Unboxing of Epson EB-X18 Multimedia Projector in 3D 4K UHD

Now I am going to unbox an Epson EB-X18 Multimedia Projector. It’s a NRFB. Remote control with batteries. Important booklet. USB cable. Power cable. VGA cable. Unfortunately, no HDMI cable inside. Disk with software. Instructions manual. And… The projector. Oh, it has a bag. White color. Looks nice. Filter for the fan. Leveling. Lock. Lets turn it in the power. Epson Exceed your vision. As you can see even in light conditions, it is easy to see on the screen. No Signal. Now I will put a signal with HDMI cable, which is not included in the package. Wow! Very, very nice. Impressive colors. And it’s fast. It is auto adjusting. Lets turn the lights off to see how it looks in dark. And even darker… Now lets try with VGA cable. We have one inside. Okay, start source search again. Auto setup. Excellent projector. And now to the light off, I just slide this.


  1. Hi, very nice unboxing video. I m about to purchase this projector but i've got a question, according to the epson site

    I can use it without a pc, directly from a usb hard drive. It recognizes JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF slideshow. Can i project directly from the usb .docx, or pps slide show? How does it work the usb feature, after i connect the usb stick it shows the containt of it?

    Thank you for your answer

  2. I bought this projector to show a Powerpoint slideshow at a class reunion where the lights will be on all the time. The display in my front room with the sun shining in was still bright and colorful. Love it!..

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