We tested NZXT's new Budget Gaming PC!

what's up guys Jays $0.02 here and I'm talking to the the new guy I'm talking to the guy that's like you know Jay I hear you you like building computers and all but I'm just not comfortable with that I want to buy a computer and I still don't understand all the parts and I don't know what to pick well today's video is brought to you by NZXT and they've kind of got a solution for you they've got three new pre-built SKUs available through their BLD program we're talking about the starter starter plus and the streamer so we're going to talk about what you get with those particular SKUs kind of do a little bit of gaming on each one and then we'll tell you pretty much why these are some really good options to look at if you're looking at buying a pre-built computer you know what guys I got new merch it's available now Carmy calm /jc sense we got zip up hoodies we got tri-blend we got a new logo I digress since 2012 but the rest logo you guys been asking for that anyway well guys we all kinda stuff up hoodies have beanies polos don't take my word for it cuz obviously I can't do this edie so just look in the description below and you guys will find the link thanks obviously today's video is sponsored by NZXT and I'm a huge thank you to them sending me these computers for loan now we've got two models here of the three SKUs that are available we've got the starter which is the entry price point and then we've got the streamer which basically is aimed to do exactly that provide you a great gaming experience while also being able to livestream now the way they came up with these SKUs is basically they took a lot of the data that was coming into the BLD which is where you could go in and kind of build your own system through picking parts and choosing games and checking fps in fact you guys can head to the BLD website and start playing around with some of those configurations and see real time FPS expectations on those builds by looking at the link down below but what they did here was they basically took like kind of that that chunk of where a lot of the data says this is what people were buying and then what they essentially did was come up with three SKUs based on kind of those the the majority of components that people were buying so we've got the starter unit right here which is by no means a slouch or a basic PC the because of the pricing changes that have happened in 2019 almost at 2015 we know one go backwards we want to stay in 2019 because this is a great year for PC gaming you've got some pretty awesome specs so the CPU gets an AMD rise in five 2606 core 3.4 gigahertz with 12 threads it's a great CPU we talked about it in some of our budget guides and it gets you usually more threads than anyone would possibly need now the cooler is the AMD rate stealth cool that comes with it which is more than sufficient to cool this particular CPU the GPU is a gtx 1660 MSI gaming X so it's not even like a basic 1660 it's definitely an overclockable card it's got a great cooler run it runs fast it runs quiet and it's all paired with an MS I'd be 450 tomahawked motherboard now the power supplies at C Sonic s 12 to 500 watt bronze power supply which is more than enough to power this system for RAM it's a team T force Delta RGB 16 gigabytes to 8 gigabyte sticks running at 3,000 megahertz restored you got a Western Digital blue m2 SSD at 500 gigabyte capacity and it is running Windows 10 home when the two-year warranty on all parts and labor now it's a starter package isn't enough for you you want a little bit more you can go to the starter Plus which upgrades to components it takes the 1660 and turns it into a 16 60 TI again from MSI it's an overclockable card and then it changes the storage to a one terabyte nvme SSD from Intel the 660 P now for the streaming build you pretty much only have one SKU it upgrades to a 2700 x8 core 16 thread CPU from AMD the cooler is the AMD Wraith Prizm which is an RGB cooler with a little bit extra cooling capacity but the graphics card is upgraded to 8 RT X 2070 super now it's got a 650 watt bronze power supply from C Sonic the same motherboard with the be 450 tomahawk and the same rim with the T force Delta RGB 16 gigabytes but it already comes preloaded with the one terabyte intel 6 6 6 DP SSD and then it has the same two-year warranty on parts and labor and obviously both of these systems come with the NZXT h 500 which a is a great case at the price point with plenty of airflow and plenty of statics to go along with the two with its matte black interior and plenty of cable management also – not listed on the specs is that both of these systems do feature both an Ethernet and wireless capability so it's going to fire up the starter system here get my Steam library on this and let's see how the starter system compares when it comes to 1080p gaming because that's kind of the focus here the starter is about getting you 1080p medium to high settings so let's go ahead and test it so while Windows is kind of doing it setup here we're go and take a look at the inside we do get a tempered glass side panel that obviously comes with the H 500 but you can see we've got two fans on the front a single 120 exhaust in the rear which is more than enough for the components here it's all matte black interior black cables come with the power supplies there's no ketchup and mustard we got some sleep cables for our graphics card nice metallic backplate on here you can see our SSD sitting right there because this is the starter it's the Western Digital that would be a 660 P from Intel this was the plus and then our wireless card is down here now the nice thing is it's not over the top when it comes to lighting it's not super gaudy the only lights in here are the motherboard the actual RAM and then the graphics card so I thought that was kind of nice but it's just got this nice very minimalistic look which actually