Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Heresy Batrep, Luna Wolves V World Eaters

welcome to root stem game in and this is
a tradition heresy Lorna walls versus world liters hello
guys right so we’re going to be playing a
free thousand point heresy game today it’s not gonna be me playing it’s gonna
be mills and Sam they’re gonna be taking each other on we’ve got tired of war
mission with a hammer and anvil deployments which is gonna be sweet
sweet carnage special release two heavyweight close combat armies anyway
especially alumina wolves and the the world eaters right we’re going to take
you to some armies then we’re going to take you over the sums will eat us first
write sums back on the channel the man-mountain himself is cold today
apparently even one minute study of wearing the t-shirts right what you’re
rocking then some got 3,000 points of wool heaters yep for me it’s Q I’ve got
kin yep next HQ is a chaplain next a chief chaplain yeah a power sword and
poet first of all oh yeah then I’ve got a gallon sir luck
yep the apothecary from world leaders troops I’ve got two identical touching
squads ten man sergeant severe or plastic sampler yeah just power fist on
sergeant yeah everything else is bog-standard then I’ve got a 20 man
they’re going to be my augment induct eyes oh yeah
so we’ve all got bought pistols chained axes the sergeant has got a bull D a
specific weapon he’s got the twin blades then for elites yeah five butchers yep
sergeants got to power to to chain axes you chain fists even on sergeant then to
con tempters new both identical more than others
and chain fish every supports the admin last coming team while Yvonne we are
five five last columns yeah then I’ve got a Leviathan yep we could drill vole
kites in chests and phosphates on top and our properties gonna be in a kinda
droppin yeah still made one yet yeah then we’re gonna be on so that’s your
vehicle it’s got twin multi mounted fun yeah last kinds on wings and the
Vengeance launcher on top yeah and then a Spartan we stop stuff and heavy ball
no flashy all axes yes a tradition that we’re playing so I’ll try and pop some
rules up here there will be a link down below as well that’ll take you to the
fun made a tradition heresy we do recommend that you do check that out
right okay so we’ve done the world he is let’s see about the lone wolves
so Mills is back on the channel he has his strawberry throat loss and juices as
people as recommended that you purchase yeah and here is his lunar wolves nearly
painted at Scott’s because I’m painting there we go right there Mills breakdown
what we got here we have a battalion and spirit dust one so two detachments yeah
using the long march right war yeah and on Abaddon okay and painted Abaddon yeah
so I have a burden and Lorcan as my two HQs welcome there with my veterans yep
two squads of veterans one arm we Baltar’s the professed
the other arm we course combat weapons they have the weapon master of free
rolling ones from yep they have the marksman okay I don’t know what that
does never I can’t remember you’ve done seventh it was out funkin snide but
thing that is in this No so all course combat weapons power swords and power
fist on sergeant yep which is top knots broken off ten man terminate squad yeah
to plasma blast good to plasma blasters five team fists five power fists yep
expensive a 10-month tactical support squad with plasma guns and extra combat
with blades yeah that’s been me expensive as a roll they’ll just damage
I have a normal drop pot that is not a death still I’m drop pod to despite what
you may see no okay I have a drift core drop pod yeah
that is expensive for what it does to leviathans yeah storm cannons siege
drills heavy flavors prospects and oh yeah first yep
they do with to have alters the a loss missile launcher and thinks my arcus was
coming batteri yeah that will at 110 man rocket squad yep five multi squad yep
master of signal he’s the HQ for the heavy sport yep and a rhino just
randomly a rhino yep cuz I didn’t have the points for anything else right no
problem right with your estimates of rhino but
you know when they charge and get a unit stuff down yeah yeah luckily rhinos are
good for that you know in the tie off for squad of five red butchers it’s got
hey it’s good it’s from a chain fishtail hopefully tears it to pieces right okay
so we’re gonna get set up on the battlefield
these guys gonna roll off the first turn and we’re gonna bring you in to see
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a root stem star join today both sides are down so coming across the
well the aside we’ve got a couple of contempt is next to each other I’ll be
