TSL Plays: Best Boyfriend Bootcamp @ The Bubble Tea Factory

Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays! We’re at The Bubble Tea Factory and today 3 of our TSL gentlemen are going to battle it out in the best boyfriend bootcamp! – I’m gonna win!
– It’s me, it’s me! So we all know that love is blind, but today I’m gonna be the impartial judge to determine who’s gonna be crowned the best boyfriend! Here are the rules! We’re at the Blue Coral Utapioca where our first challenge begins. So The Bubble Tea Factory is full of IG-worthy spots And our contestants will be using this space to help me capture the best IG photo. – Y’all ready?
– Yup! – Let’s go!
– I got the frame ready. Come come, Chow! Okay, so basically I’m the first guy to take a photo for Chow. Actually I’m freaking nervous, but I have to act confident in front of the guys so I scare them. But, how ah Rianna (PD crew) how? Okay okay, sometimes imitation is the best form of flattery. So since I’m not very trained in photography and videography, I gotta see some reference. This part here, I think this is quite aesthetic. I’m thinking of having Chow lie down on the floor, with her legs on the wall. Because I know Chow loves all the artistic shots. Oh! So while the boys are recceing and looking around, here I am, snacking! But, I want to give them some time to think about it because it’s not so easy to take an IG photo, y’know. You need to think about the compositions, creatives, angles, what they want me to do, that sort of directions. And I don’t know if they’ll put that much thought into it. This one has some sort of depth of field. So imagine Chow is trapped here and doing her vogue stuff, like vogue poses. Not a very good example, but it’s gonna be something like that. I think- Cos just now I saw someone, like one of the (staff) came out from this mirror. So since they have left, I think they (the other guys) don’t know it’s a secret door. Come Jenny come! Faster faster go in! Where’s Hafeez? Where’s that slowpoke? This is something I haven’t really seen. Maybe it’s meant to be a secret? I’m not too sure, but this is something I will- Okay okay, it’s a nice bathtub, nice bathtub. What’s going on? What’s going on? Damn it! Woah… Woah! This Hafeez trying to hide this from me! Please come in to your set. So what you’re gonna do, I want you to lie inside the tub. Okay, just imagine you’re having a shower. Just imagine the frame will be here, I’m gonna take a full shot with the ‘Boba Balling’. So I want you to be as playful as possible with the money notes. You don’t have to look cool, just look fun and happy like you’re in a bubble bath. Instead of bubbles, but it’s notes. So, I need more dynamic in your body. Wah, dynamic in the body! I strongly believe that sometimes captions make 70% of the Instagram post. 30% comes from the photo. Mmm, decent decent… It’s like ooh damn… damn, damn, damn. Suddenly I thought of something. Cos bubble tea has sugar levels right, it can be like Chow inserting the tube in. And something I realised about Chow is that Instagram posts always starts with “Me and”. Yeah, it always starts with “Me”. Maybe it can be- Can help me take? We try out if this concept works. I think I might go with this instead. So I’ll have Chow sitting down here and looking towards (the right). So the idea of this is called ‘Self-reflection’. You gotta think deep. You know when you’re taking a photo for your girlfriend right, you must let her QC first. Okay, it’s a must. You cannot just take take take, “Oh, I got it”. Then when she goes home, she’s like (not satisfied). – Okay, so this may not be (the best)…
– That’s a good tip! Really, I think it’s a great tip! Who’s next? Chow chow chow! Come! – Okay, this is the sample shot I took just now.
– Oh wow~ – Okay, this is the sample shot I want.
– Got sample shot one leh! This is strategy, I think he wants to take for his own IG (account). Eh, don’t call me out. I’m thinking of you, like sitting here. So that’s shot number one. Then, for another one. It’s a bit higher concept. So I want you to lie down here, and your legs propped up against the wall. I feel like I look very ugly from that angle. No no no, wait wait, relax. – I don’t want to look ugly!
– I won’t make you look ugly. I won’t make you look ugly, okay? – Do I look ugly?
– Nope, not in the photo, legit. So you’re just gonna lie down and give a wide smile. No! (nervous laughter) Okay now… no no, not that face! We’re done with the challenge and now the guys are going to show me to photos to evaluate. – Y’all confident?
– Yeahhh..!
– Very… Okay, who wants to go first? I’ll go first ah? I’ll go first. So, what I have here are 3 photos because as a professional IG boyfriend, you gotta give your girlfriend options, you see. – Okay.
– You can’t just give her one. I feel like the photos that he took are definitely very aesthetic cos he was thinking more about the art direction of it. So I like this shot the most. Because the lighting is good due to where he chose to shoot the picture. And the pose he chose for the photo is also appropriate I guess. Now we have Weilun. – Hi Chow.
