When an enemy tries to sneak into your team – Imposter

Guys blues coming in we better move Whoa, whoa guys guys, hold up. Hold up Since when were the five of us? What are you talking about? Don’t be stupid No seriously there’s suddenly five of us Thats absurd One, two, three, four, five Holy shit That must mean one of us Is an imposter… But who? Guys, guys… Lets have some reasonable discussion here Whose this guy? What? Yeah thats right! Actually I don’t recognise this man at all! Who is he?? Yeah Guys! It’s me! I’m Ben! *Mocking*
Guys its me I’m Ben! You’re not Ben – I’m Ben! No I’m Ben! That’s what an imposter would say! You are sounding mighty suspicious sir! Ben! SIR! Guys come on! I’ve been playing PUBG with you for years We’ve logged literally thousands of hours together But haven’t we all logged thousands of hours together? Are you seriously going to side with this guy? Guys guys guys come back come back WOAH STAY THE F**K BACK BACK OFF! F**K OFF! BACK OFF! One of these two is an imposter Come on Rowan Make the right choice You always do Woah that means a lot to me Ben Wow it’s really great to see you guys rebuild that relationship thats awesome Guys! You can literally see the name above my head! Circumstantial at best come onnnn This is outrageous! This is outrageous! That’s what Ben says! Ben says that! I think thats Ben I literally just said that! I lirerarlly juu ded daaaaat Thats Ben! That is Ben! That is my Ben Okay wait wait wait wait I got it Ask me a question that only I would know Oh thats good okay Okay yeh yeh yeh Okay okay okay Okay I’m gonna ask you a question that only Ben would know Great Perfect What is… My mothers middle name? I don’t know! How would I know that?? SUSPICIOUS! Suspicious! Okay – Ben Ben What is… My favourite video game? Oh f**k off! PUBG! Yes! That’s the truth! HE’S THE IMPOSTER! Guys– Kill him! No! guys you can still res me! Oh god! Oh ho ho! Horrifying Ben! Come here Ben! We almost lost you! Oh we almost lost you Ben… Oh Ben


  1. Now that i think about it.. Who's the guy in the white shirt?? Maybe HE was the imposter all along!! Alan, Rowan, Adam, get him

  2. Love your sketches, but can’t relate not even to 10% of these situations… some more relatable content would be fantastic.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. What does this say about the Viva La Dirt League crew and their playing skills? No I understand why they don't have many videos of them winning.

  4. I thought when "fake Ben" said that Rowan makes always right choices he would know that is fake casue Ben never tells a compliments to Rowan

  5. I'm just imagining every PUBG video from this point on has the correct "Ben" instead of that fake one that they shot to death.

  6. Can he please just replace been for a couple of pubg videos and then after a couple of videos. Ben finally comes back in a heroic and the teams back together. It not only gives the channel a fresh face to enjoy, but also some new and exciting new video opportunities.

  7. That imposter clearly was a VLDL Fan. He knew them better as they know themselves.
    Pose as Ben, as Ben would instantly recognize the missing name tag. (Actually I instantly thought that you can see who's in your team.) Compliment Rowan, because he is so full of himself that he even ignores that Ben would never compliment. Adam und Alan love everybody who says something nice.
    Only strange that the imposter didn't say "Morning! Nice day for playing PUBG, ain't it? Huh hah!"

  8. Wait is the guy who always comes into the playtech shop and shouts outrageous, Ben from these videos? I'm surprised the guys have never noticed his voice before in the bored series.

  9. Хороший тролль мне он понравился)))
    Но ещё смешнее было бы, если бы это всё произошло в конце матча, когда вас пять человек осталось)
    I liked a good troll)))
    But it would be even funnier if this all happened at the end of the match, when there are five of you left)

  10. They should of ended with the "Make the right decision Rowan I know you always do"

    Then the other guys shoots him as they know Rowan's a dick that makes selfish decisions.

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