Triple Play: New Wonky Star Projects with Jenny, Natalie & Misty of Missouri Star (Video Tutorial)

Jenny: Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the
Missouri Star Quilt Company. And I am here today with Natalie and Misty and welcome to
our new series called Triple Play. The third week of the month three ladies are going to
give you three new ideas that’s based on one quilt project we’ve already done. This
is the Tiny Wonky Stars quilt. We all love tiny wonky stars.
Natalie: They’re so cute. Jenny: So cute. And so we came up with three
different projects. And we’re going to start off with mine. Mine I took the tiny wonky
stars and I sandwiched them in between two rows of houses. So we are going to teach you
how to make the basic star block. And then we’re going to show you three ways to change
it up. Misty: What we did.
Jenny: So let’s start with that star block. Now mine is all based on 2 ½ inch squares
which means that we are going to have, we are going to have nine little squares like
this. Now for my project I’ve used the fabric Seasons by Jason Yenter for New Beginnings.
And it’s a really fun line. I’m kind of a traditionalist in the way that I wanted
all my stars to be one color and blue. They’re all scrappy. I used all the different blues
but still they’re, you know, I had to have blue stars because stars are up in the sky
and they’re blue, right? Misty: Yeah.
Jenny: Alright. Natalie: My stars are yellow. Or orange or
white. Jenny: Right, right. Alright so now what we’re
going to do is we’re going to cut a couple of these charm packs in half like this and
we’re going to make some 2 ½ inch blocks because mine is all based on 2 ½ inch squares.
And remember that the fun about this block is that it is based on a square. And you’ll
see from these guys’ projects that any size square works. So what I’m going to do is
I’m going to cut these into 2 ½ inch squares and we’re going to make the star and I’m
going to show you how to make the star legs. So basically I’m going to take a 2 ½ inch
square and I’m going to lay my fabric, my printed fabric, over my white fabric. The
white now becomes the pattern and the background. And I’m going to lay it so that it crosses
over that middle line right here and sew a quarter of an inch right down the side. Alright,
so it goes across the center. And she uses the fabric as her guide for her quarter inch
and so your presser foot goes right along the edge of your printed fabric and she sews
right down the sides. Misty, do you want to iron that?
Misty: Yes. Jenny: And it’s great to have three sewers,
I’m telling you. This is the best. Misty: Team work
Jenny: Team work. Alright, press that. Jenny: So now what we’re going to do is
we’re going to trim this leg off right here, I mean the rest of the square off. We use
our white square as our pattern. It becomes, it becomes the base for our star block. We’re
going to cut off the side and the top and keep this little piece because it’s what
makes the leg on the other side.So you kind of choose here. You want it to make sure it’s
crossing over that fabric and coming down however far you want it. It could be, it could
be a little short leg. It could be a long leg. Because I’m a rote sewer mine tend
to end up in the same place. Do your guys? Misty: Oh yeah.
Natalie: Mine do too. Jenny: So our stars kind of look like a pattern,
even though there’s no pattern and it’s wonky. Now the ones behind us, Carol our sewer
made these, and she’s got long ones and short ones and it really looks wonky and it
makes it really fun. Natalie: The fabric just has to cover the
squares. So it doesn’t matter which direction you go as long as it makes the leg that covers
the white background square. Jenny: Right, right. So again we’re going
to use this as the pattern and we’re going to trim all that extra off. And I don’t
trim the backs of my fabric off. Do you guys? Misty: No I don’t.
Jenny: No I don’t either. There’s you know, those needles can go through pretty
much anything, right? Misty: Yep, absolutely. Jenny: Alright so you’re going to do this
four times. You’re going to have four sets of legs. And they go together like a nine
patch. So here’s my middle square right here. And so we’re going to put two of our
legs this way, two of our legs this way. And our corner squares are just the plain white
on mine. So that goes together just like this. And one more square here. And you’re going
to then sew this together in three rows of three. And it’s going to make this cute
little 2 ½ inch wonky star. Jenny: So also on my quilt is a house block.
So let me show you how to do that real quick. Let me just scoot this stuff over here. I
love the tiny houses. I’m just kind of addicted to them and every time I make one, it’s
a whole new adventure. Misty: They’re so fun.
