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[Music] Hello friends! We are here with a car that can be the subject of news. Ercan made this in Antalya. -God bless your hands, it seems gorgeous.
-Thank you. Yunus, your son, sended to me its photos. I just tried to drive and didn’t even think that would run well like that. It’s really runs good. Normally,iIt is not his job, by the way. So, his job is not about mechanic or motors. -He does it in his garden as hobby
– In my garden, yes. As a hobby, by using jalopy parts. We designed it by own slowly, and brought out this. Let’s explain shortly, people curious about. The motor is Ford Taunus 1.6 The gearbox is also Ford Taunus 1.6 The wheels from Off-Road. We all mixed from jalopies that we found all around. -How about the discs?
-The discs from Opel-Corsa. Front differential is Ford’s. Also independent suspension has been made. -So, front differential is actually rear differential.
-Yes, we turned rear differential to front. -They did it! Excellent! -Coil springs?
-Coil springs from Sahin’s or Dogan’s So all collecting… It works better than other Off-Road cars. -You can do anything with this, can even ascend to stairs.
-Yes, we can and we’ll try now. We can do anything. So, we made great monster to ourselves. -Do you play PubG?
-I don’t. Did you see the pictures from your kids? Did they show you? No, they didn’t. -Really?
-They never showed. I always interested in this requirement of my job of course. -You better not play. It’s addictive.
-Is it? -You really did good job!
-Thanks. You are a master, really. I think you are a master if you made this. Awesome! We actually hear this kind of examples from abroad. People make this things in their own garage as hobby. But you did it! Congratulations! Design is also my own design. So, there is no copy from anywhere. It is became this form with trial and error method -So, you even welded by own. Everything…
-Completely No one touched except me… except me and except turner. We take help from turner because we have not turning machine. -They bet with turner that they can’t make it.
– Yes, we did. -Let’s send greetings to Nur Ali.
-Okey. He made it. It would be great if you didn’t bet with him. -Let’s drive
-Sure. -We generally see Buggy’s motors in backside.
-Yes -And they use Volkswagen’s motors, generally.
-Yes. But it’s different from Buggy. We have to use this on front of vehicle because of Off-Road. It is efficient on frond for Off-Roads It is efficent on back for Buggy -You will see soon
-Let’s drive. Let’s call Yunus. We will drive together with Yunus. -Thank you.
-Thank you, too. [Music] Friends, let’s start with the key. -Welcome Yunus, by the way.
– Thanks. -This key is actually house key, right?
-Yes, it is. -What if someone steal it?
-I guess we’ll change it after this video. There is nothing to do. Yunus also has a Youtube channel. Name is “Biz Bize” -I’m gonna put the link to down side.
-Name is “Biz Bize”, instagram name is ” Youtube Biz Bize” Instagram account name is “Youtube Biz Bize” Youtube account name is “Biz Bize”, okey. -It took long but once.
-Exactly Gear 4 is forward? or 5? Gear 5 is forward, wow! Gear 5 is forward guys! And there are two gear for four-wheel. A 4 High and a 4 Low We will try all, now. -May we find the drop?
-We may. There are so many drops here. Airplane passes by here.
Not loot yet. Oh, there is handbrake. It is so comfortable. Steering wheel is so soft. Steering wheel is also take tours a lot. So good! -Look around whether they shoot from houses.
-I got it. Where is my Kar98? It is so enjoyable! If i slush, may we get covered with mud? If we have replacement outfit, no problem. Ahh! I’m done! We should say your father that he need to add fender emergently. -No problem, we can clean quickly
-There is nothing to do. Our home is close. You think yours. -I never slush again! – Don’t do it again. It’s too enjoyable. Let’s go land. Look! My eyes filled with tears. – You made this amazing. I’m so touched.
– Thank you. My eyes too… -Sound insulation is perfect
-Yes, No-Sound There is not gearbox sound too. -But, you must raise up the head distance.
– Yes, before we are hospitalized because of that. I’m going there Yes, go there. You can crush over everything. Even it is rubber tyre. But, if you want you can turn it 4 Low. What do you do when dog attack. You need to run away bro, there is no way. Hey bro, they came. What are we gonna do?
-They can’t do anything. -This is too easy for this
-Exactly! Turn it 4 Low Turn it. Where? Go forward. -Is that okey?
-Yes Oh! Its too much.. No, sorry, low cycle. -Because of torque.
-Yes Now, you can pass over any rock. not too much to hang. You said we can ascend the stairs. Let’s do it. We can ascent, no problem. Wow I’m gonna go to home by this, won’t use elevator. Look over there! It is crushing! -Let’s go and ascend the stairs!
-Let’s go! -Is there horn?
-There isn’t. we got covered with mud again. I say, roadholding is unexpectedly good Too good. -Look at this.
– Believe me, we didn’t expect that at first. -How?.. Go out directly?
– It’d better to use low -Are this tyres balance with the way?
-Yes If you want, you can align to the left side. No problem. I’m ascending the stairs by car, first time in my life. Wow! Wonderful! What you think about this car.
I think you did well. You can, if you have father like mine. Bully for him. Ah! Airplane! [Music] Is that drop? Oh! It is. -Let’s loot
-Okey I’m looking around. There is no one. – Look around buddy
– Exactly. -Get out! – Get out! [Music] Yes! we played loot and now, we continue to Pochinki Don’t forget to like this video and comment it. See you! Thank you, Yunus. And thanks for your father -See you!
– Thank you. Go! Go! [Music] Let’s collect this from the ground. It’s sin. Collect the apples guys We can give it to animals.


  1. Reklam kokan hareketler bunlar sevgili arkadaşım Doğan, İtalya'dan başarılarının devamını diliyorum.

  2. Tamam dedim doga abi oyun yapmış dedim resmen efsane olmus gta zannetim bi an kendimi adam yapiyo ya dogan baba farki farzetki doğan babanin yüreği kral

  3. Memleketimin çalışkan insanlarını çok ayrı seviyor ve saygı duyuyorum. Doğan beye de bu tür projeleri bizlere gösterdiği için çok teşekkür ediyorum. 👍

  4. Helal olsun, Doğan abi yine harika bir video. Araç süper olmuş ustamızın eline, emeğine sağlık ❤️❤️❤️. 12:26 Doğan Kabak farkı 😊❤️

  5. Tavayla iki de yumurta kıraydınız. Tam yerli PUBG olurdu. 😀

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