1. Cliff lee vs Sabathia, shuts out Yankees game 1 of 2009 World Series. Iverson steal then dunk vs raptors game 7 2001 playoffs. Iverson 46 points vs bucks game 6 2001 playoffs. Chooch single then Rollins walk off double off broxton vs dodgers game 4 of nlcs 2009. Jeff Garcia vs cowboys Christmas Day 2006. Mcnabb 4th and 26 conversion. Dawkins int of Bret farve in overtime of the 4th and 26 game. Lito Sheppard pick 6 of Drew Bledsoe in the endzone vs cowboys 2006. Westbrook sitting down at the 1 to run out the clock vs cowboys 2007. Eagles beat cowboys 44-6 after 3 other teams win to keep their playoff hopes alive the last regular season weekend of 2008. 2007 Mets collapse from a 7 game lead with 17 to go, Phillies win nl east. Doc halladay perfect game vs Marlins 2011. Phillies win 100 games 2011. Ryan Howard 2 hr and 5 rbi in game 4 of the World Series 2008. Chase utley 5 hr in 2009 World Series. Vick vs packers. Vick vs redskins. Foles 7 td vs raiders. Foles drive to take lead vs saints 2012 playoffs. Shady in the snow. Iggy in the slam dunk contest. Sixers vs bulls 2012 playoffs. Jimmy Rollins mvp season 2007, one of only 4 players ever with a 20-20-20-20 season. Akers making a field goal after tearing his quad. Carson wentz coming back in to throw td pass after tearing his acl. Cody parkey double doink off the goal post at solider field.

  2. Chooch singles against Broxton, and then j roll doubles to walk off run against the dodgers game 4 of nlcs 2009. Jeff Garcia merry Christmas Philadelphia, Christmas Day against the cowboys 2006 win to make the playoffs. Nick foles drive to take the lead vs the saints playoffs 2012.

  3. The thumbnail for this video is a picture of the GOAT and Patriots player. If that doesnt perfectly describe Philadelphias inferiority complex

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