Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Gaming Review + Call of Duty & PUBG, Heating & Battery Test!

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is the first device to
come shipped with MediaTek’s flagship gaming processor, the MediaTek G90T and as I mentioned
in my full in-depth review which is linked below, the performance was great but how does
it fare when it comes to what it’s marketed for which is gaming amongst other things? For this Note 8 Pro Gaming Review, we’re
going to play the current top four games on the play store right now which are PES 2020,
Asphalt 9, Call of Duty and PUBG. All four will be played for 15 minutes each
with screen record which actually stresses the battery so that’s a total of 1 hour
of gameplay and from there I’ll share my thoughts. I have my trusty heat gun right here to help
me check how it performs in terms of its temperature from the beginning to the end of this session,
also as I mentioned in my full review and from the teardown we’ve seen, there’s
a heat sync pipe inside the device to help cool things down during intense gaming. I also would be checking the battery levels
as well to see how the 4,500 mah battery fares. Without further ado, let’s get to the video. As you can see the cache is cleared so there
are no apps running before we start any game. The phone is at exactly 100% and we’ll be
moving down from here. Temperature before we start any of the testing
is around 33.5 degrees at the top of the front and 33.3 degrees at the bottom of the front. These parts of the screen are the parts where
the thumb pretty much rests for all of these games. For the back, temperature is 1 degree lower
on both sides. At the top of it, temperature 32.4 degrees
and at the lower part it is 32.5. I also have the stop watch here to know how
far we go with each game. The first game we’ll be playing is call
of duty mobile. So as you can see again cache is cleared and
we’ll dive right into the game, I like being the sniper in call of duty or any First person
Shooters in general. After 15 minutes of Call of Duty, I had one
regret which is wishing I had more time to play this game because it was actually that
enjoyable and I may have elapsed the time abit. Game play was super smooth for the most part
but having a poor network quality when playing call of duty on this device can cause some
skipping. Anyway, as far as battery goes we only lost
5% as it went down to 95% after 2 gameplays within 15 minutes and 26 seconds. The phone felt slightly warm to the touch
in my hands and to measure temperature on this guy. From the front, It now moved from 33.5 to
41.6 degrees at the top and from 33.3 to 38.3 at the bottom. At the back, it moved from 32.4 to 41 degrees
at the upper parts and from 32.5 to 38.1 degrees at the lower parts. Essentially, temperature generally moved up
almost by 10 degrees after Call of Duty which is a considerable amount. Alright to the next game, we’ll be clearing
our cache, removing any apps in the multitasking menu and we’ll open up Ashalt 9 and now
to the gameplay. After 15 minutes of gameplay on Asphalt 9,
I played a total of 6 races, battery went down to 90% from 95% that it was already in
and now in terms of heat. When I put my hands on it, it didn’t feel
too different but it was warm. Temperature readings were still above the
35 mark, staying at 38.9 degrees at the top of the front from the 41.6 degrees it was
before . At the lower part of the screen which is where my hands also engaged a lot like
the top, it stayed at the exact same 38.3 degrees. At the back though, from the upper parts,
it went from 41 degrees to 37.1 and on the lower parts, it went from 38.1 to 36.5. It was still warm in the hand. I quickly moved on to the next game we’ll
be playing now, which is PUBG Mobile. As always, I’ll be clearing the cache and
to jump right in, graphics on PUBG was set to a default High which is very commendable
and not only that, it’s actually set at HDR, and now to the game play. in terms of actual gameplay, I did enjoy it
with no lags. After 15 minutes and playing about 2 games,
PUBG took the battery all the way down from 90% to 84% and as you can see there’s a
small pattern here with each game taking 5 to 6%. In terms of heating, the device was becoming
increasingly warmer and now it went back up to 40 degrees from 38.9 at the top of the
front and from to 38.3 at the bottom of the front to 38.1 degrees, retaining the constant
38 number and on the back, it was also still around the 38 mark as well at 38.3 at the
upper part to 38.2 and then 36.5 at the lower part to 37.1 The last but not the least is PES 2020 dubbed
eFootball PES 2020 on the Playstore. After clearing the cache, we’ll begin. Graphics was easily set here between the 3
modes. You get: High, standard and low and you can
even set which frame rate you’re playing at between 30 and 60 fps. Also it’s super familiar to what you get
on the PES 2019 In terms of game play, It was pretty familiar,
although I haven’t gone as deep into this game, it was pretty familiar at best. After 15 minutes of playing an unending exhibition
match, it went from 84% in battery to 78% which follows the trend here and in terms
of heating. Feeling it in the hand, it was slightly warmer
and that didn’t really do it for me. It moved from 40 to 40.6 at the top of the
front and from 38.3 to 40.2 at the bottom of the front. It also moved form 38.2 on the top of the
back to 39.6 and then from 37.1 to 37.6 degrees at the lower part of the back. All parts were considerably warmer now. In all, battery went from 100% at the beginning
of this test to 78% so basically 1 hour and about 5 minutes of gameplay results in 22%
battery loss and then heating was pretty much from the 30s to the 40s, we saw a maximum
41.6 degrees from the front when we played call of duty and a minimum 36.5 during the
gameplay of Asphalt which doesn’t take too much hits on the lower parts of the back In terms of my overall verdict, I did like
that the screen recording preserved a good bit of the audio but I didn’t like how the
speaker on the bottom could easily be covered when gaming but using headphones could be
an easy way out here. I feel like the Heat sync pipe inside worked
to cool things off abit and gaming performance on here was actually great. If you’ve seen my review you’ll know you
can even view HDR content on the Redmi Note 8 Pro and in fact, PUBG let’s you do that
which was cool to see however it’s not an OLED so contrast ratio may not be super up
there but for LCDs, a 1,500 to 1 contrast ratio was still impressive on this device, Alright guys, Do let me know what you guys
think about this video. If you found it useful please hit the like
button and turn on notifications so you won’t miss the next one. Thank you for watching this one and I’ll
see you in the next one.


