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Hello YouTube, welcome to my channel In this video I will show you trick to complete royal pass missions easily and quickly if you find this video helpful then please hit the like button and to be a part of my YouTube family subscribe this channel Watch the video till end, there is a giveaway in the end Before starting the video I would like to thank all those people who support me I read all your comments properly and I reply them for 3-4 hours everyday If I get late in responding/replying then don’t assume that your comments don’t matter to me. more than a thousand people have said “love you”, left good comments and have supported me now I am starting to recognize everyone in the comments, I really want to shoutout a lot of people but then it would take hours just for shoutouts and I don’t wanna waste your time and internet data by talking off-topic, and this is why I don’t make unnecessary videos Lets talk about rest later, lets start the video without any further delay If you have no knowledge about Royal Pass and its missions then watch my Royal Pass Video so that you understand this video better you can tap the RP button in lobby, then then proceed to Missions tab in RP section You can see there are two tabs there, daily missions and challenge missions in daily missions tab, you can see daily missions from last 3 days, everyday a new mission is added and another 3 day old mission is removed then in challenge missions tab you can see that you get some mission weekly as weeks pass by in season now I’ll explain you step by step how to complete these missions easily and quickly Number 1, in order to complete the missions you can play matches in any server as you can see on screen, it isn’t mentioned anywhere that its necessary for you to be in specific server or tier to complete to missions unlike the achievements where its necessary be in gold or platinum to complete them you can take advantage of this fact and play in any other server in which you’re in low tier like silver or bronze that way you will find more bots in the matches, and you will be able to finish killing missions very quick and easily and if you like to play only in your favorite map, for example if you just like playing in Sanhok and mission is to land 3 times in Los Leones, then you can do it in any other server and then kill character in game right away, this way you wont have to play full match in Miramar and your total rating wont be affected in your main server Number 2, play 8 minute matches in Arcade mode more specially if you mission is related to AUG or GROZA you can complete the missions in Arcade mode, except War Mode, DO NOT PLAY IN WAR MODE if you’re playing for missions some missions that specifically mention that they should be completed in Classic mode, can obviously be completed only in Classic mode pistol, pan, fist and grenade missions can be easily completed in arcade mode also, you can complete school and quarry missions easily in Arcade Mode as in Arcade Mode matches take place mostly in these locations only some missions like, “Play 10 matches with teammates”, find level 3 helmet, bag pack, vest etc can also be easily completed in Arcade Mode because arcade mode matches last only for 8 minutes, and those missions in which you have to finish in top 3 or top 10 can also be done easily in this mode Number 3, READ ABOVE to complete RP missions you don’t have to knock and kill enemies with same weapon, therefore you can knock them with one weapon and kill them with other for example, you can knock anyone with gun and then kill them with car, melee or fist, and still that kill will count for the mission If you play solo, then you will have to make fist, pan, grenade and car kills directly. Direct Car kill is still easier than direct pan kill. unless your enemy is a bot if you’re playing with friends then you can kill enemies knocked out by your friends and still those kills would be counted in your mission and obviously you will be able to complete revive missions easily and faster with your friends they can knock themselves out multiple times and then you can revive them if can also borrow stuff like helmet, vest, bag, 8x scope from your friend while playing and then return it to them, still it will be counted for the mission Sniper missions can be done easily in Sniper Challenge mode, for example if missing is “Kill an enemy with Kar98K” then to complete it easily you can play Solo vs Duo Sniper Challenge match and right after landing you can pick up a pistol and Kar98K and knock your enemy using pistol and then you can kill them with Kar98K and then in order to save time after completing the mission you can kill yoself like I showed you just now Number 5, select map according to the mission only for example, for killing an enemy that’s 300 meter far, you must play Miramar, as in Miramar you will get more opportunities for making that kill and even for 8x scope related missions Miramar is a great choice as they are found easily in Miramar and I wont tell you obvious stuff like
“For G36C play only in Vikendi, because its Vikendi exclusive gun.” So this was the way to complete Royal Pass missions easily Read above ๐Ÿ™‚ I WANT TO CREATE A COMMUNITY ON THIS CHANNEL WHERE PEOPLE HELP EACH OTHER AND LEARN GOOD THINGS TOGETHER There are too many people who send me requests in game for playing, but I am not able to accept them friends, the reason is simple I am not playing the game these days and whenever I open it its for recording videos only If I play game then I wont be able to make videos for you guys, so don’t think that I am ignoring you guys The situation is like that, even if I want to play I cannot play. ๐Ÿ™ READ ABOVE FOR GIVEAWAY INFO and tell me if you liked my videos ๐Ÿ™‚ and thousands of people who said “love you” to me [LOOK UP]


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    Note: If you play duo or squad, progress of RP missions get updated after your teammates are out of the match as well. In solo mode, they get updated as soon as you are out of the match. I already told this in the video as well. Don't be quick to judge.

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  5. Bhai koi help karo , mera rp 67 hai without royal pass , ab mere pass 600uc hai or mujhe royal pass lena hai , mere royalpass k kuch missions already completed hai , agar abhi royal pass lunga to rp ki sari purani cheeze or rp ka already done missions ka reward milega kya ?

  6. Bhai meri RP 90 ho gayi lekin mission ek bhi nahi bacha sab complete ho gaye eb meri 100 Rp kese hogi bas 6 din bache hain rp lock hone me

  7. aaj tak jitny bhi videos bhi dekhy hain kam ki baat nahi karty sirf apni vhannel ki advertisement karty hain or logo ka time barbad kart hain . your video is awesome

  8. bhai last week bacha ha please bhai mere mission karo bhai please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  9. Bhai mere comment pe kuch bhi reply kardo please apki jo bolne ka tarika hai usi se app million subscribers achieve kar sakte ho

  10. Bhae mene 600 uc wala purchase kiya tha bht late..lekin abi new season start hogya..aur mera mission adhura reh gya.. I got only 425 uc through out my mission..

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