a weakness fighting really makes snorlax worth using. And when you take a look at snorlax’s movepool
it’s got a great set of attacks to use such as body slam, brick break, superpower, earthquake
and the elemental punches. Its simple but but really effective to use
for a pokemon like this. And when you take into account the fact that
snorlax is easy to find the best of its typing and just and overall beast of pokemon I don’t
know why anyone would not pick this pokemon. 2
Let’s face it I think you guys all saw this coming and it’s actually kind of a pain
to talk about since its so obvious, but of course you can’t really make a strong pokemon
in kanto list without at least mentioning the only pseudo-legendary pokemon in these
games dragonite. What can I really say it’s a pseudo legendary
which for those who don’t know are pokemon with comparable stats to LEGENDARY POKEMON. And I mean when you have statlines like this
it’s pretty obvious that this pokemon is going to be good. I do wish its speed was up a bit more to make
it a really good all around pokemon but even with 80 speed this pokemon can function well
in many different roles. You can have it as a bulky allround defensive
tank, make it a physical sweeper, you can even run special moves if you really want
to. And its typing being dragon and flying is
also a very good defensive typing as it gets 5 resistances and 1 immunity. I mean dragon alone is one of the most overpowered
types in the game even with the addition of fairy which is actually few and far between
in let’s go. All you gotta really worry about with dragonite
is rock ice, and I guess dragon as well, which are two types that can easily be countered
by fighting. As for a movepool this pokemon also has a
wide range of moves in its arsenal such as outrage, fly, thunder wave, roost, brick break,
waterfall, the elemental punches, aqua jet, and of course earthquake. I will say though you’ll have to wait a
pretty long time to get this pokemon though as dragonair does evolve at 55 so its gonna
be a pain, but man is it well worth the wait. 1
And Finally at the number 1 spot the most powerful pokemon to use in pokemon lets go
pikachu and lets go eevee has to be the psychic pokemon alakazam. I really had a tough choice picking this last
pokemon for this list simply because of the fact that there are so many good fast special
attackers in this games. I mean gengar and starmie are both very good
options for a fast special attacker but the highest in terms stats is in fact alakazam. And when you take a look at the stats base
135 special attack and 120 speed is absolutely insane. And although it may not get crazy coverage
moves like the other 2 all you really need to succeed with alakazam is shadow ball psychic
calm mind and dazzling gleam. And the psychic typing is just going to be
a very good typing in this game considering dark is basically non-existent in this game
and their only 2 ghost types in this game 1 of them being slower and weak to alakazam
as well. All in all its pretty self explanatory why
this pokemon is so good it won’t be like the red and blue days of old but I think in let’s
go this pokemon will for sure be a powerhouse in the games. Thank you guys so much for watching if you
guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section
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next time.


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  2. You choose Alakazam over Gangar really, just because Alakazam is super affective against him Shit he also is super affective against alakazam not to mention you can teach him psychic type moves plus the only dark moves but dark moves are very weak in this game so, No

  3. What about gyrados its a physical sweeper who is effective to fire and ground immune to ground and is only really weak to grass and rock

  4. I had this team that I beat every gym with and elite 4 and my rival with:


  5. Who else is waiting for that ghost normal type it would be a good tank give it great defenses and health and either special or physical attack and it doesn't even need speed because it's an awesome typing defensive typing. Though honestly if it had mythical or legendary stats it would be a monster ( pun intended)

  6. If you do not have any friends for number five and you use let’s go eevee, you can go to someone and they will trade you an Arcanine for 5 meowths.

  7. Wait arcanine really isn’t good if you have let’s go pikachu because if you are fighting Blaine’s gym then you can just use surf or that one exclusive pikachu move to one or two tap every fire type.🙃😂

  8. I have pokemon lets go eeve, and all of those pokemon you said "unless you have eevee's" your wrong.. I got arcanine with an NPC and snorlax

  9. That website you suggested seemed to have worked for some people, but the "new version" is a scam to some people. For the safety of the peoples, please take that off.

  10. No I played eeve and you can get Arcanine by catching 5 mewoths and go to where the third gym leader and see a person sitting on a bench will give you Arcnine at level 16

  11. My charzard took the elite four down even lorlie couldn't take my charzard down and I did a battle with lance and when is sent out Drangnite my Drogonite won

  12. Mach amp is good but in the battle against Mewtwo or the legendary bird trio you can’t really use it because it’ll get melted

  13. You can get arcanine in eevee by letting that woman in vermilion to pet your five meowths and she will give you her arcanine

  14. I was pretty skeptical about the new catching system but I actually really enjoy it. There are times that it can be a bit frustrating like when the pokemon keeps moving around. But I like how easy it is to level up your team through catching pokemon. It definitely makes the game a lot easier but I still find the game to be enjoyably challenging.

  15. Aerodactyl is way better than it has 121 speed 79 special defense 82 special attack 149 HP attack 102 and defense 68 that's really good

  16. I swear to god, once you boost its speed and defences a bit with candies, with its movepool wigglytuff is honestly amazing, I’m doing a mono normal playthrough of lets go pikachu, my team is wigglytuff, alolan ratata, snorlax, pidgeot, kagaskhan and Tauros, and srsly wigglytuff is carrying my team so hard, dazzling gleam, psychic, brick break and body slam, beastly

  17. First time watcging and I enjoyed the vid but seriously, 1 minute and 30 seconds of an ad? Had to skip.

  18. I started three days ago and I already have alakazam, arcanine, gengar, machamp, snorlax, golem, and gyrados

  19. Arcinine is no only in let’s go pikachu you can get it from the lady next to the Pokémon fan club for 5 miyouths

  20. My team (eevee)snorlax,mewtwo,articuno,zapdos,moltres and team(pikachu)mew,mewtwo,articuno,zapdos,moltres and pikachu.

  21. using mewtwo to sweep e4
    "ok sir"
    my team: articuno charizard poliwrath mewtwo raichu and gyarados

  22. Me: #1 is Mewtwo.

    Me again: Oh.. there’s no legendaries.. rip.

    Edit: My team (Lets Go Pikachu):

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