Jenny: Well it’s like the stars. You know you get a little star done and especially
when you do them scrappy like this. Everyone is like, oh, it’s so cute.
Misty: A little surprise. Jenny: Alright so I”m going to cut a half
an inch off of this five inch square for my house. And that’s just because we need it
to be a 4 ½ inch square, I mean 4 ½ inches wide. And then what I’m going to do is I’m
going to cut my top piece. Now let me show you my house for a second here. Where did
it go? Now if you ever wonder how we sew. This is how I sew. I’m always in piles.
They’re a little more organized. Natalie: Sometimes.
Misty: It depends. Jenny: I guess it depends. Anyway this is
our little house. We’re talking about the roofline right here. So I’ve cut my five
inch square to 4 ½ on one side only. And then I”m going to cut off a 1 ½ by 4 ½
inch rectangle for the top of my roof. So here’s that. We’ll put that over here.
Misty: And that’s this little strip right here, right?
Jenny: Yep and then our side walls are going to be three inches by two inches. So let me
see how long this is. This is 3 ½. So I”m going to cut off another little half inch
piece. And then I can do two inches. We’ve got two, here we go. Let me turn this around,
it will be easier for me. Two by three. And that’s a side wall. And two by three and
that’s another side wall. These are a little bit short. I think we can make it work. Alright.
So here’s two by three and two by three. Then we need our door. The door, you want
it to be contrasting. So look for something fun. I think these wheels are fun. Your door
is 1 ½ by three. So we’re going to cut this right out here, 1 ½ by three. And that’s
going to be our doorway. And I like to put interesting things in the doorway. Now the
roof is going to be a whole different color. Actually your entire house can match. Mine
I kind of did them all different. So your roof is going to be 4 ½ by 2 ½. So I’m
going to line this up here, 4 ½ by 2 ½. And Natalie, to make this roof we’re going
to need, we’re going to snowball the two top corners. So I’m going to let you go
ahead and do that. Natalie: Should I go ahead and sew together
the roof or? Jenny: No sew together the roof first.
Natalie: Ok. Jenny: That way because then when you build
your house the roof is on and everything is done. So I’ve finger pressed that. Let me
find another one of these little blocks. Misty: There they are.
Jenny: I love these 2 ½ inch squares. Misty: They’re so handy.
Jenny: See these you can get, they’re 2 ½ inch squares already cut. Oh my gosh it
saves so much time. It’s perfect for me. Misty: Yep.
Jenny: Alright and then we’ve got one more, oh let me trim that off. Let me just trim
that off. Alright if you want to check your corners you can just press it back and make
sure it still lines up in the corner. Natalie is pretty good at this.
Natalie: It’s ok. Jenny: That’s pretty good.
Natalie: It’s not great but it will work. Jenny: We’re going to finger press that
back and then we’re going to add the other white corner on the other side. And that’s
going to give us our roof peak. We’re all staring at her.
Misty: I know. Jenny: She, nobody sews a perfect seam like
Natalie. Misty: So much pressure.
Natalie: So much pressure Jenny: Alright, now I am going to trim this
off and Misty I’m going to have you iron it.
Misty: Ok. Jenny: And then Natalie,
Natalie: You want me to do these? Jenny: Yes. Sew these sides, the sides to
each door. You’re going to do that part first. That’s alright.. That’s alright.
It will all come out in the wash. Or hopefully not. Hopefully none of this will come out
in the wash. I’m just squaring that up a little bit. So she’s adding her walls to
both sides of the door. Now on a lot of my doors, I’ve made several quilts with these
tiny houses. And a lot of times in the door I will put a little, like a novelty print.
Like I have little puppy in one. Misty: It’s so cute.
Jenny: Or a little skeleton in one and a little eskimo in one.
Misty: All these little faces Jenny: All these little faces peeking out
the doors. Misty: So cute.
Jenny: And I love to do that. I just think that’s really fun.
Natalie: Press it first or do you want me to put the
Jenny: You can do it either way. We have Misty right here. So we’ll just. Press on, Misty,
press on. Misty: Alright, I will. Make sure we don’t
have any creases. Jenny: There we go. And she’s going to put
this top piece right across the top. Natalie: This top piece?
