Who needs this much GPU POWER?!?! MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X

before we get started today's video I want to give a huge congratulations to the winner of the 1 million subscriber ultimate PC upgrade package Jonathan Muslims must must Blatch Mo's pledge we'll just go with John but anyway he did reply to the winning email within the allotted 48 hour window so he has claimed his prize don't be upset you guys didn't win I've got more stuff to giveaway coming up so don't go anywhere sick and tired of all the RGB craze well don't worry because the EVGA Z 270 classified K is full of all the things that matter like Intel obtained memory ready you to nvme SSD support 11 phase PWM for stable overclocking and a sleek monochromatic design that is perfect for any bill learn more by visiting EVGA comm yeah I know make sure it's too big guys I'd like to be able to move freely with all of this space and all this room for activities and plenty sorry you are not the stars a show how does it fail nope the start Today Show guys is the GTX 1080p I gave me X 11g from MSI I swear they got the names of these get longer and longer but I digress guys this is the first custom PCB I've gotten my hands on ever since the gtx 980ti launched back in february yeah they didn't have a whole lot of lead time to get these cards ready so it took a couple months for people to start getting theirs made and this is the first one to make its way in here normally MSI will send me retail packaging but it's just got a card in there and none of the stuff that comes with retail so I figured we'd do kind of a little mini unboxing here because this is actually the first one I've been sent that has everything in it that you would get as a retail purchaser so of course we got some foam in here protecting our card we've got a thank you message here for choosing MSI I think he's always good we got this little cardboard sleeve right here it's got some stuff in there we've got some stickers something about the Lucky Dragon workshop looks like it's some sort of a little comic book we have got of course our quick user's guide which is actually quite a few pages for a quick user oh it's a poster oh I see okay it's fun and of course driver disk I don't even own an optical drive ok badge we have also got in this way guy right here a six pin to eight pin PCI Express adapter if you don't own a power supply that has the connections you need to hook up this graphics card I suggest you buy a new power supply before trying to run the card that would just be my little suggestion there and then of course we have the graphics card itself which is pretty damn sweet Wow look how thick that is okay so let's just make some room here and there it is right there in all of its glory now we're going to say that the aesthetics of this card are pretty much the same as they've been over the last several years ever since they kind of redesigned their whole dragon gaming theme and kind of we'll talk about that a little bit in the end of the video but it's got all the same stuff that you would expect but look at this they actually added a DVI connector back to it as you guys know what the founders edition card Nvidia chose to remove the DVI port in lieu of getting better airflow with an open vent well obviously since these are not blower style cards that isn't really a concern so they put the DVI back on the card you get the same twin frozer ball bearing fans on there that we've seen again over the last couple generations of cards a dual eight pin PCI Express power delivery and of course a nice matte backplate not a whole lot to talk about the aesthetics of the card nothing has really changed obviously what we care about is performance don't fall over it doesn't want to like stand up really like if you barely touch it so that one's probably not going to be in the display shelf yeah let's go look it up you all right after spending several hours playing around with the GTX 1080p I gaming X 11g from MSI it's really no surprise and the fact that it's faster than a founders card that's because it's not slowing down GPU boost is able to keep the card running as fast as possible because of its improved cooling design it's quite a bit faster than a Titan X and absolutely smashes a gtx 1088 it really is interesting to see a card that cost the exact same price of what a GTX 1080 costs only a month and a half ago running almost 40% faster yeah we were seeing anywhere between 30 and 35% speed increase from the 1080 to the 1080 Ti but the extra speed because of the better cooling and GPU boost allowed us to get about 40% speed improvement in average FPS over a GTX 1080 yeah it's the same price as what a 1080 was that's the crazy part but as expected it is faster than a Titan X Pascal and faster than a 1080i sounders edition card and they probably will end up making water blocks for these too if you want to take it even farther because most companies have now started supporting over the last couple years the custom PCBs the gaming X that the 1080 did have a block I have no reason to believe one wouldn't come out for this guy now in terms of temperatures though we talked about that for a second here stocks and profile all stock settings I didn't touch anything on this card whatsoever I just put it into the OC mode and that it ran about nineteen hundred and thirty six megahertz on the core until it reaches the max temperature I saw of 72 C then it slows down to about 1836 which is still faster than the OC profile shows on this so GPU boost is clearly working and taking advantage of all the heat pipes the massive heatsink and that ball bearing fans and yeah that's where we were getting the increase over the other cards even though we're seeing about the same speed the 1080 TI founders and Titan X Pascal was getting because of the improved GPU boost it's not fluctuating all over the place it's not speeding up the slowing down and it was very constant usually only going up and down a while about one tick or one step over the course of the benchmarking sessions now the max temperature I saw of 72 C that was while running 4k game gaming in wildlands which is extremely demanding especially with the ultra preset which I use it brings most cards to its knees even this guy in 4k if you take the settings down from ultra to about high or very high then you can get 60fps and 4k no problem with a single card in terms of build quality though it feels very very robust it doesn't flex they actually are using perimeter screws around the entire back plate so it is sandwiched together it's not just the four main screws right here for the core holding on the heatsink and then it flexes all over the place which some cards have been like that in the past this is extremely rigid due to the backplate design it's got a front plate on the front touching all of the VRMs and all of the RAM chips allowing you to keep things nice and cool I can see thermal pads all over the place in there so yeah this card clearly has top-notch build quality in mind which should for 750 bucks but let's go ahead and let's go ahead and do this here I feel like MSI missed an opportunity to kind of redesign this cooler I know they really like this design some companies with the launch of the 1080 Ti have taken the opportunity to sort of do a little revamping with their cooler design in terms of aesthetics I think to try and reach more buyers I've said it before and I'm going to say it again this card with the red shroud is only going to be appealing to people who want to buy a red card for a red themed build and what's even funnier is in fact yet RGB lighting underneath red lenses you'll call a little translucent look pieces of plastic are red why are you putting RGB under that this is what the card looks like on my test bench as it sits right now with the red shroud obviously with my purple fluid and even with the RGB Ram on there it's a bit of a color clash so obviously this won't be staying on my test bench because it just doesn't meet the aesthetic I spent time putting into this test rig but what if the shroud was black this is what it would look like then I can choose what color I want to be based on the RGB lighting which is exactly how it should be this would stay on my test bench this won't so it's going to a little experiment here to prove to msi that i'm not crazy in the description of this video you'll find a link to a straw poll and the question there is whether or not you would pass on a particular card that you know performs fantastic like this one here simply because the only color available it's a color that just with your aesthetic theme you're doing with your build I don't think I'm crazy in feeling like people who would spend $750 on graphics cards are going to care about the overall appearance of their system most of the time those are the people that would not be caught dead but ketchup the mustard cables they might even have custom sleeve cables they care about motherboard aesthetics lighting all that sort of stuff and something like this isn't going to necessarily fit in your theme anyway guys I don't think I'm crazy participate down in the straw poll down there I'm really curious as to what the majority has to say anyway guys time to go thanks for watching let me know what you guys think about this card let me know what other cards you want me to take a look at I've got more custom PCBs coming in here so this is a pretty exciting time for top-tier gaming because this is destroying games the 1080i is extremely powerful anyway time to go guys next week I'm going to be delivering Terry Crews his PC that's going to be really exciting and yes of course I'm going to be videoing that I've got a whole like production happening with this and I've got a lot to get done so I had to go thanks for watching guys and as always I'll see you in the next one