– Hi Weilun. I know you had a hard time with me while I direct in the photoshoot. Because I’m someone who is a bit more of a perfectionist. I like this photo. I think it is very straight-forward and well-framed. And the expressions, movement of the money, I think it’s just about right. Okay next up, the most confident contestant! Okay so firstly, you know a good boyfriend has to know his girlfriend. I realised you like to use a lot of colour schemes for your photos. So you have yellow, green, and currently you’re on an orange. Apart from that, I realised that for every caption, you always have the word “me” in front. – So that’s something I observed as well.
– The first person! So the photos, be prepared… – Oh whattt???
– So I also made it orange to fit her feed. – How did you do that?
– I managed to hire someone (to do it). So firstly it’ll be this photo, followed by this one. So here comes the big part, the caption will be: Me before and after recharging my sugar level. – Cos like link to the bubble tea going into her also.
– Hmmm… Alrighties, everyone did well. I have to say that I was surprised by how the pictures turned out cos they look good and they are actually usable IG pictures. After going through all that struggles to get that picture, the winner for the IG boyfriend challenge is… Hafeez!! This is the Pearl Pit! Here our contestants will be showing off their strength and their perseverance in our Pearl Pit race. Everyone will start from one end of the Pearl Pit with their boxes. They’ll race to the other end, collect their pearls and bring it back to their boxes. The first person to fill up their box will win! But! Here’s the catch. There are no other rules… – Woah
– Whuttt??
– Eh ehh… Okay, are y’all ready? Let’s go! Nice nice, defend Hafeez! Hafeez defend! Hafeez defend Hafeez! Wei, what is this! Go Weilun! Welcome to Air BBT! So are you ready for your last challenge? – Yes!
– Yes ma’am. Since the start of the bootcamp, these little Chow stickers have been plastered all throughout the factory. I hope you’ve seen them because the first person to come back with the most number of stickers wins! – Are you ready?
– Yes! And on your mark, get set, go! Ahh, yes! There’s one extra one on my hands. – Maybe I should hide this last one.
– Yes yes yes. See if anyone will find it. So now that there’s no one around. I managed to notice that there were a lot of cutouts of Chow’s face lying around the whole area. So maybe it might have to do with a challenge or something. Oh my god, this is damn hard to find! I better check the other side. Oh my god!! ♫ Is it worth it, let me work it ♫ ♫ I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it ♫ We gotta think, we gotta get in the mind of Chow to know where she (hid it). Weilun! What? Here got one more, here got one more! Chow say here got one more! – There?
– Ah yeah… (He missed what’s in front of him) Best prank of all time! There is one last sticker. And it is somewhere within this area. Okay, okay, okay… Oh nooo… Make fun of me, huh? Ah hah, look who gets the last laugh, brothers! So the winner for this round is… Hafeez!! Now we’re gonna evaluate the scores and reveal the final winner. We’ve come to the end of our Best Boyfriend Bootcamp! Our contestants have not only been tested for their strength, their camera skills, but also their observation skills! Our winner today was the ultimate IG boyfriend. But, he also scored the best in the observation test. Now, our winner is… Hafeez! Thank you! – This is for you!
– Thank you! – Yayyy!
– You are our ultimate boba bae! But today we are all winner because The Bubble Tea Factory is giving us… – Free bubble tea!!
– Yes! – Noice noice! – That’s what I need now. – Bubble tea! – Let’s go redeem bubble tea!
– Let’s go! Boba boba boba! Boba boba boba! We’ve come to the end of our episode and what do you guys think about The Bubble Tea Factory? This place is super fun, I love it! Feels like my childhood dream (come true).
We’ve come to the end of our episode and what do you guys think about The Bubble Tea Factory? This place is super fun, I love it! Feels like my childhood dream (come true). – Oh yes!
– Seriously, this place especially. The location and the number of facilities and the things you can experience here- It really ticks off whatever checklist your girlfriend has of a nice date or a nice place for you to bring her. And I think not only you can bring your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can bring your family, your younger siblings all that. – Ayeee…
– Okay what, equally enjoy- I’m a family man. I think about my family. Thank you The Bubble Tea Factory for making this video possible! For more information, click on the link in the description box down below! And if you’ve enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. And watch all our other videos over there!! – Bye bye!
– Bye bye!


  1. i think the best boyfriend a singapore girl can have is bubble tea, honestly… its a solemnised union made in heaven, those 3 boys dont know what theyre facing…honestly…no chance

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