Jenny: Yep. So because your houses, they need to be like the same height which is pretty
much the same. You could square them a little if you want to. Natalie’s seams might be
a little, my quarter inch seam is kind of fat. So her seams may be a little more accurate
than mine are. Then put the roof on it. Misty: Everybody’s is a little different.
Jenny: Ya because you’re sewing them, oh where’s my thing here. Because you’re
sewing them together side by side, it’s ok if there’s just a little bit different.
You know what, I think I’m going to hang this up behind you right here. Or Misty, maybe
you can Misty: Sure
Jenny: Help me there, or hang that. Natalie: Trim these sides off if you want.
Jenny: Yes, so that’s what I’m going to do. So we’ve got the top of our roof on,
our roof and our header board. And this is our little house right here. And I”m just
going to trim up these sides. So just shave them up so they’re the same. I mean ideally
with those measurements they should match but if your quarter of an inch is a little
different or a little off it won’t be exact. But this is your little house block and they
just come out so cute. And so you’re going to have nine of these on each side. So you
make 18 of those total, six star blocks and then I didn’t even border it. I just put
a little binding on it. And it just, it’s just so cute, how it ends up. Jenny: Alright now, Misty, what did you do
to yours? Misty: So for mine, when I saw this fabric,
which I thought was so cute, I made a whole quilt. First of all
Jenny: I”m cleaning up my mess. There we go.
Misty: So I don’t know if we want to hold this up or
Jenny: Yes, yes. Misty: Or what.
Jenny: Let’s hold it up. I’m going to put these down here.
Natalie: We could probably just stick it. Misty: Maybe. So I”m calling this one Luminary.
And when I saw this fabric which is called Gingham Farm by My Mind’s Eye for Riley
Blake, it just reminded me of an old farmhouse. And I wanted it to feel really scrappy and
just, you know, warm and homey. And so I just decided to put four patches in the middle.
So I took my five inch squares and I cut them down and I made a little four patch for the
center. And then because I made four patches, it means that my background squares were no
longer five inches. They’re 4 ½ and so let me see here.
Jenny: And you have a trick for making those? Misty: I do. Do you want me to show?
Jenny: Yes show. Misty: Ok, let me make sure I’ve got
Jenny: Because it’s got, so there’s lots of ways to make four patches.
Misty: Yes Jenny: But this is a really quick way to do
it and it’s, they go together fun and easy. It just feels like no stress to me. But everybody’s
different. The way we learn is different. The way we sew is different and so.
Misty: So you’re just going to want to take two contrasting five inch squares. So I’ve
got two here and I’m going to put those right sides together. And Nat, do you want
to sew? And we’re just going to do a quarter inch seam on opposite sides.
Natalie: Ok Jenny: Ya on both sides.
Misty: Yep. Jenny: There we go.
Misty: Alright. So once you have that sewn on opposite sides you’re going to take,
I have my 2 ½ inch ruler here. And since this is a five inch square we can just lay
it right on the edge. We’re going to cut this in half and then we’re going to press
those open. Jenny: I get to do it.
Misty: Yay. Jenny: Press to the dark side.
Misty: And then because I wanted it scrappy, you’re going to get two of those obviously.
I did this with a bunch of different ones. And I’m just going to put them, I’m just
going to kind of mix it up. And then I put those right sides together. And then you sew
with your seam in the middle, you’re going to sew on opposite sides again.
Jenny: Again. Misty: And you’re going to have a piece
Jenny: And cut those in half. Misty: You’re going to cut those in half
again and you’re going to get two sets of four patches. Just like that. And so then
you never have to deal with the little squares. And it makes it really fun. So like I said,
those end up being 4 ½ inches. And so then we cut our background fabric to 4 ½ inches
as well. And then we just laid this out just like before with our star legs.
Jenny: So what size square did you use for your star leg? Did you cut those down?
Misty: Five because, I just stuck with my five inch square.
Jenny: Ok, perfect. Misty: Yep exactly.
Jenny: That actually gives you a little more wiggle room.
Misty: Yep plenty of room. So then I just put this together. And I’ve got a few more
rows that I’ve already sewn here. So we’ll just drop those in like so.
Jenny: So it’s the same just with a bigger square?
