Turning Greasy Grove into Frozen Lake (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Frozen Lake from Fortnite season 7, by using real ice! Okay this is Greasy Grove as we know it before season 7. Now it is under a big huge lake of frozen ice and we try to recreate the current
events in season 7, so we want to put this thing into the freezer with a lot of water, but before I want to create a huge bawl, which should look like the
scenery where Greasy Grove is right now. And I have to be really honest I
don’t think it will look great in the end, but somehow I want to try this
because we have never put any creation into the freezer, so this would be the
first time. And now let’s take a lot of white clay and let’s see what we can do
with this. Well on Instagram I posted that image where I created a snowball just
with white clay. It took me hours to create. And now we slice up this white
clay and I start with the base layer where we will put Greasy Grove on top. This is the perfect size. Maybe we can roll it out just a little bit, to make it
even thinner and then we try to get a frame around with a white clay as well and this will be well just like a swimming pool. It will hopefully work when we fill in the water. It’s our water tank. And we will take our modelling tool. I really want to avoid that the water is
escaping through any tiny hole, so I really try to get each hole and close it,
of course all with white clay. Let’s see if it works. Oops! Just destroyed the first tree. I’m really afraid I will destroy more from
this creation, because it is so tiny with all the trees and you see these houses right there. Well we have to create this icy edge from the mountain. The houses, the trees and the cars are all so tiny and I am really afraid that I will
destroy some parts of my creation. It probably took me 8 hours to create just
this neighborhood from Greasy Grove. Yeah, this is crazy and now we will put it
into the freezer. Well in a minute. We are still not finished with the surroundings
with the landscape and I also try to get that as accurate as possible. This is the edge from the mountain, the icy edge, just before the huge mountain. There is this castle on top I think you know where I am right now. These are the trees on the right side of the huge mountain when you just look at Greasy Grove. This is how I created the snow-covered pine trees. This is a huge one it has almost the height of the edge of these ice stairs, yeah let’s call it ice stairs. There’s another tiny one tree
right next to it and also some more decoration on the right side. While creating somehow this reminded me of this bowl you give birds for drinking
in the garden for example. There is this camping site. We have the characteristic
red tents. You already know it’s the same color used from the huge landing
spot. What was the map I created before? Frosty Flights, of course yeah. And all these buildings have the same red tone, so there’s another cliff on the
right side and we will put the tents on top in a minute and there’s also a tiny fireplace and the chest sitting on another chest, I guess. On the tents they all have this very bright orange and this is how I created it. It’s also a great technique to create other covers or tops. Yeah I don’t know, so if you ever want to create something like that, now you know the technique. And this will be the tiny silver box where we will put the chest on top. I’m wondering what’s inside this chest. This is the black inner hole part from the campfire and there’s another chest on the backside and the satellite dish right in front so that they are at least able to watch some television
while camping in the nature. The birds the snow just relaxing and all
you want to do is watch television. These are the trunks from the trees and
there’s one broken tree which I want to create. It’s this one where you can see
some of the branches, as well and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly-baked… What is it? It’s a swimming tank for Greasy Grove. Yeah that makes sense. Let’s go with that. These are the tree parts. we are assembling right now. I’m cutting away tiny pieces for the snow-covered pine trees. It already looks nice. Well, this one is a bit tricky yeah. It’s very thin and I’m afraid I will
break any parts really soon. And maybe we should take a white pen yeah, let’s go with some more snow which is on the branches, as well. Now we can place all the
trees on the edge of this tank. I bet they will break. Let’s put in Greasy Grove and we are filling in the icy water. I even put in some ice cubes
as well, so that the temperature really gets cold for this piece and we are
ready to go into… …yeah, this door. And we are ready to go into the freezer. Never said that before. Freshly frozen Greasy Grove. Oh, look at that! All the water went away. I think there was a hole, so we need some more water and maybe this time we can
color it up with this blue. Just one drop should be fine. This is the exact same color I used for the Leviathan skin. So, if you can get it in any art shops as
well or use regular ink. And let’s fill in some ice cubes. Filling up the whole scenery and hopefully it will work. Oh no, there’s another hole somewhere. Maybe this will work. It will stabilize the aluminum foil or is it
working better on this spot. I think this is the worst tutorial ever. Let’s see we just need some more water and even more water. And now it’s going over the edge. I screw it. Let’s take it out of the icy bath and let’s just take Greasy Grove and put it into this cooking pot. It would have been so easy if I had done
that ten minutes ago. And… …we are ready to go into the freezer, again. Freshly frozen Greasy Grove again. Oh and well that’s interesting. The ice is still transparent and the color is still in the water, so not everything is frozen. And let’s remove this piece from the pot. Maybe I should have frozen it,
for another two hours maybe. It looks so interesting. That’s it Frozen lake from Fortnite Season 7. This improvement for our Greasy Grove was a complete waste of time, of clay, but, but… I have no idea for a ‘but’. I should have done it right away with
this cooking pot, but if you had a good idea for a ‘but’, why this wasn’t a complete waste, leave it down in the comments and you will get heart. The ice is already cracking. I hope you enjoyed the video. Have a great weekend and see
you next week in the new year 2019! Take care guys. Bye! Yeah, that was a big project.


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    Not a single soul:
    Desperate 9 year olds: lIkE tHiS ComMeNt iF yOu'rE aN OG aNd reMeMBeR gREaSy

  2. Connect all the locations and un-named locations and create FORTNITE BATTLE ROYAL ISLAND (without further updates)

  3. The reason that wasn’t a complete waste of time is because it….um….it made the video longer…yeahhh

  4. You could use some liquid resin and put it into the base with the city until you fill it to the top and wait, sorry if i wrote something wrong but my english isn't very well

  5. Put a lot of food coloring (dark blue + light blue) then fill the pot with a lot of colored water (with greasy in there) then take it out and cut the shape of the ice wall then put frozen greasy in the space.

  6. You're my favourite YouTuber because you make really cool things and inspire viewers and it's perfect like it looks exactly like in FORTNITE

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