1. Here's a terrible idea! After Elliot has to die his hair, the next incentive can be a tattoo (a good one though—we don't want to be cruel). Maybe the logo!

  2. Hey valleyfolk I want to be as objective as possible in my criticism because coming from a place of love that it makes sense. Can you guys go back to being the valley folk again? Because I’m all honesty as much as I loved this video and I loved everyone in it these last few videos it’s felt more like the last days of SF when the ideaology was throw it at a wall and pray it sticks. Where’s your show where’s the boys just being boys. Like I understand you guys having been dropping in subs and Patreons and I know it must be terrifying after all your livelihoods and families are at stake but this feels like a regression and not a progression. The owning our mistake podcast was great and it felt like three friends saying alright we’ve fucked up and we are going to grow and looked like progress but since then it’s been a company playing the hits to keep their numbers from complete freefall. If this is the new direction you guys want to go in that’s one thing but that’s not the vibe I’m getting, sorry about the long post but hopefully it made sense.

  3. My favorite thing in the world is when you make a video where you just genuinely laugh the whole time. Please give me more game videos!!!

  4. I miss lee. We need female emery in the valley folk. It just won’t work without it. The girls today were great but they are just guest for this one video

  5. I know you guys are trying to move on from sourcefed but I love this so much because it's so similar to the videos that made me fall in love with sourcefed and everyone in it
    keep it up guys, this is great

  6. Joe that peace sign muscle arrow chicken boi is so beautiful, are you kidding me. That looks like it genuinely could be a tattoo. I mean, it'd be weird af if we're being honest, but the quality is definitely there

  7. Lol I played along, thanks for being the creativity exercise! I’ve been not feeling it lately but got my juices flowing (creatively and platonically) with this one!

  8. Whitney's black Magic card definitely won. That was great, and we all know black is the best MtG color. All hail our queen, Liliana Vess.

    Also, how did no one think to incorporate Zeus into the mythology tattoo? You'd get the lightning bolt Flash logo for free! 😀

  9. First of all I want to say that most of this comment is speculation and opinion. I do NOT like what happened to Lee, However, I believe that Trisha has a very strong moral compass. I also believe that Trisha would not show up on this channel if you did Lee wrong. But I still can not become a Patreon again untill I have the whole story on what happened to Lee. I am not going to be fooled again like what happened to SourceFed, finding out what happened MONTHS after its over. I want to know whats going on BEFORE I shell out money again.

  10. Well this wasn't in my subs list. Had to double check it didn't unsub me (it didn't) thankfully saw that Trisha shared it on social media

  11. So many people are going on about Lee and making dramatic comments such as "nice to know SourceFed and the relationships were all a lie". A few things here – SourceFed, this, everything in the entertainment industry is a bloody SHOW. Yes some involved are friends, but plenty of your favourite actor and presenter combinations actually dislike each other behind the scenes. Some with a burning passion. That aside, the fact that other youtubers and people who worked with these guys are still willing to do so speaks VOLUMES.

    Either it was all above board and they didn't do anything wholly untoward to Lee (unless you're a simpleton and can't disassociate work life – and it's realities, including dismissals – from personal life) or Lee did something or conducted herself in some way that was so egregious that others are perfectly happy to publicly side with Joe, Elliot and Steve.

    If the guys had pulled something dirty or underhanded, people wouldn't associate with them for fear of tarnishing their own brand and image.

    Mind this is all speculation. Which is really the actual point. People need to either accept the Lee situation for what it is and move on – as everybody in this video seems to be happily doing – or go elsewhere. Because we're never going to know the specifics – they've already all (including Lee) said that we legally can't know.

  12. 4 kids doing what they love..true love… whatever it is..both sides should forget it and get back together…let whatever contracts/companies land where they land

  13. "Turns out that Lee was a real dinno all this time, and the guys were racist to her." – Some theory from internet.

    BTW i love Trisha. Call me

  14. I have just realized that almost any Chinese food dish can be a dayven Ross color.

    Now we are going to get little bit of broccoli beef on our brush and mix in a little dads watch.

  15. Doesn’t anyone else expect more from these talented folks? Sitting around and playing a board game is cool and all… I guess.

  16. The last round would have been great if anyone had done Egyptian mythology! One of their gods weighs a feather and your heart on a set of scales and if the heart is lighter than a feather, you get to go to the afterlife

  17. I love you guys bringing in Whitney and Trisha 🙌 I hope you guys don’t feel like you need a 4th person, cause you guys are great just yourselves (:

  18. So for joe’s prompt. Dram the scales of justice with the moon knight logo on her chest. So you get the moon, a superhero logo, justice. Give the justice lady snake hair, so it’s Medusa and the scales of justice counts as the album are for Metallica’s album … and justice for all. So boom, music.

  19. I'm starting to understand the content Lee did not want to put out. I feel like she just wanted it to be only the 4 of them as much as possible. When they would invite others (Trivia Bidet for example) it was still just the 4 of them laughing at said guest. The newest videos are more inclusive of the guests. I write this as a Lee lover btw. Anyhow, just my opinion. Good day and nice video, Folks

  20. I kind of feel like it would be easier for people to get over lee being fired, If they would invite her on as a guest to show that there is no hard feelings

  21. I know it’s not what the boys want, but imagine if The Valleyfolk turned into SourceFed 2.0, all of the hosts return, maybe not in every video, but like Who’s Line is it Anyway where there’s always a guest host? I’d love to see it

  22. Protect Joe ar ALL COAST! He is so precious 😭❤ he didn't get the appreciation for the ballerina drawing LMAO. This is the best content in a while, we need more of these!!!!

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