interesting backed up by the Spartan what’s in the Spartan again 20 induct
eyes three two units of the troop choices with the extra cloths combat
weapons running up the backfield and of course down that particular flank we’ve
got the stormy Eagle and the last cannon team in reserve Sam has got his
Leviathan and yam at particular storm birds got his web butchers in there as
well with possibly some more characters opposite
they’ve got meals as well kite he’s got his rocket launcher team in the building
good position he’s used a crane or winch or something to get rid already or up to
the top and we’ve got unit unit veterans inside his rhino and both of eiephants
taking of the flanks the Emperor’s will them up there has he right okay and this
is his reserve pile quite a lot be nice we’ve got objectives to place and some
is going to be taking the first turn so the place one objective each some guys
it’s got to be in your deployment yep and at least six inches away from the
table edge but another will need to free I think we should use one of my walls
Oh capturing pictures prisoners of war very good very good it realistically
should be a dental Louisville but you never really gonna take a prison yeah
not as well D is now so Mills is objective is back here in this
particular building and as you probably guessed from opposite Sams objective is
in that corner there so first turn has been given to Sam so yep we’re gonna let
him have a go we’re gonna let him deploy and we’ll come back in a shooting some the mighty summers babbled forward
pretty much everything these two guys down here ramp that’s moves pretty quick
anyway of a spa and that’s cool squads move look they’re holding back and his
fly is just gone now I’m just going to charge a pal these this Leviathan units
come in yeah because of course in the bay rules
you can’t come down on turn one but it’s not in Chapter approved so therefore we
are assaulting so we’ve got a love wife and down into Mills Azaria against this
freshly painted Leviathan it’s it’s what’s what happens or isn’t it it’s a
fresh paired the model it needs to die right well what are you doing first in
some so eight last canons yep into video fantastic hey it lost cars into it
already off toughness about things at least two seven four wounds it does have
a five up in one of what isn’t it getting cover there
three well it’s – for you Sam twelve alive how many wounds does that
thing have Wow down to two bringing your heavy balls heavy boulders in so it’s
six minute until I know those rhinos down to eight
that’s kind of team so five masculine we’re gonna try and finish it off the
five last comments does it explode nope no sixes aside yes sir it’s just
taking off it tumbles down back into the elevator shaft that brought it all sorry
to get shot guys true that is true
he’s got more or less cuttings to come so sums great for the last comings into
the Rhino did you say Oh into engine it’s got three wounds to prove – yeah that’s a 9 in total it cost me like a
war I only Isis with multi melts are going
into the Rhino there’s poverty excuse me ignores me sir – for smells
not gonna get save on that one now you live in 12 where some should be
2d6 of it’s winter yeah yeah you are truly six-foot paste 6 from the Rhino
then your vengeance launcher which is heavy to d6 yeah it’s just like a crack
rock exceed it every 2z6 so he’s gonna have seven shots reset watch strength 5 AP minus 1 1 damage do
know how to draw you ready oh the boyfriend’s opening up
now he’s gonna go against his counterpart to MELAS to save some stuff
okay yep so okay he’s spent five yeah four
shots tubes to it it’s two twins shots then to some twos and fives three three
three and save them all chuckle save on the rifles if you bought it was at first
are we’re gonna forget mine yeah no I’m not
right so he’s basically no nothing else to shoot he’s now gonna do a charge into
Mills’s Leviathan throw off a charge now I’m gonna do overwatch in a minute but
go on then we’ve got 20 feet and you’re gonna need at least an 11 nope no not
we’re four no is there anything that allows you to view all charges to mean
world he is real all ones all right to to kind of every famous
can’t count 10 strong currents for overwatch just one melty gun yep no no right no problem so now we’re going to
go over now to lunar walls turn one some damage took out with the radio I’m real
about much in the way of devastation I think gets killed you oh yeah kill the
unit so it does got a VP and well funny feeling Mills is gonna be able to
retaliate CERN he’s got several units coming in