  1. I'm not particularly choosing it for being red and will clash with the theme big boy pants on no big deal. Either way

  2. hah looking back at this vid in 2019, msi did step up to a more monochromatic colorscheme with their rtx 2080ti gaming x trio, and in combination with the big rgb lighting pieces on the front and side of the card it does really fit into any color scheme you might want.

  3. 1380 usd in 2019 more expensive than some 2080ti or on par price wise…ya totally will buy will never understand why the prices didnt go down…

  4. Who needs this much GPU POWER. How about the average VR simmer. What a stupid fucking question to ask. DCS in VR will eat this shitty card.

  5. If the DVI connector wasn't there, there would have been water cooling blocks providing a custom single-slot front mounting plate turning the entire card into a single slot one, which would have been great for mining rigs and AI research rigs. That way all the cards could be mounted on the motherboard itself without those flimsy unreliable PCI-E extension cables.

  6. I have a question.. my 1080ti reached 75'C when playing BF1.. i have i7 4th gen.

    And i search some vids playing bf1 same gpu but they reach only 62-65'C

  7. I have a red build 😅 but yea if it was like green or something I would pass on it bc it would clash glad that's not just me, personally black would be a smarter option on msi's part bc black goes with anything. On a side note I could never afford this card, I could barely afford my msi gaming 1060 😓 oh well I can dream 😬

  8. Jayz2Cents, as a follower of your realm, how are we still able to compete or do things for earning some gifts from you? 🙂 I see this is from 2017, but Im sure time has progressed, to get some old stock from your shelf, or your experimental – always-successful repairs, 😀 Life's limited with dollar prices doubling whenever they enter my country, after it was applied to dollar-to-rand-exchange 😉
    I enjoy the accuracy, and extra efforts into corrections in 'JayzTwoCents'

  9. At the time of watching this video I bought two NEW ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti STRIX ROG cards on ebay for $109.76 each. The seller has 100 to sell and has sold 75 of them today at the time of this post. I don't get it (crypto currency crash recently?) Meanwhile newegg is selling them for $1,390 a piece. Luckiest day of my life! 1080 Ti SLI HERE WE COME!

  10. I want a big power button on my case; the last one was hard to find. I want front USB to be easy to get to. I don't have any interest in flashing lights on my computer. I don't have any windows in my case. On the other hand, if I was one of those people, I would definitely not get a red card if my color scheme was something else.

  11. For this price I should have the right to choose the colour of the Dragon to match my rig..or yeah as you said this should be black so it fits for everyone..

  12. Don't like that it's only red but it's a good card and good price in South Africa and its the only one able and building first pc so will just set case rgp to red or just unplug the lights or just try to ignore it maybe change it in a few years when msi has come to their senses

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