Misty: Yeah. Exactly and a block in the middle. Jenny: Ya a block in the middle.
Misty: And then I just decided to sash it just to help it set apart. And I put little
2 ½ inch cornerstones. This is 2 ½ inch sashing.
Jenny: Those cornerstones save me because I cannot line up rows to save my life. And
I love a cornerstone. Misty: I do too and I thought it worked really
well with this. And so Jenny: It’s really cute.
Natalie: Very cute. Misty: Thank you. Jenny: Alright Miss Natalie, show us yours.
Natalie: Ok, so mine, I had a layer cake to work with.
Misty: Let me swap you. Natalie: I used Violet Twilight by Canvas
Studios for Benartex Fabrics. Jenny: Here Misty and I will hang this up
for you. Natalie: So the cool thing about my project
is the layout. So everything that you see here is five inch square backgrounds and middles
included. You’ll need five five inch squares. So I used a layer cake that had multiples
of the same color. Jenny: Oh yeah
Natalie: You could scrap it up if you wanted to, if you didn’t have that same type
Jenny: Just cut them in fourths. Natalie: Ya, but ya. So I have matching colors.
Jenny: I think this has beautiful lines. I love the purples. It’s beautiful.
Natalie: Ya and but so these legs intersect with their neighbor’s legs. So you have
to kind of lay this whole quilt out before you start sewing it together.
Misty: So you’re not making a block. Natalie: Nope.
Misty: Ok. Natalie: This is, I think it would be called
a row quilt. Misty: Yeah.
Natalie: Maybe Misty: Absolutely.
Natalie: So we’ll start. The easiest way to start laying this out is just to start
from one star kind of in the middle, wherever you want your beginning star to start.
Jenny: And really you’re going to want to do this on a design wall or your design floor.
Natalie: Ya a big space Misty: You’re going to need some space.
Jenny: Because you really do have to lay it out. I couldn’t, I can’t see it until
it’s all together. Natalie: Ya it’s just kind of something
you start building. So you just start with your first star.
Jenny: Now I would have put solid squares here, another leg goes there.
Natalie: That’s right. They intersect. So then you’re just going to start laying those
pieces together. Misty: I love it.
Natalie: Adding your center. Are we Jenny: Ya we’re good.
Natalie: Still good. Are we able to see everything? Misty and Jenny: Oh yeah
Natalie: And then we’ll put another one over here. It can go sideways or it can go
up and down. Jenny: Let me move these out of the way.
Natalie: Laying it out can be a little bit tricky so follow the diagram or be creative
and do whatever you want. You just want to make sure you have complete stars. And they
can intersect and look great. If you want to you can take them all the way out to the
edge and have like half stars. Misty: Sure.
Natalie: I wanted a nice clean white border so I added a bunch of
Jenny: So in here, these are just straight five inch white squares? To fill it in, to
make it square. Natalie: Yep.
Jenny: Perfect. It looks awesome. Misty: It’s so cute.
Jenny: Oh and look at. Look what she put on the back.
Misty: Yay Natalie: Cuddle on the backing.
Misty: We love a cuddle back. Natalie: It’s going to be for a baby. It’s
so soft Jenny: And I love that you can see pattern,
the stitch pattern. It’s so cool. Natalie: Yep
Misty: Beautiful. Jenny: Beautiful.
Misty: So fun. Jenny: So lots of ideas and lots of things.
We loved making these wonky stars. They’re one of our favorites. And every month now
you’re going to see, on the third week, from three ladies, three special new projects
that are all made off of another quilt we’ve tutorialed. So if you want to search for this,
the Tiny Wonky Stars that’s under here, that’s the original tutorial that’s right
there. And then we have these three new projects for you. So we hope you enjoyed our Triple
Play. It was fun, wasn’t it girls? Misty: It was so fun.
Natalie: I also did a tiny one. Jenny: You did.
Misty: I love it so much. Jenny: What size are those?
Natalie: 1 ½ inch squares. Jenny: 1 ½ inches.
Natalie: The tiny Jenny: And because it’s based on a square
any square works. Misty: Any square.
Jenny: That is so cute. Alright, so we hope you enjoyed this Triple Play from the Missouri
Star Quilt Company.


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