terminators have come down this side Abaddon has decided to solo it because
he’s Abaddon and he’s coming behind this particular tactical squad here looking
to try and get an objective a pause Magog teams come down here and the over
Leviathan is decided to go against the reguar a Leviathan versus Leviathan
battle down there these guys have just popped out the Rhino lion all shuffled
up behind them because apparently something got a two inch movement when
it’s on two wounds it’s all good and gravy right and so what you gonna shoot
me first I’m not this I’m gonna use come on point
okay and then I’m gonna move these squad D three inches o two inches inches which
then puts me in depth D little survivor yeah maybe pull forward so now he’s
shooting I’m gonna go first and so I’m gonna port four of them yeah three of
them okay three of them into this squad yep and seven of them into that spot all
righty all and say all right I’m guessing you’re not over jabbing there’s
no need which one you’re going with first and
Craig will do the Sun then we’re 14 shots in total zoom not requiring all
means you need to I’m gonna need fries
so the you have nine nine says he’s got a to put so much cover but it’s a – of
three he’s gonna go five but that’s it for yeah so far so it’s lost five men by
out of this unit here severe down here this units now get him freeing them into
the last coming to our dear ones there then I got free hits these two wound and
so I’ll use a pump you usually never come and fight on Whitey’s that’s an
extra here three duels sweet again the new five sir one gun down I don’t think
Mills want that that result right pull the kind squad yeah I’m gonna
put all five it’s lost kind of deep or l5 all cars coming off the increase same
again you go 511 Hill individual saves to wrap
this up fine don’t bother law school oh come on point no so it loses two out
that squad lost five out of this unit here – opening up against you hello –
and he’s got five hits with his heavy flavors rushing away from one room okay storm coming in to your yep everywhere
yeah there’s no machine spirit on those how about 50:57
treatment service yeah yeah – to to damage you’ll need five to five threes l
– yeah it’s just not mucking it when it’s a real portal to go fight melting
into it we’re all gonna go away – yeah emblem save up Leviathan
yeah nice posture and the he’s got on never driving down here
that’s got us yet to fire it’s also goes Rockets as well like his terminators
actually haven’t acquired he’s gonna fire the storm cannon yep insert for
guessing it’s my range of anything else for several weapons is it 18 inch 8 inch
no pops Paulo state now I disappear all I did yeah so I will actually put them
into your content to then sees only toughness 7
oh yeah yeah that one you can see yeah in 43 yeah
and so – or – she’s gonna need five those forms out of that contact and what’s next then for the great almighty
Craig I will use Congress signal from my master a signal have you’ve plus ones
hit to the rocky squat yep I am then going to put four rockets into
your flier yeah and four rockets into the unhurt on her contento oh yeah yep – before in televised for
reading – provided for ytt a flyer yep now wires needs for yep and they need to
bit yep I’ll hit ice pretty good spread there so
I need force on the red threes on the white so three on your flier one on your
Leviathan where you’re saving me first and so I’ll go we don’t fly it first
yep vibes should play Gardens six booms door and you follow up on your dress
no should plague out so another d6 wounds on his Leviathan it’s all only one row so filters
terminators opening up into the engine contempt a hell of a lot of bolt shots
and two plasmas coming in needing fries didn’t orbit you out plus my wound we’ve got six farmer saves yeah and then
in but yes I mean one first no that goes down to five wounds left
and then six army huh yeah most three wounds is down to three so remove from
be shooting pheasant result first of eyghon going down here terminate it’s
made of massive charge down here managed to get into all of the units but a
burden didn’t make him and those guys didn’t manage to tie up any of these
particular squads and Mills is going to go over the Leviathan first before
because he’s got he’s still got free command points that’s where he could
interrupt so sir how many attacks was a wife and gap for and is it stews to hit
it is three what weapon is that you see strim sixteen it yep all wounded yeah
all wounded – was gone through come on point wasn’t one’s gone through how much damage does
it do three is it just a straight d6 no damage for all right straight AP for –
