WEIRD BOARD GAMES: Tic Tac Tongue + Yeti Set Go!! – Ten Minute Power Hour

[Jazz riff] [Hard guitar imitation] Dan: [Singing] I’m gonna fuck your dad! [Scurrying footsteps, and a cartoonish running away effect] Arin: What the fuck? Dan: I dunno. Dan: Welcome to The 10 Minute Power Hour! Arin: What are we doing today, Dan? Dan: I dunno, I was gonna ask you that. Dan: Oh, we’re gonna do the tongue thing from, uhh, last time. Arin: Yes. Dan: I shouldn’t say it like that. The, the- Tic Tac Tongue! Arin: We gonna play it. Dan: We’re gonna play Tic Tac Tongue! Dan: The game- uh, the game where you “wear the mask, set up targets, flip a card, start the duel, and WIN!” Arin: Yeah!
Dan: Look at this kid winning! Arin: Be quick to lick! Tucker, filming: [Slurred, mildly unintelligible] Where is he? I can’t see him- there, oh, I got ’em! … He’s happy. [Burp] Dan: Let’s pop this puppy open. Dan: Oh, sweet. Really effective. Arin: You’ve gotta shove the… tongue in the hole. Tucker: [Long, loud groan of disgust] Arin: So it makes it easier for you to blow. Dan: [Laughs] Numerous, off-screen: [Sly, in unison] Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Arin: Shut the fuck up! Dan: Oh. [Laughs harder] Okay. Dan: Agh! [Off-screen laughter] Arin: [Coughs] Dan: “Battle it out with your friends to lick as many insects as you can.” Dan: “Do you have the fastest tongue?” I dunno, ask your dad. Dan: [Laughing] Uh, “knock down as many targets as possible-” Arin: He does, oh, he does. Dan: “By blowing your, c [Pause] um…” Arin: I’m a dumbass. I’m a real big dumbass. Don’t even talk to me about being a dumbass, I’m stupid as heck. Dan: Okay. Dan: [Laughs] Dan: Thank you, Allie. Allie: Alright boys, I want a good, clean fight. Arin: Just yell out the number. Allie: Two! Arin: Hoowah! [All laugh] Arin: Who got it?
Allie: I don’t know. Arin: I got it. Allie: I think it was Arin.
Arin: Yay! Allie: Nine. Arin: HOOWAH! [Explosion sounds]
Allie: It was Arin again. Arin: Hah, gotchu motherfuckeeeer! Allie: Five. Arin: Hoowah! Wah! [Flying bullet sound] Dan: Mmhm. Arin: Shit sucks! Allie: Three! Arin: Ahh! [Panicked noises] [Flying bullet sounds] [Flying bullet sounds continue]
Arin: There’s no- oh. You got it. Allie: One! [Glass breaking] Arin: Fuck you! Fuck you! [Incomprehensible angry yelling with occasional “fuck” or “I’ll fucking kill you”] Arin: What’s that? Allie: Seven.
[Metal impact sounds] Arin: AHHHH! Allie: Are you sure? Both: Mmhm. Allie: Are you sure? Both: Mmhm. Allie: Are you sure? Both: Mmhm. Allie: Hit six. [Flying bullet sounds]
Arin: Waah! Arin: DO IT AGAIN!
Dan: Mmhm. Allie: Alright. Oh, god, it’s so moist inside that mask, I can’t keep doing it. Ok. Eight. [Smacking sound] Dan: Oh, good, I’m the quickest licker!
Arin: One more! Allie: Ten.
[Flying bullet sounds] [Laughter] Allie: Well. I think you get double points for that.
Dan: Oh my god. Arin: Get it off, get it off!! [Yelling] Dan: Okay. Allie: Ten.
[Flying bullet sound] Dan: It wasn’t ten.
Arin: What the fuck, where’s the fucking ten? Dan: It’s four.
Allie: You mean there wasn’t- Arin: Fucking FUCK! Dan: Alright.
Allie: Are you ready? Four. [Flying bullet sound, Dan laughs] Allie: I don’t know, I think it was Dan.