looks pretty well put together and the problem with a lot of like starter no pun intended here but like starter price points with some of the brands is it's just whatever the cheapest components they could source is and obviously NZ FC has really thought out how they want this PC to look and perform so we've got the side panel on we've got our windows set up here we're gonna go ahead and do all of our gaming and testing and temperatures and all that sort of stuff with the chassis all closed up to see how it does alright so here we are in a game I'm not sure exactly which map this is it's one of the newer maps in battlefield 5 our settings are set to overall high so we're at dx12 no DXR and then we've got high settings set to custom including HPA o which is kind of a big hit to the graphics card in terms of lighting and ambient occlusion so we're gonna leave that all as it is but as you can see right now where they stock 16 60 no overclock applied we're running at 1950 megahertz that's where went you on its own only 61 C and at least when I look at the ground here look at all those up yes but as we look out over a bigger draw distance and I think I'm friendly just got killed I should probably pay attention where I'm doing huh you can kind of see that we have got well much higher than that 60 FPS kind of a minimum that you want to aim for oh god don't die oh didn't being shot or we will go backwards that's fine but we're looking for here is all this quick movement well wanna see what happens to the FPS obviously right so from one spot looking around that's one thing but this is obviously a higher demand on the graphics card like this but they're like a battle cry oh it's so playable though any 90s come on oh all right well battlefield 5 is clearly playable so what should we try now okay so we're doing a title now we haven't done in a long time this is project cars to a racing sim is one of those games that in my opinion needs a it needs a high FPS just because of the fact that it's so much fast movement high FPS just makes it feel way more fluid 60 FPS can definitely start to feel stuttering when it comes to racing Sims if you've not played a racing sim that probably makes no sense to you if you have you probably know exactly what I'm talking about what I'm doing is I'm coming in here and just kind of putting everything right off the bat to high tip for motion blur we'll leave that low I know most people turn it off I think it feels more realistic that motion blur on the sides so we're just gonna kind of see how this does given how well it played battlefield 5 I kind of expect this to do really well so for our quick play here we're just gonna do an lmp1 car in the Nurburgring with a keyboard what could go wrong whoa I shouldn't have corrected to do the DOS FPS man 159 what I will overturn hmmm this is impossible the keyboard but not impossible for the PC to run so I mean I think we kind of proved here okay starter PC capable of lots of FPS in project cars too not an incredibly difficult title to run but a pretty one at that and it's a title I've had people ask me before like what do you need to run it well as you can see right here the starter PC is more than capable so once again a huge thank you to NZXT for sending over these computers for us to take a look at and make this video for you for you for you you specifically I'm talking to you do you know you so there's just a couple of examples how you're getting way more than the magic 60fps number I feel like as gamers we're gonna have to lift that number to like 80 or 90 now to feel like we're even pushing our hardware because even as you can see here with these starter not the starter plus we were exceeding 60fps and battlefield 5 with high and project cars to 150 fps and project cars – that's insane that shows that there's an amazing value now happening now which is what's making 2019 probably the best year for PC gamers as long as I've been doing YouTube I also think it's great the NZXT has put together three great price points I kind of the meet of the market where people are typically shopping a good entry level gaming experience a slightly better gaming experience and then a great gaming experience with streaming capability because if you can stream whether you have an audience or not it's fun and it's one of those things I think everyone's kind of aspiring to do these days and just share gameplay content with their friends it's kind of how I started and the fact that they have three pcs targeted towards those three markets is a is a great thing and because of the competition taking place with AMD CPUs it goes to show that there's definitely not just a value here but a performance benefit as well to not overspending your budget and just getting something that works it has a two-year warranty it's got support free parts and labor during that two years which makes it a lot more comfortable for people who are just not ready to build their PC on their own I know I'm I know I advocate for BYO or build your own every single day I teach people building computers is easy but some people just want that added comfort and reliability of knowing that it's got a warranty and a support staff behind it so if you guys want to check out these three SKUs and see what NZXT has to offer I'll put a link in the description below including the BLD where I said you can go in there and configure your own PC based on price points and see the expected FPS and various games or these particular SKUs as well so you can kind of start poking around in there and seeing whether or not these systems are right for you once again a huge thank you to NZXT for leanness borrow these systems to kind of do some testing with and bring this video to you and as always guys we will see you in the next one kind of the the best price point ah and then you shift it again you realized it was too far let me make Ennis afterburner larger for you Wow


