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[The cameras are not there]
okay. [Rolling .. and …]
Action. One word that can describe Hansel perfectly
is … funny, I think. My Name is Suhendi saputra. I’am one of Hansels closest friends. I know him since junior high school. He likes to make his own language. Like … (talks gibberish). That doesn’t mean anything – that just sounds
funny, you know. I think he is quite a shy guy. My name is Irfan loria. I know Hansel from kindergarten. We’ve become really close because we share
the same jokes. Hi my name is Andrew changgrawinata. We’ve met in the 7th grade of junior high
school. Now we are best friends. We don’t need many friends, we are true friends. From the outside people will think Hansel
is a really cold person but if you have known him for a long time
you know that he is a very talkative person. Hansel is a really big fan of Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man .. obviously. He is a good listener and I think he is a
good motivator, too. Passionate guy. Family is number one in his life. Hansels strength, I think he knows what he
wants and he pursues it until he got it. Hi my name is Shanez and I’am 31 years old. Iam Hansels sister – the only one. He doesn’t give up very quickly. He is a very awesome person. My Name is Griffin sanjaya and Iam the brother
of Hansel ferdinand. I’am pretty close to my brother. Back when I was a child it always sucked,
because Hansel is the youngest kid in the family and he always got the special treatment
from our parents. His parents thought of Counterstrike as “just
a game” back then. Playing games is just a waste of time, money
and future. People in Indonesia basically think that gaming
is really really bad. People should attend school and go to university
and then get a job- a proper job. Hansel is very very religious. At every single game, if you pay attention, he is praying like this in every game he plays. Actually, my parents always told us that we
have to pray for everything we do. I think he gave his first salary to the church. He is christian. In Indonesia 95 % are muslim. [What’s that sound?] [There is a mosque close to us.] My name is Richard permana. Iam the former in-game leader of Hansel
and currently Iam working for team NXL as the CEO and also the Indonesian e-sports national
team in a year for SEA games. I’ve met him the first time at the game center
in Purinda. He was a very skinny guy and I’ve heard a
lot from my friends that he is very good. His character is very childish. He is a very very funny guy. When we do funny jokes he always says it like
this “gaming is in the detail”, he always says
it like that. He is just a normal guy that has no social
life. My name is Aditya leonard
and I’ve known Hansel for 10 years now. We played together at a cybercafe. It’s very common in Indonesia to play at Internetcafes,
because not everyone has a PC at home. Building a good PC requires a lot of money. He liked to play at the Internetcafe for 8
hours a day. I think back then, Hansel and Griffin told
my parents that they are spending their time at their friends house. [But you knew and you didn’t say anything?] Yeah. He liked to play one vs us and we still lost. He is that good. There was one night where my brothers didn’t
come home until late at night and my parents got so stressed and worried. Until finally one of their friends told my
parents that they were at the internetcafe. Actually my dad picked them up, because they
fell asleep in the Internetcafe. Actually, back then I didn’t realize many
things about Counterstrike and his life for the game, but there came a time when the China
team gave him an offering. When he got the offer from Tyloo it was a
very good momentum for him to take that chance. He needed to take that chance. 100 %. And that time I realised that he actually makes a difference in e-sport. I think he is the first person going abroad
to professional gaming team in China. Hansel doesn’t speak Mandarin at all, you
know. Its very difficult for him, but with that
difficulty on that team he still manages to win some games. I think he’s been in China for over than two
years right now and he knows some vocabulary in Chinese. So I think he mixes some Chinese and some
English. When he moved to China, when he got quite
popular in Indonesia, girls started noticing him and started to DM him through Instagram. He was kinda shocked. Like “oh my god, what do I got to do?!” Hansel with the girls.. He is a very, very, veery, very shy guy. He is going abroad a lot so he doesn’t have the time to find the right one. And then he decided not to reply to girls
because it distracted him from playing the game. So he chose the game over the girls. We can expect more from him, because he always
loved Counterstrike and he plays more than the other players. I wish we have a long good relationship in
the future … … even though we have different paths in
life. I feel proud to be his big sister. Every decision he makes I always support 100
%. I never doubt my brother. I think he is the best Counterstrike player
in Asia and in the world. For me as his friend, I think he is the best
player in the world. You are great Hansel.


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  2. BnTeT has a same personality just like me wtf.. I hope i have the same destiny as a pro player and be able to play csgo with europeans,NA, big teams πŸ™πŸ™

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