Arin: I fucking got it, you fucking- [Unintelligible] Off-screen: It’s five to six, Dan won.
Dan: Yayy! Off-screen: Even with your extra point.
Dan: Aww, man. [Laughter] Arin: I’ll be eating good tonight! [Forceful blowing and Dan laughing] Allie: Oh, Jesus. Allie: Okay. [Laughter] [All laugh] Allie: Ugh. So moist.
Dan: Allie, I feel like we’ve grown closer. Arin: My name’s Randall. I’m 28, and I live in the city. Arin:My dad hates the way I dress. But I don’t care, cause I hate my daaayd. Arin: Well, congratulations, Dan, you won.
Dan: Thank you, Arin! Cuh-! Dan: Congratulations on borrowing my… old school, 92, Michael Strahand Giants jersey. Dan: You look very normal in it. [Laughs]
Arin: Oh, is that what I’m wearing? Dan: Yeah- Arin: You’re saying, fucking, people who watch football are normal? Arin: And I’m not normal cause I don’t watch football? Arin: [Pensive] I died once. Dan: What’s next, Arin? Dan: It’s- it’s Yeti Set Go! Arin: WOW!! Dan: [Laughs] Dan: Arin, be careful, it includes 4 meatball kickin’ yetis! [Both laugh] Arin: Ahh! Arin: Not gonna win this easy! You motherFUCKER!
[Dan laughs, the box emits pained yells with each hit] Arin: Ahh!
Both: [In tandem] The meatballs!! Arin: Wow you like, perfectly cut out the logo.
Dan: [Laughs] Aw, sick. Dan: [Laughs] Dan: Was it the tandem scream of “the meatballs?”
Allie: Yes. [Dan continues to laugh] Dan: Select your yeti, Arin.
Arin: Oh, I want theee… [Trails off] Oh, they’re so cute. Arin: I want the fuckin cool yeti.
Dan: Yeah, I’ll take the snowboarding dude. Arin: He’s like, [Nonsensical throat voice sounds]
Both: [Nonsensical throat voice sounds] Dan: “Contents: five-piece snowy meatball mountain, flag, four kickin’ yetis, 24 meatballs.” Tucker: [Reading the Spanish language instructions through the camera with a strong American accent] Dan: “Objective: Bop the yeti on the head to make him kick all your meatballs onto the snowy mountain before the other players.”
Arin: [Coughs through Dan’s meatball-concern sounds] Arin: What is this?
Dan: You put that [Voice fades] …in your butt. Dan: [Mumbling] Goes in your butt. Arin: Let’s play!
Dan: Ooh, the meatbaaalls! Arin: Oh, no, the meatballs!
Dan: [Relieved] Ok. Arin: I see it, but I can’t understand it.
Dan: Me neither. Arin: And also there’s balls on the playing field. [Bouncing and rattling] Would you stop goofing around? Arin: I can’t, fucking, get it going! [Gibberish rendition of “Walk This Way”] [“Walk This Way” guitar riff impression] Arin: You ready? Dan: Let’s just take turns- wait. We’re just trying to get them into the highest spots, right? Arin: The highest spots. Get a-uh, hiiigh score.
Dan: Okay. So we’ll just, just do it one at a time. Dan: Kay, ready? I’ll hold this steady for you-
Arin: Okay. Dan: Because this is not constructed as… solidly as we would wish. Arin: [Coughs violently] Here we go, kick number one! [Both snort] Both: Alright-
Arin: Kick number oooone! Dan: [Disappointed] Aww.
Arin: Agh. That didn’t really work, did it? Dan: Nope. Okay. [Misses] Okay. [Misses] Okay. [Misses] Okay. [Misses] Okay. [Misses] Dan: Ooh!! Oh! Dan: Alright, I think you’ve exhausted your meatballs. You’re just cycling through the same- Dan: You got one up here, and one up here. [Arin “woo!”s] So let’s say this is 10 points, 20 points, 30-40 points! Dan: You got a 40 point-er.
