What NBA Players Really Think Of Russell Westbrook

now with him being one of the best trash talkers in the entire league never backing down from anybody what is the rest of the NBA really think about Westbrook now this year Victor Oladipo suffered arguably the biggest setback of his career with a devastating knee injury earlier this season please continue to stay optimistic getting in the best shape of his career prior to this year and just ten days after surgery was already spotted working out and doing shooting drills from a table reposted a clip on Instagram of it and it was captions they can't stop me even if they stop me hashtag truly unbreakable now obviously all the depo and Westbrook have a history together as Victor was actually traded from Orlando to OKC becoming teammates for a year and after a win that season Oladipo actually praised russ by saying luckily we have the best player in the world but after a season together Oladipo described the inspiration Westbrook had given him playing together after just one year and he said one thing I learned from Russ is he's out in 110 every day the thing about me is these on 110 I'm trying to get to 115 that's something kind of instilled in me without doing anything just being myself and that's how I am here all the Depot learned what it takes to be successful in the NBA and he even ended the interview by saying he's Westbrook a future hall-of-famer no question and in order to get that I'm gonna have to put in the work and put in another level that I've never worked before that's why I did this summer and it's paying off for me before I go to sleep every time I wake up all I think about is chasing number one whoever number one is team player that's who I'm chasing and I gotta work hard every day to get there now only people even spoke his mind and praised the former MVP for helping him wake up after being traded for Paul George to Indiana with only people carrying the workload is facing the organization now he told bleacher report it was definitely something I'd to adjust to I wouldn't say was hard do something new for me I learned so much from Russ just his mindset how relentless he is those are things I've definitely taken with me now Devin Booker's continue to be one of the most overlooked stars in today's NBA accomplishing things that haven't been done since Kobe Bryant progressing each season averaging up to 26 points per game and even having an unreal 70 point and back-to-back 50 point performances the sun's haven't taken this lightly which is exactly why they signed him to 158 million dollar deal because they see a bright future with him obviously there's a reason why Drake brought him up in song saying see the shots that I took wet like I'm booked but with that being said Deepika stayed loyal to this organization even with them being well the worst teams in the league year after years he's trying to recruit stars to form a super team along with him and the young draft picks but speaking of the draft prior to being drafted Booker admitted Westbrook came off as a cocky self-serving superstar times Devin even said before I was in the NBA he was a player I didn't like but since my rookie year we exchanged words we were trash-talking a little bit ever since then he's somebody I watch his passion his energy brings every night is unbelievable now the biggest story between the two actually came during Russ's historical MVP season as he was one triple-double away from breaking the record the Suns intentionally fouled him to prevent the last assist but the fans in the Phoenix arena were actually chanting and cheering for us that game and Devin Booker talked a lot about it after the game he said I'm a competitor and I'm at my home arena and you're hearing chance to another guy I totally respect Russell he brings it each and every night you can't discredit what he's doing I'm sure he's gonna pass the record for most triple-doubles but I just didn't want to be here so I took that personal like I said I'm a competitor if someone was chasing a record in OKC you know he'd feel the same way so I kind of took it personal now aside from being one of the most underrated players in the league Lillard keeps proving everybody wrong by making all-star teams hitting clutch shot after clutch shot and even carrying the blazes to the playoffs year after year his passion for the game and intensity puts towards every possession his only matched with a player like Westbrook but with that being said to strong competitors like this will eventually clash and it actually sparked a trash-talking rivalry between the two during the 2018 all-star weekend rust like she felt his teammate Paul George was snubbed when he didn't make it seem even saying unbelievable I think it's outrageous in my opinion I don't know who else made the team but you got guys complaining about getting snubbed until they get in and reporters felt this was actually a diss and taking shots towards Damian Lillard but Lillard eventually responded this by saying I respect Russ a lot so it was kind of disappointing to see him say that cuz he's played against me he's played against our team he knows what I've accomplished not just this year but over my career it was a little bit disappointing but I know that earned my spot this year and that's pretty much where it is I earn my spot now even in closing minutes of a game this season Westbrook was actually caught yelling I've been busting that for years as Lillard lined up for a free throw but in an interview with the athletic Miller talked about this and he said walking down the court he was like you know this is how we do it I respect you you respect me that's all it was I mean he knows that I'm not one of those people that there ain't no fear I'm gonna come it the same way you come at me and he know that where he come from Los Angeles and where I come from Oakland that's regular we ain't best friends bye respect him and he respects me will it eventually describe Lee does to prepare for a matchup against a player like Russ by saying I see him and I see how he's almost angry toward other people so I take that same energy with him I'll speak to him before the game I don't shake hands I'll do none of that I'm like it's gonna be what's gonna be that's my approach now obviously Joelle and beat has never been a stranger to expressing what he feels both on and off the core he's been a core piece towards Philadelphia's recent success and despite battling injuries throughout his young career has continued to push negativity to the side and stamp his name as one of the best big men in the league it's been known that well as a competitor and sometimes that doesn't mix well with others in the league and beaten Westbrook if had controversial history over recent seasons now the moments that actually fueled the fire between both and beat and rust was when a few years back Westbrook's OKC teammate Steven Adams fouled out of the game in a bead waved at him as he was exiting Westbrook then returned the favor by waving towards dwell and beat at the end of the game after the Thunder