1. Why did they release edited video, but make sure they take a picture of a gun? And if someone is in my backyard i would look out my window too.

  2. WAT CAN WE CALL THIS EPIDEMIC? CAUSE CLEARLY THERE IS A SERIOUS ISSUE…. NO anouncement no warning.. wth this shit is getting out of control this shit makes no sense why the fuck do they continue to do this bs if he gets away with this…. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE its ridiculous and im tired of seeing it.

  3. 1) close your windows
    2) lock your doors
    3) keep the shades, curtains, and/or blinds drawn so NO ONE can see in
    4) if you have a gun, learn to use it BETTER than the police.
    5) get security cameras to see them before they see you, police & thieves.

  4. Not sure what makes me angrier – The fact that the cop killed that woman for no reason, or the fact that he's on paid administrative leave, which is basically a fancy way of saying "paid vacation" after killing her.

  5. Un real, they mention the gun but don't mention they were holding the gun or pointing the gun at him so why even mention it? Guns aren't illegal. The cop didn't even finish his statement before murdering her. And he shouldn't have even been in the back yard like that without reason or permission.

  6. On screen: " Perceiving a threat the officer drew his duty weapon and…"

    Nicole Jacobs: " Perceiving a threat the officer drew his deputy weapon and…"


  8. I won’t get my hopes up like I’ve been doing to watch them drop the ball. HE’LL GET 10yrs, SERVE 5 and 3 1/2 for good behavior”
    At some point retaliation has to kick in. I’m tired of us being target practice 🤬🤬🤬

  9. Cop story is stupid you don't know if it's a hostage situation you don't know who's the good guy from the bad guy!smh could've easily retreat from the house call for backup turn flashing light's on and talk over a walkie to whoever in the house come out with there hands up smh!

  10. The black activists just want some "show time" because this had nothing to do with race and it absolutely affects EVERY citizen.. The cop broke the law and was either UNTRAINED or ARROGANT and TRIGGER HAPPY… Attempting to later show a firearm in the house only makes the department look like FOOLS attempting to justify their screw up, because every citizen in this country HAS A RIGHT TO POSSES A FIREARM..

  11. Why is it blacks always getting "accidentally" shoot? It never happen to any other color that this rate. Shot in the street, in the car and now in our own homes. Edited footage clear admission of guilt. Why not fall back to safe position to survey the situation instead of always taking an innocent life trying to smear their name for justification and getting paid vacation with their family while the victims suffer. this MURDER by those paid to protect us claiming threat to getting away with it.

  12. Indeed, she was treated like target practice. It will keep happening, given the perpetual hatred felt towards Black men, women, and children. Must find other ways to check on each other.

  13. She was in her home. She could have a baseball bat, kitchen knives, or a personal hand gun, but that does not give you the right to shoot and kill her! There was no eminent threat, the police was absolutely wrong.

  14. Why are they sneaking around the property ? Announce yourself at the front door. There is no excuse for this. Why didn't they talk to the person that made the welfare check before approaching the House .

  15. black people are a joke 345 blacks killed in chicago this year just one city but this is the news story BLACK PEOPLE ARE A JOKE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If you love your neighbor and care about their wellness. Call their closest relative to go check on them first instead of murdering cops.. asked them hey ..let's exchange our relative number..

  17. Shoot first and ask questions later. Murdering cowards cops. Just change career before you murder people.. pathetic pieces of shits. Earning the hate one bullet and murder at a time..

  18. Most people call the cops for attention or too look like a hero, for attending again. They will give you the attention of their guns and bullet, plant drugs or give you a criminal record after beating the shit out of you .

  19. "locating an individual and a firearm.." Bitch yall arent about to slide with this sneak shit. Trying to say anything that will try to make the person you killed look bad. The only thing that needs to be said on that statement is "The officer was creeping around someone's home like a burglar without knocking on the door or letting his presence be known and the fact that he was an officer. He went to the window of the residence and without reasonable cause shot the person living there through her window ending her life."

  20. Imagine if a chain of restaurants regularly poisoned people. And every time they did it, the management came out defending their staff with "Hey! Our staff have hard jobs! And every day they feed millions of people without poisoning them! MOST of our meals aren't poisonous. It's only a few that are poison! Why don't we get credit for all the people we don't poison??? Obviously, by demanding that we stop poisoning people, you are anti-restaurant and you HATE ALL food service staff! All criticism is the same as an attack! We're the real victims here! Maybe you should all just stop eating food! It's just a few bad apples!"
    That fucking restaurant chain would be shut down inside 2 days.

  21. Why would anyone be playing video games with an 8 year old after 2AM? Why would a cop go into someones back yard and shoot through a fully closed window having halfway closed venetian blinds apparently fully lowered?


  23. kinda sus that he only shot once most officers in situations like this shoot more than once to ensure that the target is down maybe he shot accidentally still not acceptable praying for her family

  24. Tick…tick… tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick… tick… tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…

  25. Take the guns away from cops! This was murder! He didn't identify himself and he did not verify a threat! The police are lying murderers! They are lying about the threat! THERE WAS NO THREAT! I expect the death penalty if he can't prove the threat! I don't care if the woman was wearing the sidearm in the holster! You didn't say police! All she saw in 3 seconds was a flashlight in her face, screaming and a bullet! Take the guns away from the police for a month! Tell all the citizens to open carry for a month! You cops will see threats everyday and all day but you won't be killed by a citizen like you kill!