epidemic damage for so is lost for wounds of Batman because 13 is up
thirteen yes they’re gonna be down to nine he’s not gonna fight back yet so no
cuz you want to interrupt no interval we’ve one of these uses down here
positive okay don’t ever do chin please ya say – wall
they’re gonna need force is it yeah today we’ve got three five ups
three four sorry for finals yep stretch straightaway
now Mills has got another chain and a power fist against the wounded watch
this and one of them to change this boy other ones is sergeant – nothing nothing
no one’s on this for power facility infest against the Spartan beats false cross a really good roll
so you really six saves of war no no I need only to
post Jim fish GPS – force is gonna get six again sir I mean everything else
needs five s against a chair fost nope see two damaged and then how many 505 Sam’s magic number so to D free damage
in addition that’s gonna be three got fly the five off the Spartan which on a
Spartan it’s not a lot of wounds though is the help but if in order to fire a
blast kinda needs to do this is yeah but it is so sums of I friend is gonna try
and pummel Mills’s Leviathan back they would have been able to hear always one
Oh have you used joke I’m on point this – he was but it’s four eight twelve
damage so it’s so it’s 12 damage ah that one not bothered
or any what we Islam become tempted here wanted to get once on to and ones on
three yeah be rolling ones right is a world leader will do and I’m outside my
deployment on I thought you have to be my deployments or to them so we just
checked some those get to reroll this one’s too cuz I don’t force for us to
hit your strength is going to be a lot of great addition a to trim 280 – for
what if they’ve done both on this cataphract terminus
it’s like another one coming in the same thing yeah the poor attacked again and then you’ve got your spartan because
a spartan uh that’s this should have pushing tracks so the BMO as attacking
back the spartan and you see in your five clusters and it hits on five couple
of a terminators have been knocked over bother looks about needing to still
wound yep companies force IC Mills has meant every terminate save so far and
then there five up Sears well that’s true that’s true some some
is making a lot of five ups so that’s gonna be the end of Mills astern unless
he wants I don’t think I’ve another knife is a command point thing where you
can use almost no it’s different movement with right so it’s going to be
end of Mills as ten so we’re going to go into the well Diaz turn to I sit down here Sam’s vehicles broken
away doctor follows guys and they’re gonna be basically look like they’re
gonna be ready for charging is stormy Eagle as buggered off down that way in
hover mode and these guys here a perhaps are just piled out with car it looks
like they’re ready to charge up this end and not much else I can see part from
those big units really coming out these guys moving to joining but trying to
take on the plasma gun team right and some ain’t gonna go be first so I’m
gonna pull last canons in Tila Vipers yeah he’ll be Baltar’s open team is out it’s enough learning sunny on seven
seven two five two five now for me he was going next everything from the
vehicle is going straight to these guys what do you need to hit by the way cuz
you’re Nate wounds like sands nat’l think you’ll be on ice blocking my face 7:01 saved yep to on say one rung down then you’ve got
your 2d6 mr. Walser seven shots so his last client teams opening up into
the plasma zones they didn’t move anymore for anything cover that’s a big
makes a big difference that when you need threes to it rather than force yeah well stuck to his title school yep to a
towing fine rapid-fire on sizing yep in the hitch it’s just getting the room
what’s the top of survival on this is just for takes a wound Thank You Delta 6 so we
actually got into the charge face Samms charged a burden down here not
quite sure that’s a wise idea all these guys have charged into the
terminators Mills still glove cyclamen points us we can interfere I should
charge over there it’s got red butchers running through the heavy unit and the
brand’s going to the tactical support down here them – don’t touch right so
are you gonna go in first and some cuz you get to you do get to choose I’m
gonna go in duct item there’s no problem some guys waded in here and seven
terminators have gone down to the chain axis males has declared an interrupt for
two points is now down to four and he’s gonna interrupt with his Leviathan over
that side which is down to two wounds remaining Sambo interestingly after all