secured the victory the following season to beat hit one of the dunks of the year when he obliterated Westbrook and he even stared at him while running down the court now Westbrook tried to get the last laugh in this after OKC pulled off the victory once again when he stared down a bead which well took notice of this and did what he does best post the dunk on Instagram with a caption of crime-scene investigation now this season during a rematch between the two and beat gave a little shove to Westbrook when going up for a block and two got very vocal something Westbrook's no stranger of either after the game Westbrook was asked about the fall instated the reporter then followed up by asking if they were cool and Westbrook responded no later in an interview with ESPN well and be respondus by saying I was go for the block and take he lost the ball but I was already in the air and I don't know what why he was mad I have no idea but he's always in this feeling so during this year's all-star weekend and beed was selected during the first round alive draft for Team Yanis which came as no surprise things Yanis prioritized underrated foreign players in the league but eventually LeBron made a trade sending rust of the team for his close friend Ben Simmons once this happened – well did what he does best and trolled the situation on Twitter posting a Jif with the caption okay the two were eventually asked Lee to get along during the weekend they each gave very different answers we're on the same team I'm willing to work it out is one beat told reporters but Westbrook gets a reporter with a next question champ when he was asked about well now with LeBron and Russell Westbrook making triple doubles popular in today's NBA it's also definitely no secret that they've had a bond both on and off the court throughout offseason workouts playing on Team USA and all-star teams posting pics together on Instagram and even LeBron winning his first-ever championship against the Thunder they've recognized each other's greatness for quite some time but Russ recently appeared on Kevin Hart scold his balls where he was asked to win in a 1v1 he said Ron James will not win and he's a good friend of mine but I'm winning okay I'm winning now during the 2018 all-star weekend the browse select is one of the captains but what shocked everyone the most was a picture James and posted on Twitter showing the roster he hand-picked which actually turned out his Westbrook as the last pick according to ESPN James talked to Westbrook after the draft and said I heard from Russ I reached out to him afterwards like what's wrong with you man we've got a good relationship so it's pretty cool I don't know the only thing I know for sure is that Russ went last he's crazy jokingly LeBron says he's picked Westbrook last but we all know that he actually just put the roster in alphabetical order now later that season LeBron actually commemorated westbrook's historical triple-double record-breaking MVP he said I got to give a huge shout out to the Brody Russell Westbrook on his historical season breaking the all-time triple-double record set by the big o one of my favorite players one of my idols there's just certain things you never think you're gonna see or never think is going to be broken but like Russ always say man hashtag why not as a friend as a as a fan of the game I'm just happy and proud of you bro it's great to see history but recently this season Westbrook ran to a controversial altercation with a Utah Jazz fan with a fan crossed the line I used verbal abuse which actually got him permanently banned from the Utah arena LeBron James eventually shared his thoughts on the incident and defendant Russ by saying I think that situation the fan was out of line and what he said a rust becomes a point where it's about respect obviously Russ is a very passionate guy but Russell's married with three kids a set of twins and no matter if you like him or love him or the way he plays the game the guy's one of the most loyal people I know one of the most down-to-earth guys that I know and the guy just took it too far on the other end they could have missed some words Russ could have said it a little bit differently but at the end of the day he was writing the guy was wrong now even though Karl Anthony tells an elite young player in today's NBA putting up numbers like rare players before him and fierce matchups between him and OKC Russell's always made his presence known and in a game where Katt scored 41 points and grabbed 14 rebounds on to secure the victory 3rd trash-talking throughout the game and Westbrook actually yelled get to the effing playoffs before you speak to me some are actually confused because of this just the season before the Tim Rose had just made the playoffs for the first time since 2004 but Carla to play speak for itself at that time Thompson and Terry scored a hundred eighty-two points in just five games setting a franchise record and address the situation taking shots by saying you can have all the numbers you want but you don't ever want to be that guy that's getting good stats on a losing team got to find ways to win rather have less stats and more wins now this year Blake Griffin had arguably one of the best seasons of his career obviously was a household name playing with the Showtime Clippers so the constant headlines have definitely fell off since being dealt to Detroit but he's still been doing the usual things including being injured for the playoffs which is another story for a different day but he's still putting up respectable numbers some of the best in his entire career but with that being said Russ and Blake have a history together playing against one another in regular season and playoffs and believe it or not were actually almost paired up in OKC during a recent free agency now Blake not only grew up in Oklahoma but played college ball for the Sooners there a couple years as well but after Westbrook's historical first triple-double season he showed his appreciation for the greatness tweeting out while rust give that man the MVP when interviewed by Alex candy-like actually elaborated on this by saying it almost blows my mind to think anybody else could win MVP this year that's not taking anything away from James Harden and quiet Leonard and LeBron James because they've had excellence – but Russ's production is crazy and things that set apart are the record we had triple-doubles his P er and his PR and the clutch as a player those are the things you look for a player's is gonna make his team better a player that wins games for you and a player performs when you need them to I honestly never thought I'd see someone average a triple-double that's why Russ's run has been so mind-blowing it takes an insane amount of energy to do that you have to be involved in everything and have such a high motor with all that being said what do you think of Russell Westbrook let me know in the comments down below and don't forget to subscribe now so you don't miss out on future episodes


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