Unboxing: STC Ryza Ruins

hello and thanks for watching my name is sander and this is scumbag customs today we’re going to open up the STC rise up pattern runes by Games Workshop hey so it’s pretty heavy box Brown sprues this time looks very detailed and it’s very thick heavy terrain feels much heavier than the other kits that I’ve seen but probably the same quality nonetheless looks really good nice detail in there and the mould lines don’t seem too bad on this kit of course you need some mould line removal but it looks great ok let’s have a quick look to see how they come off the sprue and how well they go together with the other kits so just trying to quickly cut them off we’ll have to clean them up later just need to be careful that I’m not cutting off any of the detail but it seems pretty straightforward I decided to save you some time and cut them off the sprue off-camera so now let’s just have a look at what you’re getting in the Box there are four sprues in total two of each which means that you have every single piece two times the pieces look great and the ones that go like this are interchangeable so you can mix it a little bit because details are different doesn’t matter which one you put where but if you mix them around that will mean that it looks just a little bit different I think this is a decent amount of terrain that you’re getting in the book set but by no means will it fill your battlefield it’s just a nice addition to what you already have to give it just a different feeling instead of having the same buildings everywhere it’s just some extra cover to play with and just the spice up your battlefield a little bit so that’s it if you liked the video please give me a thumbs up leave a comment if you have any questions and if you’d like to see more in the future please subscribe to my channel


  1. Great video!

    I'm disappointed because The Realm of Battle: Moon Base Klaisus set contains a third ruin sprue that isn't included in this set.

  2. A great video! I was a bit hesitant to buy, but seeing it easily put together and dismantled has sold me on them!
    Pity the bigger wall piece is missing from the moon base box, but I was after lower hight terrain to make my bigger centre piece ones stand out more and not overcrowd my gaming mat, so it's a win win.

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