Arin: 60. 60 points total. Dan: 60 points to Arin! Dan: SHIT! Arin: Oh! Arin: Ooh! Arin: Ah! Arin: I think if it lands on another one it’s minus points.
Dan: Oh is that right? Dan: Is that a new thing you just came up with?
Arin: Yeah I just- Dan: Oooooh! [Both “Oh!”] OOOOOOH! Oh! Dan: [Laughs] Dan: Shit! Shit. Arin: [Strained sexual noise]
Dan: Shit! Arin: [Strained sexual noise]
Dan: Oh, fuck. Arin: [Strained sexual noise]
Dan: Yes!! Dan: Get up there!
Arin: [Strained sexual noise] Dan: [Singing “Walk This Way”] Just gimme a kiss! Dan: Oh, I got it nailed with this one.
Arin: [Strained sexual noises continue] Dan: [Softly] Oooh.
Arin: Oh my god, you fucking nailed it. Dan: Alright. So, 10, 30, 60, we tied! Dan: Sudden deaaaaath! Arin: What does that mean?
Dan: I don’t know, time to come up with our own game. Arin: Okay.
Dan: Meatball yeti soccer. Dan: Perfect. Arin: Hih. Dan: [Laughs] Dan: Alright, let’s do it.
Arin: I didn’t make it. Both: [Victoriously] OOOOH! Arin: That’s one.
Dan: One – Nothing. Dan: [Laughs]
Arin: That was a tester shot. Dan: Uh-huh. Yeah-huh. Alright. Cool. Dan: Aww, shizz.
Arin: Fuck. Dan: [Mockingly] One to nothing! Oh, shit. Arin: Ooh.
Dan: Give it time. Arin: That’s a mmmiss.
Dan: [Blows desperately] Arin: That doesn’t count!
Dan: Alright, alright. Arin: You silly… BITCH. Both: OOOOOH!!!
Dan: It’s one to one! Dan: Shit. [Laughs]
Arin: I feel like that should get points, though. Dan: Oh. Dan: [Sympathetic groan]
Arin: Fuck! Dan: Nooooo! Okay.
Arin: Fuck this shit sucks, game sucks! Dan: My final shot… Arin: Mm.
Dan: Fucking assdicks, man. Dan: One to one.
Arin: Watch this, watch this, watch this, watch this. IN!! Dan: Alright, well, overtime. It’s-we’re in overtime, we’re in overtime. Kay, we’re in overtime. Dan: We’re getting worse. Arin: Well, thank you for joining us on The Ten Minute Power Hour. Love you, have a good… one. Arin: Fiiiinallly… You can say something… What d’ya wanna say? Dan: [Laughs] What? What?
Arin: What? Dan: Can you hand me the- uh. The frogs. Thank you. Arin: [High voice] Oh, no! My best friend- Dan: [A solemn British accent] They shall sleep together, in eternity. [Laughs] [Slam] Arin: Eyes wide shut. [Calm music]


  1. 1:10 Arin actually mentioned before that one of his biggest fears is monotone sounds getting louder steadily so his reaction was valid to it xD

  2. Im sorry but can we acknowledge that the first words Danny says are "I'm gonna fuck your dad" and he is wearing a 'daddy af' shirt?

  3. Those frog masks can be used as SEXUAL DEVICES


  4. Me: forgot to turn headset on
    Dan at full volume in the intro: IM GONNA @#$& YOUR DAD
    Me: really heckin hope my dad didnt hear that

  5. 2:25 and here we see the graceful office frogs in their natural habitat. Right now they can be seen in a moment of aggression as each frog fights for territory.
    2:32 truly majestic creatures

  6. after years of watching youtube, i have learnt that there is NOTHING funnier than a bunch of grown men playing children’s games

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