  1. Did the Redmi Note 8 perform well?
    PS: Redmi Note 8 Pro Gaming Review Timestamps:

    0:17 – Introduction
    1:33 – Call of Duty
    2:56 – Asphalt 9
    4:06 – PUBG
    5:15 – PES 2020
    6:36 – Verdict

  2. All these Infinix, Tecno, Xiaomi and Co devices, screen recording and playing without headphones WILL DEFINITELY increase the temperature and also cause some lagging…. I'm glad this Xiaomi device doesn't lag due to screen record… Try playing with Wi-Fi, headphones and without screen record, you'll see the clear difference.

  3. I need this so bad my shit j6 will be only sold for like 300 in shops or if I hit a jackpot 500 in some websites…aaahahahhaahah

  4. PES 2020 looks kinda slow to me…. And that's my favorite game.

    How i wish u played it longer to determine extent of the slow and quite laggy gameplay. Or it's just me?

  5. PES 2020 looks kinda slow to me…. And that's my favorite game.

    How i wish u played it longer to determine extent of the slow and quite laggy gameplay. Or it's just me?

  6. Some YouTubers have portrayed that SD675 of note 7 pro has closely matched with helio G90T of note 8 pro in terms of performance. I am skeptical about the MediaTek processer's health in the long run and less or no custom ROM development. Also, I believe the day to day performance of both the phones would be almost the same except gaming (That to not with much difference).

    Also, I don't like too big phones. I want the phone to be as handy as possible. So is skeptical about note 8 pro because of the larger form factor than note 7 pro. But is wondering whether the curved back of note 8 pro will make it equally handy as note 7 pro. Also, note 7 pro is cheaper than note 8 pro.
    What are your takes on the above points?

  7. Great video n very informative as well. But pls which would u recommend BTW d note 8 Pro n the MI 9T, looking at the screen quality, camera n gaming….

  8. Hello Fisayo. I am Jamie Egbo and I love your videos. I want to be a tech reviewer just like you. I made my own channel which was inspired by you where I unboxed 2 smartphones including the infinix hot 8. I love you Fisayo. Keep it up

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