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Hey guys! Today we are in Curacao. We traveled from the cruise, and we’re gonna swim with dolphins today! That’s my favorite animal! And you guys get to experience it with us! Oh and make sure to like and subscribe below! Come on! [Lively Music] I can’t believe it! The dolphins are right over there. We’re about to swim with dolphins. I am so excited! And Payton is here with me too! Hi Payton! This is epic! I get to do it with my friend! Guys, I’m so excited! Look! There’s dolphins here! And we are going to be swimming with these dolphins! This is gonna be epic! Guys, they just said we can hop in the water. Let’s go. Okay, here I go guys. This is so exciting! Hold on, the dolphins are over there. The dolphins! Are you guys excited? Yes! Wahoo! Yeah! Oh my goodness, I am swimming with dolphins right now! Look they’re right over there. This is scary but exciting. I’m so excited! Let’s do this! Perfect, so here will be the dolphins. And when a dolphin gets there, guys, you can shake two fingers like this. Shake it. [Dolphin noises] This is so fun! They were going “squeak! squeak!”. They just made them talk to us! Whoa! And when she touches your hand, you bring it all the way close. Like this. Like this. And you get a kiss on your cheek. There you go. I got a kiss on the cheek by a dolphin! I feel the love. Move a little bit to the back. You can turn your body sideways. There is fine. Hold two hands in front of you. And hold on nice and easy, and look over here, sweetie. Hey guys! Oh my goodness! I just touched a dolphin, guys! It’s my turn to go, guys! Whoa! I am about to touch a dolphin! And when they touch your hand, bring it all they way to your chest, and you will get a nice big kiss on your cheek. Woo! Is that your first kiss? My first kiss ever! That was epic! You can hold nice and easy, and look over here, sweetie. Woo! I just held hands with a dolphin! Here goes Jack. And bring your hand to your chest. Like this. And you can hold on nice and easy to the tips of the pectoral fins. Ah, he’s dancing! Woo! Swim with them. This is so fun! Jazzy, tell me about it. Jazzy. Oh my goodness. This is so cool! I’m gonna pet its belly! It’s so soft. I can’t even believe how beautiful they are! They’re so beautiful! This dolphin is so cute! I love her. I’m going to sing with a dolphin right now. [Dolphin noises] So crazy guys! I was singing with the dolphins! That is so funny! They were splashing in my face! I have to do this. To get them to splash, I have to raise it up high. So they know to splash me. That was so fun! They were dancing with Kaden! Here I go. I just kissed it. We were splash fighting. Oh we got Dede. We got the momma. She’s twenty-four years old. Raise them higher and do this dad! Raise them high and do this. Like this. Higher, higher. Yes. That was epic! Woo! Look how big its fin is! Guys, that was my first time swimming with dolphins. It was so amazing. Snorkel time with the dolphins. I’m gonna snorkel with the dolphins now! [Tranquil Music] Guys, it’s been an amazing day swimming with dolphins! It’s amazing. I touched down at the bottom. It was so fun! Epic! That was epic! Woo! Kalia was too small to swim with dolphins, but now she gets to play. Oh cute! She is getting kissed. So cute. Kalia, look over here. The dolphin is talking to her. So cute. Woo, Kalia, what do you think? Kalia, what does it feel like? It feels like a real dolphin. Like a real dolphin, haha. Feels like a baby dolphin! Like a baby dolphin? Yeah. Is he so soft? Yeah. So soft huh? Oh, there he goes! Whoa! Oh they got you! He just sprayed us! He just sprayed us! Did it get in your mouth? He sprayed us in the face. He sprayed me in the nose. In the nose? Oh. In the nose. In the nose. I love dolphins. They’re so cute! Playing with dolphins was fun. Did you know that dolphins have their own language? Sometimes they click. They squeak. It’s so cool! They can tell if they’re happy, if they’re really excited. If they want to play. Hey, Fun Squad, this guy’s name is Junior, and he’s going to take us out on a boat to see dolphins. Hi! Guys, this is the dolphins out in its natural habitat. We’re about to go outside in the deep ocean, and the dolphins are gonna follow us. Jack, look at it! Oh my goodness, the dolphins are following us! So they just put us in a boat, and they’re gonna bring us all the way back there. And the dolphins are following us! And we’re gonna go out over there and swim with them! This is gonna be epic! Guys, isn’t that so cool that dolphins just follow their trainer into the ocean. Like they just let them out free. Look Fun Squad, the dolphins are jumping! This is epic! This is my friend, Livingston, and he’s gonna answer some questions about the dolphins they have here at Dolphin Academy in Curacao. So tell me, how much do these dolphins eat? It’s a different variety of diets, but some of these guys get around thirty pounds spread out over six times in one day. Six times!? I wish I could eat six times a day. I do. Haha! How long does it take the dolphins to teach them new behavior? That will take anywhere between three months to four months depending on individual dolphin. How long do dolphins live in their life? Many dolphins live into their fifties or go into their forties. What does it take to become a trainer? Most really require degree in biology or zoology, but you know, you gotta be a good swimmer. You gotta have a passion for animals, the environment, stuff like that. So you’re saying I have a chance? A very big chance! What do you guys think? Should I grow up to be a dolphin trainer? Did you know I can do a backflip too? Oh cool, when are we going to see it? I am kidding. Hey guys, it’s been an awesome day. I loved petting the dolphins. The dolphin was so smooth and tender. I loved it. What about you? It was super fun! And swimming with them, like snorkeling with them was my favorite. Well, if you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe below!

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