19 does is Emily you got any 20-20-20 dice and then he wasn’t anyone so then God he’s worse than having suicide
colors in phenol unit eight nine nine seven lost nearly half the squad he will
do well well hang on so about mighty mighty destroying urine here is what
well nine guys just to be able to get the extra attacks so what do you need to
hit then good sir with your wounded crippled Leviathan floors now being
forced to hit with his mighty weapon Just Cause a straightforward damage it’s
not it’s no it’s not a bad weapon is not too he’s doing but Chancellor come on points
fight face so something like a commentator you’ve done it into coffins gone through four damage
cans going next he’s got a pilot yep but then the closer
to be so the butchery is coming I’m guessing he’s got gore child
yes yeah righty-o I believe right can you finish the whole free fridge desert
charge so he’s got all sorts of stuff here he’s got two rear old ones which is
a good job then what strength from the gorge are we willing ones cuz I’m the
world ap minus three to damage but six is a moment the whole squad has
demolished and gone underneath Karns fuselage and he’s in crappy so which
next unit then some I’m guessing good butchers vultures yeah after is it where
I already interrupted three gets to go at once yeah so they’ve got tacticals
this is the ward so you have one on the one with two wounds left and you’ve got
two on the one with three walls of potential to kill them both right so the
only one – um one two three
it’s not so one we free he is because it’s a genius he’s now gone down to one
wound remaining so you get Spica unit which has to be one of these – some –
yeah she’s probably gonna be fives and sixes here to hit or maybe four sucks on
my question with contempt us so how many attacks or attacks good for there’s road
– to wounds they’re not sir when it’s straight freezing not Shane 54 straight
before – dealt with to God which ones makes the difference men the leadership
test is gonna fail anyway mate yours to pick is gonna die anyways your start to
attack from here I know know and then he’s got to he has to do rap he got to
one he’s on one moon reprimanding this that man’s gone
right so Mills now gets a chance to fight with his plasma gun team and if
he’s got any sixes that have explored into extra attacks dude is off combat
later dimension that one all right now at the army that goes into an extra duck
yep if you nota Matic if not just an extra back to Marty just an automatic not too bad that actually there five to
what’s coming guys remaining and then you can consolidate them up
also if you wish that’s right that’s going to be it yet
the next round is going to be Mills’s turn to so that’s two rounds of world
videos and now we’re gonna have to have another round of car that’s from
devastation I didn’t realize until looking at
battlefield how much has gone down now yes enough to walk because losing is
Durrett here and then not being able to put down any of my troops because you’ve
got that many bodies why did all the five or six yeah well Lords of five as
we always say on the channel play of a turn so like Noel’s do is turn see what
it’s going to end like and then we’ll take you from there that’s a very little of Mills as Eunice
is moving he’s not gonna walk I’ll be honest with ya that can move his the –
dread has moved closer towards the east deaf machine that seems to be running
towards him we forgot the morale phase again we’ll go back and do that and then
these guys here have managed to drop in hopefully I’m guessing to try and tackle
on some mud butchers and maybe tackle can the betrayer but when some has gone
to the toilets once it comes back we’ll deliver Al and then Mel’s can pick a
shoe in and unit to shoot with he’s only really a couple he’s not much that he
can do here it’s looking a bit desperate there good sir so what’d you shoot with
me first and good sir five ball pistols into walls comes okay it’s all hit two
wounds two saves innocent one gone down it’s just gonna move a sergeant last
left anymore for anymore from pirate yeah my finer the strong into the with
only one more to certify they storm the he’s gonna fight to every flavors into
one with two wounds yep stove cannon into the one you’re mumbled yep the
melter gone into the spartan yep then we’re gonna find your phosphate to
discharge Oh straight dump twist right so each weapon targeting a separate
target does this normally work no but your eye where you gonna go with first
and good sir how much right prospects single with the prospects first it’s
