Top Wing: ‘Virtual Training Missions’ Official Game Walkthrough ✈️ | Nick Jr. Games

Nick Junior’s Junior Gamers. Hi, I’m Junior Gamer Mateo. Let’s play the Top Wing
Virtual Training Missions game! I get to train
like a Top Wing cadet. Oh yeah! I can be any of the cadets. OK, let’s start with Swift. I like a challenge, let’s jet! I’m flying the Flashwing
and collecting tokens. Whoa, this turbo booster
helps me go so fast! Yeah! Gotta watch out
for that storm cloud! Slick! Turbo loopy loop time! – Awesome!
– Got it! Wow,
I got so many training tokens! I earned
a Top Wing training badge! Up next, Brody. Surf’s up! Whoa, watch out for those waves! – Quick, grab that token!
– Yahoo! Don’t fall off! Woops, now that’s a wipe out! – Primo!
– Yeah! Now I’ll play as Penny
in the Aquawing! This is so cool! – Aqua booster!
-Wee! Whoa, more tokens! Gotcha! Another Top Wing training badge! Thanks for helping me! Next, I’m playing as Rod! Roadwing time! Let’s cock-a-doodle-do this! Ah, jump over those logs! Oh yeah! Whoa, so many tokens! We earned all
of our training badges, that was so awesome! Thanks for helping me
earn my wings, see you on the next mission! You can play the Virtual
Training Missions game On
and in the Nick Junior app.

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