  1. Reading through the specs I'm surprised at the decent parts they use. makes a change to see from the typical crappy PSU, motherboard and crappy 2133 speed ram

  2. What do you guys think about Ryzen 5 2600 and RX 580? I’m thinking about building a budget PC and the prices here in Asia suck so I’m thinking like 699$ ish

  3. Jay…. I know you have to get money to keep the channel going. But those are not a good deal. 900 for a 1660 PC. Nope. 1500 for a 2070 No. 1TB nvme ssd in the mid range…. WHAT? No just NO. I know this is not a product for builders so it's not for me, but just no.

  4. Jay said that most sites just throw all the cheapest parts in that they can and NZXT doesn't do that. While I might agree for most of the PC there are some parts that are extremely cheap. The Intel 660 is a VERY slow m.2 drive. You can find faster sata ssd's for that price point with the same storage capacity. While the power supply is adequate, I personally wouldn't use anything under gold certification. HOWEVER the parts are under a 2 year warranty so it's not a huge deal, but more thought could be put in on NZXT's part

  5. Well yes it’s okay, but do I really want to spend £200 for assembling and an extra £100 for shipping?

  6. I mean for the cheapest of the cheap. I took similar stuff from them and turned their $900 starter into $650
    here's the partpicker link. If you find any issues, please hit me up with that reply.


    Like no offense to NZXT. If you buy their prebuilt your gunna get a better looking pc overall.

  7. With the first build I thought "Okay, pretty good entry-level $600 build!"
    Then I checked the website: "Starter: $899"
    Really guys, just build yourself. A PC is just roughly 10 parts that you put together and plug in some cables according to the included manuals. If anything is still confusing you can Google it or go on Discord to ask for help. You get way better value and the enjoyment of having something you made yourself.

  8. I put the starter specs into Newegg, and I got £794.37

    I really don't think the warranty and service cost that much.

  9. NZXT is far too expensive and the 1660 doesn't make any sense last I heard. I am going to upgrade to a 2600 and a 450 mobo plus new case and a new hd drive (120 ssd) for 400 euro's prebuild! granted the parts are not as flashy as nzxt's parts, but for half the price !

  10. Make a video about pc and monitor hardware best buy . What to buy if you need more fps or best picture and what pc to pair with what monitor. Is a GTX 1080 enough for 1440p gaming at 144hz or 144hz is not what will you achieve and you should buy a 60hz 1440p monitor for example . Keep you fine work jay !!

  11. Can spmeone please catch me up on the naming schemes of intels newest cpus, their socket types (and their upcoming socket types if you feel up to it) amd just in general I have no clue how theirs has ever worked cpus and gpus included?

  12. Should’ve went with 3000 series cpu’s. Starter is good with the 2000 but the Streamer was supposed to be with 3000 imho.

  13. The stater pc is no where near starter price let alone how over priced the thing is. Might as well pay someone to build the pc as long as u buy the parts

  14. Can someone help me out, I don’t know much about this stuff I’m thinking of buying the starter or I could buy a used pc with these specs for $800:

    Ryzen 7 1700 CPU 8 Core/16 Threads overclocked to 3.8Ghz
    B450 Steel Legend mATX MOBO (RGB)
    XFX RX 580 8GB Graphics Card
    16GB Adata Spectrix RAM at 3000Mhz
    Hyper 212 Black Edition CPU Cooler
    6x RGB Ring Fans (Has many light modes and comes with controller)
    Thermaltake View 32 TG Case
    Corsair CX600M PSU
    250GB SSD
    2TB HDD

  15. I know you have to work and sponsor many stuffs to earn money….but you could sponsor them not like robots…when you sponsor something you dont have to talk like a robot omg ("This video is sponsored by…….. be sure to check the link in the description") create a new way to sponsor something it doesnt have to be this way always, it's boring

  16. In my opinion it's a little bit underhanded of nzxt to name them like that, considering they are aimed at people that don't know much about pc somone that wants to start streaming is gonna shell out for the top system when the first system is totally capable of streaming. So yeah… Seems a little sneaky lol

  17. Jay I think you've become seriously detached from the idea of "budget" builds. You're idea of budget which is clearly subjective, is anything but budget conscious. If anyone is here to build and not buy prebuilts at a low budget, please consider the used market. I just bought parts for an older x79 build for super cheap: Intel xeon E5-2650 8 core ($22), x79 haunanzhi updated mobo which has m.2 slot ($70), 16GB DDR 3 ECC RAM ($25), AMD R9 280x XFX ($37), evga 750w psu ($44) CM Storm Scout black full atx case ($30 local Craigslist) and fill it with however much storage you want whether mechanical or ssd. A beast of a 1080p gaming machine for less than $300. If you need brand new then you're gonna pay, if you just want to game or build something entry level for cheap it can be done for even less than what I just put together, just research cheap but still relevant parts. Random Gaming on YT is a good place to find info on this and compare to pcpartpicker or tomshardware. Don't listen to a guy who buys a brand new Ram truck and then two different exhausts at once bacuse he doesn't know which one he'll like more. Remember your damn roots Jay.

  18. Instead of the streamer get 5700xt and upgrade the 2700 to 3700x with the 100 bucks you save from the gpu

  19. I feel like this is a reality where powerful hardware is non-existent and I am just looking at simulations of what we want but can’t have.

  20. How come you didn’t test the streamer rig, would have loved to see the GPU or CPU hit while streaming and gaming. NVENC vs H264. Since it’s meant to be a single pc stream rig.

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