gonna be targeting on these shots do you got to de yes to five shots this one is foster hit three stored and I had to
re-roll wounds versus prospects two wounds – 3 1 damage
all right don’t do above compared to mustard – Mel – come in melter gone into
spartan hits it whoops see and now if you detect up purveyors
on up grid according to these rules that half need about affordable Serbians yeah
so listen to what Spartan yeah smell fire – goodies to this barn
how many you have in sick so we checked he’s moving 6ne homeland
there’s still all the most of all to with the second ice as well the to every
flavors in depth the tooled contempt it is six goats fives so one wound
– one save it then the storms cannon it yet – the one with one wool that’s
farthest away I was again to two wounds to speak to damage to any of each rail
it’s gone explode yes he knows and he’s got no come on poised to rewrite no come
on read Oh always yeah it’s not like it’s more
disconcerting when it’s a warm to a wall but you know when you get a six is serious yeah yeah yeah it’s just
definitely say about they saved some units there and then they lost ball for
them due to that explosion all right so Mills has just declared
free rockets into Leviathan he is actually pushing one from his guy to
rocket scent of a contempt and then forever free Rockets are going to hit
the magnificent fly it so which one you’re going to refers them else ends up
to fly it why your first Tuesday human homologue yeah I’ll hit ya or wondered –
and to some of these amazing frightful saves here three reduces it down to five
contempt – yeah – it’s two hits again no contempt even all the double one to roll
it’s gone now does it explored – no five ones left on Leviathan oh it’s
gone explode oh no no so the via phone has also gone as well so he’s lost both
contempt is another vibe from Vista so things are hotting up charge it so we’re
gonna go into the charge face and I will get some charging don’t move or not
watches and we’ll burn you back into it alright so Mills is charged as Leviathan
into V Spartans button didn’t hit him an unsuccessful charge from locking into con I think Karen’s probably gonna tear
that Ryan all to pieces but her massive charge from these guys are amazing
eleven and once you get into everything right so I’m gonna go with a Leviathan
first no qualms points left Jules ate less of
eight wounds off it is down to five the vet was very poorly Spartan
now he’s gonna go with the bets so we’ve gone through three acts for combat phase
the Spartan management site the Spartan lost a lot of wounds is down to five
left nothing happened back to the life and
and then the red butchers have killed over half the unit that well five of the
guys that went in but did a little three of our own number
Mills is looking at the table top and he’s kind of like I can’t do this no I
think I should do planet pull out because it’s still been here if it’s
gonna fire everything you didn’t need to laughs well I’m fired you can slaughter
you know I’m not gonna put any weight because if I don’t do it that’s gonna
turn the battle yeah it’s this large blob of ten pounds
gonna stay a fight in that line until he’s killed it our local charges in
Vulcan would try and charge him next door depending on what they set up and
Xia they might be moving towards him yeah freeway either they’re gonna go for
a walk and I’ll come down here I am going off to get rid of your squad I
lost all I know it’s only one unit but knocked he took a lot of shots bought
he would which products to walk yeah that’s weird thing is I might not get
your objective but you’re looking at night no I’ve got to VP spot is livable
so there’s those warlord and killing oh yeah objectives might be Knievel’s have
been again but the only way I’m gonna do anything I can’t gain attrition the only
thing on your list is 200 Spartans that’s what’s needed more 100
quid board world spots it’s all wait for a tradition if you clean everything you
need I do think I do think you two should refight quite soon and you should
refight in heresy 7 perdition heresy rather than Inc finish yeah just when
you’re just doing everything else is better enable yes because I prefer a
tradition to seventh edition yeah because the funding causes a lot of
stuff that’s like it’s fine like we said earlier on it’s a
heavy support but it’s got lord of war keywords and abilities because that’s
what it is it’s just a poor straight from a four year old yes it makes it
incredibly hard the fact that it can pull out shoe and charge again that no
other heavy support you in this camp yeah I know it’s expensive for me right
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