  26. That cop had no business ever becoming an officer being that nervous for his life. I do believe it had nothing to do with race.


  28. What's up with the neighbors sending the police with guns into home. "I had no idea the police would shoot her"
    The police have the right to shoot you and everybody you know and love dead. Don't believe me let's look at the prosecution's of police who shoot people every single day all over the United States. "We have to kill Americans in order to preserve the safety of Americans, "Thank you Jesus, in the name of Fox news and the Republican Party".
    I'm a big brave butch police officer from shoot you dead county who shoots first and ask questions later.
    "Around Dodge City and in the territory on west, there's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers and that's with a U.S. Marshal and the smell of gunsmoke."

  29. Someone in Texas has a Firearm in their home! Shocking! NEVER HEARD of THAT BEFORE!!!!! And you should feel guilty, you couldn't knock on the door or check on the young lady.

  30. Why punish the cop? It was a simple error in judgment, just get him retrained so he can get back out there protecting the public #BackTheBadge

  31. These cops showed up with full intent to murder . The facts show that . Every american needs to be armed in your home all the time . The facts are right here that police are out to ambush and murder anyone in there home.

  32. So….for the police, a person standing near a window inside a house is a “threat”. No other info is needed — your a threat. And let’s be clear, this only applies to Black and Brown people. Makes no damn sense! This is just WRONG.

  33. CBS and NBC report is crap ….her firearm had nothing to do with her being murdered in her own home .
    Reporting like this is what divides people when they hear this story , half the people only hear that she had a gun in the residence , not that she was murdered by a man in uniform who never announced his presence but crept around the yard and gave no response time , just start yelling and shot her in cold blood . If the report stuck to what occurred and not what was found after the fact , more people would be outraged …..I hope
    We need to go after policy change across the nation and stop treating individual court wins for city money like a win , cops still can turn body cams on and off , control the footage , and investigate themselves…..Policy change for the SAFETY OF ALL , we should all get to go home each night, and if your in your home , not be shot by under trained fearful people in uniform

  34. WE need to live in harmonie accordons to bible.we black love all races.maybe it's accidental.we love white people they give us an opportunity to live in this great country

  35. Why you didn't go over there your damn self man why you know them you going to call the goddamn enemy to a black neighborhood you know what they going to do they going to kill you should feel bad

  36. Why do they have these kind of polices on the force please don't call the police to check on me because if he coming he's coming with his gun out and the first thing he's going to say I was afraid of that big black man so I shot

  37. I am pro police, but this is as close to intentional murder without justification. No one shot at this officer. That officer should have taken cover until he could determine who was in that house. This is not the wrong apartment, but intentional reckless homicide..

  38. I am pro police, but this is as close to intentional murder without justification. No one shot at this officer. That officer should have taken cover until he could determine who was in that house. This is not the wrong apartment, but intentional reckless homicide..

  39. Weak Old people get Young people killed. Smith is a COWARD.

    If you see something strange in your neighborhood have the courage to check it out yourself OR MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. #MYOB

    It is the old man's fault, through ignorance or cowardice. He's either ignorant of the "gang in blue" or too cowardly and lazy to check out her home himself. #BlueGang

  40. I would not be surprised if the cops came in and planted a throwdown. If that gun was not registered to anyone in the home then that's worst as far as I am concerned. It's ok for people to have guns in their own homes. But these dumb ass cops know they can feed this sort of unsubstantiated narrative to the white majority masses in a simplistic attempt to justify the murder of this woman.

  41. I am a union electrician if I fail to do my job and kill someone for any reason due to my negligence I will be prosecuted. As soon as the rest of the crew of thugs show up its all about staging the scene of the murder and intimidate the members of the family who were inside the home.

  42. Neighbor was the cause of this women being killed. Only call the Cops if you want someone KILLED. yell from the street anything but call the Nazi patrol in a mellinated neighborhood. White boy or girl with gun will shoot and yell in fear of their life if you niggas don't know this by now the hell with you

  43. I don't understand, neighbor at 2 am was concerned, called police… said what? Why did he tell them that a sickly and elderly lady lived there? Why he didn't he go over, ring her doorbell to check on her? I thought the door was open? Why did the police sneak around the back? Why DON'T the police flip the fucking light switch and say HELLO or something? This is fucking CRAZY!!!! WHO the fuck trains these pussy ass police officers!!!! So if you want somebody dead, just call the police and say you need them to go check out the house! Guaranteed death sentence!

  44. Why the police didn't indetify themselves or go to the front door . It was non emergency call. Why were peeping through the window,. Why they didn't knock on the door Something isn't right about the police handle the call. Something got changed with these senseless killing.

  45. You have to understand us as black people we were not meant to survive it's a setup have you ever noticed the laws are not definitive every law is written open ended so they can add and subtract what they want for their benefit that's why we will never get Justice we will never win

  46. How could anyone put their hands up that fast?! There was no threat! Just a woman of color standing inside her own home!

  47. That statement released is such bs!! Perceiving a threat my a** They got a call for a well check on an elderly neighbor! I hope this guy does life!!

  48. What the actual fuck?! This is ridiculous. It is murder! Stabding in a home is not an imminent threat! Shot her through a window! What if music or TV was on and she didn't even hear them! This is fucking murder!!!

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